Durable no tile solution showerpod is the ideal choice for Student accommodation

ShowerPod Orange

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality accommodation to the student sector, Jon Gauld Student Lets based in Kent, has chosen Coram Showerpods as their preferred supplier for a series of prestigious new developments aimed at students looking for superior accommodation in the area.

Historically John Gauld have installed standard shower units across their developments but found that they were not fit for purpose and so they looked to leading shower manufacturer Coram for a new solution.

Installing a shower tray and tiling a bathroom requires the work of a carpenter, plasterer, tiler and plumber and can take up to three days for the installation to be completed. Coram Shower Pods allow for just one labourer to successfully install a leak-proof pod in only a few hours.

With a Shower Pod, there is no need for tiling, grouting and drying time. The assembly can be completed in one visit, reducing time taken to install, making it an ideal product for large scale developments where installation time is of the essence.

Adam Winton of John Gauld Lets commented “We chose Coram Showerpods because we found we were increasingly replacing the standard shower units we had fitted because the trays were suffering from high levels of wear and tear from our tenants. Coupled with tiling issues, we needed to seek out a much more durable and hard wearing solution for all of our properties and new developments.”

All Coram Shower Pods are designed and built in Britain to suit British building requirements and come with a 25 year guarantee.

To view the full Coram Showerpods range visit www.coramshowerpods.co.uk or for more information call 0115 9400644


2 thoughts on “Durable no tile solution showerpod is the ideal choice for Student accommodation”

  1. These showers look amazing! However, because I do create custom tiled showers, I have to hate them ;)- joking! It is very difficult to hate such a wonderful idea – keep up the great work, but do not show these to any of my clients, please!


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