BM TRADA takes training on the road


Continuing the success of its practical timber training courses – and to continue its commitment to educate the industry – BM TRADA has expanded the programme of dates and locations for its practical series of training sessions.

The new courses build on the success of the training sessions introduced last year. The 2014 courses attracted a wide range of delegates, including contractors, merchants and timber workers, from the shop floor right up to senior management. Feedback from delegates was extremely positive.

“The need to train and refresh is a great advantage to employees and employers and to keep up-to-date with new standards,” one individual commented after a course last year. BM TRADA has also responded to this feedback by introducing more topics and by making the courses more available to individuals around the country.

This new programme includes two levels of training – introductory and intermediate – on a wide range of timber subjects. And, for the first time, BM TRADA has taken the courses onto the road, with three regional locations – Edinburgh, Leeds and London – for its introductory softwoods and hardwoods, and panel products courses.

Each course is highly practical and include quizzes and hands on experience with timber samples and are suitable for staff at all levels from the shop floor to director level.

The introductory courses will be run in the morning and afternoon to enable delegates to attend two courses in one day (for a full list of dates and locations, see below). They will cover the following topics: engineered timber products; panel products; timber in exterior uses; timber in fire; general timber; and introduction to hardwood and softwood. The courses cost £99 + VAT (£74 for TRADA members).

The intermediate courses will only be held at BM TRADA’s High Wycombe headquarters and will take place over a day.  Subjects covered will be: timber frame construction; hardwoods; softwoods; timber in exterior uses; engineered timber products; wood based panels; Chain of Custody; and timber fire doors explained. Prices vary per course – for full details visit

For further information, or to book a place on any of the courses, please download our training brochure and application form, or contact Annika Chatwinon on +44 (0) 1494 569647 or email


Engineered timber products, 8th September AM – High Wycombe

Panel Products,  8th September PM – High Wycomebe

Timber in exterior uses, 22nd September AM – High Wycombe

Timber in fire, 22nd September PM – High Wycombe

General timber, 6th October AM – High Wycombe

Intro to hardwood & softwood, 6th October PM – High Wycombe


Softwood & hardwood, 22nd October AM – Holiday Inn, Edinburgh

Panel products, 22nd October

Softwood & hardwood, 11th November – Jury’s Inn, Leeds

Panel Products, 11th November

Softwood & hardwood, 8th December – The Wesley, London

Panel products, 8th December


(all at BM TRADA’s head offices in High Wycombe)

Timber Frame Construction, 29th September, 19th November

Hardwoods, 13th October

Softwoods, 20th October

Timber in exterior uses, 5th November

Engineered timber products, 26th November

Wood based panels, 1st December

Chain of Custody,  28th July, 17th November

Timber fire doors explained, 15th September, 24th November

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Five Modern Natural Stone Baths for Stunning Clearwater Portfolio


Natural Stone has proved so successful that we have streamlined the range in favour of all natural stone.  Natural Stone provides a rigid and strong bath of great elegance, without any need for ledges or surrounds.

At just under £2000 it is not only great value for money but is also very competitive in this part of the market.

Natural Stone has proved so successful that we have streamlined the range in favour of all natural stone. Natural Stone provides a rigid and strong bath of great elegance, without any need for ledges or surrounds. At just under £2000 it is not only great value for money but is also very competitive in this part of the market.


The Clearwater Natural Stone bath collection includes Modern and traditional styled Classical baths.  In the Modern collection the Natural Stone allows the design of all the rims and edges to be far sharper than regular baths giving a stunning appearance and providing a more spacious and deeper bath for a truly relaxing experience.


The Armonia, pictured above shows how elegant the uber-thin rim can be. Armonia, just one of five new baths in the Modern collection is 1550 mm long by 750 mm wide and luxurious 555 deep. Shown here with floor standing brassware, Armonia slopes gently for maximum comfort.

Whether Modern or Classical each of the Clearwater Natural Stone baths are hand polished for over ten hours providing a warm, tactile velvety finish. The baths and co-ordinating basins are one-piece meaning there are absolutely no unsightly joints or seams just clean modern lines.




Each Clearwater Bath is supported by a full 10 year guarantee.
T. 01322 473222

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Trend’s new Room View sensor & display creates the perfect climate control solution



Trend, the leading international manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has built on the success of its innovative range of Wallbus mounted sensors and displays with the introduction of Room View (RV). Designed for optimum flexibility and ease of use, the RV’s colour touchscreen and clean, modern graphics provide a state-of-the-art interface that enhances the occupant experience in any room.

The top of the range RV complements Trend’s existing Room Display (RD) and Room Sensor (RS) solutions, maintaining similar design features that contribute to a family feel across all three devices. The implementation of a common icon set throughout the range allows occupants to intuitively relate to models and options and instinctively feel in control of room elements.

Perfect for use in offices, meeting rooms, schools, hospitals and hotels, the RV displays information about occupation status, as well as a wide range of environmental conditions including temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and outside air temperature. It also allows basic level control of fan speed, setpoints, lighting, heating, blinds and windows to suit the desired comfort conditions of the occupant. Whether orientated in landscape or portrait, the backlit-displayed graphics present the room data clearly so the occupant can effortlessly adjust the room elements.

The features and benefits of this device offer advantages for all types of customers. Architects, for example, do not want wall devices to impose, distract or conflict with the overall look of a room and therefore the RV has a balanced and unobtrusive appearance, allowing the unit to complement but not detract from interior design themes. In addition, the backlit display’s colour can also be altered to suit the aesthetics of the room or building.

For M&E consultants, the RV’s high-level functionality will be of particular interest and the sensing, display and user input options ensure that control and adjustment can be easily achieved. They can also feel confident that the devices will function as expected throughout system design, installation, commissioning and use. The ability to upgrade/downgrade easily between available options also means specification and cost changes can be accommodated.

The product’s Wallbus technology provides systems integrators with a cost effective and timesaving solution that offers unrivalled ease of commissioning. Rather than being individually wired into inputs, the RV sits on a non-polarity sensitive twisted pair bus configuration, which makes wiring easier and frees up inputs, while also offering plug and play capability. An inbuilt installer mode has optional password protection to allow temperature and humidity calibration, adjustment of setpoint range limits and modification of override time.

Kieran Malone, Product and Marketing Manager at Trend, commented, ‘The RV has been meticulously designed to satisfy the requirements of all types of customer and boasts the very highest levels of functionality to enable users to interact with it in an intuitive and natural way. It strengthens our already successful range of wall mounted room sensors and displays by introducing a device that enhances the aesthetics and visual impact of the built environment, while improving human interaction with it.’

For further information please call Trend Marketing on 01403 211888 or email .

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Refresh your colour palette with Vicaima Dekordor HD


The use of colour for Interior doors and doorsets can bring a new dimension to an environment, creating bright or relaxing hues to match a room theme or perhaps a corporate brand. With the latest colour trends very much in mind, Vicaima have launched 22 laminate faced options with their new Dekordor HD Colours range.  Ideal for a multitude of applications there is something for everyone.

Dekordor HD Colours offer a continuous pressure laminate face which is both scratch and UV resistant, offering a colour consistent and durable solution for areas which are more demanding such as; leisure or medical centres, student accommodation, social housing, educational facilities, hotels, commercial offices and public buildings.

Colour is also a matter of fashion, which is why the new Dekordor HD Colours range has been carefully researched to reflect what’s in-vogue and on-trend in the world of design right now.  With 22 colours available the range encompasses everything from Spring Yellow to Sandy Cream, not to mention the increasingly popular greys and the perennial white. So whether it’s to compliment a company brand or to enliven an otherwise tired interior space, Vicaima’s Dekordor HD Colours can make a real difference.

The products, which are made to order, are available in a full range of performance options including; FD30 and FD 60 Fire rated, Severe Duty Rated, Security; including SBD entrance systems and sound reduction.  As you would expect from a leading interior door specialist, Vicaima offer complete project solutions.  The scope and configuration possibilities make specification easy, with glazed options, pairs, over height dimensions, mobility widths and completely matching door and frame kits and sets, thus ensuring that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied.


A complete list of Dekordor HD Colours is available from the Vicaima website, alternatively; simply ask for a copy of the new literature.  For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit  or call 01793 532333.

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Have you ever thought your home central heating system was costing you more money than it should do?

Have you ever wondered whether you could actually manage it much more efficiently?


In the UK today, over 2 million homes do not have any thermostatic control, and over 10 million only have 1 thermostat in the whole house.  Yet it is this thermostat that controls the temperature requirement for the entire property.  This thermostat is also usually in the hallway, often near the front door.  Have you ever thought how crazy this is.  It would be like measuring a baby’s temperature by putting a thermometer between its toes.  You would not do this, so why do we monitor and control our entire heating energy usage in the home by measuring the temperature in only one place, which is often no where near the rooms we need to manage, measure or control.

Currently most homes have absolutely no accurate control of the temperature of the rooms, and as a result are burning energy that is simply not needed.  This also costs money, and is very damaging to the environment.  The UK has improved the energy efficiency of so many of its domestic energy consumers such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and televisions over the last 20 years, yet home  central heating has hardly improved at all.  Home central heating also accounts for around 40% of energy usage in the home according the The Energy Saving Trust.

Salvatore Cirasuolo of Intelli Heat told us,  ‘ I saw this issue over 15 years ago, and started to work on a more efficient way of heating domestic and commercial buildings, which is when we started developing independently monitored energy efficient electric radiators’.  ‘It just made sense’ he said, ‘ every other electrical appliance was being made more efficient, yet heating, the biggest energy consumer, was staying the same’.  15 years on they have partnered up with a pioneering app developer to provide the perfect solution for saving money on energy bills, every day.  Salvatore says that  ‘if our Home Automation app is used in conjunction with our efficient electric central heating systems, then savings of up to over £300 a year could be made in the average home’, which is fantastic for any homeowner wanting to save money, and the environment too.

‘Our WHAPP is one of the only app in the UK that is able to control electric heating alongside other electrical devices, all from one interface, from anywhere’, he tells us.  This is incredibly good news for those who like to have a little more control of their energy usage in the home.  The app can be operated from any smart phone or tablet, and enables the user to manage not only the electric radiators and electric towel rails, such as the Needo and Sophia range, but also the lighting, gates, alarms, blinds, shutters and much more.  It is also very simple to set up and use, and Intelli Heat offer full training and support for all of its customers using the WHAPP.


‘The real beauty of the app, when combined with the Intelli Heat electric central heating system, is that you are able to have absolute temperature control of any room from anywhere’.  Every Needo or Cali Avante radiator has a built in thermostat which can keep the room to within 0.5 degrees of your chosen temperature.

This is not the temperature set by the thermostat near the doorway, this is the temperature in the room you actually want to be controlling.  You are therefore able to control the comfort levels of every room individually, either from the app or from the radiator control panels.  In addition all of the radiators are fully programmable, again either through the app or on the slick radiator control panels.  This means they can all operate on their on unique time sequence.  The WHAPP also has a sophisticated zoning system, which allows the property to be divided into specific zones and then fully programmed accordingly.  For example, in the morning, zone 1 (the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen) could be set to on, which zone 2 (the living room/space) to off, and zone 3 (generally unused rooms) to off.  You are therefore not wasting energy heating the rooms, as boiler systems do, when you are not using them.

The WHAPP allows you to take back control of your energy usage through reducing and managing the biggest consumer of energy usage in the home, the electric heating.  However, this is not all it can do. It can also manage other devices all through the same app.  This is because Intelli Heat believe home automation is another key factor in energy saving in the home, and the future of home comfort and safety .  The WHAPP is also able to control, program and fully automate such electric appliances such as lighting, hot water, alarm systems, electric gates, shutters, blinds and much more.  This is not only perfect for when you are in the house, but essential if you are not in the house.  Think of the security benefits, or even just peace of mind advantages.  You are always able to control or monitor your house from anywhere, at the touch of a smart phone or tablet.

Industry experts are predicting that 14% of homes will be ‘smart’ by the end of 2016. This is compared to 17% of households in the US and a global average of 5%. The smart home trend is expected to continue growing with the market set to double across 7.7 million UK homes by 2019.

Intelli heat are at the cutting edge of this technology, and continue to invest heavily in research, development and customer input, in order to ensure that its ethos of ‘we think because we care’ will maintain their status at the forefront of sustainable home development.

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DI-NOC Films from 3M add vitality to re-branded healthcare company


Having successfully used 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes from diversified technology company 3M in previous major building refurbishment programmes, leading corporate signage specialist Sign 2000 had no hesitation in specifying their inclusion in a re-branding project undertaken on behalf of healthcare and life insurance provider PruHealth following its  re-branding as Vitality. The highly innovative films were employed in the refurbishment of the company’s reception area at its primary location in Bournemouth that included new interior wall signage and a complete reworking of the furniture.


New Business Director at Sign 2000, Steve Spackman commented: “Working closely with County Durham-based William Smith, 3M’s largest UK stockist and distributor of signage and graphics materials, we have used DI-NOC architectural finishes in a number of high-profile refurbishment projects. These have included the refurbishment of 6,500 main and local Post Office outlets and work carried out on behalf of the Hilton Hotels Group. The particular appeal of DI-NOC films is their ability, at a relatively low cost, to refurbish building surfaces without the high cost of replacement, thereby enabling significant savings to be passed on to customers.”


Developed by 3M as a cost-effective design solution for interior and exterior new building and/or refurbishment projects, DI-NOC architectural finishes comprise over 700 distinctive self-adhesive vinyl films that faithfully replicate the appearance and feel of traditional materials. Typically, these include various woods, metals, marble, leather, carbon fibre, stone and stucco. Steve Spackman added: “As a recognised applicator of DI-NOC films, we have used them for a number of projects involving different interior and exterior surfaces in public buildings, including walls, doors, reception desks and associated furniture. We have found the films to be a cost-effective, durable and architecturally-sensitive solution for refurbishing tired looking, worn or outdated building fixtures and fittings without having to incur the heavy cost of replacement.”


In addition to reducing building construction and refurbishment costs whilst enabling greater freedom of expression for designers, architects and signage and graphics providers, DI-NOC films offer a number of key benefits. Not least of these is the ease with which the films can be applied to and as required purposely removed from both flat surfaces and those with convex/concave profiles. This ability is attributable to the integrated 3M Controltac Adhesive that enables fast and accurate positioning of the films with 3M Comply Adhesive that allows the release of trapped air once pressure has been applied at the final stage of the application process to ensure a smooth, bubble-free and stable finish.



Once applied, the films are very easy to maintain in a pristine condition without the need for harsh chemical cleaning agents. They are also highly durable, being resistant to the ingress of water, dirt, impact wear and abrasion. Furthermore, DI-NOC films have been tested to ensure full compliance with IMO flammability requirements and are CE-marked to enhance their appeal for interior and exterior commercial new build and refurbishment applications.

Supplied in 12, 25 or 50-metre rolls, DI-NOC films offer 12-year durability on indoor and five-year durability on outdoor applications.

For more information about DI-NOC Architectural Finishes call 0845 601 6388, email or visit

Follow 3M on or

3M, DI-NOC, Controltac and Comply are trademarks of 3M Company

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Nullifire launches SC801 intumescent coating for the 120-minute fire protection market


Nullifire has launched a new intumescent coating for the 120-minute fire protection market in the UK and abroad. The innovative SC801 is suitable for use on buildings which require the highest level of fire protection such as large, multi-storey office buildings, hotels, and certain public buildings such as schools, hospitals, municipal offices and leisure centres.

The new coating represents a substantial improvement over the company’s previous products for this market sector giving better loadings across all steel section types, and with wider ranges. SC801 was developed at the company’s own “Centre of excellence” laboratories in Coventry which specialise in intumescent coatings and fire protection optimising modern advancements in passive fire protection technology. It is fully tested to the British Standard BS476 Part 2: 1987.

Steve Plater, UK Sales Manager for Nullifire, comments, “SC801 consolidates Nullifire’s leadership in the 90-120 minute marketplace. We now have the solution for every situation a contractor is likely to face; a modern, highly efficient, water-based coating such as SC801, or our fast track and highly weather- resistant SC902 product. Together these two products form an irresistible combination in finding the most cost-effective way to protect structural steel from fire, and prove that, as the only specialist intumescent producer, Nullifire remains at the forefront of product innovation.”

For further information on tremco illbruck, please call 01942 251400 or visit

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Lily Furniture – High quality furniture deserves a high quality finish


Many woodwork professionals across the UK enjoy using Osmo UK’s wood finishing products. All Osmo products are designed to enhance, maintain and prolong the beauty of wood – an ideal finish for all wooden furniture.

Gavin Kirkbride, owner of Lily handmade furniture, has dedicated his life to creating stunning hand-carved furniture. Based in North Yorkshire, Gavin’s pieces are bespoke and made in 100% solid oak. In order to ensure maximum wood protection, Gavin uses Osmo’s Polyx-Oil and Wood Wax Finish products


“I have been using Osmo Polyx-Oil and Wood Wax Finish for 10 years and have always been thrilled with the results. After spending hours crafting bespoke oak furniture for my clients, I want a high quality finish to enhance the natural characteristics of the wood. As most of the furniture I make are practical pieces, they require the highest durability in terms of water-resistance and dirt-repellent. The environmentally friendly ingredients in Osmo products provide a healthy and safe quality that not many other finishes guarantee, perfect for any children’s furniture I make. I would recommend Osmo to any woodwork professional seeking the optimal finish for their treasured creations.”


Osmo’s Polyx-Oil is suitable for the protection of all wooden flooring and furniture, providing hardwearing and durable protection. Renown for enhancing the wood’s true beauty, Polyx-Oil is available in a collection of 7 products offering a range of specialised effects and qualities. Polyx-oil is suitable for humans, animals and plants when dry due to its natural and environmentally friendly composite.

Osmo’s Wood Wax Finish is suitable for use on interior flooring, timber cladding and panelling, ceiling profiles, skirting, doors, joinery, furniture and children’s toys, it is a multi-functional product. Osmo Wood Wax Finish also has a satin-matt wood finish which combines all the advantages of oils and waxes, making it resistant to water and dirt and safe for humans, plants and animals.


Osmo’s Wood Wax Finish combines all the advantages of oils and waxes, making it resistant to water and dirt and safe for humans, plants and animals.  Requiring no primer or sanding between coats, it is quick and easy to apply, saving time and money.  The finish can be applied with either a roller or brush and requires one or two coats, depending on the application.

To mark the quality of his craftsmanship, Gavin poignantly finishes each piece with his company’s signature – a hand carved lily in honour of his daughter. Gavin prides himself in the vast attention to detail and dedication he invests in each of his bespoke handmade oak pieces, resulting in a lot of repeat customers for the company.

Since founded in 1990, Osmo UK has gone from strength to strength. Today, Osmo exclusively handles the sales, service, support and distribution of its premium quality wood finishes and flooring solutions to the UK’s flooring retailer, contractor and contract flooring markets.

Polyx-Oil and Wood Wax Finish are available from Osmo UK direct or from its nationwide network of stockists. For stockist details and more information on its range of environmentally friendly wooden products and specialist finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit

For news and updates, follow Osmo UK on:

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New system to support vertical elements from Nvelope

NVELOPE, the market leader in rainscreen cladding support systems, recently introduced NH2, a system that can be used to support vertical elements. Satisfying safety standards, the NH2 cladding support system plays a major role in the aesthetic envelope of a building and provides added performance benefits.

NVELOPE’s NH2 system is perfectly suited to new and refurb properties, where the external design is of high importance. The system is compatible with a number of façade designs, and allows these to be installed vertically.

The system can be secured on to steel frame, block work or timber substrate. Horizontal ‘T’ and ‘L’ rails can easily be secured onto the NH2 system, using NVELOPE support brackets and NH2 adaptors. The ‘T’ and ‘L’ rails can be adjusted at a level and secured using stainless steel screws in fixed and sliding points to allow expansion and contraction in the T or L rails.


As the NH2 system involves fewer fixings to the substrate and is a stronger system than the NH1 giving greater spacing between brackets, less thermal bridging is created. This provides designers with an environmentally responsible product with low U-value. NH2 tolerances for adjustment are 80 – 355 mm.

For architects who are looking to work with a product such as the NH2, NVELOPE offers an online Project Checklist design and pricing service, which provides a complete, project specific cladding solution for architects with a very fast turnaround.

Architects simply need to access the Project Checklist section at and complete the simple two step data entry process. This demands project information on façade type, façade weight, average panel size, building height and storey height, substrate type, fixing method and cladding zone. They can then submit this information together with their elevation and plan AutoCAD drawings. NVELOPE’s technical support team will provide a full Project Checklist response detailing the static calculations and setting out information for the support system, thermal calculations and indicative m2 price.

Manufactured in the UK and developed using the highest specification alloys, NVELOPE products and systems are ideal for supporting a wide variety of façade materials.

For further information on NVELOPE, visit or call the company direct on +44 (0)1707 333 396.

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Tried and Tested for Timber Applications

RCM – suppliers of building boards and facade solutions to such high profile structural timber developments as the University of Hertfordshire, showcase the benefits of their specialist solutions.

Building Boards 2

University of Hertfordshire

Y-Wall – BBA Approved

RCM’s Y-Wall is an adaptable calcium silicate based fibre cement building board, offering excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability. Y-Wall is used as a fire rated sheathing board and is applied extensively on both metal and timber frame structures, the product is applied behind all types of facade solutions, as well in floors and roofs.

Y-Wall is rated as A1 non-combustible – this refers to reaction-to-fire classifications for contribution to fire growth in accordance with – BS EN 13501-1. Y-Wall has also been tested within the new BS8414 test and is suitable for buildings over 18 metres

Building Boards

Multipurpose TF – BBA Certification Pending

Tested by BRE Global, RCM’s new Multipurpose TF Board has been specifically designed for the structural timber sector. Rated, A1 Non-Combustible, Multipurpose TF is a cellulose fibre cement 8mm board, delivering exceptional racking, adaptability, strength and fire protection. Multipurpose TF also has excellent weather properties and is very easy in relation to cutting and fabrication.

Before RCM supply any of their extensive range of products to the market, they are subjected to rigorous testing in order to establish their capabilities and performance characteristics, as determined by the relevant British and European Standards.

Informative CPD Events

For those interested in finding out more, RCM provide informative CPD sessions including: a guide to materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rainscreen facades, covering:

  • What a specifier needs to consider
  • Board materials and benefits
  • Board applications
  • Work on site

For more details call 0845 1303725 or visit



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Shedding light on LEDs

Marcus Brodin, commercial director at Future Energy Solutions (FES), outlines the five key considerations when selecting LED lighting.

According to the Carbon Trust, lighting accounts for one sixth of the UK’s total electricity usage. If the government is going to meet its stated targets for carbon reduction – at least 34 per cent by 2020 and a minimum of 80 per cent by 2050 when compared to 1990 levels – the nation’s 1.8 million commercial buildings will need to drastically reduce their energy consumption.


To the rescue

With rising utility bills and growing legislative pressure for companies to reduce their carbon footprints, it is not surprising that a technology that can save money and lower carbon footprints is turning heads. Light emitting diode (LED) lighting has created a seismic change not seen since gas lamp manufacturers witnessed the introduction of the carbon filament lamp. So much so that the global LED lighting market will be worth $25.4bn in 2013, according to a Digitimes Research Special Report.

Understanding the changes being brought about by LED light sources means that the entire value chain now has to engage with a re-education on the basics of light generation and application. Not all LED lighting solutions are the same and in order to get the maximum possible benefit from this technology, it is important to be able to differentiate what’s on offer and make the right purchasing decisions.

The five most important questions to consider when choosing an LED solution are as follows:

  • How much should I spend?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of LED lighting over recent years is its price. While production costs have fallen dramatically in the last few years, some solutions are now considerably cheaper than others.

When it comes to LED lighting the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ should be kept in mind and the pitfalls of selecting a poor quality product must be avoided at all costs. Premature product failure, poor lumen output, low lm/W and inefficient design are just some of the factors that can compromise a lighting scheme. In addition, the knock on effect of having to replace products can quickly have a negative effect on any return on investment (ROI).

There is no definitive answer as to how much should be spent but it’s a fair assumption that if you buy cheap, the chances are that you will have to buy twice.

  • Where is it from and how important is a warranty?

The vast majority of low cost and poor quality LED lighting products originate in China and although the country is beginning to address this issue, buyers should still beware. According to Lux Research, China’s LED lighting market will more than double to $7.4bn in 2017, meaning that a significant number of the estimated 5,000 manufacturers there are undercutting their rivals by using low quality components.

Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with a Chinese product, the cost of sending it back from the UK is likely to be prohibitive. Conversely, a product that is manufactured, sold and under warranty in the UK will mean a swifter resolution if there’s a problem.

  • Will it do what it says it will do?

When specifying a product the chosen manufacturer should always be asked to provide full photometric and electrical data, as well as conformance certificates to ensure that the product will provide you with the full benefits of your investment.

Although this information can be useful in terms of calculating ROI, be sure to establish whether the tests were carried out in-house or by a reputable third party testing organisation. Results from the latter are always preferable.

  • Which accreditations should it have?

A lack of recognised and enforced standards has resulted in a dramatic variation in the quality of products currently on the market.

However, LED luminaires sold on the European market should, by law, carry the CE mark, which is a statement by the manufacturer that the product complies with all the relevant EU legislation, including product safety standards and directives.

  • What level of energy savings and carbon reductions should I expect?

The answer to this question depends on two factors – the quality of the products and how they are configured and used.

One key piece of advice is to validate the output of a luminaire. A 20W bulb might use 25W, which means that any energy usage calculations could be incorrect by as much as 20 per cent. Also, a product that needs replacing after 50,000 hours will result in a higher total cost of ownership than one that last for 90,000, so always factor this in and be realistic.

The energy savings can be highly impressive. For example, FES recently finished Phase 1 of a project for National Car Parks (NCP), which, when completed, will have involved the installation of over 65,000 energy efficient LED luminaires in 149 multi-storey car parks. The use of LED lighting will generate energy savings of over 65 per cent and the effect on the environment will also be significant. NCP’s CO2 emissions will be reduced by 11,000 tonnes per annum and mono-nitrogen oxide (NOx) will be lowered by 248lbs over the same period – this is the equivalent of 16 acres of forest being saved and 11 cars being removed from the road.

For further information please contact Marcus Brodin on +44 (0) 207 908 3921 or

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Outdoor heating redefined with the Herschel Aspect XL


The Aspect XL is a stylish addition to any outdoor area

Setting the benchmark in outdoor heating, the new Herschel Aspect XL heater combines the very best in contemporary design with the latest in far infrared technology. The heat it provides is subtle and comfortable, similar to the warmth of winter sun and, with near-zero light, the Aspect XL is unobtrusive unlike many other outdoor heaters.

Herschel designed the Aspect XL to be a stylish addition to outdoor areas. Constructed from the highest quality components and materials, it is suited to situations where a more permanent outdoor heat is required in covered or semi covered areas with low air movement or wind. The heater is ideal for commercial applications such as cafés, restaurants and pubs while residential uses range from balconies and patio areas to conservatories.


The extruded aluminium body of the Aspect XL houses highly emissive convex ceramic emitters which are solid state and designed to give a lifetime of use. As well as providing comfortable heat, the Aspect XL is around 30% more efficient than equivalent halogen, quartz and gas heaters so does not cost the earth to run, either financially or environmentally.

The Aspect XL is available in 1300w and 1950w versions covering an area of 6m² or 9m² respectively, at a height of 2.3m. Both models have an IPX4 rating, are maintenance-free and come with a five-year guarantee. Installation is straightforward but should be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.

For further information, please call 01473 760 059 or visit

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SSE Hydro’s Flowfast Floor Supports Singing, Sports and Celebrations



The award winning SSE Hydro arena utilised several high performance resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete UK to create surfaces that would maintain an attractive finish despite being continuously walked and danced on top of by thousands of revellers.


The 13,000 capacity venue has already become a popular leisure destination. This is in large part thanks to its innovative design, which has won a string of accolades, including Public and Commercial Development of the Year, City and Urban Regeneration prizes, the Architectural Excellence Award (Public building) and a Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) award.

Over 9,000m2 of Flowcrete UK flooring solutions were installed throughout the venue when it was constructed. This includes 8,500m2 of Flowfast Quartz in the arena’s main bowl area and a further 511m2 of Mondéco Classic in the VIP lounge rooms.




The robust, easy to clean nature of these floors makes them ideal for a stadium setting, as they are able to withstand the movement of large bodies of people for an extended period of time, retaining a seamless and unblemished surface.

The floor in the main arena would also be at risk from a variety of other damaging factors that could easily crack an inadequate floor finish. The stage and large pieces of equipment will exert a lot of pressure into the floor coating and there are a multitude of heavy objects around the arena that could fall or be dropped, causing cracks in any surface unable to dissipate extreme physical impacts.

The durability of Flowfast Quartz means that it will be able to overcome these challenges while maintaining a decorative finish. Flowcrete UK’s Flowfast range includes the methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst, which speeds up the rate of cure to only a couple of hours.

A rapid floor installation was a particular asset for The SSE Hydro project, as high-profile concerts and sporting events had already been booked, meaning that a quick construction turn around, without any delays, was essential.

The floor in the SSE Hydro’s VIP lounge rooms would have to face similar challenges and the environment’s luxurious aesthetics couldn’t be allowed to be diminished by a cracked, stained or failing finish.

To ensure that the floor conveyed the modern, stylish surroundings of the VIP rooms, a dark Mondéco Crystal floor was installed with a blend of mirrored and clear glass chippings incorporated into the surface to create a shimmering lustre underfoot.

The black finish, speckled with light reflective additives, adds an extra visual dimension to the environment, providing a backdrop that allows the bright green furnishings and blue lights to draw the eye while tying the various interior design elements of the VIP area together with one smooth surface of iridescent black.

Architects interested in creating decorative seamless resin terrazzo surfaces that can withstand the challenges of large-scale commercial environments can find out more about the practicalities of its specification, installation and maintenance by signing up to one of Flowcrete UK’s RIBA accredited CPD Seminars.

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CleanRim The Gap wall-hung WC is easy to clean, inside and out


Helping to maximise hygiene levels in the bathroom or washroom, Roca has introduced a wall-hung version of its innovative CleanRim The Gap WC. With a close-coupled WC already available, this new model means that not only is the pan itself simple to clean thanks to its rimless design, but the floor beneath and area surrounding the WC can also be wiped clean with ease.

With the CleanRim The Gap wall-hung WC there is simply nowhere for germs or bacteria to gather, while the WC’s hidden fixations create an uncluttered, streamlined finish in any bathroom setting.

Designed by Antonio Bullo, CleanRim The Gap WC from Roca features modern and stylish lines, and is the latest product in the popular collection of basins, WCs, furniture and baths.

This latest addition to The Gap collection from Roca is not only a hygienic option for domestic and commercial situations, but it also helps reduce water wastage too, as the wall-hung version can be combined with dual-flush cisterns that flush at 4.5 and 3 litres of water, including Roca’s Duplo-N concealed cisterns.

While less water is used than with a standard single or dual-flush WC, CleanRim The Gap always produces a powerful flushing performance thanks to innovative technology neatly hidden behind the scenes. With CleanRim The Gap, water is delivered via a distributor at the back of the pan, rather than through the holes like on a standard toilet. This enables the flushing volume to be reduced while always producing outstanding flushing results.

With a sleek design on the outside and the latest innovations maximising hygiene levels on the inside, Roca’s CleanRim The Gap wall-hung WC is the ideal solution for commercial and domestic situations.

For further product information please contact:

Roca Limited, Samson Road, Hermitage Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leics.  LE67 3FP

Tel:  01530 830080 / Website:

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Ventilated garage door systems for new housing project in Cambridge


Rundum Meir ventilated garage doors in solid oak have been installed on new houses in Cambridge.

The vertically slatted design met architect requirements for bringing light into integrated carports. Each garage door was made-to-measure ranging from    2200 mm to 2800 mm in height from solid European oak and is fully automated, allowing remote control.

The garage doors were installed on new houses by Countryside Properties in Abode, part of the Great Kneighton development which was a project winner in the Housing Design Awards 2013. The houses in Abode at Great Kneighton were a project winner in the 2012 Housing Design Awards.

Rundum Meir garage doors

Abode at Great Kneighton architects: Proctor and Matthews

Developer and contractor: Countryside Properties

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Extensive Views And Natural Light


Cantifix worked with Hickman Kingsbury Architects to develop this Leicestershire house – creating a very large, airy rear extension that links through to the swimming pool, dining area and garden. This project features over 150 square metres of glazing – which continues round the new building and allows a clear view from one side right through to the other – and is full of little details that make it truly special.


The lobby area is framed with two storeys of vertical glazing, and has a Pureglaze pivot door for access. The kitchen also has a glass wall and Pureglaze door – with a matching Pureglaze window set into the glass wall of the room above. Wrapping round the corner of the building is a set of two-panel Sky-Frame sliding doors that link the dining room with a courtyard area, and above this an enormous Invisible Corner provides the master bedroom with an uninterrupted view of the grounds. A set of back painted glass panels sits between the two storeys to hide the finishing.


The glazing continues round the back, with another three sets of Sky-Frame doors providing a seamless transition between the living room and the patio outside. The enclosure on the right features shaped panels that meet to create an angled roof, allowing light to flood through into the space. More vertical glazing is used in the cloakroom, with some panels sandblasted for privacy – and the bathroom is glazed from floor to ceiling with the bath overlooking the garden.




Cantifix also installed poolside glass balustrades and a large outward opening rooflight. The completed extension creates space and maximises natural light for this home, connecting its owners with the environment and providing a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

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Straw eco house offers sustainable living in Yorkshire


A self-build sustainable house on the outskirts of York has pushed the boundaries of carbon-neutral living with the help of a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump.

Chris Gibbins, a former business analyst, set out to build a house for his young family made from straw bales, and has allied this highly sustainable material with a raft of other energy efficient measures in his mission to produce an exemplar in sustainable house building.

“Straw has all the right properties,” says Chris Gibbins. “It’s thermally insulating, it’s a waste product, there is no carbon produced – in fact it locks up carbon – so from every angle it’s a great product to use.”

A four-day course on building with the material at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales gave Chris the skills required to start his project.

The four-bedroom, three-storey property in the East Riding of Yorkshire has allied under-floor insulation, loft insulation, high-grade windows, photovoltaic roof panels and solar thermal with an 8.5kW Ecodan air source heat pump.

“We were faced with the choice of using either oil or electric because there is no gas in the village,” explains Chris.

“Originally, we thought we might be able to get away without heating the house at all, but we have had over a month at -13ºC, and the house wouldn’t remain warm at that temperature for that length of time. So we installed the heat pump as a background source to ensure that we achieved the right level of comfort throughout the winter period. In addition we need to look to the future because if we decide to sell the house the buyer will expect a certain level of heating throughout the property.”

“The whole house is incredibly efficient,” says Chris Wilde of Yorkshire Energy Systems, who installed the Ecodan unit. “Despite the fact that it is quite a large house we have installed a very modest size pump, as that is all that will be required to achieve the desired level of heating.”

Ecodan is accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and is therefore among the many features of this project that qualify for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The RHI pays participants of the scheme that generate and use renewable energy to heat their buildings. By increasing the generation of heat from renewable energy sources (instead of fossil fuels), the RHI helps the UK reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet targets for reducing the effects of climate change .

Although air source heat pumps remain relatively new, Ecodan has been on the UK market now for over seven years and has already proved itself as an efficient way of heating homes. It can achieve level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, and even higher when used in conjunction with other improvements such as photovoltaics or solar thermal.

In this installation, the Ecodan unit provides all of the space heating and also makes a contribution to the hot water; Chris Gibbins hopes that the RHI income from this, in conjunction with the installation of other renewable energy technologies, will bring him close to covering all of his energy costs.

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Vicaima staining makes its mark at Fulham Riverside


A major development for Barratt London alongside the River Thames in South West London has been fitted with doors, panelling and skirting from the Vicaima range of stained Oak veneers.

The ambitious and visionary development at Fulham Wharf covers some 3.2 hectares and includes the transformation of an existing Sainsbury store and derelict warehouses into a modern retail and residential hub with riverside luxury living and cultivated green space.  The development also benefits from cafes, restaurants and river front access to create a harmonious environment.


The Barratt London development comprises one, two, three, four, five and six- bedroom luxury apartments, penthouses and townhouses.  Specialist Joinery fit-out Contractors Atlantic Contracts, worked with the Vicaima Special Projects team from conception through to installation, thus ensuring the exacting needs of the project were fulfilled in every way.

For the private apartments, the fit out called for fire and security entrance doors with a complex matching wall panel. This was also carried through to the communal lobby areas and lift surrounds.  The finish chosen was a Vicaima white washed Oak stain, which was supplied as part of the Portaro SBD door assembly, together with matching panels and skirting.  The social housing was no less luxurious and saw the fitting of a Vicaima Walnut veneered entrance door as part of the every popular

Vicaima Secure by Design Easi-Fit primed frame kit.  All apartment interiors benefited from the clean lines of Vicaima white lacquered door, for a smooth fully finished final touch.


Fulham Riverside was a classic example of how Vicaima special projects offer developers and contractors with tangible benefits and real on site solutions to their door and associated joinery requirements.  As Danny Miller, Site Manager of Atlantic Contracts put it, ‘we found working with Vicaima made all the difference.  They have the experience to understand our goals and worked with us every step of the way to ensure even the smallest issues were dealt with promptly, giving us the peace of mind to know we could rely on their help for a successful project conclusion’.

Vicaima offer an extensive range of design options, with fire, acoustic and security performance for luxury housing and modern apartment living space.

For further details about these and other products from their many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website   alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

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Kemperol protects & preserves tectons at Dudley Zoo


Dudley may not be a location that would spring to mind when making a list of the world’s most remarkable architectural landmarks but it has some hidden treasures so precious that they were granted World Monuments Fund status in 2009, which places them in impressive company alongside iconic heritage sites including Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal!

The structures in question are the Tecton buildings at Dudley Zoological Gardens (DZG).  There are 12 of them in total, each designed by Bethold Lubetkin and his Tecton practice.  They are the world’s largest single collection of Tecton buildings and some of the few remaining UK examples of this innovative and influential architectural movement from the 1930s and 1940s.

Explains recently retired DZG CEO Peter Suddock who led the programme: “Tecton was a radical architectural movement that used pre-stressed concrete to create striking curved structures.

“When Dudley Zoological Gardens was first planned and built, this radical, ultra-modern approach to design and construction enabled the architects to work with the challenging slopes and underground limestone caverns on the site to create a visitor attraction full of visual appeal that looked completely new and exciting.”

It’s hard to imagine the enormous visual impact that the Tecton structures must have had on zoo goers when DZG first opened to the public in 1937, with their futuristic forms contrasting with the site’s 11th century castle.

Over the years, trends in zoo best practice have meant that some of the structures are no longer in use as viewing enclosures. Time has also taken its toll on the wear and tear too. The DZG Tectons were put on the World Monuments Fund’s watch list of world class buildings threatened by neglect, demolition or disaster in 2010.

As a result, a lottery-funded project is now underway to preserve and protect the structures for future generations.

Impact on Entry

Among the Grade I and Grade II* Tecton structures that have so far been refurbished at Dudley Zoological Gardens, under the watchful eye of English Heritage, are the entrance canopy and ticket kiosks, concession stands, and the impressive ‘Bear Ravine’ which was once used to allow zoo visitors to view the bears from above at close range.


One of the main priorities of the refurbishment programme is to protect the structures from water and environmental damage due to rainfall, which led to the specification of a cold liquid-applied waterproofing system from Kemper System.

Explains Stuart Hicks from Kemper System: “The Kemperol waterproofing products from Kemper System can be applied to the exact contours of the existing prepared concrete substrates in a single process.  They cure to form a monolithic membrane that is chemically bonded to the structure and provide an ideal base for the decorative and slip resistant quartz aggregates chosen to match the look of the original structures.

“As a result, the Kemperol system and aggregates used for the entrance canopy, kiosks and the Bear Ravine provide the least obtrusive solution to ensuring long-term protection for the structures without any significant changes to their appearance.”




The first project of the refurbishment programme to be delivered was the entrance canopy which consists of five horizontal ‘S’ shapes, each overlapping the one before to create a wave like ripple that announces the word ‘ZOO’ in big white letters below.


Stuart continues: “The entrance canopy is an iconic feature of the zoo but the curved shapes catch rainfall, which makes the structure vulnerable to standing water and the damage it can cause.

“Being cold liquid applied, Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR waterproofing system was ideal for following the exact contours of each curve.”

Just the Ticket

The Kemperol system was also used to waterproof the roofs of the four ticket kiosks that are located beneath the entrance canopy, which were originally constructed without any waterproofing protection at all.  This was because the structural concrete was perceived to be robust enough to withstand weather conditions, especially given the shelter afforded to the kiosks by the entrance canopy.

However, the risk of leaks to buildings of such architectural significance, which are built from concrete that is now almost 80 years old, prompted DZG to incorporate the ticket kiosks into the roofing programme.

Specialist contractor, Dent Roofing, was tasked with carrying out this aspect of the project, installing the Kemperol system to two kiosks at a time in a phased programme to enable the Zoo to keep the remaining two kiosks operational and thereby avoid any business interruption during the works.

Each kiosk has a flat roof with a single outlet in the centre for drainage. Dent Roofing began the installation by applying Kempertec EP5 primer to the bare prepared substrate followed by the Kemperol resin. The resin saturates a reinforcement fleece in a single wet-on-wet process and cures to form a seamless, monolithic membrane that remain permanently elastic and is UV stable.

Bear Ravine

Dent Roofing has also been responsible for waterproofing the Bear Ravine; a much larger and more complex structure which has not been used as an animal enclosure for several years.

The design of the Bear Ravine includes a central bear pit with a raised walkway and viewing platform that also forms a partial roof to a largely open building. This is accessed by a set of concrete stairs.  There is also a viewing pier that extends out at a right angle beneath the main walkway.




For this structure, a quartz aggregate was scattered onto the wet primer to create a key for the waterproofing membrane and Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free system was used.

The Kemperol 2K-PUR was applied using the same methodology with resin, followed by 200g fleece and more resin, all installed in a single wet-on-wet process.

Julian Dent from Dent Roofing explains: “The curved lines that make the Bear Ravine such an iconic structure also make it a challenging waterproofing project. Fortunately, the liquid Kemperol system is ideal for following the individual contours of the concrete surface and we simply used smaller brushes to apply the resin to awkward corners.”

Once the waterproofing system to the walkway and staircases of the Bear Ravine was complete, the Dent Roofing team applied a quartz aggregate laid into the coating to create a non-slip surface. The team then moved on to the Bear Ravine’s concession stand.  They started by mixing a paste of primer and resin which was then applied around the outside edge of the roof to ensure that there was no ‘run on’ of wet resin from the roof to the walls of the concession stand when the main roof area was being waterproofed. The Kemperol 2K-PUR system was then applied in the conventional resin-fleece-resin sequence with decorative quartz aggregate used to provide the finished look and complete the project.

Julian continues: “Kemperol 2K-PUR provides a high level of waterproofing performance, and is BBA-Accredited with a 25-year service life, ensuring that the Bear Ravine is protected and preserved for the next generation just as effectively as the Tecton structures at the Zoo’s entrance.”

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Sleek, streamlined drainage design for wetrooms is seamless with Geberit CleanLine


Open-plan and wetroom style showering areas are a popular option among architects and designers looking to create a luxurious and spacious finish in bathrooms of all sizes. Designed specifically for such situations, the new Geberit CleanLine shower channel has an elegant design that can be cut to length on site.

Available in three designs, the Geberit CleanLine shower channel offers a simple, easy to install solution to wetroom drainage, combining aesthetic appeal and hygiene benefits in a stylish stainless steel strip.


Whether placed directly along the wall or in the floor of the shower area, Geberit CleanLine creates a surface-even finish, with the shower channel being available in two lengths of 0.9 or 1.3 metres which can be easily cut down to the required size during installation for the perfect fit. Once installed the shower channel acts as an open profile for water to collect and flow to the drain.

The Geberit CleanLine shower channel always offers an effective drainage performance and maximises on hygiene. Thanks to the shower channel’s easy to maintain design, dirt and hair is collected in an easy to remove comb insert, making it ideal for hotels and other commercial installation where quick and ease of cleaning is important.

Available in a high quality stainless steel finish, the Geberit CleanLine shower channel is the ideal drainage solution in the high-end wetroom or open-plan bathroom environment.

Geberit – 0800 077 8365 

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A Seamless Solution


WALLTITE® Spray Foam insulation from BASF has been specified to insulate a WWII Ferro concrete barge as part of its conversion into floating office space in Penryn, Cornwall. WALLTITE® was chosen for its ability to accommodate even the trickiest shapes and surfaces as well as its environmental credentials, helping the truly unique project achieve an impressive U-value of 0.12 W/m2K.

Robotmother – the company behind Jubilee Wharf workshops and office space for creatives – envisioned the tethered boat housing its maintenance rooms, bunking space and a mezzanine level office space and went to Cornish architectural practice Märraum with a somewhat tricky brief.

Originally, rigid PIR foam insulation was specified but at the application stage it soon became apparent that it would not entertain the roof’s jagged roof line and walls of varying depths. The result would have been gaps in the shell structure causing a serious condensation problem. Michael Hormann from Märraum recognised this and switched the specification to WALLTITE® at a thickness of 160mm.

Cosyhome UK was responsible for the application spraying the closed cell polyurethane spray foam directly onto the fibre glass surface following the contours of the walls, ceilings and some of the floor forming the basis of these stunning offices.  Michael Hormann explained: “WALLTITE® was the perfect solution for such a tricky shape and the aggressive marine environment demands a seamless airtight solution. As boats are prone to dampness many are now opting to insulate using the innovative material.

“In terms of the practicality of application, this took just a couple of days which meant we were able to make fast progress therefore reducing construction time and cost. It was also good for filling voids and tying the structure together.

Sustainable solutions were at the core of the decision making. WALLTITE® helped the walls, floors and ceilings achieve a U-value of 0.12 W/m2K. The choice of material was paramount in terms of weight also as the overall construction weight could not exceed 50 tonnes.

Completed last year and taking three years in total, the contemporary, bold office space combines practicality and maritime chic. It’s no surprise that the barge has become a local landmark within the Penryn community.

Further information on WALLTITE can be found at:

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Reynaers CS 86-HI windows and doors system gets an upgrade


Reynaers multi-chamber, high insulation aluminium doors and aluminium window system CS 86-HI is now able to accommodate larger glass panes, including triple glazing and pivoting window options.

A special modification to CS 86 now allows the installation of glazing panels from the outside, avoiding the need to transport glass through buildings. The development also allows the use of larger and heavier glazed panels, including triple glazing up to 500kg, offering greater flexibility in terms of both design and installation.

Pivoting openers with hinges fully integrated into the profiles have also been introduced. Depending on the position of the hinges, the pivot window can be supplied with a horizontal axis (max. 200kg), or a vertical axis (max. 160kg). The new system helps create a more flexible building design, allowing glass panes up to a maximum height of 2500mm.

Used extensively on energy efficient and BREEAM rated buildings, Reynaers CS 86-HI aluminium windows and doors incorporate a unique insulation that ensures extreme stability and enhanced water and air tightness. The performance of the system for air and water tightness has subsequently been upgraded to 300 Pa.

Several of the CS 86-HI window and door configurations achieve the Minergie® and Minergie-P® component labels, which corresponds to Passivhaus standards of a Uw value of ≤0.8 W/m2K. When it comes to safety, variants of CS 86 are also compliant with the Secured by Design initiative offering optimum levels of security and performance.

Marketing Manager at Reynaers Rebecca Cope said: “Not only do we try to reduce the company’s energy consumption and its emissions of greenhouse gases with our architectural glazing; we also contribute to limiting the energy consumption of new and existing buildings through the development of energy-efficient windows and doors. The overall insulation value of the system’s HI+ variant makes it one of the most energy efficient systems available.”

Further details are available from: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, or email:, website:

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Architects and designers get the Imago Point


700 architects regularly use the Imago Points national network of showrooms in Italy for Imago Lift & Slide Doors. They take advantage of the opportunity to show their clients stunning glazed feature walls that open up to connect with the outside.

Now, the Imago Points network has arrived in the UK and Ireland and is growing fast to meet demand for the exciting new wide span door system. Companies manufacturing and installing Imago Lift & Slide timber doors have full sized examples of Imago at their showrooms and offer expert advice.

Imago Lift & Slide Doors feature the highest possible thermal efficiency, offering new design opportunities for UK projects. Developed by Italian hardware specialist AGB, Imago frames the view with large expanses of glass and a very slim wood surround.

“We know architects and designers encourage clients to use more interesting materials and push the boundaries with design,” says Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for AGB. “Imago Points are where they can see the minimalist styling of Imago Lift & Slide timber doors and speak with expert joiners and installers.”

A map showing the 18 Imago Points across the UK and Ireland can be found on the website.  Also on the website is Imago Toolkit, where visitors can download technical CAD drawings, specification requirements and 3D drawings as well as test data on weather and thermal performance.

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Poor Ventilation Linked to Cardiovascular Disease


Vent-Axia, a leader in low carbon ventilation, has welcomed new research which highlights the dangers of poor indoor air quality. The new research reveals that indoor air pollution is potentially responsible for the annual loss of over 200,000 healthy life years in the UK.

A pan-European study, carried out by the National Institute for Health and Welfare, has highlighted the impact of indoor allergens on disease and life expectancy – revealing a surprising link between indoor exposure to pollutants and cardiovascular disease, as well as other health hazards.

The study shows that exposure to indoor pollutants is linked to reduced life expectancy and burden of disease. 57% of the total burden relates to cardiovascular diseases, 23% to lung cancer, 12% to asthma and the remaining 8% is in association with other respiratory conditions. This new research builds on the recent findings from a YouGov consumer survey and a study by Prism & Waverton Analytics which showed that a large number of homes are experiencing, or are at risk of aggravated health problems due to poor indoor air quality.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare study suggests that a change in the way that homes in the UK are ventilated could reduce the overall burden of disease caused by indoor air pollution by approximately 38% each year1. The research states that significant health benefits would be seen across the UK if homes had effective, optimised ventilation systems installed.

This new research reveals the real risk to health through indoor air pollution. At Vent-Axia we welcome this study since it is important the public is aware of the dangers of poorly ventilated indoor environments. The research confirms exposure to indoor pollutants is linked to reduced life expectancy and burden of disease,” says Lee Nurse, Marketing Director at Vent-Axia. “With many people spending the majority of their time indoors, improvements in indoor air quality must be seen as a priority. Continuous ventilation is a simple solution to air quality problems.”

Designed to work with the natural air infiltration, continuous ventilation controls the air path through the home. As a result, it prevents the migration of damaging humidity and pollutants, providing near silent energy efficient ventilation. There are a number of options available, both for new builds and for retrofitting and the latest continuous ventilation systems also offer heat recovery.

For new build homes there are continuous whole house Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) solutions, such as Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic MVHR system which boasts an impressive 94% thermal efficiency. For refurbishments, there are continuous Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) systems, such as Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Response. In addition, there are also dMEV single room heat recovery units available, such as Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Tempra, which can be simply retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall allowing standard wet room extract fans to be easily replaced.

As the Government continues to drive energy efficiency in homes, these ventilation solutions will become even more important with properties set to become more air tight through insulation and double glazing. If ventilation is not considered in these air tight homes it will only increase the risk of households experiencing aggravated health problems due to poor indoor air quality.

For up-to-date ventilation guidance and an overview of the research visit For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone 0844 856 0590 or visit

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Roofing Practice


Redland’s Cambrian Slates were specified for the roofing and cladding of a multi-award-winning psychiatric hospital, Hopewood Park in Sunderland, because of their light weight and classic aesthetic quality.

The £40million facility was designed to create a relaxing and non-clinical environment for patients suffering from a range of psychological issues. The state-of-the-art hospital is a feat of ingenuity and the roof design represents the first step towards a new method of roofing.

In a bid to save time and reduce the possibility of on-site accidents, Senior Architect Paul Yeomans from Medical Architecture worked closely with Redland’s specification team to design a roofing system that could be built at ground level and would not require scaffolding.

Paul explains: “We decided to use pre-tiled cassettes that could be lifted up to the roof and fixed together. We felt that this was the best way to deliver a visually appealing roof whilst minimising the time spent up there and therefore the opportunity for injury to the workforce.”

The slates had to be lightweight to make the process of craning the cassettes up off the ground and securing them onto the roof as easy as possible. Cambrian Slates are made from over 60% recycled Welsh slate, meaning they are able to capture the character of natural slate while performing on low pitches and being light in weight.

Speaking about the project, Paul Trelease from Barclay Roofing Ltd said: “This was one of the most challenging roofing projects I have been involved with. The tiles had be laid to millimetre precision otherwise they would not interlock correctly once the cassettes had been lifted onto the roof. It was certainly a learning curve for all involved, but we pulled together and created something out of the ordinary.”

Paul said: “We looked at a number of samples and found that Redland’s Cambrian Slates were the closest match to what we were looking for. We worked closely with Redland to make the design specification work and we were all really pleased with the end result.”

Since completion, Hopewood Park has won multiple RIBA awards, been nominated for an National Federation of Roofing Contractors Award, and for several other awards.

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Advanced Protection for Magna Carta

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle

One of the most famous historical documents in Britain, if not the western world, is being protected by extinguishing and fire alarm panels from Advanced with installation by Reflex Systems. Sealed by King John at Runnymede in 1215, Magna Carta is celebrating its 800th anniversary (the actual anniversary is 15 June). It is the first example of an absolute monarch surrendering some of his powers, the beginning of a process that led eventually to our current system of government and the prototype for democratic government all over the world. The version protected by Advanced is particularly precious being one of only four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta sealed by King John and is kept in a special vault at Lincoln Castle, itself a Scheduled Monument, alongside Magna Carta’s sister document The Charter of the Forest (1217).

The Vault

The Vault

Lincoln Castle, one of the best preserved in England was constructed in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror, and is one of only two to have two mottes. The fire and suppression systems installed by long-time Advanced partner Reflex Systems incorporate two MxPro 5 panels in the main heritage centre and the former Victorian prison building, which closed in 1878. Advanced’s ultra-dependable ExGo extinguishant release system has been installed in the Magna Carta vault. ExGo has been developed specifically for sensitive and strategic assets such as server rooms, historic and cultural attractions and control rooms. It has been installed in high-profile buildings across the globe, including the Romanian National Library and along oil pipelines in Sudan. MxPro is the industry-leading multiprotocol fire system. Offering real choice and flexibility, it includes two panels ranges, the EN54-2&4 approved MxPro 4 and EN54-2,4&13 approved MxPro 5. It offers four protocols, Apollo, Argus, Hochiki and Nittan and a completely open installer network that benefits from free training and technical support. John Pye, Managing Director of Reflex Systems said: “Lincoln Castle required an open protocol fire system and we knew that Advanced panels could deliver maximum reassurance and long term reliability. Having worked with Advanced in the past, we knew that the equipment would be of the highest quality for such a historic building plus the system offers the flexibility to meet future requirements.” MxPro 5 panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, 200 panel networks covering huge areas and tens of thousands of field devices. In total, one MxPro 5 four-loop panel was installed in the main prison building and one MxPro 5 two-loop panel was installed in the heritage centre. ExGo is suitable for almost all single-flooding area applications and includes a range of control options and devices. It is approved to EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13 and EN12094-1 and is among the first systems to combine these with EN12094 Part 3 in a single solution. EN12094-3 relates to the integrated manual release on the front of the panel. ExGo can be integrated into Advanced’s Axis and MxPro fire panels, or any third party fire system. A spokesperson for Lincoln Castle commented: “We’re very pleased with the Advanced systems installed by Reflex. As the Castle is a listed building, it was essential that the panels and detectors be as discrete as possible, particularly in the prison and the Magna Carta Vault. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta and we are happy that our visitors will be able see one of the four original copies under the protection of Advanced panels.” Neil Parkin, Sales Manager for Advanced added: “Advanced fire systems are famous for their quality and ease-of-use and being specified to protect life and cultural assets of this importance is testament to our work to stay at the forefront of the market. As a company we are proud of all of our jobs but this one is very special. They don’t come up very often and it says a lot about Advanced products that we are the first choice.” Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of its products sees them used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control and fire paging systems. More details can be found on the website at

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New Altro Fortis™ offers tough love for walls, doors & corners


Altro has expanded its range of wall cladding with the introduction of new Altro Fortis™ – a system that provides seriously tough protection for walls, doors and corners. Altro Fortis keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage, and looking good for longer.

Altro Fortis has been developed to work with the popular Altro Whiterock™ range to create aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas. Where Altro Whiterock offers an ultra-hygienic wall protection system, Altro Fortis offers enhanced protection for areas where scuff and impact protection is the priority. Altro Fortis also combines perfectly with Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring ranges, providing a complete, durable and fully-integrated system for hard-working areas.

As the name suggests, Altro Fortis has the strength to deliver long-term protection where high levels of impact are expected. It is ideal for use where walls, doors and corners are constantly knocked, such as school classrooms and corridors, non-clinical areas in healthcare, retail, and any busy public and service areas. In fact, anywhere that needs to work hard, but where appearances matter.

Whittington Health, in north London, is already using Altro Fortis wall protection in their Emergency Department (ED) ‘hot corridor’, and the system is proving robust enough to withstand the rigours of busy hospital life.


Estates Officer Jerry Burrell, says: “The ED corridor is very busy 24/7, with beds and equipment passing through, often at speed. Over the years this has damaged the walls, which was just single-skin plasterboard, and we really needed to rethink the area and upgrade to a more suitable wall covering that would give long term protection.

“Altro Fortis was a great choice for us – it really has transformed the corridor. The product is very resistant to scrapes and bumps and doesn’t show any marks. It looks good too, so it’s more than just functional. For these high traffic, general areas, Altro Fortis is proving the ideal wall covering.

“Cleaning is simple as well, just a wipe when it needs it, and maintenance is minimal. We are also looking at fitting it in our Clinical Decision Unit at the back of the ED.”

The new system comprises three options to offer protection exactly where it’s needed; Altro Fortis Titanium™ wall protection, Altro Fortis door protection™ and Altro Fortis corner protection™.

Altro Fortis Titanium is a highly durable, 2.5mm, uPVC semi-rigid sheet, which is a dense and impervious material resistant to bumps. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages and deflects scuffs, keeping the area looking better for longer. The product comes in a large 3m x 1.22m sheet, which means fewer joints to seal, plus easier transitions between areas. Sheets can be cut to any size.

Available in ten colours, including muted and vibrant shades, Altro Fortis Titanium matches many of the popular shades from the Altro Whiterock SatinsTM hygienic wall cladding range. This offers flexibility when it comes to design, making it a versatile solution across a range of areas. Bespoke colour options are also available to meet specific design requirements.

Like the Altro hygienic wall cladding collection, Altro Fortis Titanium has an impervious, grout-free, easy-to-wipe surface. This offers superior cleanability and ease of maintenance, which is a major cost and time saving advantage.

Altro Fortis door protection is available as either complete doorsets or door panels. Doorsets are a fully-clad, custom-made solution, providing optimum protection with the product covering both sides of the door and its edges. Door panels are ideal for protecting sections of doors where they need it most, helping prevent scuff and impact damage. These can be cut to any size from the standard Altro Fortis Titanium sheet.

Altro Fortis corner protection comes ready-made. Corners can also be thermoformed from the standard sheet for bespoke solutions.

Altro Fortis is installed the same as Altro Whiterock, which means it can be thermoformed into and around corners for a seamless installation. It can also be installed using the same adhesive as Altro Whiterock.

Choose Altro Fortis with confidence – it comes with a 20 year warranty, supported by the Altro Promise.

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You don’t need to think lateral or big to green our new designs


Green has been the in-vogue colour for new developments for several years and it looks like it will remain that way. Of course it’s not the colour green, but the concept of adding living foliage to buildings which, due to the increasingly accepted fact that we need to be more sustainable in our buildings, has become increasingly an increasingly commonplace technique.

With open green spaces in urban conurbations reducing as buildings, roads and hard surfacing increase, it is crucial that we find ways to ensure that flora is incorporated in some way. Plants have a vital role to play in tackling pollution, reducing ambient temperature, and encouraging insects, birds and animals that are important to even the urban environment. But with lack of floor space, one obvious solution is to think vertically instead of laterally, because we have a great deal of square footage of wall space that can, and should, be used.

The idea of living walls and cultivating plants on the sides of buildings is both well established and extremely effective, and it invariably delivers a stunning effect. Yet there are other ways in which vertical structures can be quickly and easily introduced.

Fencing and boundary walls are the obvious areas in which designers should be considering a green approach. Green Screens are, as the name suggests, robust and secure wire fencing that features plants – typically ivy. Quick and easy to install, Green Screens become more verdant over time and can be installed free standing or up against existing brick and stone walls. They can even be attached to walls above ground to create a living wall.

Green Screens have found a range of uses; from narrow footprint fencing around residential developments, public parks and car parks; to security fencing around schools, hospitals and council buildings; to central reservations along dual carriageways; and of course private developments. They can even be installed free standing on balconies and patios. Their versatility, robustness and ease of installation are their big advantages.


The ivy used in Green Screens requires minimal maintenance, and as well as helping to improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and airborne particulates, also serves to attract bees and other insects. The benefits of plants in tackling the ‘heat island effect’ in build-up areas is well understood. For designers looking to green their developments, Green Screens present a remarkably easy and effective solution.

For more information on the Mobilane Green Screens, as well as details on other Mobilane living systems visit

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Elecosoft releases Arcon Evo for architects & building professionals


Arcon Evo is a powerful new CAD application suitable for all aspects of building design. The extensive range of design tools allows the user to quickly produce architectural plans together with client friendly visualisations.

“Arcon Evo software offers significant new updates for designing exteriors and interiors of buildings,” comments Arcon product manager for UK, Tim Bates “With a modern user interface, multi-functional toolset, advanced editing capabilities, greater customisation options and powerful new engine, detailed plans, elevations and sections can be rapidly drawn on screen and viewed in a fully interactive 3D environment.”

Tim adds “The strength in our new CAD software is its ability to make it as easy as possible for architects and designers to communicate their design ideas to the client and anyone else involved in the building project.”

Use exclusive launch offer coupon code BLD730 and save 30% on Arcon Evo.

Tel: 01252 267788

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Exclusive new range of modular urban furniture announced by Bailey Streetscene

Bailey Streetscene has launched an exclusive co-ordinated range of modern public seating and table systems as part of their continued growth plans.


The launch of the “Westeifel” range coincides with celebrating 10 years of being at the leading edge of street furniture and is set to further strengthen and enhance the company’s reputation for attractive, high quality, value driven external furniture solutions

A flexible solution with broad appeal

The Westeifel collection achieves the delicate balance of a contemporary modern appearance that is timeless and classic with simple, clear lines that ensure these products will not look dated in years to come.


Durable, high quality construction combined with flexible, modular options makes this commercial outdoor furniture collection the perfect choice for any urban setting.

The collection consists of over one hundred seating, benches & table elements, each allowing the freedom of countless configurations and combinations in terms of layout and product options

For instance, benches are available with full or partial backrests in a variety of positions, alternative seating depths / lengths, different slat sizes, as well the ability to connect individual units in succession to form a continuous run of seating.


This allows an almost infinite flexibility for designers to create unique social spaces that are functional, modern and inviting

The range is completed by a selection of integrated litter bin designs in both timber and steel

Sales Director Barrie Woodcock explains why this range is particularly appealing to UK architects & contractors across of broad spectrum of project types …

“The trend for modern, clean lines is a characteristic that is captured in this new range of urban modular street furniture.The strength of the design is that it lends itself to a vast section of our market, taking in education, retail, transport and urban regeneration”

High quality sustainable materials

The look and feel of the Westeifel range is characterized by the natural and timeless appeal of wood and Bailey Streetscenes commitment to supplying top quality timber street furniture begins right at the start with the right choice of wood.

All wooden products supplied in this range are available with FSC-certified timber. FSC is a worldwide accredited certification system for responsible forest management. The hardwood is carefully selected to ensure all wood used is free of heart wood and sap wood

Quality assurance standards for all items within this range are subject to extremely strict performance criteria. In addition, modern manufacturing conditions guarantee a constant high level of product quality. Superior quality weld seams are achieved via a robotic welding process and all metal parts are galvanised with powder coating finish available

For full details of this exclusive new range go to the Bailey Streetscene website

About Bailey Streetscene

Bailey Streetscene are designers, manufacturers and installers of high quality external furniture & urban structures. The company services a broad cross section of markets, including: Education, Commercial and Retail, New Build and Regeneration projects, Local Authorities and the Ministry of Defence.

Their strength lies with their ability to work with architects, specifiers and contractors across all levels of the construction industry, offering a single supplier solution from project conception to completion.

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Pushing the Boundaries with Solid Wood


After last year’s Solid Wood Solutions was declared a success by attendees and with structural timber buildings reaching new heights of up to 10 storey in the UK – this year’s Solid Wood Solutions is an event not to be missed. Wood is making further advances and continues to push boundaries within the construction industry – clients, engineers and contractors are now realising the extent of where this strong, sustainable, structural material can be taken.


With sustainability and offsite construction high on the building agenda – Solid Wood Solutions is the essential event to hear first-hand from industry leaders and innovators. Wood may be one of the world’s oldest building materials, but it is now also one of the most advanced.

This one day conference and exhibition will showcase the very best in engineered timber by creating a platform for the industry’s innovators to present some of the most prestigious projects from across the UK and Europe.


Following on from the success of the last three  Solid Wood Solutions events, this year it will be taking place at the Inmarsat Conference Centre, London on 16 September and will host over 250 delegates from around the world. Speakers for this year’s event include:

  • Tim Snelson – Associate Director – Arup Associates

“Timber in Commercial Offices”

  • Simon Brambles – Architect – 3D Reid

“Case study on the Taplow Retail Park”

  • Andrew Waugh – Founding Director – Waugh Thistleton Architects

“Timber systems in medium rise housing application“

  • Alex Smith – Associate – Hawkins/Brown & Nick Milestone – Managing Director – B & K Structures

“17-21 Wenlock Road  –  Building a 10 Storey CLT/Hybrid structure in London”

  • Andy Boutle – BIM Manager – Kier Construction

“Student accommodation in UEA Norwich – first project to be fully BIM level 2 compliant”

  • Kate Edmondson – Architect – Penoyre & Prasad LLP

“Case study on Middle Row Primary School”

  • Peter Wilson – Director of the Wood Studio – Edinburgh Napier University

“Debate – Do we need a CLT plant in the UK?”

Presentation spotlight;

Banyan Wharf, Wenlock Road is an outstanding example of how the use of solid wood in medium rise buildings is being taken to new heights. This ten storey Regal Homes development, situated within the London Borough of Hackney, has taken the title of the tallest cross laminated timber residential building in Europe. As a ground-breaking project, Banyan Wharf will be one of the most important residential buildings in London, providing 50 one, two and three bedroom apartments – all sold off plan, prior to completion.  A detailed presentation of this project will be provided by a double-speaker combination of Alex Smith – Associate – Hawkins/Brown & Nick Milestone – Managing Director – B&K Structures – demonstrating how the design became delivery.

As engineered timber is one of the fastest growing modern methods of construction, this event is designed to inspire through innovation.

Tickets are just £95 +VAT


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The Midlands Construction Summit – 2025 Construction Strategy – 10 years and counting!


The Construction 2025 Industrial Strategy provides a vision of how the industry and government will work together to transform and grow the construction sector over the next decade. The targets of the strategy are clear;

  • a 33% reduction in both the initial cost of construction and the whole life cost of assets;
  • a 50% reduction in overall time from inception to completion for new build and refurbished assets;
  • a 50% reduction in carbon emissions;
  • a 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and imports of construction products and materials.

The 2025 Construction Strategy was debated in detail at the inaugural Midlands Construction Summit in 2014– so what has changed in the past 12 months?

What was once a backward looking sector is now stepping into the modern world and looking forward, planning the transition to a low-carbon environment through the utilisation of advanced technology and the growth of a thriving British economy.

This year the Midlands Construction Summit will return on 06 October at the NEC, Birmingham to help the Midlands built environment sector reflect on industry changes made in the past 12 months as well as developing the regional construction strategy and identifying leadership opportunities.


The event will be co-located as part of UK Construction Week and will include talks from key industry leaders including Peter Hansford – UK Chief Construction Advisor, Mark Wakeford – Managing Director of Stepnell, Steve Speller – Managing Director of Speller Metcalfe, and Mark Robinson – Chief Executive of Scape Group

The combined conference and exhibition will host over 300 innovators, leaders, supply chain specialists and high level individuals, all operating in the various key construction sectors, gathering together to discuss the Construction 2025 Industrial Strategy.

Tickets are on sale at £125 +VAT

Built Environment Hub Members receive a 50% discount, costing just £62.50 plus vat.

Non-Members can book before Friday 31 July and receive a 20% discount using the following promotional code; EBMCS20

 Book now to avoid disappointment:

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Bituchem material used for safer playground

Bituchem17 image1 IMG_9168
A newly constructed primary school in Waterlooville, Hampshire has applied over 1500 square metres of Bituchem’s most popular hard landscaping material, Natratex Cotswold, to its outdoor playground and teaching areas.

Berewood Primary School opened its gates for its first year of teaching in September last year. Built to accommodate 420 children aged four to eleven, the new primary school is part of the University of Chichester Academy Trust and is just one element of the ongoing development in West of Waterlooville.

Bituchem’s Natratex Cotswold material was specified in buff due to its visually attractive qualities when compared with a standard black asphalt tarmac surface but with the same smooth properties that make asphalt a safe surface to use around schools.

Paula Downard, Landscape Architect at Hampshire County Council commented, “The appearance and practicality of the Natratex Cotswold material make it the perfect solution for this application and we are very pleased with the end result. Hampshire County Council specified this material for another project nearby and so we were able to view the performance and colour beforehand. We received a sample of the material from Bituchem and were advised that the colour would eventually fade to a softer, more attractive colour, which was extremely helpful in managing our expectations.”

The Natratex Cotswold material is formed of natural coloured aggregates combined with a specially formulated clear resin binder to produce a smooth, hard-wearing surface whilst offering a natural stone finish. This strong binder reduces the likelihood of the material deteriorating causing potholes or other breakages in the surface, making it a smoother and safer surface for young children to play on.

Bituchem17 image2 IMG_9129

Suitable for new constructions, overlays or regeneration projects, the Natratex Cotswold material is very versatile in its application and can be used for all areas used by pedestrians and light vehicles. The material is also very environmentally friendly with a fast and simple application making it an easy specification for both private and public sector projects.

The Natratex Cotswold is available in a range of colours to meet the individual requirements of each contract, with the Bituchem design team available to find the right aggregate type and colour to suit the specification.

Further information is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

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Agricultural and sport college swaps big bills for biomass!


Natural energy supplier, Euroheat is helping the UK’s leading agricultural and sports college save an impressive 400,000kg of carbon per year by making the switch to biomass technology in a bid to reduce its annual £800,000 energy bill, while receiving Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments of just under £80,000 per year!

Hartpury College campus, in Gloucester, covers some 360 hectares and is a residential learning hub for more than 1300 students working towards qualifications in equine, sport and animal and land studies. The site already boasts solar pv panels, so it was a natural progression that further green technology was installed.

Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat, explained: “We’re delighted the college is now reaping huge benefits by opting for a biomass district heating system. We have installed four Euroheat prefabricated Energy Cabins, each containing a 199kW HDG Compact wood pellet boiler, integrated 14 tonne pellet store and 4000 litre accumulator.


“As a result, campus managers can now look forward to saving on the cost of over 150,000 litres of oil previously used on-site, replacing it with the estimated 300 tonnes of wood pellets the boilers will use.”

Completed in December 2014, the project required a solution to supply heat and hot water to the accommodation, kitchen and Further Education buildings. Euroheat were identified as the best supplier for the project by Steve Luker Associates, consultant for the project, who added: “There were no real issues with installation; once the preparation work had been completed to link into the existing oil system, which is being retained as back-up; the Energy Cabins were simply and swiftly installed.

“The part of the campus now benefiting from biomass previously cost some £143,000 per year to heating, so taking into account previous fuel costs, we can say that it is hoped that savings will amount to over £100,000 a year when lower cost fuel is combined with the RHI. Obviously exact figures will be monitored closely over the next year.”

For more information on Euroheat’s Energy Cabins or biomass solutions, visit or call 01885 491112.

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Sika Sarnafil showcases commitment to contractors



As part of its on-going commitment to training and innovation within the roofing industry, Sika Sarnafil recently hosted three launch events for contractors, showcasing its latest product launches and future developments.

Hosted at Sika’s Centre for Excellence for Liquid Applied Membranes in Preston, the Centre for Excellence for Single-ply Membranes in Welwyn Garden City and Dunblane, contractors from across the UK took part in interactive workshops hosted by the Sika Sarnafil applications team.

Live demonstrations of the new Sarnafil Self Adhered Membrane and a soon-to-be-released Spray Applied Adhesive were followed by a preview of the new Sarnamatic 681 welding machine. Product manager, Dean Grady, then gave attendees an up-close look at the Solaroof system, a new solar panel mount package that offers a full system guarantee.

“Contractors could clearly see and discuss the benefits of each product first-hand,” said Ian Muddiman, Head of Applications. “Our aim will always be to encourage an open dialogue with contractors. We’re not telling them that it’s clean, it’s fast and it works – they’re seeing it with their own eyes. We make sure our contractors are always one step ahead of the game, not only in regards to our latest products, but also when it comes to industry-wide change.”

Major developments in BIM, especially in the new build arena, prompted Sika Sarnafil to invite Jill Gutherie from BIM Technologies to join the presentation team. Highlighting the benefits of the process, Jill explained how contractors can expect the technology to impact the way they work in the future.

The events are part of a wider programme of training courses and support offered across the Sika roofing brands, with over 5,000 fitters and contractors having received a Sika Sarnafil accreditation alone.

Ian added: “For more than 20 years we’ve been investing in training, whether through our dedicated application centres or on-site. The strong relationships we maintain with contractors and installers are extremely valuable to us – these people are our eyes and ears in the industry. In turn, they trust us to deliver the products and expertise they need, thanks to years of roofing experience within our applications team.”

Scott Henshaw, Derwent Roofing Services, said: “It was great to see a live application of the new Sarnafil products, it’s very useful to get a proper demonstration. I was particularly impressed at the speed of the Self Adhered Membrane being laid down. There was a friendly and informal atmosphere and the applications team were really helpful with any queries we had.”

Contractors were also gifted with a ‘Sarnie stick’ and encouraged to take selfies with a project that they are proud of in the background, to be entered into a Twitter competition.

For more information on Sika Sarnafil’s products and services, call 01707 394444, email or visit

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HI-MACS® ticks the hygiene box


HI-MACS® solid surface, which is distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham, holds an LGA Hygiene certificate, ensuring it meets the requirements specified for use within the health and care sectors, including hospitals, dental surgeries and educational establishments, where hygiene is critical.

Granted by the microbiology and hygiene division of LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) the “LGA-Tested” certificate is an internationally recognised certification mark which “guarantees” that the product meets stringent criteria where specific aspects of it are assessed, including ease of cleaning and resistance to bacteria and fungi.  In addition, the testing also rates the design from a hygiene point of view, distinguishing HI-MACS® as a first-class product.


HI-MACS® is non-porous, offering a completely smooth surface which makes liquid penetration practically impossible, creating the perfect base for germ-free areas which ensures HI-MACS® is extremely easy to maintain and will not look tired or deteriorate in terms of its appearance or performance.

However, with all these exceptional technical features, HI-MACS® solid surface remains an extremely versatile product which can be easily machined and thermoformed to almost any 3D-shape imaginable, offering endless design possibilities and producing a surface that is flowing, functional and visually seamless.   Even large-area installations have the appearance of a single application.


Supplied in thicknesses of 12mm, 9mm and 6mm, HI-MACS® is available in 98 colours.  In addition, the extensive HI-MACS® portfolio now also includes 22 designs of sinks and 13 vanity basins – available in over 60 colours.

Architects and interior designers will also be keen to know that the manufacturers of HI-MACS®, LG Hausys, have developed BIM Objects for its full range of HI-MACS® shapes and colours for the following software: Sketchup, ArchiCAD and Revit.   Find out more by clicking on

For further information on HI-MACS® solid surface, please visit the website at, email or phone 0116 257 3415.

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Innovating with Aircrete


H+H, the UK’s leading aircrete manufacturer, is proud to be sponsoring ‘Homes for Britain’, the 2015 Sunday Times British Homes Awards.

Launched in March by the then Housing Minister Brandon Lewis MP, this year’s awards challenges architects and designers to produce a standard house type suitable for Garden City type developments, with a focus on innovative designs which are both buildable and replicable. This year all entries must be designed using H+H aircrete blocks.

The closing date for entries is 10 July but all entrants need to be registered by 12 June. The winning design will be announced on the 16 October and will be built by Redrow Homes using H+H aircrete blocks and build systems.

Speaking about sponsoring the awards, Jenny Smith-Andrews, marketing manager at H+H, said: “House building is fundamental to the success of the construction industry in the UK. Not only is it vital in terms of the economy it creates and the security it gives people but it is also important to the industry’s evolution.

“Often it is in new build homes that we see glimpses of the latest innovations in design and technology. It is these innovations that lead to fundamental changes in how we build and consequently how we improve living standards in our homes.

“It is this desire for innovation that has brought H+H and the British Homes Awards together for the 2015 awards.”

She continued: “For many, innovation and change means something brand new, but over the years H+H has proven that a product or system does not need to be new in order to bring about change in house building.

When H+H’s aircrete blocks were first introduced to the UK market in the early 1950’s they were thought to be too advanced and ahead of their time in terms of product performance. It is only now 60 years later that H+H blocks and build systems are able to reach their full potential as a result of improvements to the way houses are built in the UK.“

For further information on the design competition visit

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Project of the month – Stunning curved glass structure at Slackwood Farm




Cantifix collaborated with Paul Archer Design to create this stunning curved glass structure – as part of the renovation and extension of a country farmhouse in Lancashire.

Constructed from sections of oversized, curved glass; the structure adds a dining area and separate living space to the property.

The curved glass sections are set into a stone base which is built into the landscaping – giving the structure a floating appearance.

The 360-degree glass walls provide the perfect spot for the client to bird watch – as well as to take advantage of the surrounding views. The old well shaft in the floor was also glazed to create an interesting feature.



In the dining area a glass roof draws in natural light, and its supporting angled glass beams ensure that this light is not obstructed. The glazing is fixed directly onto the stone wall of the farmhouse, which becomes an internal wall for the dining area.


The extension also features two sets of Sky-Frame doors and one set of Sky-Frame windows, which lead out from the new rooms onto a patio and seating area – creating a new ultra-modern wing for this listed building.



About Cantifix

Starting as a conservatory business, Cantifix soon developed a positive reputation amongst architects. Four years later in 1990, Cantifix completed a groundbreaking, experimental project with Eva Jiricna Architects, involving frameless glass panels, bonded with silicone; and no structural support. The project was a success and a new era began as structural glazing experts.

Over the subsequent years Cantifix has stood by its core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation; and has grown largely through referrals and repeat business. The company now has a wide customer base of architects, designers and contractors, and aims to remain permanently at the forefront of the glazing industry.

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Aqualevel – The new Drainage System now available for Sky-Frame Doors

Aqualevel Stainless Steel Geo Squares

The Aqualevel drainage system is the only purposely designed drain system to give you true level access. It has been designed for both residential and commercial applications and gives exceptional wheelchair access allowing compliance to the DDA guidelines and Part M of the Building Regulations.

The Aqualevel is a high performance modular system designed to gather and redirect both surface and driven rainwater away from your door system in a controlled fashion. It allows for greater volumes of water to be collected and safely dispersed into the main drain system.  The Aqualevel system is simple to specify and install and allows full connectivity to the main drainage system through readily available existing commercial products.

Cantifix have been working closely with Lateral Design Studios to provide a comprehensive integrated solution for their Sky-Frame doors and can now offer this exclusively to all its clients.  This unique drainage solution has been widely welcomed by the Architects and Contractors who work regularly with Cantifix and perfectly reflects the high quality of their Sky-Frame doors.  When you are installing the best of all sliding door systems you need to carry these good looks and great performance through to the surrounding areas with a product that is both functional and maintains the overall visual appearance.  The fully powder coated and maintenance free aluminium profiles are manufactured purposely with the Sky-Frame threshold in mind and are designed to allow greater flexibility to accommodate the variety of site constraints common to most building projects.

Close-fitting but removable covers are then laid into the gulley to provide a seamless and totally level surface.  With a wide choice from stylish and modern stainless steel, smart and natural composite stone or classic and sophisticated cast iron that complement the different styles within any scheme. These covers can be easily interchanged to match different parts of your project. It is even possible to fit LED light bars within the drainage channel to illuminate at night.  A big plus is that the Aqualevel system can also be extended to other door types or, with a surface channel drain, to provide drainage cover to all other areas of your project.

We can offer advice on all technical aspects of Aqualevel system and how to get the best from its installation.  We can include these products either within the overall glazing package or on a supply-only basis.

Visit or call Cantifix on 020 8203 6203 to discuss Aqualevel drainage options on your Sky-Frame doors.

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An architecturally elegant & amazingly well-crafted extension in Clapham


Cantifix worked with Dust Architecture and PVA Developments on this townhouse in Clapham, designing and installing a glass enclosure that extends out from the kitchen at the rear of the property. Access to the garden is provided by a set of minimally framed SkyFrame doors, which glide open across the fixed glass. The doors meet at the corner of the enclosure, and open without any supporting post – allowing an unbroken view, and a seamless transition from inside to out.

Chelsham_Road_5.jpg, corner opening   Chelsham_Road_10.jpg Chelsham_Road_32.jpg

The bottom framing of the doors is concealed below the finished floor, and above the doors is a set of vertical glazed panels – back painted to hide the top of the doors. This allows for an elegant, completely glazed appearance – and gives the structure a feeling of lightness. Chelsham_Road_27.jpg, corner opening

Alongside is a second glass enclosure, which includes a structurally glazed roof of over 6 metres in length. This roof runs along the length of the room to meet an angled panel of vertical glazing – drawing in plenty of natural light, and opening up the entire back of the house. Chelsham_Road_13.jpg   Chelsham_Road_23.jpg

About Cantifix
Cantifix was founded in 1986 by two of its current directors, Charlie and William Sharman. Since then the company has enjoyed steady growth, towards its current status as one of the market leaders in specialist glazing…
Starting as a conservatory business, Cantifix soon developed a positive reputation amongst architects. Four years later in 1990, Cantifix completed a groundbreaking, experimental project with Eva Jiricna Architects, involving frameless glass panels, bonded with silicone; and no structural support.The project was a success and a new era began as structural glazing experts. Over the subsequent years Cantifix has stood by its core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation; and has grown largely through referrals and repeat business.The company now has a wide customer base of architects, designers and contractors, and aims to remain permanently at the forefront of the glazing industry.
For further information, please visit

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Project Focus – An innovation in glazing

Manor Farm

Architect: Yiangou Architects

Contractor: W G Carter Limited

Location: Oxfordshire

Manor Farm 8

Manor Farm 21

This rural manor house in Oxfordshire was renovated and extended in 2013 to include a swimming pool room and gym room – both of which benefit from extensive use of sleek, frameless glazing.

Cantifix worked with Yiangou Architects to create an elegant design for the swimming pool room – bordered with frameless glass walls and a huge, 7 metre wide set of SkyFrame doors which span one side of the pool. The doors have 8 panels on a 4-track system, and all the panels are capable of sliding – allowing a wide variety of opening configurations.

Manor Farm 30

The glazing is continued through to the gym – with a frameless glass link structure between the two rooms, as well as frameless glass panels and a PureGlaze pivot door in the gym room. This room also features a huge Invisible Corner alongside the PureGlaze door – providing a completely uninterrupted view over the garden.

Manor Farm 43

Another PureGlaze pivot door, matching side panels and a PureGlaze window were fitted to the stairway entrance, and 4 single-glazed, sandblasted internal doors were fitted within the house – complete with a Ritec coating to prevent fingerprints.

The finished extension looks modern and luxurious, and both contrasts with and complements the old building.

Manor Farm 24

Manor Farm 20

About Cantifix

Starting as a conservatory business, Cantifix soon developed a positive reputation amongst architects. Four years later in 1990, Cantifix completed a groundbreaking, experimental project with Eva Jiricna Architects, involving frameless glass panels, bonded with silicone; and no structural support. The project was a success and a new era began as structural glazing experts.

Over the subsequent years Cantifix has stood by its core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation; and has grown largely through referrals and repeat business. The company now has a wide customer base of architects, designers and contractors, and aims to remain permanently at the forefront of the glazing industry.

Over the subsequent years Cantifix has stood by its core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation; and has grown largely through referrals and repeat business. The company now has a wide customer base of architects, designers and contractors, and aims to remain permanently at the forefront of the glazing industry.
Tel: 020 8203 6203

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Bonded corners give panoramic view

Wordsworth – Project Details

This project in rural Cambridge is a beautiful example of how UV bonded corners can be used to great effect. It incorporates a 5 sided double-glazed screen with a set of Shuco sliding doors and 4 UV bonded corners, ensuring that the view through the glass is second to none.



This job was tricky to fit, with the largest UV bonded panel weighing in at 250kg, and no possibility of using a crane – but with some careful organisation and team cooperation it was managed without any breakages!

The extension is to the rear of the property, and will provide an uninterrupted, panoramic view across the fields, thanks to the innovative UV bonding technique used to seal the interlocking corners.


The join is made without any frame or silicone, and is almost invisible when viewed from the inside. This unique touch creates a striking and technically beguiling façade, as well as maximising the view from inside.


Wordsworth_Evening-5.jpg  Wordsworth_Evening-8.jpg

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Project Focus – Oxfordshire House

Architect: mm3 Design

Location: Oxfordshire




This property in rural Oxfordshire was adapted in 2012 to open up the corner of its large kitchen, and to bring in plenty of natural light. Cantifix designed and installed a Sky-Frame configuration that involved 8 metres worth of doors.



All 4 panels can slide, and the doors also open at the corner to create a stunning and technically intriguing façade – as well as allowing a great view of the beautiful countryside around the property.



Sky-Frame doors were the perfect product for this home, with their slim frames complementing the clean design of the kitchen perfectly. The flush threshold of the doors has been emphasized by the use of similar floor tiles on the inside and outside – allowing the two spaces to blend visually.

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Framed Glazing

Framed glazing is the alternative to structural glazing, and uses framed panels to create a glass façade. It is quicker and cheaper than structural glazing, and is capable of covering larger expanses.
Cantifix framed glazing is fabricated with aluminium profiles and low-emissivity glass.
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Curved Glass


Glass can be curved into virtually any shape once heated to very high temperatures. Using curved glass in a project can create beautiful organic shapes and structures, which emphasise the essential properties of glass.


Cantifix was founded in 1986 by two of its current directors, Charlie and William Sharman.

Since then the company has enjoyed steady growth, towards its current status as one of the market leaders in specialist glazing

For further information please visit or call 020 8203 6203

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Vertical Glazing


Vertical glazing describes the use of vertical panels of glass, usually running from floor to ceiling. These can be installed alone, between solid walls; or as part of a glass enclosure or structural glazing project.


Cantifix vertical glazing is fabricated using low-emissivity glass and structural silicone.

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Glass Staircase

A glass staircase is a fantastic solution for maximising natural light, creating an airy, spacious feel and a focal point in your home.Image

There are many different ways of customising a glass staircase, whether it is straight or spiral; including LEDs, shaped treads, low iron glass and glass balustrades.

Cantifix glass stairs are always custom-designed and made with toughened, laminated glass.

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PureGlaze Range Expands

The PureGlaze range of windows and doors was developed in-house at Cantifix, and is as close as you can get to all-glass double-glazed doors.


 The range works on the concept of sandwiching an aluminium frame between two sheets of glass, in order to incorporate the locking and weathering systems needed for an external door. This frame is then hidden with a 70mm wide back painted band – which can be painted in any RAL colour.


At Cantifix we are committed to continually improving and expanding our product range – and PureGlaze is no different. This year has seen many aesthetic and functional developments made – leading to a new version of the PureGlaze door, as well as a new PureGlaze window.


The PureGlaze Door

The new and improved PureGlaze door is designed around 180 degree pivot operation – allowing for a wide variety of building uses. It has been has been carefully re-detailed, so that a wider variety of locks and closers can be incorporated into the profile – allowing greater continuity across the range.

The introduction of a double bottom bearing has increased the sizes possible for the PureGlaze door – with heights up to 3 metres now available. The profile is thermally broken, and with standard glass achieves average u-values of 1.6 W/m2/K. This value can be improved by integrating Heat Mirror film into the doors.

Other enhancements to the PureGlaze door include an extra line of woolpile around the frame – to improve weathering performance, and a relocation of the closer to the head of the door – to reduce the size of the threshold and improve drainage.


Security is solid – with a 3-point deadlock operated by a Europrofile cylinder from both inside and outside. Slave leaves in sets of double doors are secured at top and bottom by centrally operated flush bolts hidden within the glass; and concealed closers in the head keep the doors tightly closed. Although the PureGlaze door can be fitted with a wide variety of handles; the most popular option is stainless steel pull handles in 650mm long – which are bolted through the glass; and cranked to allow access to the key.


The new ‘PureGlaze leaf’ can be configured for both sliding and stacking, to allow larger panel sizes and wider clear openings. Planned future developments include an option for a folding PureGlaze – as well as testing to allow leafs wider than 2 metres.

The PureGlaze Window

The PureGlaze window is available in either manual or electrical options, up to widths and heights of 1.5 metres. The window has no visible framing from either inside or outside, making it ideal for facades where a perfectly flush finish is desired.

Overall average u-values are 1.1 W/m2/K – 1.5 W/m2/K – depending on the glass specification. The PureGlaze window is also available with Heat Mirror film integrated, for optimum thermal performance.

As with the PureGlaze door, security is robust – with the manual version featuring key lockable handles which operate 2-point dead locking espagnolette bolts. The weatherproofing is excellent – as shown in our water test video.

To make an enquiry about a project involving PureGlaze products, email us or give us a call on 020 8203 6203.

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Cantifix Colour-Changing Glass – Perfect For Internal Screens

Leading architectural glazing company Cantifix has been engineering innovative solutions and championing products which improve quality of life for over 26 years. 

Brand design consultants Springetts approached Cantifix looking for a glass based solution for their reception area. The brief was to screen off the office area beyond without losing light, and without masking the feeling of activity in the office. A simple sandblasted glass screen was the perfect solution; but the clients wanted something more exciting and dynamic to match their personality.

Cantifix came up with a colourful, innovative and experimental design – incorporating a sandblasted single glazed unit and colour phasing ribbon LEDs. The LED strips are fitted all the way around the internal edge of the frame, and when illuminated, the sandblasted surface of the glass causes the coloured light to diffuse in all directions – creating the illusion of coloured glass. The LEDs phase through a wide range of vibrant colours, creating a gentle but energising glow.


The completed installation gives privacy to the office area without compromising natural light, and provides a warm, colourful welcome to the reception area.

020 8203 6203

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Heat Mirror Film – A Guide

Heat Mirror Film is an insulating film used within glass units; designed to minimise heat transfer through glass; and therefore lower u-values.


What is Heat Mirror Film?

Heat Mirror Film is a transparent film which contains nano-scale coatings of metal, which reflect heat back to its source. This film can be suspended within any double-glazed unit; in a 3-layer system with 2 independent air spaces (as seen in attached diagram). For even higher effectiveness, it is possible to use 2 sheets of Heat Mirror Film, in a 4-layer system with 3 independent air spaces.

How does it work?

The principle behind Heat Mirror Film is very simple – the tiny particles of metal within the film reflect any radiation (i.e. heat) back to where it came from – so in the winter it reflects heat back into the home, keeping it warm and minimising heating bills. In the summer it reflects heat back into the environment – stopping it from overheating inside. Double glazed units incorporating Heat Mirror Film are just as effective when horizontally positioned as when vertically positioned.

What about Triple Glazing?

A double glazed unit with Heat Mirror Film is just as effective as triple glazing, however it is a lot cheaper to produce. Triple glazing is also very heavy, whereas Heat Mirror Film is virtually weightless, saving around 10kg/m2 compared to triple glazing. This makes it cheaper to install (less chance of needing a crane), and in the case of doors and windows, makes them easier to operate.

Pros and Cons

+ able to achieve u-values as low as 0.3 W/m2/K with 2 sheets (the same as a solid brick wall with high-quality insulation and plasterboard).

+ blocks 99.5% of damaging UV rays (which can cause fading and degradation of furnishings).

+ reduces noise transmission through the glass by up to 20%, creating a quieter environment.

+ transparent in visible light.

+ not too expensive when used for new glazing – glass would be around £150 more per square metre compared to standard double glazing.

+ service life of 25 – 30 years.

cannot be retrospectively applied to existing glazing.

Where is Heat Mirror Film suitable for?

The most crucial point to consider is that Heat Mirror Film cannot be retrospectively applied to existing glazing. This means unless you are already planning either a new-build, or a replacement of existing glazing, it will not be cost effective to install. However for any new glazing, it is the ideal way to minimise u-values, and therefore minimise heating and cooling costs.

Apart from this, there are virtually no restrictions to its use; Heat Mirror Film can be suspended in any kind of double glazed unit; windows, doors, roofs, floors, vertical glazing and many more.

Sourcing an Installer

Heat Mirror Film can only be installed as part of a double glazed unit, and so its installation should be undertaken by a reputable glazing company. However, as Heat Mirror Film has only recently started to be used in the UK, not all glazing companies will be able to supply it.

Cantifix Ltd can supply and install Heat Mirror Film, suspended in doors, windows, roofs, floors, or as part of a larger structural glazing scheme.

When choosing a glazing company, do your research and always make sure that they are either members of a trade body, or have quality assurance certification.

For more information

For general information on energy-saving technologies, contact the Energy Saving Trust.

For specific information about Heat Mirror Film and its application, contact Cantifix Ltd.

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