Qualplas manufactures VEKA door and window order for challenging West African beachfront development


St Helens-based VEKA fabricator, Qualplas has recently fulfilled one of the more unusual contracts of its 25-year history by manufacturing windows, doors and French doors for a residential project, under construction in Ghana!

The contract was referred to Qualplas via The VEKA UK Group website following initial contact from contractor Barry Alger, who is coordinating the project from his beachfront property nearby.

Andrew Smith, Qualplas‘ Managing Director explains: “Barry was sold on using VEKA systems having been so impressed with the durability of the units installed on his own property, which neighbours the new development.

The VEKA UK Group referred the project to us as Barry had specified that he wanted to use a reputable fabricator with a long-standing relationship with VEKA. His other main criterion was our closeness to the Liverpool Docks, purely for the comparative ease of shipping the finished units to West Africa.”

The new development is situated on Victoria Beach near Takoradi, Ghana, and will consist of 24 serviced apartments, office facilities, a bar and restaurant area overlooking the seafront and a bathing area / swimming pool. Oil has recently been discovered in the region and it is envisaged that a company involved in that industry will lease the entire purpose-built development for the use of its workers.

The significant size of the project meant Qualplas received an order comprising around 40 Matrix 70 windows, 19 sets of French doors and additional residential doors. VEKA door and window systems are therefore used exclusively throughout the development, paying testament to Barry’s confidence in their weather resistance and technical performance.

Andrew continues: “The photos Barry has sent us of the construction site demonstrate just how exposed the new development is to the elements. Not only will the window and door installations have to withstand savage sea winds, rain and salt water erosion but, with the changing seasons, there will be huge variations in temperature from extreme heat to bitter chill.”

Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director for The VEKA UK Group added: “Qualplas‘ commitment to fabricating VEKA systems not only secured the company this fascinating contract but reassured the customer that the products he chose have been thoroughly tested to withstand the world’s most unforgiving climates.

“VEKA subjects its systems to prolonged testing in extremes of heat and cold as part of its development and ongoing quality control process, ensuring that the challenges presented by developments like Barry’s are comprehensively catered for. We can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project and are proud that systems from The VEKA UK Group, fabricated by Qualplas – a long-standing, UK-based VEKA fabricator are being championed on a world stage.”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611



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