Advances in door technology improves aesthetics, performance, and safety

During the last few years, there have been many exciting developments in the aesthetics of the humble interior door.  Design and haute couture have stamped their mark quite firmly, with some of the industry icons lending their names to an item previously considered a commodity product.  Suddenly doors are sexy!

The finest solid woods are now combined to create unique and stunning finishes in shades to complement or contrast interior décor, or a highly lacquered ‘piano finish’ in a spectrum of colours can be applied for an on-trend contemporary look, wood, glass and metal can be married or juxtaposed to create a piece of art.


As much as the common door has evolved into a piece of fashionable wall art through imagination and innovation, there have been fewer technological advances.  A door is still a door – it fits the frame, it provides a barrier and privacy between rooms, it opens and it closes – to greater or lesser effect.  Door performance can be hit and miss, but the most common problem is that over a period of time, many doors ‘drop’ on their hinges, thus requiring re-hanging which usually compromises on-going performance.

Safety has always been a problem with any door or door set.  Due to the nature of the square-edge door and square-edge door frame, a gap is inherent, and that gap can trap fingers.  A problem heightened in kindergartens, schools and where children or large volumes of people are present, such as public buildings.

The hinge is dead!

One company has made major advances in tackling this problem of safety, by throwing away the common hinge and developing a unique and patented no-hinge technology which offers considerable advantages to anyone designing, specifying or managing interior doors.

Pivotan’s advanced no-hinge technology is a new concept in the UK – and early trials show that these innovative door sets are being met with enthusiasm by a broad professional audience.  The system should not be compared or confused with concealed hinges, which cannot match either the performance or beauty of the new no-hinge door.

Form following function.

This principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design is certainly true of these innovative doors without hinges concept, where the search for a safer, higher performance door, has resulted in a door of outstanding quality and beauty.

Instead of traditional square-edge construction, Pivotan’s technology utilises round edges on both door leaf and door frame, which when combined leaves no open gaps where fingers can be trapped, and gives a most beautiful harmonious softness to its appearance, which incidentally is reflecting today’s trend for soft curves rather than harsh angles.

The door functions through an exclusive, patented pivoting system which fixes the door leaf to the frame on top and bottom – not on the side as a traditional hinge.  On the bottom, a routable element supports the door weight and fixes it to the frame and floor.  This element incorporates Teflon a material that is highly resistant to wear by friction, thus alleviating irritating scraping or squeaking noise.  On the top, a routable hinge containing a sprung pivot point, fixes the door leaf to the upper and lateral frame, so in opening and closing, the door pivots, rather than moving around a hinge.


Doors without hinges – a win, win for everyone.

Doors without hinges offer designers, specifiers, facilities managers, public building and homeowners with a number of key benefits:

  • The rounded door and frame edges look beautiful, are perfect in contemporary surroundings, and they become a focal point in their own right.
  • Wherever people pass through doors, the opportunity to trap fingers is completely eliminated, as the round door edge and door frame effectively ‘fills’ the gap that would be present with a traditional door.
  • Installation is faster and easier – typically an experienced fitter can install a standard Pivotan door set in 45 minutes, and because they are supplied as a complete door set, the need for time-consuming woodworking is alleviated.
  • Maintenance is faster and easier – if the door leaf needs removing for any reason, it is a one-man, 2-minute operation using just a small screwdriver.
  • Because the weight of the door is directed downwards, rather than on a traditional hinge, the door will not ‘drop’ thus alleviating the need for time-consuming remedial and maintenance work.
  • For kindergartens, schools, homes for elderly people and anywhere where there are high volumes of people passing through doors, an additional guard of reinforced rubber can be inset into the door edge – this gives additional safety but does not compromise the aesthetics of the door.

Pivotan door sets are manufactured to meet all relevant European standards.  Catalogue request, further information, reference sites can be seen at



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