Advanced ‘Red Lines’ False Fire Alarms with AlarmCalm

AlarmCalm from Advanced, Red Line False Alarms.-page-001

Fire systems leader Advanced has stepped up the fight against unwanted false alarms with its new AlarmCalm complete false alarm management (FAM) solution.

False and unwanted alarms are among the biggest issues in Fire today and, with AlarmCalm, Advanced has taken the high performance, ease-of-use approach it’s famous for to deliver a best-in-class solution.

AlarmCalm comprises comprehensive configuration software for Advanced’s fire systems and new intelligent alarm acknowledgement devices called AlarmCalm Buttons. It delivers a more complete solution to FAM, that will suit almost any building or site strategy and promises to radically reduce false alarms.

AlarmCalm provides total control over alarm verification periods and investigation delays to outputs. It allows a site to be divided into false alarm management zones called Building Areas (up to 200 per panel or 40,000 per network). These are virtual areas that can be independent of fire zones and can share grouped or have individual FAM settings. There is no limit to the number of points in a Building Area and every device in the area can be configured precisely.

Alarm verification is one of the key areas of FAM and AlarmCalm facilitates this in a number of ways. Verification settings for a site can be applied incredibly quickly by assigning all common areas of a building with group settings, while allowing specific areas to have individual settings. Verification can be set to on or off, with different settings for day/night operation.

Verification can be set quickly according to device type in each Building Area. Heat, smoke, multi-sensors and other inputs (call points or any input modules) can be used as verification inputs and set by device type or individually per point.

Once a signal is detected AlarmCalm starts a programmable ‘stage one’ verification time. At the end of this time if the signal is still present the system will go into full alarm. During this time the signal can be confirmed by mode or sensitivity change, for example an optical heat detector switching to heat to verify the signal, or by coincidence detection.

Verification can occur simultaneously in multiple areas and users can set the maximum number of Building Areas in verification at any one time before a full fire condition is indicated.

There is growing awareness of the role that residents can play in unwanted false alarm reduction, especially in HMOs, student accommodation and apartment buildings.

Advanced’s new intelligent, loop-powered Alarm Acknowledgement device, the AlarmCalm Button can be used by residents to manually verify an alarm signal is due to an issue in their property that they believe is a false alarm, burnt toast or shower vapour are common culprits.

4 loop mxpro5 angle dooralarmcalm solo angle LED on

By pressing the AlarmCalm Button, a resident initiates a ‘second stage’ verification time and (optionally), the local sounder can be silenced. If after the second stage time the signal has cleared, the system will reset to normal conditions, if the signal in the detector is still present, a full fire condition will be signalled.

During the second stage period, a fire condition is also indicated if the alarm is confirmed by another method such as sensitivity change or second detector.

AlarmCalm Buttons can only extend verification time once (before a system reset). If the burnt toast becomes a real fire, a full fire condition will be signalled.

Advanced believes AlarmCalm is the easiest installed and configured FAM system available. AlarmCalm Buttons are easily installed on the loop and recognised in the panel software on auto learn. They are compatible with a standard UK single-gang back box, can be flush or surface mounted and include a configurable LED, buzzer and slide in label.

Sounders, beacons and relays in each Building Area can be operated during the verification period and can be quickly set by all devices of each type or individually by point. Sounder ringing styles are also fully configurable and can utilise a different tone during verification and alarm periods.

The same approach in the software is taken with Investigation Delays to Outputs, meaning a full FAM strategy can be easily set up and configured.

John Newton, product manager at Advanced said: “Advanced approaches problems differently and in AlarmCalm users have a very powerful automated false alarm management solution that gives fire professionals and building managers unprecedented control and also allows residents to play a role in verification, a tactic being employed and recommended in many territories.

AlarmCalm builds in a number of failsafes to ensure misuse cannot delay a full fire condition, from full control of verification times to automatic detection by sensitivity change or an additional device.

AlarmCalm promises to radically reduce false and unwanted fire alarms. There’s nothing like it on the market and it is very much in demand,” Newton added.

AlarmCalm is currently available on Advanced’s EN54 2,4&13 approved MxPro 5 and Axis EN fire systems.

More information including links to the software can be found at the AlarmCalm microsite

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Regional Event to Maximise National Opportunities

The Midlands Construction Summit

Over the last six months, as part of the industrial strategy, the UK Government has been working with the construction industry to develop a long-term vision – the result is, ‘Construction 2025’ – a joint strategy which sets out how industry and Government will work together to put Britain at the forefront of global construction. We have world-class expertise in architecture, design and engineering and are leading the way in sustainable construction solutions. The sector has considerable growth opportunities within the global construction market which is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025.

The Construction 2025 strategy is a substantial document and the Midlands Construction Summit is an opportunity for regional construction related businesses to gain an in-depth understanding, explore and harness the future opportunities presented in a joint industrial strategy.

Taking place on 27 November 2014, at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham – this conference and exhibition style event is presented by the Built Environment Hub, the Midlands body tasked with driving construction product and process innovation in the region.

The Midlands Construction Summit will guide and help the Midlands built environment sector define their route map for grasping the strategic opportunities in a lively and structured way, allowing for plenty of input from industry leaders and is your opportunity to hear directly from Peter Hansford, the Government’s Chief Construction Advisor.

Following his keynote presentation, Peter Hansford will join the panel for an open Q & A session and this will present an excellent opportunity for delegates to pose questions directly to one of the leading contributors of the strategy document.

Speakers include Andrew Round, Assistant Director of Planning & Development at Birmingham City Council; Tony Hyde, Chairman of Thomas Vale Construction and Director of Bouygues UK together with Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director at Barratt Developments.

For the full speaker programme visit:

David Bucknall, OBE - Chairman, Built Environment Hub

David Bucknall, OBE – Chairman, Built Environment Hub

The Summit will be chaired by David Bucknall OBE – Chairman of the Built Environment Hub – who will capture and feedback issues that arise on the day. A panel of industry leaders who operate across key construction disciplines including: supply chain, contractors, quantity surveyors, architects, end client and engineers will contribute views and opinions as well as the speakers and the assembled audience of over 300 delegates.

Tickets are on sale at £95+VAT

Built Environment Hub members receive a 50% discount on full ticket price, costing just £47.50+VAT.

Book your ticket at:

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Bi-Fold Expectations


Beaconsfield Exterior 25

A new build project in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, spanning 8,500sq ft has gone up for sale. Completed in February 2014, this seven bedroom build has been designed to blend in with the authentic style of its surrounding area and offers all the detail of a period property with a modern twist.

The house developers who undertook this impressive task specialise in building premium quality, high specification homes. The company originally started out by building small extensions, but has gradually worked up to bigger projects. In fact, the minimum project now undertaken by the developers is 4,000sq ft.

This Victorian styled property conveys a wide range of architectural styles, from early classicism inherited from Regency architecture to design touches from the Queen Anne period, all injected into the new build. To the right hand side of the property is an unexpected one level modern extension, with streamlined design, incorporating bi-folding doors.

Beaconsfield for pan 5

This modern wing encompasses the kitchen and dining room, plus an extended seating area. These three rooms merge into one open planned space creating a contemporary living area. There is an abundance of natural light generated from two sets of bi-folds that run the length of the property, providing transition between house and garden.

Beaconsfield 3

Beaconsfield 10

The construction company decided upon aluminium bi-folds after experiencing problems with PVC and wood. The doors integrated are made from high grade aluminium, in keeping with the contemporary living area.

Supplied by Origin, an award winning British manufacturer of bi-folding doors, the construction company specified a ten door set with a moving corner post plus a five door set and incorporated four roof lanterns to increase the vast amount of natural light filling the rooms.

The ten door set is a five by five corner bi-fold configuration, with the far set operating around a 90° angle clear opening. This set-up provides a completely frameless corner, with unrestricted views of the garden. Each door panel measures 793mm X 2289mm filling an aperture of 8163mm. The five door fits in an aperture of 3997mm with each door leaf measuring 765mm wide by a standard height of approximately 2289mm.

Beaconsfield Exterior 10

The aluminium doors are powdercoated in anthracite grey on the exterior, whilst the interior is in hipca white to maintain a modern fresh look. Due to the bespoke nature of Origin’s bi-folding doors, the interior and exterior door frames can be any combination of different colours. So whilst the outside of the doors can match the external fixtures and fittings of the house, the interior frame can be a different colour to match the room.

Made from high grade aluminium, the doors provide the right combination of strength and weight, allowing for a narrow and more aesthetically pleasing frame but with easy movement through the large opening.

The house has been decorated to a high specification throughout by using an interior designer to offer an opulent, luxurious feel in every room. The entirety of the project took from the end of 2012 through to February 2014, with the actual building starting to take place in March 2013.


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King’s College school bowled over by Kemperol roof refurbishment

King's College 2 _9890

Sixth form students at King’s College Wimbledon are guaranteed a dry start to the new term, both in the classroom and the cricket pavilion thanks to Kemperol from liquid waterproofing specialists Kemper System.

Following installation of the liquid waterproofing system on the sixth form centre, the client was so pleased with the result that they also specified it for the cricket pavilion.

The sixth form roof structure itself was in good condition, but the ageing felt roof was beginning to break up.

If the roof had been fully stripped and re-felted, then a considerable amount of air handling equipment on the roof would have had to be removed. By choosing Kemperol, the equipment was raised to allow the waterproofing system to be installed and lowered once cured. There were also numerous skylights that were more easily incorporated into the seamless membrane with the liquid system.

Kings College 5796

Paul Brown from roofing contractors Avant-Garde Roofing who laid the Kemperol pointed out that insurance was also a key issue. “It can be very difficult for some felt roofing contractors to get insurance on these types of roofs because of the fire risk associated with the torches,” he said. “Kemper System is cold applied so there is no fire risk whatsoever.”

The client was also very happy with the final result. “I was expecting the project to take several weeks, but in the end it took less than a month.” King’s College head of maintenance Jason Sprague said. “Avant-Garde and Kemper did such an excellent job that we asked them to reroof the cricket pavilion, which had started to leak.”

Kings College 5801

It would have been too expensive to replace the pavilion’s asphalt balcony roof entirely. Therefore, taking into account the good work already carried out on the sixth form roof, the client chose Kemperol with rubber matting on top of that for extra protection against the cricket shoe studs. Kemperol completely saturates a non-woven reinforcement fleece and cures to form a seamless, monolithic membrane that is tough, flexible and bonds permanently to the substrate – in this case the old asphalt roof.

For further information contact Kemper System on, 01925 44 55 32,

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Nansulate® Protective Coatings

Network Rail – Icephobic Coating


Nansulate coating applied to tunnel

Network Rail is the owner and operator of most of the rail infrastructure in Great Britain.

One issue they’ve been working to solve is icicle formation in tunnels. When icicles form inside the train tunnels or on overpasses, they can drop o ff onto the tracks causing potential derailments.

Millions of pounds are spent each year removing ice before that happens.

They first began looking into using Nansulate coatings on the bridge tunnels in areas such as the tunnel eyeholes and ceilings in 2011 after becoming aware of the hydrophobic and insulating nature of the technology.

After completing a successful preliminary “phase I” trial, they expanded the evaluation project in 2013 to encompass approximately 8-12 tunnels. Nansulate coating is being used over bridge soffits and tunnel structures to provide resistance to icicle formation, thus reducing the cost for icicle removal and increasing rail safety.

Rob McCutcheon at Nanotech Coatings SW Limited

Landline – 01726 812233
Mobile    – 07970 211528


Nansulate® is a registered trademark of Industrial Nanotech, Inc.


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Panasonic’s new pump down system detects refrigerant leaks early

Pump Down SystemPanasonic has developed an innovative solution to detect refrigerant leaks in VRF systems, offering complete assurance and protection for end users, building occupants and the environment.

Panasonic’s innovative Pump Down System is ideal for hotels, offices and public buildings where safety for occupants and the building owners is of utmost importance.

The system monitors refrigerant leakage continually and provides a warning before refrigerant leaks, preventing major refrigerant loss and potential damage the system’s efficiency.

As well as ensuring safe and reliable operation, Panasonic’s Pump Down System contributes to a building qualifying for additional BREEAM points and achieves compliance with the current EN378 2008 standard, covering applications where refrigeration concentration levels exceed practical safety limits of 0,44 kg/m³.

“Government regulations surrounding refrigerant gas are, quite rightly, incredibly demanding and is a key reason why reliable leak detection systems are required,” explains Marc Diaz, UK Country Manager of Panasonic Heating and Cooling. “However, with refrigerant prices continuing to increase, cost implications of a leak can be extremely high. For these reasons, we are seeing even more demand for these early detection and preventive systems. We have developed the new Pump Down System to comply with all relevant legislation, and thanks to two different connection methods, it is suitable for a variety of applications and is extremely cost effective.”

The system can be connected in two ways, either with a leak sensor or an innovative algorithm.

Connecting the system with a leak detector ensures the system is suitable for installation in small rooms. Thanks to Panasonic ECOi exclusive software, sensors communicate with the Pump Down System directly through its P-Link connection, eliminating the need for additional and potentially costly communication networks. It is a very cost effective solution and quite straight forward to install. The leak detector is connected through PAW-EXCT connector directly to the indoor unit and the pump down system is directly connected to the main outdoor unit. The system will activate when a leak is detected in the monitored rooms and any leaked refrigerant will be collected immediately within the outdoor units, or in an optional receiver tank for bigger systems.

Pump Down System2

Panasonic has developed an innovative new algorithm to determine refrigerant leakage, enabling the system to be connected without sensors. It is able to detect leakage of R410A based on three conditions: high pressure, low pressure and discharge temperature.

Functions of the Pump Down System:
• Detect the leakage
• Activate pump down process
• Collect the gas in the tank
• Close the valves to isolate the gas

For more information on the Pump Down System, please visit

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Kladfix supports student housing


Kladfix, the rainscreen cladding support system specialist has supplied KX01 fittings for a new development on Sefton Street, Liverpool. The £15 million student accommodation consists of 135 new halls for the University of Liverpool and is situated in the heart of the city centre, overlooking the Queen’s Dock.

With over 54,000 pupils attending The University of Liverpool, there is a high demand for student accommodation, which is based in close proximity to everything that Liverpool has to offer. The new multi storey student block, which is due to be completed later in the year, will allow residents to have easy access to; cultural sights, nightlife and shopping centres. To provide a unique exterior, four different types of rainscreen cladding have been specified; Zinc, Terrecotta, engineered stone and granite. Indbuild, the industrial building company installed Kladfix’s KX01 cladding support system for this project.


“The Kladfix system is incredibly versatile” commented Dave Kirby, Managing Director of Indbuild Limited. “The design of the project required four different types of cladding to be used on the exterior of the student accommodation and the KX01 system worked extremely well with all the different types of cladding and was easily installed. This isn’t the first time that we have worked with Kladfix and we would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

Kladfix KX01 fittings are suitable for use as a back frame system and are the basis to all of Kladfix’s systems. KX01 fittings are also used for face and rivet fixing for fibre cement, high-pressure laminate, ACM and metal rainscreen cladding panels.

Kladfix holds extensive stock to ensure orders can always be met and where necessary, immediate delivery can be provided. All Kladfix cladding systems can be engineered to project specific requirements thanks to the expertise of its technical design support service. This provides architects and specifiers freedom with an almost infinite range of façade appearance and layout options.

For further information on Kladfix Rainscreen Systems, visit or call the company direct on +44 (0)1707 333 396.

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ROCKFON make a healthy contribution to BREEAM ‘excellent’ Southmead Hospital

approved shot JJ4_0259

Phase one of an impressive new Bristol hospital has now opened on-time and is fully operational. It replaces Victorian buildings which started life as workhouses. The £430 million Southmead Hospital not only offers the very best healthcare facilities but is one of the most environmentally-friendly buildings of its size in the UK. The design of the building is very bright with lots of big windows and has a large glass atrium as its centrepiece. ROCKFON ceilings were specified by contractor, Carillion, because they fulfilled the design criteria and met their stringent environmental and performance requirements as Adam Stevens, Senior Design Manager explains:

The North Bristol NHS Trust wanted to move away from the standard square grid ceiling design commonly found in hospitals. ROCKFON ceilings gave us the acoustic performance we needed; are recyclable and sustainable, and met our economies of scale.”

The hospital is fitted with Rockfon MediCare Standard and MediCare Plus ceilings throughout. The MediCare range fulfils all the essential cleaning and hygienic demands of healthcare environments and complies with the Department of Health’s HBN and HTM guidelines. MediCare ceilings do not contribute to the growth of MRSA. They have a low particle emission and have achieved the Clean Room Classification ISO Class 4 for MediCare Plus and ISO Class 5 for MediCare Standard.

Rockfon Medicare Standard and Medicare Plus offer design freedom thanks to their exposed and concealed edges and availability in a variety of module sizes. This met with the Trust’s requirements for larger plasterboard margins to rooms and reduced the amount of standard exposed grid ceilings in the new building

Specialist ceiling contractor, Carlton Ceilings and Partitions, installed over 110,000m² of ceiling tiles. Contract Director, Richard Janes, was impressed with the ceilings from ROCKFON and described them as, “extremely high quality and easy to install. The Trust is very happy with the finished result.”

Rockfon MediCare Standard is a 15mm thick stone wool tile which is ideal for areas such as wards, offices and consultation rooms. Its visible surface is covered with a white painted fleece which has a light reflection of 86% adding to the light, airy feel the architect wanted for the hospital.Approved shot JJ4_1175 (3)

MediCare Standard offers best in class sound absorption (Class A) which provides the necessary noise control to help create a calm environment where patients can recover in comfort. In the consultation rooms and offices, the sound absorbent ceilings enable private conversations to take place without the distraction of unwanted sound from outside transferring through the walls.

MediCare Plus is made of a 20-25mm thick stone wool panel. It also offers Class A sound absorption. MediCare Plus has obtained a Bacteriological Class B1 and exceeds the strict hygiene and cleaning requirements for accident and emergency rooms, operating theatres, washrooms and food service areas. The visible surface of the tiles is covered with a white painted water-repellent fleece that is resistant to bacteria and mould growth and can be effectively steam cleaned. The high light reflection helps to make efficient use of available natural light and provides a uniform spread of light which is critical in operating theatres and examination rooms.

Rockfon Sonar X ceiling tiles were installed in the hospital’s canteen facility. The discrete X-edge conceals the grid completely, providing an attractive finish, yet are still fully demountable if frequent access to essential services above the ceiling is required. Sonar ceiling tiles are durable with an attractive micro-textured, matt white surface. This tough surface is easy to clean and does not absorb moisture from the air which makes it an ideal ceiling for washrooms, eating and changing areas.

Approved image Canteen

Southmead Hospital has earned an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating and ROCKFON played its part by helping to meet targets for waste reduction. ROCKFON ceiling tiles are durable and lightweight helping to make the installation process quicker, easier and resulting in fewer damaged tiles and less waste.

Another way in which ROCKFON helped contribute to the high environmental standard is in its innovative approach to waste. All site waste including Rockwool’s insulation slabs, pipe lagging and as well as ROCKFON ceiling tiles, were sent to the Rockwool factory in Wales for upcycling into new Rockwool insulation products. Although Rockwool commonly accepts recycled waste from contractors, this was the largest and first project where multiple operating companies on one site have collaborated to create a single waste stream.

Distributor, SIG Interiors, located in Bristol, supplied both the ROCKWOOL insulation and ROCKFON ceiling products for the new hospital and contributed to the recycling programme by transporting bags of waste to the Rockwool factory.

Richard Vidler (UK Construction Development Manager) developed the processes for the take back scheme with ROCKWOOL, alongside the Logistics department from the Bristol location, offering a simple solution to Carillion by issuing bags to be collected from site whilst delivering new material. This Back Haul operation reduced the costs for transport, managed the storage of material at the Bristol depot, and delivered the waste to Rockwool Pencoed for reprocessing. Richard comments “As part of our commitment to Carillion via the SIG Supply Chain Partnership for this project, and support from our key supplier ROCKWOOL, this innovative way to reduce waste on site, and recycle products through different sub contract packages was an example of adding real value to this scheme, and as a result, reduced waste to land fill.”

ROCKWOOL processes waste products into new fibres which have exactly the same qualities as those made from new materials so there is no reduction in quality.

Whether you are looking to create a more sustainable building or gain certification through BREEAM, ROCKFON products can help you achieve your goal. For more information visit

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Markwik 21 – Intelligent Infection Control

Over the last 2 years there has been increased focus on the potential infection dangers associated with water supply and hospital fittings. In particular there has been heightened awareness of the presence of pseudomonas aeruginosa that has been found on taps – Which is further “exacerbated by devices fitted to the tap outlet such as flow straighteners” (HTM04-01 addendum); and there has been concerns over the danger of legionella bacteria coming from “the in coming water supply” where “there is a failure of the recommended control measures (e.g. maintenance of temperatures”)

Publications such as the HTM04-01 addendum and the more recent HSG 274 have provided potential solutions to reducing risk including the removal, cleaning or replacement of flow straighteners; the design of taps that can be readily dismantled for disinfection; and risk assessments in critical care areas as to the need for TMV3 thermostats…the pay off between maintaining high water temperatures to help kill bacteria vs the danger of scalding.

Clearly reducing the risks of infection is complicated and will vary according to individual circumstances and local conditions and there is not 1 solution that will solve the problem. As a manufacturer of hospital fittings,  Armitage Shanks continually follows current thinking and takes advice from experts in the field as to how we can provide taps and mixers that best suit individual infection control regimes.

Consequently over the last 8 years we have seen our Markwik range radically change 3 times as it evolves to complement current thinking. Our place is to listen to experts’ recommendations, follow the latest thinking and provide a product range that can be as flexible as possible to suit different hygiene regimes.

More recently we have introduced a number of new features that address the latest concerns. To meet the danger of bacteria build up around the tap spout we have removed the flow straightener altogether and developed an anti microbial copper lined spout (BioGuard) that has a smooth interior that avoids biofilm build up and gives less opportunity for bacteria to colonise.

Markwik 21 is now easy to dismantle. The fittings can be quickly removed from the wall for disinfection or the spout removed for autoclaving.


There is an electronic range of fittings that can be programmed to automatically operate over a given time period of under use to ensure water is kept moving; and there is a built in system that allows maintenance engineers to flush both the hot and cold inlets with very hot water.


We strongly advocate the use of thermostats wherever possible in line with Department of Health guidelines. Markwik fittings come with TMV3 thermostats that are integrated into the tap as close as possible to the outlet. This reduces the risk of dead leg bacteria build up whilst ensuring that every fitting is safe to use. As a manufacturer we want to eliminate the danger of scalding and have welcomed the reduction in accidents that have resulted in greater thermostat installation.

Markwik 21 has been designed to provide choice and flexibility for hospitals and can be used as an additional tool to fight water born infection. We never stay still and are already designing the next generation of fittings as part of a planned evolution to move with the latest thinking in infection control.

Visit is us at Healthcare Estates 2014, stand D 10

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a beautifully-flush French Door from The VEKA UK Group

The VEKA UK Group has unveiled the next coveted product in the Imagine suite.

Imagine French Door

Following the launch of the sought-after Imagine Bi-fold Door – which set new standards in the industry – the team is proud to present the Imagine French Door.

Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director explains: “We showcased the Imagine French Door at the FIT Show and we were pleased at the overwhelming response it received. Visitors to the stand were full of praise for the look and operation of the Imagine French Door.

The system has a seamless, stylish flush finish – which really caught people’s attention. There is no obtrusive central pillar or false mullion, the doors simply close neatly together and lock securely. The design, security measures, flexibility and even a robust insurance guarantee for the end user all combine to make it another world-class product from The VEKA UK Group.

“With our customers in mind, we designed this system to offer simple fabrication and fitting. It has a range of installer-friendly benefits, including fully-adjustable hinges, 2D adjustable lock keep and the option of a mechanically-jointed outerframe.

“With its unique flush finish, the Imagine French Door is a stunning alternative to traditional French Doors and is available in a wide range of colours and woodgrains from the popular Variations colour range.

“Like the Imagine Bi-Fold Door, the Imagine French Door has been designed ‘from scratch’. There has been no compromise on hardware as The VEKA UK Group teamed up with ERA, one of the country’s top names in locks and security mechanisms, to design an exclusive range of hardware including hinges, locks and handles.

“Profile and hardware will be available from The VEKA UK Group, so that customers can benefit from the simplicity of a single-source supplier and can enjoy excellent lead times.

PAS 24 and Secured by Design can be achieved on standard doors with no modification required and these energy-efficient doors are also triple-glazing ready. With triple glazing, the system can achieve U-values below 1.0.

“As with the Imagine Bi-Fold Door System, the Imagine French Door is available with a choice of three threshold options: standard, low threshold (Part M compliant when used with ramps) and ultralow internal room divider.

“These doors are backed by the ERA Five Star Guarantee, which we’ve found to be a major selling point for discerning homeowners, offering up to £5000 worth of benefits.”

Find out more about the Imagine French Door at

Imagine French Doors logo


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