New bespoke basins provide corporates with design edge

Specialist Basin Service from a Robust, Eco-Sound, Made-to-Measure Solution designed to give Corporate washrooms the edge.


A standard range of Miranit basins from Franke Washroom Systems have been available for specialist applications for 2 years. Now with the addition of Miranit Bespoke it is possible to have either a run of basins made to measure for use in washrooms situated in corporate receptions, for staff washroom facilities or in a board-directors personal bathroom.

Miranit Bespoke provides tailored bowl choices, in a choice of Matte and High-Gloss white along with four styles of washbasins; straight, D shape, L shape and corner-convex and are available in lengths up to 3.6 metres. High Gloss white has a gelcoat surface made from 80% natural minerals and 20% unsaturated polyester resin.

The smooth, nonporous surface means that lime scale and stains cannot cling – making the bowls easy and very quick to clean. The solid Matte finish is made from 2/3 aluminum hydroxide and1/3 polyester resin and is the same material and colour right through. This means it is robust and resistant to scratches and importantly, extremely hygienic.

Franke Washroom Systems has developed a new moulded manufacturing process which allows designers and architects to specify both the size and the shape of the bowl/s. Bowls can be with or without a tap hole to allow for wall mounted or electronic taps, with or without a front apron and include a waste disposal barrel if required. Other options include; the distance between bowls, depth and width of basins and height of design.

For further information about the Miranit product line-up from Franke Washroom Systems, please request a product guide, price list or individual brochure from

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