Armitage Shanks tackles pseudomonas with new Markwik demountable hospital mixer range with removeable spout

Armitage Shanks, the UK’s leading manufacturer of commercial sanitaryware and fittings, has introduced a new demountable hospital mixer with a detachable spout to its Markwik range.






Developed in conjunction with prominent healthcare professionals and bacteriologists, Markwik is the number one healthcare range in the market; designed to ensure maximum hospital hygiene and minimise the spread of infection, fighting bacteria in healthcare environments to reduce the risk of pseudomonas and legionella.

Building on the success of the Markwik range and in response to the evolving demands of the healthcare industry, the introduction of the demountable mixer option allows for the whole body of the fitting to be removed from the wall, as well as having a spout which can be removed.

Markwik’s in-built sterilisation system already allows hot water to be flushed through all areas of the tap using a sterilisation bridge. The demountable body allows the fitting to be totally immersed for disinfection in sterilisation fluid, whilst the detachable spout can be sterilised in an auto clave device.

It also offers a further option for disinfection using a bridging tube, which allows all areas of the fitting to be flushed through with hot water. On commission, a purging kit also allows the fitting to be thoroughly flushed through of any debris within the tap.

The profile of the tap and inlet positions remain the same, meaning the new Markwik range can be fitted as part of a new installation or retro-fitted to existing installations.

The new demountable spout is designed to offer a quick and easy way to lower infection risk where it’s needed most, enabling healthcare facility and hospital maintenance managers to maintain traditional cleaning methods, as well as new, by removing the spout for sterilisation.

The additions to the Markwik range will ensure it remains fully compliant in addressing all the requirements for hospital fittings and infection control regimes, specifically in response to the addendum published for HTM 04-01* and HFN30**.

Tony Rheinberg, channel marketing manager at Armitage Shanks, comments: “Working with industry experts we are constantly evolving our offer in response to new research and healthcare legislation. This latest development confirms Markwik as the optimum solution in the fight against infection – and underlines Armitage Shanks’s longstanding credentials as the leading manufacturer of commercial healthcare sanitaryware and fittings.

“Experts agree that bacteria such as pseudomonas can mutate rapidly, often meaning bacterium becomes increasingly resistant to any singular regular cleaning process – and therefore best practice is accepted to be an approach that alternates between several different cleaning processes, including flushing, chemical, thermal or high velocity.

“Increased options and new features ensure Markwik continues to provide industry-leading levels of flexibility and more options for cleaning than any other supplier, meaning it can be tailored to any number of specific infection control regimes. This new mixer is an important addition to the range, addressing a number of key focus areas whilst wholly meeting the necessary requirements to keep hospitals and healthcare facilities clean and safe.”

Specifiers can procure Markwik 21 through national and regional builder’s merchants or via, the UK’s largest collection of bathroom and washroom products for specifiers, contractors and installers, from Ideal Standard

* The control of Legionella, hygiene, “safe” hot water, cold water and drinking water systems (Part A & Part B)

**Infection Control in the Built Environment

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