An architecturally elegant & amazingly well-crafted extension in Clapham


Cantifix worked with Dust Architecture and PVA Developments on this townhouse in Clapham, designing and installing a glass enclosure that extends out from the kitchen at the rear of the property. Access to the garden is provided by a set of minimally framed SkyFrame doors, which glide open across the fixed glass. The doors meet at the corner of the enclosure, and open without any supporting post – allowing an unbroken view, and a seamless transition from inside to out.

Chelsham_Road_5.jpg, corner opening   Chelsham_Road_10.jpg Chelsham_Road_32.jpg

The bottom framing of the doors is concealed below the finished floor, and above the doors is a set of vertical glazed panels – back painted to hide the top of the doors. This allows for an elegant, completely glazed appearance – and gives the structure a feeling of lightness. Chelsham_Road_27.jpg, corner opening

Alongside is a second glass enclosure, which includes a structurally glazed roof of over 6 metres in length. This roof runs along the length of the room to meet an angled panel of vertical glazing – drawing in plenty of natural light, and opening up the entire back of the house. Chelsham_Road_13.jpg   Chelsham_Road_23.jpg

About Cantifix
Cantifix was founded in 1986 by two of its current directors, Charlie and William Sharman. Since then the company has enjoyed steady growth, towards its current status as one of the market leaders in specialist glazing…
Starting as a conservatory business, Cantifix soon developed a positive reputation amongst architects. Four years later in 1990, Cantifix completed a groundbreaking, experimental project with Eva Jiricna Architects, involving frameless glass panels, bonded with silicone; and no structural support.The project was a success and a new era began as structural glazing experts. Over the subsequent years Cantifix has stood by its core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation; and has grown largely through referrals and repeat business.The company now has a wide customer base of architects, designers and contractors, and aims to remain permanently at the forefront of the glazing industry.
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