Burst pesky system bubbles with Inta-Vent

Inta is making trapped wind a thing of the past with a new tool that automatically extracts air bubbles from sealed heating systems using a powerful vortex filtration system.

The Inta-Vent Daerator puts paid to common problems in commercial and domestic heating appliances, such as noisy pipes, increased wear on system components, cold spots in radiators and corrosion.

The filter works by forcing water in the system to pass through a tight coil of stainless steel mesh, generating a vortex within the the filter body. This action exposes and captures micro bubbles, which then combine and rise before being discharged.

As well as reducing the risk of system wear and tear, Inta-Vent increases fuel efficiency by ensuring systems are operating with optimum conditions, increasing both their longevity and day-to-day performance.

Boasting a sturdy solid brass construction and available in 22 and 28mm, the filter is quick and easy to fit, with full 360° installation.intavent brass air separator

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “Fitting an Inta-Vent is the ultimate way to guarantee a smooth running, efficient heating system. The vortex action is simple but incredibly effective and will keep oft-complained issues relating to trapped air at bay. As with all Inta products, quality and ease of installation is a given. Pair it with our magnetic dirt separation filter, Intaklean, for a truly killer combo.”

For more information on the Inta-Vent, or any other Inta product, visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.


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