Cembrit Brings Low Environmental Impact Roofing and Cladding to Ecobuild!

Exhibiting as part of the Danish Pavilion, Cembrit will be showcasing its broad range of natural and sustainable pitched roofing and cladding products at Ecobuild 2012. On stand N1430 visitors to the show will be able to see key products from Cembrit’s renowned natural slate range as well as the company’s recently environmentally rated fibre cement slate products. To complete the products on show cladding products suitable for all types of architectural building project will also be on the stand.

Natural Slate

One of the key benefits of natural slate over other pitched roofing solutions is that it is extracted from the ground – not manufactured – making its production a low energy input process. Furthermore For this reason there are minimal levels of C02 emissions when compared with manufactured roof coverings, and its long life and popularity as a reclaimed product make it a sustainable product par excellence. Cembrit will be showing natural slate from Canada, Spain and Brazil at the show.

Glendyne is a high quality slate quarried from the Canadian town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada. A dark blue/grey, with a fine, consistent grain, smooth texture and high strength makes it the ideal alternative to the no longer available Ffestiniog Welsh slate.


Duquesa is a natural Spanish slate of the highest consistency, selected from the best deposits and produced by some of the finest quarries in Spain. Conforming to the highest classifications in BS EN 12326, Duquesa can be relied upon to create an attractive and long lasting roof. Imported by Cembrit for over 30 years, Duquesa has become one of the UK’s leading specified Spanish slates. Laid correctly Duquesa slate will last the lifetime of the building and is ideal for use on any major project including supermarkets, schools, city offices and prestige homes.

Alpina is a Brazilian natural slate, selected from the finest deposits and produced at some of the best facilities in Papagaios, Brazil. It is available in two colours, graphite and grey/green and in a variety of sizes. With its flat surface and pleasing shade variations, Alpina slate can be relied upon to create an attractive, high performance roof. Alpina slates have virtually no unstable minerals such as pyrites, graphite, carbon and un-oxidised irons. Both of these slates can withstand the most severe weather conditions: they are unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and even acid rain.

Fibre Cement

Cembrit A/A+- rated fibre cement slates can contribute to achieving an environmentally outstanding building. The five variations (Jutland, Zeeland, Westerland, Moorland and Diamond) allow designers to achieve the highest ratings for roof specifications and are currently the only fibre cement slate certificated in this scheme. Samples of all products will be available on the stand to preview and Cembrit staff will be happy to discuss how each product can contribute toward a building achieving a high BREEAM rating, details of which can be found on www.greenbooklive.com


Cembrit offers through-coloured fibre cement cladding panels in the ever popular Cembonit range, as well as The URBANNNATURE range, available in forty nine colour options in a selection of finishes including through colour, transparent glaze, semi transparent glaze or opaque surface coating. Large format rainscreen cladding is ideal for retro fitting to existing buildings. Insulation can be incorporated within the cladding zone enabling the energy efficiency of the building to be upgraded whilst avoiding the disruption caused by rebuilding. Large format cladding panels lend themselves to off-site and modular construction with all the advantages that brings in terms of improved tolerances, lower waste and faster build.

Visit Stand N1430 at Ecobuild (20-22 March ExCel London) to find out more.



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