Norbord Cabershield: A new generation of weatherproof flooring

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Norbord’s Cabershield is a moisture-resistant P5 tongue-and-groove board with a permanent protective non-slip coating which is ideal for all sorts of construction projects.

Complementing Norbord’s Caberdek – the UK’s leading peel-clean board – Cabershield is made from the same 22mm P5 board and features a tough polyurethane coating permanently bonded to the top surface.

As well as making the floor safe and waterproof, the PU coating on Cabershield is really tough. Like Caberdek, a newly-laid Cabershield floor can be left exposed to the elements for up to 42 days without risk of deterioration. Tests show that Cabershield is three times more durable than the nearest competing product.

“There is now a demand for tough flooring panels with protective surfaces; both Cabershield and Caberdek answer this demand” explains Norbord’s Brand Manager, David Connacher.

He continues, “In the majority of cases, a peel-clean surface is ideal and when the building is finished, you can simply peel of the protective film to reveal a clean, undamaged floor. However, some users prefer the coating, especially if their floors are going to be subject to an abnormal amount of wear and abrasion.”

Cabershield is very quick to install using Norbord’s Caberfix’s new Joint & Joist adhesive. This adhesive is 100% waterproof which means that, when used with Cabershield boards, there is no need to tape the joints after installation.

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2 thoughts on “Norbord Cabershield: A new generation of weatherproof flooring”

  1. Using this at present as an alternative to Egger Protect, seems a little less water resistant as only has the plastic coating on one side versus both sides on the Protect product, however the tongue and groove detail is more robust on the Cabershield.


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