Why settle for LED spots when you can have stripes!

8point3 LED Sabre Architectural light engine
8point3 LED Sabre Architectural light engine

The ultimate in uniform light delivery, with a sleek profile and 100% British made, the 8point3 Sabre Architectural LED is proving very popular with specifiers and designers alike.  Ideal for accent coving and wall grazing in both commercial and residential applications, the Sabre Architectural linear lighting range is available in warm white (2,700K) through to cool white (5,000K) and is dimmable via DALI, 0-10V and DMX.

No spots just stripes

When lit, Sabre Architectural delivers a glare free, uniform strip of light that is free from the spots and shadows associated with most LED linear strip lights.  Sabre’s unique, patented and award-winning remote phosphor technology is what makes this uniform light delivery possible.  As well as eradicating light spots, Sabre Architectural is also 30% more efficient than traditional white LED solutions and comes with a 5 year warranty.

8point3 LED Sabre Architectural light engine 1

Sleek profile and beautiful light – whatever the installation

At only 19mm deep and 32mm wide, Sabre Architectural is available in bespoke multiple lengths, ranging from 300mm to 5metres, in 105mm graduations.  Thanks to its high luminance values and low surface brightness, Sabre Architectural delivers the ultimate in low surface-glare lighting.

Available, as a global first, in 2700K (warm white) and 90CRI, the Sabre Architectural is also available as 3,000k, 4,000k and 5,000k.  The range also has excellent colour rendering (90+CRI for 2,700k and 80-90 CRI for 3-5,000k) and colour consistency (3 SDCM) and delivers high lumen maintenance (L70) over during its 100,000 hour lifespan.

100% British made

8point3’s Sabre Architectural linear lighting range is 100% British made and comes branded with the official ‘Made in Britain’ marque.  Using market leading GaN-on-Silicon MaGICTM LEDs from the only UK LED Silicon manufacturer, Plessey, 8point3 is proud of Sabre’s 100% British credentials.  http://www.8point3led.co.uk

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