Roofs are not dead space: be inspired by Axter to generate electricity, grow
vegetables, provide wildlife habitat…..


Roofs can be a valuable resource – for generating electricity, encouraging bio-diversity, providing
amenity space and retaining rainwater. Axter provides waterproofing designs incorporating specially conceived membranes for all these options.

On Stand S2700 Axter will show General Solar PV, the MCS accredited integrated waterproofing system with thin film amorphous photovoltaic cells embedded into a bituminous membrane. The collectors cover 100% of the membrane surface, maximising generation and performing well in low light.  Visitors will also see the general Fix® non-penetrative roof fastening system for PV amorphousmodules, crystalline panels and other equipment.



There is virtually no limit to green roof architecture with Axter’s extensive/intensive specifications.  Typical build-ups will be displayed: Hydrolite (lightweight), Hydrosoil (bio-diverse), Hydropack (preplanted modular) and Hydrobrown (brown roof) designs.

Through early involvement in a project Axter can deliver value engineering to meet design,
specification and budgetary requirements.

For full system and CPD information, visit


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