Biomass for buildings large and small from Euroheat

Ecobuild, 5th – 7th March

Stand no: 3730 

With the take-up of biomass soaring, particularly in the commercial sector, 2012 was a good year for Euroheat. 2013 looks set to offer yet more success for this leading wood-heating specialist, not least due to the introduction of the long awaited domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). A regular at Ecobuild, this year Euroheat will be showcasing its range of boilers and stoves, including the latest in domestic pellet power, the K10, an automatic boiler which offers outputs of 10kW – 26kW – perfect for the average-sized family home.

“The K10 is a great choice for many homeowners considering moving away from fossil fuels; our most competitively priced pellet boiler, it presents an excellent alternative, particularly for those who have previously relied on oil,” said Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat.

Other products on display:

Wood burning boilers

HDG: From 10 to 190kW, HDG wood burning boilers come in a range of sizes for both large homes and commercial buildings. Fuelled by logs, wood chip or pellets, Euroheat ensures the right boiler is matched with the right customer. Got access to managed woodland? Logs or chip are a great solution. Want something that takes-up less space and produces less mess? Then pellets are probably the best choice.

SHT: Designed specifically for the average family home, SHT provides a range of boilers which can be fuelled by pellets, or logs. The latest product in the range, which was launched last year, is the TDA Thermoduel; available in outputs of 15 to 40kW. The TDA offers duel fuel functionality, so, for example, logs are the main heat source, but when they run-out pellets take over – perfect for ensuring a house never goes cold.

Wood burning stoves

Nestor Martin: Boasting an internationally patented Plexus combustion system, the most significant advancement in solid-fuel burn technology, the Nestor Martin range provides high-efficiency, reduced consumption, low pollutant emissions as well as spectacular flame effects. The Plexus models were also the first ever solid-fuel stoves with programmable thermostat remote control.

Hwam: Stylish, design-led stoves, perfect for the contemporary home. In addition to good looks, the Hwam range features ground-breaking technology, including its patented automatic system which regulates the supply of air in order for optimum combustion to take place. When you add more firewood, the system will automatically readjust the stove to ensure efficiency. 

Rika: Hailed as the most environmentally friendly heating systems on the market, the combustion chambers in all of Rika’s chimney stoves are optimised to ensure economical and clean burning. Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, there is a Rika stove to suit any home and with the Rika EvoAqua, which is covered by the RHI, end-users can enjoy room and water heating.

To complement its range, Euroheat also supplies a selection of thermal store accumulator tanks and controls.

Want to get on-board with biomass? Details of Euroheat’s HETAS approved training courses will also be available on the stand. For more information, visit, or Euroheat’s new dedicated training website:


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