Street Furniture & The True Cost of Buying Cheap

Article written by Louis Lynch, Bailey Artform


First of all I’d just like to say that I’m not a Dr of anything and don’t have an “ology” to my name. In fact the only Bsc I have is a Bronze Swimming Certificate!

What I do have however is over 20 years’ experience in the Street Furniture business so I hope you enjoy reading what is my personal opinion on a subject that is close to my heart.

I was recently highlighting a particular design of seat to a client and the first words out of his mouth were…

“I really like the design Louis, but it looks expensive to me.”

And although he was very happy when we discussed the actual cost his words kept coming back to me and it really got me thinking.

So I decided to write this guide…

The 3 things you need to know when buying or specifying street furniture
(…in order to ascertain the true cost of an item)

Over the years I’ve seen literally thousands of items of street furniture sold and far too often the “only” consideration has been the price of the product.

It’s sad but true to say that when discussing outdoor seating for instance, I’ve had comments such as “it’s just for sitting on” and “they all do the same job” used as justification for buying the cheapest possible benches for a scheme. Whilst yes they are all “for sitting on”, those comments over simplify the decision making process and can adversely affect the life cycle cost of the product in the months and years to come.

Another factor which makes it difficult to accurately establish the overall “on-cost” of a piece of site furniture is when there are different budgets available for installation versus maintenance. As a result the two are never married up and the actual real world cost of a specific product over time is never calculated or understood.

Ok so to nail down this issue of “true cost” once and for all, what are the 3 things you need to focus on?

  1. Original cost & material specification of product
  2. Cost of installation & delivery
  3. Ongoing maintenance costs and expected life-span of product

Let’s look at the first point in more detail

  1. Original cost & material specification of the product


I’m sure we’ve all seen schemes where the street furniture looks in need of some maintenance despite being installed for less than a year. This is usually the result of budgets being slashed as the project nears its completion and funds aredrying up, thereby specifications are being downgraded.

The decision of which item of street furniture is to be chosen for a particular scheme most often begins with choosing the material from which it is made, typically wood, metal, stone and combinations of all three. To illustrate the importance of choosing not just the right material but also the right “grade” of material at the outset, I will highlight two real world examples that cover “stainless steel” and “granite” as two popular material choices in contemporary landscaping schemes.

Example A) – Stainless Steel

Let us imagine then, that scheme A calls for stainless steel as a material choice. Stainless steel is widely acknowledged as being aesthetically pleasing, fully recyclable and viewed as a low maintenance material.

So is one stainless steel bollard as good as another? The answer is a resounding no!

If the installation setting for your bollard is a coastal location (which means there will be high sodium chloride levels in the air) then grade 316 stainless steel must to be used. Yes it’s initially more expensive than grade 304 but it will resist contamination resulting in a longer life span.

Also we must consider the finish of the stainless steel. When the finish is specified in the more “cost effective” brushed satin or dull polished then although this results in a lower cost for the item usually it results in higher maintenance costs…

Why? Because airborne pollutants can adhere to the stainless steel better when there is a surface that it can cling to, resulting in what many people refer to as “tea staining” (see image below)tea-staining

Cleaning & Maintenance
This can be cleaned with a specialist cleaning agent but again this comes at a cost that isn’t usually considered at point of sale (see image below where a small area has been cleaned) So it’s always best to choose a bright polish finish which adds lustre whilst also minimising maintenance costs, as there’s nowhere for these pesky airborne pollutants to stick to!

You know, all this metallurgical talk is taking me back to my younger days, when I was involved in the jewellery trade. On many occasions customers would come into my premises, really excited over the bargain gold jewellery they’d bought whilst on holiday asking me to test the quality of the “gold” and value it for them. I’d explain that the acid test would ruin the item if it was a fake but they always asked me to go ahead.

Nearly 100% of the time their faces would show shock when the acid was applied (to the item not their face) and it started bubbling away eating into the cheap base metal.

It may have looked like the real thing and been able to be worn by the owner but did they REALLY get value for money?

I am reminded of a quote by John Ruskin…

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

Stainless Steel Bench Case Study
Here is a brief case study to demonstrate how these principles apply in real world examples

The Bailey Artform Metalco Libre Seat shown below was specified for the first phase of a scheme on the site a modern University Campus.


However on the second phase of the project, a cheaper “look-a-like” seat was chosen from a different supplier as a “cost saving” exercise.

But look closely at the cheaper look-a-like benches installed on the second phase and you will soon see evidence of defects due to lower grade materials used. The surface has significantly deteriorated in a very short space of time and is clearly visible to the naked eye.



And the takeaway lesson from all this…?

“Cheap is most certainly NOT always best when it comes to specifying urban furniture!”

I’m pleased to say that our Libra Seat was once again ordered for the final phase!

Example B – Granite
So let’s move on to our second material of choice to discuss…Granite.

Granite as a material is extremely durable and is virtually maintenance free. It’s a sobering fact to think that any item of granite street furniture that I provide to my clients is likely to long outlive me, and probably still be around when my grandchildren are grandparents!

For longevity of product lifespan combined with huge value for money, I genuinely think you would have to search for a very, very long time to find a better example than the Bailey Artform Gravin Range of Granite Street Furniture products. This attractive family of superior quality natural stone products offers a selection of exceptionally high-grade granite outdoor solutions, chosen specifically for outstanding quality and creative design.


As for the “looks expensive to me” syndrome, this range perhaps more than any other is the most surprising in terms of “actual cost” (very low) compared to “perceived value and material performance” (very high)

Ring me and just ask how much the Couso bench pictured below is.



No I’m serious!
Pick up the phone now, call me, say you’ve just read my blog & ask how much the bench below is

Direct Line: 01625 855 903
Mobile: 07795 246 400

I promise you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is, coming in at a lower cost than most “so called” cheaper and certainlyinferior alternatives out there.

  1. Cost of installation & delivery

Understanding the different terminology used for street furniture fitting options is essential in ensuring the right fixing is chosen to minimise installation costs on a project.

I never automatically assume that everyone I speak to is familiar with the difference between root fixed and sub-surface, or base plated and surface mounted. (However I also try never to teach my grandmother how to suck eggs, so I apologise in advance for highlighting something that you may already know!)

Surface Mounted
Surface mounted as in the case of a litter bin means that there is a base plate which needs to be bolted through the finished floor to a concrete plinth. (Unless the finish is a concrete plinth of course)


Sub Surface Fixed
A bollard or seat that requires “sub surface fixing” means that it has a base plate pre drilled which will require bolting to a concrete plinth which is below the surface of the finished floor level.


Root Fixed
For the uninitiated, at Bailey Artform we use the term “root fixed” typically in the case of bollards and cycle stands are where a hole is simply dug and the bollard placed into the hole at the correct depth, supported, then concrete poured to the required depth and any decorative finishes applied if needed.


Example – Surface Mounted
See below an installation of our Metro 40 Lo-Glo LED Pathlight that has been neatly surface mounted. After all the expertise that goes designing and perfecting these sophisticated site furniture items, it is essential the same level of care and attention to detail is given to the installation process.

Continuum Corporate Office

As installation of street furniture is usually at the end of the scheme sometimes issues can arise if the logistics haven’t been carefully planned.

  • For instance will fork lift trucks still be available for offloading as most items are delivered on pallets.
  • For offloading of heavier items a crane or HIAB may be required. (‘HIAB’ is used as a synonym for a loader crane of any make)
  • For the larger items will there be vehicular access adjacent to where the items are being installed?

Careful planning of the delivery and installation will ensure unnecessary costs aren’t incurred

  1. Ongoing maintenance costs & life-span of product

Taking care during installation ensures maintenance is kept to a minimum later on.

For example, bollards that are being installed where block paving will be the final surface finish. I have been to sites where all the protective packaging has been removed before the block pavers have been installed. The ground workers have been cutting blocks and the particles of brick and steel from the saw has been hitting the bollards contaminating the stainless steel.

Another issue being if all the packaging is removed, there is a good chance that concrete will be splashed onto the bollard during installation again causing contamination.

Before handover another “favourite” of mine is where a site operative has been given the task of making sure that all bollards etc are clean and an oily cloth is used to wipe the surface of the stainless steel. Guess what happens!

I feel like I’m the harbinger of doom being negative about the pitfalls of poor choice of products and poor maintenance but I genuinely dislike seeing the results of neglected street furniture.


So why does all this matter? What’s the point? Who actually cares?

Well apart from stating the obvious point that every single construction professional involved in delivering a project (from landscape architect, through to product designer & manufacturer, main contractor, ground workers & installation team) should strive to deliver the very best they can in order to give the client the end result they paid for, to the agreed quality standard and “fit for use” specification…apart from that?

I think the ultimate “customer” when it comes to public realm projects and shared urban spaces is the public, (that includes you and me) tourists, workers, young people, old people…the users of this space who live amongst these designs each and every day to meet, to communicate, to rest, to interact..and to appreciate (whether consciously or subconsciously) the true value of good design.

When we are in a public space that is well designed and well maintained we have an automatic personal feeling of wellbeing. We want to stop and interact with the landscape.


So perhaps by specifying quality site furniture we’ve paid a little bit more, but by doing so we’ve not only ensured that these products stand the test of time… investing in well-designed street furniture means we’ve made a lasting positive impact on the lives of people we probably will never meet.

This is the point made by well-known British architect Richard Rogers when he said

“My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we – architects – can affect the quality of life of the people.”

Now that’s what I call true value for money!

If you’re as old as me you might remember having to “save things for best” (usually an item of clothing that your mum or dad bought you)

They spent more on that special item than perhaps was usual but how did it make you feel?

  • Wasn’t it really well looked after and you got told off if you got it damaged.
  • You got pleasure and enjoyment from showing it off to your mates.
  • You got envious looks and they wished they owned something similar.
  • And it really did last a long time and still look like new!

In my own daft way, I want to help my clients specify street furniture that is looked upon and treated in the same way

I want it to be looked after

I want people to be proud of what we’ve “given” them

I want it to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Louis Lynch

Louis Lynch

Louis Lynch


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Reynaers takes to the water with Paynes & Borthwick

An extensive range of systems have been supplied by Reynaers Aluminium to a prestigious riverside apartment, office and retail development in Greenwich.

The architectural aluminium systems were specified and installed at the Paynes & Borthwick site which comprises five blocks and a tower, with heights varying from three up to 18 storeys.  The project, fronting onto the River Thames, includes 257 highly specified one, two and three bedroomed apartments, as well as 14,000 sq ft of commercial office and retail space.

A key feature of the development is the incorporation of the lower blocks into the retained, grade II listed brick façade of the former marine boiler factory Paynes & Borthwick Wharf.

A series of aluminium systems were supplied by Reynaers including CW 50 curtain walling, which the company says provides unlimited creative and installation flexibility, while also allowing the maximum amount of light into a building.

Also installed are CS 77 and CS 38-SL windows which are both thermally improved, with three chamber systems offering safety and comfort for the occupants.  CS 77 has been installed on the high tower and features fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips ensuring high thermal insulation levels are maintained.  With its slender exterior contours, the CS 38-SL is described as offering an ideal solution for new build and refurbishment projects involving the replacement of original steel framed windows.  This made them particularly suitable for the Paynes & Borthwick redevelopment where they were installed on the listed brick façade section.

Within the new build, CP 130 sliding doors were installed in the tower to enable balcony access from the apartments.  The system offers an aesthetic, functional and flexible solution maximising the outstanding views available.  In addition, Reynaers’ Vision 50 system was used to provide ground floor entrance doors for the retail units.

Paul Duffy, Sales Director for Reynaers, said: “The requirements for this development, with its mix of new build and sensitive refurbishment of listed buildings, were varied to say the least.  Working closely with the architects and fabricators, we were able to provide a whole range of systems that would meet all needs in terms of efficient and effective operation, while working within the parameters of a listed building project – both from an aesthetic and performance standpoint.

“We believe the Paynes & Borthwick project is an excellent demonstration of the extent and flexibility our range of systems offer to meet the requirements of both new builds and refurbishments.”

Originally conceived by Assael Architects, the project was subsequently taken over and seen through to its successful conclusion by KDS Associates, Blackfriars Foundry office.  Ardmore of Enfield, Middlesex was the main contractors with Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium in Slough being the fabricators for the project.

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Feel the difference with New Dekordor Oak 3D


Introduced barely 12 months ago, Vicaima’s highly tactile Dekordor 3D range of embossed face finished doors has really made a big impression with specifiers. Now the existing range of 4 colours has been extended to include a popular Oak 3D design, providing even more choice for interiors.

Dekordor 3D quite literally stands out as something different in the world of interior door finishes. Its innovative and striking horizontal embossed and eco-friendly surface begs to be touched yet provides excellent abrasion and moisture resistance and is easy to clean.  Used widely in apartments, hotels and commercial applications, Dekordor 3D presents a durable yet highly attractive design with real uniformity of colour and texture.

The 3D range can be supplied edge banded with the same embossed finish, making it a focal element when supplied within a matching 3D Portaro door and frame system.  Alternatively doors can be supplied lipped for on site adjustment or as part of the Vicaima Easi-Fit door kit.  As you would expect, performance meets the highest of requirements with FD30 and FD60 fire doors, security and acoustic options.

In addition to the new Dekordor 3D Oak, the range includes white, black, grey and camel colours, providing plenty of scope for contemporary design. And for even greater design flexibility doors can be enhanced with geometric groove patterns, contrasting satin inlay and glazing to make optimum use of borrowed light.

The Dekordor 3D range is just one of the many door solutions presented by interior door specialists Vicaima, whose products are the first choice for luxury housing, apartments, commercial premises, education, medical applications, hotels and leisure projects.

For further details on this or other products from the Vicaima interior door collections, visit the Vicaima website   Alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

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Britton Bathrooms make life easier

Tall Basin from Britton Bathrooms

Tall Basin from Britton Bathrooms

Sometimes just a simple, thoughtful touch can make all the difference. This is certainly the case with Britton Tall, a clever design to make life easier for taller people, the elderly, less able or anyone with back or knee problems. For a tall person, a standard height pedestal basin can, quite literally, be a pain in the neck because using it involves stooping. Britton Bathrooms has introduced a round fronted pedestal 6cm higher than standard that can be used with any basin from the Britton Cube, Curve, Fine or Compact ranges – all of which are attractive contemporary styles.

Bathroom Brands has also made close coupled and wall-hung WC’s 6cm higher. This extra height makes it easier to sit down and get up and keeps the knees at a 90 degree angle. “We have a growing older population that can find a low WC or basin painful and difficult to use. We’re taller now too.” says Faye Rainey, Brand Development Manager. The average height of men has risen by almost 11cm since the mid-19th century, experts have found. Data was collected on hundreds of thousands of men from 15 European countries. For British men, the average height at age 21 rose from 167.05cm (5ft 5in) in 1871-75 to 177.37cm (5ft 10in) in 1971-75 and this is a trend that is continuing.

Britton Tall WCs

Britton Tall WCs

“Offering a generic taller pedestal that can be used with different styles is a fast and simple solution for retailers and consumers, as is the option of a 6cm higher WC.”

Sanitaryware from Britton Bathrooms comes with a twenty-five year guarantee. The range includes taps, furniture and baths as well as sanitaryware. 

0845 5390055

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Eaton Offers the Perfect Package with its i-on16 kits


MITCHELDEAN Power management company Eaton today announced the availability of a new range of specially configured kits from its security business, which are based around its proven i-on16 radio intruder alarm control panel.  Designed to provide installers with all the equipment needed for a diverse range of applications, the kits are available in four variants – Essential, Audible, Communicating or Complete.

Reliable, robust and cost effective, the i-on16 is a PD6662:2010 Grade 2 solution and features 16 radio zones that utilise Eaton’s combined dual diversity antenna system. Uniquely, i-on16 provides radio outputs as standard, which means that end users can benefit from wire-free automation of their lighting, gates and power. Furthermore, it uses remote keypads that, as well as being more secure, allow for cleaner and more discreet installations. i-on16 has recently been upgraded to support wired inputs, meaning this hybrid system now offers even greater flexibility than before.

As its name suggests, the Essential kit offers all the basic equipment needed for an installation and is comprised of an i-on16 control panel, a KEY-KPZ01 keypad with two wired zones, a 734r radio door contact, three XCELRPT radio pet tolerant PIRs and five PROXTAGPK5 proximity tags. The Audible kit adds a 760es two-way radio sounder, while the Communicating version adds a FOB-2W-4B two-way key fob, an i-SD01 speech dialler, a XCELWPT wired pet tolerant PIR and a WDC01 wired door contact. Finally, the Complete version includes all of the products found in the other kits in one package.

The i-on16 kits are also included in Eaton’s new look touchpoint membership programme. As well as providing installation partners with access to first-class information, instant online access to product manuals and software and technical support, it offers the chance to participate in a reward based incentive scheme that allows them to save touchpoints and choose from a selection of great prizes.

All i-on16 kits have 1,200 touchpoints. Installing three qualifying kits is enough to receive a £10 voucher that can be used in a number of leading restaurants, high street stores and leisure activities. Alternatively, the points can be saved and redeemed against a wide selection of products including Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One game consoles, TVs, home entertainment systems, coffee makers and watches. A range of Apple products is up for grabs too, including iPads, iPad Minis, iPod Touches and iPod Nanos.

Matthew Phelps, managing director of Eaton’s Security business, commented, “The i-on16 kits have been configured following extensive consultation with our installers and surveyors to establish the most popular combinations of products. The result is a selection of easy-to-use, install and maintain systems that are perfect for residential and small commercial applications. Purchasing these kits also adds value to the touchpoint membership programme, which has quickly become the industry’s leading information, technical support and rewards package.’

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

Eaton is a power management company with 2013 sales of $22.0 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 103,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit

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Let there be light whatever the hour, with Geberit Monolith Plus

2014 Bathroom 5_A1 Monolith Plus (2) - Copy

Geberit has introduced a new addition to its best-selling Monolith sanitary module, with the Geberit Monolith Plus. Featuring the same sleek, elegant glass frontage as the original model, this latest addition not only conceals all plumbing worn neatly out of sight, but also integrates a wealth of technology to raise the comfort levels in the contemporary bathroom.

Available in a choice of white or black glass, the elegant sanitary module has a discreet and indirect ComfortLight, providing a warm glow behind the module, which is automatically activated as the user approaches. This makes it perfect for when using the bathroom at night, or for creating a calming ambience at bath-time.

2014 Bathroom 6_B2 Monolith Plus (2) - Copy

Geberit Monolith Plus also features an integrated odour extraction unit, filling the space with clean, fresh air even in bathrooms with minimal natural ventilation.

Making light work of converting to the high-end look of wall-hung sanitaryware, the Geberit Monolith Plus can be connected to existing water and drainage connections, without any major structural changes or even retiling being necessary. With all pipework, fixtures and fittings neatly concealed behind the glass a streamlined finish is effortlessly achieved.

For more details call 0800 077 8365 or visit

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Gripple gives catenary installation a lighter touch!

Gripple Limited has launched the Gripple D3 - a catenary system designed for lightweight applications such as lighting, signage or bracing applications with no direct vertical suspension point.

D3 UnitThe Gripple D3 catenary system is ideal for loads up to 30kg per suspension point with an integral locking mechanism which simultaneously pre-loads the wire in both channels with a single hex key action, thereby eliminating fiddly bolts or locking screws. This makes it quick and safe to operate – a particularly important consideration when working at height.

With ceramic rollers and stainless steel springs, the new Gripple D3 boasts optimum corrosion resistance and high load performance for safety and security.

Contact Richard Spooner on 0114 228 8618 or

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Aliro offers web-based access control for small and medium-sized businesses

Aliro, the new access control system from the Security Products from Siemens, offers a clearly structured system architecture with user-friendly software and intuitive mobile applications. With its flexible operating concept, the system can be managed from virtually any Internet-connected device.

Siemens Aliro Installer Image V2.jpg smaller

Since each door has one access point, Aliro’s architecture is very straightforward. This makes it easier for installers to design the system and prepare cost estimates. The access points can also be used as capture stations, eliminating the need for additional hardware. With system costs proportionate to the number of doors to be protected, the architecture also improves cost transparency for users. This makes Aliro ideal for small to medium-sized businesses such as retail outlets, health centers and offices requiring a straightforward access control system that, as a distributed application, can manage up to 512 doors, 10,000 users and 100,000 access cards.

Access points can be connected to the system via the IP network as well as via traditional bus connections (RS485). The access points are preconfigured for standard applications and can be used without any modification. If needed, installers can easily customize the standard configuration to meet user-specific requirements.

Aliro uses current-generation MiFare card readers from Siemens. They feature an integrated OLED display which shows messages and instructions based on user credentials, thus allowing direct interaction with the card holder. The user interface is available in eleven European languages and is compatible with all common reader technologies on the market. It also benefits from common features such as anti-passback, and supports local integration with intrusion detection systems.

Since the software used by Aliro is web-based, it needs to be installed on only one PC. The software automatically detects the access control units in the system and, if the installation is IP-based, assigns them network addresses. Configuring the software is quick and easy thanks to its intuitive user interface

Authorised users can monitor and administer Aliro from anywhere using a standard web browser. Dedicated smartphone applications are also available. These mobile apps have a modern, intuitive user interface and support all major functions such as monitoring doors and alarm systems, unlocking doors, and managing users.

For further information please contact:  Ross Wilks,  Security Products from Siemens
T:  01291 437920; E:; or visit


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Air Design supplies AHUs for Forth Golf Club


At the prestigious Renaissance Club, one of the newest golf courses in Scotland, four innovative air handling units supplied by Air Design are presently recovering heat in the clubhouse.

Air Design, part of the Elta Group of companies, supplied the air handling units to mechanical and electrical engineering contractor, Vaughan Engineering, for use within the newly constructed club house. Three of the units were fitted with high efficiency thermal wheels to recover as much heat as possible from the internal space in order to minimise the heating bills of the private club. AHUs from the Air Design range are technically efficient, combining quality component parts with simplicity of design and construction. The bespoke units provide both heating and cooling for ventilated air and the supplied units incorporate a rotary wheel for heat recovery from the exhausted air.

Another decisive factor in the specification of the Air Design units was their compactness. As is often the case, the plant rooms at the Renaissance Club are limited in size, so space is at a premium. Consultant engineers on the project, Wallace Whittle of Glasgow, specified use of the Air Design units.

The golf club and resort, which opened in 2008 in East Lothian, lies between Gullane and North Berwick, just east of Edinburgh. It nestles on 300 acres of the famous golfing coastline of the Firth of Forth, next to the renowned Muirfield golf course in the most historic golfing area in the world. Tom Doak designed the course, moving very little land but clearing many trees in the construction of the course, whilst leaving others to enhance the beauty and the challenge of it. The design embraces the dunes landscape, typical of links golf and features a combination of wooded and wide-open holes. The land for the golf and lodging development by the Renaissance Club has been leased for 99 years from the Duke of Hamilton’s trust, which still owns the land.


The Elta Group is a £90 million family of businesses with operations in seven countries on four continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.

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Admirals Quay, Ocean Village, Southampton

Admiral's Quay, Southampton compressed - Axter Wilotekt-Plus structural waterproofing

Axter Ltd’s waterproofing has been installed at Bouygues’ landmark new homes development at Admirals Quay, Southampton.

The 26-storey apartment tower and 16 and 9 storey residential buildings incorporate a landscaped terrace between the first two buildings, creating space for new public areas within the marina.

Axter’s Wilotekt-Plus® structural waterproofing was chosen for this development. Wilotekt-Plus® is a robust, seamless, flexible system designed to last for the lifetime of the structures on which it is installed, making it the waterproofing system of choice for many specifiers.

Admirals Quay, Southampton - Axter Wilotekt Plus structural waterproofing

Axter has built its reputation on designing and specifying the right system for the right application, on manufacturing quality products and offering a comprehensive support service, including rigorous site monitoring, to ensure that projects are delivered to the satisfaction of all parties.

The Admirals Quay project has resulted in an exciting mixed-use development respecting the area’s maritime heritage and Axter is proud to have been part of this prestigious waterfront rejuvenation scheme.


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