Form meets function with Roca’s new showering range


Offering a complete showering solution for the contemporary bathroom or wet room Roca has introduced a new range of shower products which combine striking good looks with a powerful performance.

Roca’s new T-1000 thermostatic mixers have a clear temperature display on the dial ensuring the set temperature is visible and can be easily adjusted. In addition, the thermostat is fitted with the manufacturer’s Security 38° technology, a red button that stops the control knob being turned beyond 38°C, eliminating the risk of scalding.

Roca’s SafeTouch feature, meanwhile, ensures the shower body is always cool to the touch, whilst Quick Reaction technology means that the mixer reaches the desired flow and temperature in under three seconds.

The T-1000 thermostatic mixer can be paired with Roca’s Rainsense overhead shower head, available in a circular, rectangular or square design for an invigorating showering performance that will also be a focal point of the bathroom. Practical as well as beautiful, Roca’s Easy Clean technology on the rubber jets of the shower head discourages lime scale build up, while a satin smooth finish on the long shower hose stops it tangling and dirt from forming.

The Rainsense shower head and T-1000 thermostatic mixer have been combined in Roca’s stylish new Even-T shower columns, which also feature a Stella 100 handset, enabling the user to switch easily between the three functions of Soft, Rain and Pulse.


Choose any of the new showering products from Roca or combine them with the new Even-T shower columns to offer a powerful showering performance and the ultimate in safety.

For further product information please contact:
Roca Limited, Samson Road, Hermitage Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leics. LE67 3FP
Tel: 01530 830080 / Website: Twitter – @rocauk


2 thoughts on “Form meets function with Roca’s new showering range”

  1. Not very happy about the 38 degree Celsius limit. Although a luke-warm shower is great for the skin, I personally prefer a 39-40 degree shower temperature. The average body temperature is about 37. One degree extra is okay but not great. Can the Security 38° technology be over-ridden or is that the fixed temperature limit?


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