ColourCloud set to transform laser scans with fast point cloud colourisation overlay

11th Century church captured with 9 laser scans, colourised in HDR within 15 minutes using ColourCloud
11th Century church captured with 9 laser scans, colourised in HDR within 15 minutes using ColourCloud
  • Breakthrough for architects and surveyors will mean end of stitching, processing images and manually clicking placement points
  • iSTAR camera captures a 50 million pixel image within 20 seconds – the same resolution scan (without colour) would take around 20-30 minutes

NCTech Limited, creators of the ground-breaking iSTAR® 360º panoramic digital imaging device, is launching ColourCloudTM, the world’s fastest automatic HDR point cloud colourisation software. This offers architects and surveyors speedy, pixel-perfect overlay to support iSTAR files and e57 industry standard laser scan outputs from leading scanner manufacturers including Trimble, Leica Geosystems and Faro.

This now means that for architects and surveyors working on location, HDR images are captured at each scan position in just 20 seconds which significantly reduces the time spent ‘on site’, and the ColourCloudTM batch processing capability reduces post-capture scan colourisation to a fraction of the time normally taken.

The ColourCloudTM process provides fully automatic colourisation which speeds up workflow rates, requires no stitching, resolves parallax issues and is precision calibrated to sub-pixel accuracy. The end result is full colour HDR overlay from any laser scan to within +/-2 pixels.

Neil Tocher, Chief Technical Officer of NCTech Limited, explains the concept and development of ColourCloudTM:

“From our research, we know Architecture and Surveying professionals want the ability to speed up workflow rate where laser scanning and imaging is concerned. ColourCloudTM is designed to use a single open file format to integrate into the existing output from software across all manufacturers scanning devices and is a significant improvement on existing processes which can take a professional considerable time to colourise a single 3D scan from a scanner.

“This means that hundreds of millions of 3D scan data points can be colourised from an iSTAR image in seconds. We are redefining the colourisation process with total automation in a fraction of the time it currently takes.”

As a comparison, NCTech Limited highlights an example in which the iSTAR camera captured a 50 million pixel image within 20 seconds; the same resolution scan (without colour) would take around 20-30 minutes.

A high dynamic range capture of up to nine exposures takes just over two minutes with iSTAR. This is a fully automatic process, done at the push of a button.

NCTech Limited’s CEO, Cameron Ure, adds:

“This is a significant milestone in offering the laser scanning market an innovative step-change solution for Architects and Surveyors, whilst delivering a leap in visual quality and detail.

“Via current and prospective clients we know that companies in these professions have been waiting for this product. It saves time, seamlessly assists the entire workflow and the ability to automatically colourise an entire point cloud is ground-breaking for the laser scanning industry.”

More details are available at

NCTech will be holding a webinar on the 10th March to mark the launch of their exciting new ColourCloud automated point-cloud colourisation software. The webinar will demonstrate how the software works and why it is so significant to the laser scanning community. Two sessions will be held to accommodate different global time zones, the first at 09.00 UK time and the second at 17.00 UK time. After registering, participants will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Link to the registration page:



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