Changing lifestyles with PC Henderson’s Roomflex folding door hardware


Changing lifestyles such as people working from home and multi-generational living has led homeowners to seek more flexibility from the spaces they occupy. As a result, there has been an increase in the trend for a broken-plan layout, creating smaller, multi-use areas that offer privacy and add new functionality to rooms.

P C Henderson’s Roomflex hardware helps meets these ever-changing needs. It is an innovative internal folding door system that makes the most of the space and privacy available in family homes.

Roomflex is designed primarily for use with room dividers and is ideal for applications where there is insufficient adjacent wall space to accommodate sliding or swing doors when open. Homeowners can combine both open and broken-plan living by neatly storing the doors when the spaces are opened for entertaining or socialising. When closed, the smaller rooms can be used for independent activities such as reading or catching up on TV shows or to simply reduce the space to minimise the cost of heating the property.

Fergus Pickard, Research & Development Director at P C Henderson comments: “We have worked to offer a range of sliding and folding door hardware that effortlessly divides a multitude of spaces in the home. Our Roomflex hardware enables the creation of flexible living areas, allowing users to make the most of the rooms they spend most of their time in. A benefit of such a system when used as a room divider is that when open, it allows more light in and when closed, it can help reduce heating costs as only the space in use needs to be heated.”

Roomflex is capable of carrying doors of up to 35kg which when fully open, stack up neatly to maximise the opening space. The system is available in three kits which when mixed and matched, can provide up to 5 different configurations, promoting flexible living.  A key advantage of Roomflex is that it does not require a bottom channel, allowing your floor space to flow uninterrupted from room to room with no potential trip hazards or unsightly guide channel set into the floor.

P C Henderson has been manufacturing sliding door hardware systems for over 90 years in the UK. Its British engineered systems are cost efficient and combine high performance with aesthetic appeal, meeting the requirements of architects and their clients. With an experienced in-house technical team and despatch base both located in the UK, customers can expect unrivalled service and support.

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Cembrit fibre cement cladding achieves top marks in Liverpool


Cembrit’s through-coloured Cembonit cladding boards have been installed on a ten storey mixed use development in the heart of Merseyside, providing accommodation to students of Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University and the University of Liverpool.  

Paramount is a newly built development comprising top quality student accommodation, a spa and gym, as well as commercial space.  Built on a site that once featured a landmark cinema, the building has been developed to house a number of the 50,000 students flocking to Liverpool each year. The accommodation, which incorporates 440 units over 10 floors, is located within short walking distance to all three university campuses, and backs onto the Empire Theatre and Lime Street station.

North West Developer, PHD1 Construction’s aim was to regenerate the 3500sq m2plot to meet the needs of the community.  Due to its central location, the appearance of the external envelope was extremely important, and one which led to the specification of a cladding solution that could achieve a varied finish. Bak Cladding Solutions was the sub-contractor on this project and sourced the Cembrit Cembonit cladding in Flint through Vivalda in Manchester.

Alan Trueman, Contract Director at Bak Cladding Solutions comments: “I have worked with Cembrit on a number of occasions, so I was confident that the Cembonit cladding boards would deliver outstanding results. The installation was slightly challenging, due to the panels being installed at 70 degrees to the building to provide a unique looking appearance. Ease of installation is a key feature of Cembonit cladding boards, and one which helped us achieved the desired end result.”

Cembonit is an autoclaved, through coloured board in 11 pastel coloured impact resistant boards characterised by an attractive matt finish and a faint directional grain. During the production process, Cembonit undergoes a unique impregnation treatment, which effectively protects against water staining and dirt, ensuring that the façade retains its attractive appearance in both dry and wet weather conditions.

The combination of colour stability, with a class 0 fibre rating to BS 476 part 6 and a class 1 rating to BS 476 part 7, makes Cembonit ideal for overcladding rainscreen applications. Randomly dispersed spherules of cement in Cembonit’s surface and variations of shade from sheet to sheet will assist in creating a natural looking façade. The sheets can be used for a range of applications, such as: rainscreen cladding, weatherboarding, window elements, fascia, balconies and prefabricated facade elements.

For further information on Cembrit, visit: , email: or call +44 (0)20 8301 8900. 

110 VEKA casements from Sovereign complete stylish Sussex housing development

SOVEREIGN WINDOWSLancashire-based Sovereign Group Ltd. has completed a significant project of window fabrication and installation for a sustainable home development, using industry-leading PVC-U systems from The VEKA UK Group.

Sovereign’s client, Hastoe Housing Association owns and manages over 7,000 properties across more than 70 local authorities, and has won numerous awards for the environmental credentials, craftsmanship, and sustainability of its homes.

Mike Ferguson, Marketing Manager for Sovereign Group explains: “This particular development is situated in Brede, a village not far from the coastal town of Hastings in East Sussex. We worked alongside local contractor, Westridge Construction whose vast and varied portfolio already features considerable experience of community housing projects.

“What differentiates the fenestration in this project from many residential developments is the size of the windows. Suitable rooms on both the ground and upper floors were treated to casements with additional fixed sashes beneath the traditional threshold of windows in UK homes – the obvious benefits being increased light ingress and a greater sense of connection from the interior to the outdoors.”

While increased glazed areas would historically lessen a home’s energy efficiency and thermal insulation, Sovereign’s use of VEKA M70 profile enabled minimum U-values of 1.4 to be achieved throughout. “M70 has long been considered a ‘standard’ throughout the industry”, Mike continues. “Besides its crisp, understated looks – a great match for the modernistic styling of these properties – its technical and security credentials have future-proofed these buildings for many years; reinforcing the sustainability at the heart of the project.

SOVEREIGN WINDOWS“M70’s compatibility with the highest quality hardware enabled us to fit Securistyle Defender Restrictor hinges, key-locking handles to ground-floor and other appropriate windows, and green-buttoned unlockable systems at fire and emergency egress points. A combination of toughened plain and stipple-light glazing from Cotswold completed the units, which were foiled in grey to continue the contemporary aesthetic – evident throughout the project as a whole.”

Sovereign fabricated and installed a total of 110 outward-opening casement windows into the development of two and three-bedroomed homes, with a value of around £34k.

Karen Hillhouse, Head of Development for Hastoe Housing Association said: “The VEKA window system is not only a suitable and reliable product, but it fits in with the vernacular of the area, which is essential to any development.

“We are delighted with the work Sovereign has done on our Brede scheme. The properties look great and we are confident in the fabrication and performance of the homes.”

Significant access-control advancements offered by SmartSecure

The ’SmartConnect easy’ app based access control, one of the innovative packages available as a SmartSecure option

SmartSecure, an electronic door locking and smart access control brand launched by Carl F Groupco, incorporates state-of-the-art technology which provides strong security and safety features. With aesthetic, practical and technical benefits, the solution is designed to have widespread appeal for architectural, construction and building management professionals across wide-ranging installations including housing associations, the growing retirement-living sector and care homes.

Commenting on the capabilities of SmartSecure, the latest addition to the hardware distributor’s offer, Phil Rice, Business Development Manager for SmartSecure said:

“The FUHR multitronic 881 locking technology at the heart of the solution automatically locks all points securely and reliably by a patented twin motor in just seconds after closing the door… this ensures effective locking and increased protection. Feedback from housing associations has told us that some elderly people can be overly trusting, or they may forget to lift a lever handle – which is a requirement of conventional multipoint door locks: these issues are addressed with SmartSecure technology.

“All components can be concealed, which reduces the risk of tampering and, for total flexibility, the system can be integrated with existing access control or building management systems.”

SmartSecure from Carl F Groupco offers an advanced electronic door locking and smart access control solution.
SmartSecure from Carl F Groupco offers an advanced electronic door locking and smart access control solution.

‘SmartConnect easy’ is an optional access control package using a smartphone: this intelligent WLAN-based system is a significant USP that provides keyless operation and monitoring. Sensor monitoring of door leaf and bolt position ensures complete peace of mind as locking status can be verified from any location, whenever required.

‘SmartTouch’ is a pioneering access system that is another SmartSecure option. Easy entry is enabled by simply touching a sensor. Using innovative technology, access is facilitated if an active, moving transponder is within range. For a stylish, concealed solution, the sensor can also be fitted within a pull handle.

Radio-based access control systems are also available including a radio keypad, transponder and fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control.

Carl F Groupco’s trademark service, including comprehensive technical support, underpins the new SmartSecure brand. Fully trained specialists are on hand to advise.

Carl F Groupco Limited Tel: 01733 393330

Vent-Axia Revives Social Housing Ventilation

Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has launched the intelligent Lo-Carbon Revive, a new filter-less unitary fan designed to meet the specific needs of social housing. Boasting powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, Revive provides good indoor air quality and comfort for tenants while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable.


For landlords the Revive has been designed to offer simple specification. Highly versatile the Revive offers a choice of run speeds for multiple installation options and can be ducted or through the wall, making specification easy. Plus Revive is low maintenance since its market-leading Multi-Vortex™ technology does not require a filter, while the highly sculpted interior actively repels dust, avoiding clogging, thus helping to avoid call backs. Revive also boasts reliability backed by up to seven years’ warranty.


Meanwhile, installers in social housing need to be able to fit multiple fans on multiple sites as swiftly and simply as possible. Featuring Smart Sense™ intelligent technology Revive is quick and easy to install with the fan featuring a simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear and easy to read and a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. Smart Sense™ technology even tells the LED display which orientation to use depending on whether it is wall or ceiling mounted. All of which saves time on site and reduces installation complications.

But to ensure happy landlords you need happy tenants. A noisy fan will not only disturb tenants, it will make them aware the fan is running, this could potentially cause tenants to tamper with the fan to turn it off to avoid added energy costs. This can result in poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causing condensation and mould and subsequent damage to the fabric of a building, causing costly redecorating. Revive has been designed therefore to be powerful enough to remove moist air to ensure good IAQ, but at the same time quiet enough not to disturb while remaining energy efficient.

To further aid this, Revive’s Smart Sense™ technology can provide real-time data via an intuitive interface to communicate the fan’s energy efficiency so landlords can reassure tenants of the low-running costs. Meanwhile, nuisance tripping is another reason tenants avoid using fans, Revive’s Smart Sense™ therefore features an ambient response humidistat to avoid this, thus increasing tenant acceptability.

When it comes to ventilation, social housing has a very specific set of needs. Keeping tenants happy is an important part of being a landlord. At Vent-Axia we understand landlords’ concerns and have designed the Revive to help ensure tenants and landlords are both happy,” explains Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

With tenant satisfaction vital, Revive’s innovative Multi-Vortex™ technology has a high-pressure hybrid impellor that is powerful and efficient, yet quiet. The fan operates discreetly removing moisture and stale air, leaving a comfortable home environment. Performing to its design intent with a tile-like grille, the Revive draws air into the fan via its bell mouth design allowing air to enter the fan fluidly and silently. This offers tenants a quiet, unobtrusive fan without a spinning impeller visible, so they will hardly notice it. The tile-like grille also stays cleaner than open-grilled alternatives. 


Meanwhile, Revive’s Smart Sense™ also allows multiple configurations so the fan can be commissioned to meet the needs of the property and the tenant. Quick and easy to select, it offers a bespoke solution where performance or noise is key. However, despite the latest fans offering energy efficient, quiet comfort some tenants may still have concerns. To help Revive’s Smart Sense™ therefore includes a Day Logger which tracks how many days a fan has been running to ensure it is used as intended.

Landlords can also use the Day Logger to track energy use and interrogate the fan on how many days a fan has been on humidity boost mode, pull cord boost mode, or trickle. This information can help build a profile of tenant activity and aids landlords in investigating humidity problems. This allows landlords to work with tenants to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

To see the Revive in action visit:

For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone 0844 856 0590.

Sarnafil Plus supports clients through regulation change

Sarnafil Plus

Clients and facilities managers required to meet the updated Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) when embarking on a roof refurbishment need look no further than Sarnafil Plus, Sika Sarnafil’s flagship refurbishment offer.

The Sarnafil Plus service is designed to actively support the client and the principal designer – a new role created by CDM 2015 – from survey and specification through to installation and guarantee, helping to ensure the refurbishment is carried out correctly.

The principal designer takes on many of the duties of the old CDM coordinator role, such as planning, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase of a project. CDM 2015 states that clients are responsible for the competency of the principal designer and team working on the refurbishment, especially when it comes to health and safety.

The Sarnafil Plus team is made up of technical experts and dedicated surveyors to help the client through this process. Sarnafil Plus includes a detailed initial survey, as well as recommendations on complex design elements, resulting in a bespoke specification that the client can trust.

In addition, the system will be installed by a Sarnafil Plus Contractor, a refurb specialist trained and verified by Sika Sarnafil. These contractors are qualified to install Sika Sarnafil membranes in complete compliance with the most up-to-date health and safety regulations.

The Sarnafil Plus team also lends support to the principal contractor with frequent site visits and advice. A guarantee is awarded at the satisfactory completion of the refurbishment, ensuring that the client is protected against unlikely problems with the roofing system.

Martin Bidewell, technical services manager for Single Ply Roofing at Sika, said: “CDM regulations were first introduced to improve health and safety on UK construction sites, which is incredibly important in this industry. Anything that helps to reduce accidents is to be encouraged – especially when there are still over 40 deaths annually on construction sites.

At Sika we want to support clients in meeting these regulations. More than ever, clients need to trust in the expertise of the team they hire to carry out refurbishment work, so they don’t get caught out. With Sarnafil Plus we offer an unrivalled roof refurbishment service that gives the client peace of mind and reassurance at every stage.”

To top it off, Sarnafil Plus includes a thorough final inspection, carried out by Sika’s nationwide team of highly experienced Field Technicians. Upon satisfactory evaluation using a 34 point checklist, the project is awarded a Sarnafil Plus guarantee that provides extensive cover for both the Sarnafil system and installation.

For more information on Sarnafil Plus, call 0800 112 3863, email or visit

Panasonic Moves Into the Cloud with New Aquarea Control System

Panasonic“The Aquarea Smart Cloud is a significant development in the control of heating and hot water systems, offering much greater functionality and a much more intuitive user interface,” says Marc Overson, Panasonic Country Manager, UK & Ireland. “This enables users to optimise their heating and hot water from anywhere in the world, from computers, tablets and smartphones, to suit their specific requirements. We look forward to introducing an increased level of functionality throughout 2017 and enable full remote control and monitoring of the Aquarea system.”

The Aquarea Smart Cloud has a simple, intuitive user-friendly interface that enables installers and maintenance operators to control a number of functions of the Aquarea H Generation heat pump. Users can easily adjust the temperature in two different zones and view the current room temperature in that zone. Additionally, it is possible to change the temperature of the hot water supplied by the Aquarea system. This enables users to eliminate unnecessary heating when a zone is unoccupied and therefore reduce energy consumption.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud allows users to set holiday timers, weekly timers with different instructions for the separate zones and hot water and check the system for faults. This enables users to programme their heating and hot water system to meet their exact requirements and reduce energy usage through unnecessary heating and hot water. The Aquarea Smart Cloud interface can also provide a detailed breakdown of the system’s energy consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis. This can help users to reduce energy usage by identifying times when the system does not need to be operating and reducing its activity.

Throughout 2017 Panasonic will add new services to the Aquarea Smart Cloud, focused on adding additional functionality to aid with maintenance of the Aquarea system. This will allow maintenance professionals to engage in predictive maintenance and fine-tune the system, as well as fixing malfunctions when they occur. Installers will be able to manage several installations at once with a dedicated interface, saving time and simplifying logistics. The Aquarea Smart Cloud also enables maintenance professionals to respond more quickly to faults and issues, keeping the end user completely satisfied with their heating and hot water systems.

The only requirements of the Aquarea are the H Generation heat pump, the CZ-TAW-1 interface to connect to the Aquarea unit and an Internet connection. When the user registers the device online, it will be connected to the service and the user can begin controlling it from the device of their choice.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating system on or off. It is a powerful and intuitive device for remotely controlling the system’s range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption. In addition, malfunction warnings and remote maintenance capabilities will be added to the system from 2017, making it a comprehensive heating and hot water control system.

RCM Ltd appointed Exclusive Distributor by Extemegreen Building Products LLC for the UK market


RCM Ltd are pleased to announce their appointment by Extremegreen Building Products, LLC., to exclusively distribute their Extremegreen magnesium oxide building boards across the UK.

Extremegreen is a building board manufactured using a proprietary formula that is reinforced with multiple layers of glass fiber mesh for added structural integrity and impact resistance. The sheets are used as external fire rated sheathing panels, internal wallboard, tile backerboard, sub-flooring, roof underlay and structural insulated panels. Extremegreen MgO is resistant to fire, moisture, mould and mildew, wood boring insects, is completely toxin free and is a carbon neutral building material.

By adding Extremegreen into their brand portfolio RCM have extended their offering by introducing a ‘green’ option to their sheathing board range, thereby letting their customers have the best possible selection of quality building products.

Extremegreen Building Products, based in Mobile, Alabama, is the manufacturer of the high density structural magnesium oxide boards. The boards have unique properties and are made from non-combustible materials that are impervious to water. The boards will not grow mould, nor mildew and as they contain zero foodstuff. They are also resistant to wood boring insects. The boards are people-safe and emit no toxic dust when cut or handled. Finally, they are 100% recyclable and have a very low energy input during the manufacturing process. These building boards truly represent a quantum shift in building technology and thinking.

Being a major leader in the field, RCM are committed to continuing to offer a diverse range of building material solutions, whilst refusing to compromise on quality.

“The agreement with Extremegreen is a huge success for RCM and promises exciting developments for the company. The inclusion of an MgO based board, and an environmentally friendly option, within our sheathing board range allows for even greater choice when specifying projects. RCM look forward to continue leading the way in building board technology with Extremegreen” (Ian Quinton, MD, RCM Ltd.).

“We were looking for a forward thinking group of people at the top of their game to represent Extremegreen as our distributor in the UK. A company with the same ethos as ours that could carry our message and mantra to market. We believe we have found that in RCM and look forward to working with them as our sole UK distributor. RCM has a solid reputation in the UK building industry as suppliers of cement based building materials and we believe Extremegreen fits into this portfolio perfectly.” (Sam Catling, President, Extremegreen Building Products, LLC.)

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