Find the Complete Floor Package at London Build

At London Build, the UK’s construction industry will be able to see how Flowcrete UK can supply every element that is required for a high performance, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting floor finish.


From June 18th – 19th, the resin flooring specialists will be demonstrating to architects and developers how a combination of  sustainably manufactured screeds underfloor heating  and  resin floor coatings  can be applied within large-scale commercial and industrial constructions.

The rapid installation speeds of these systems and the benefits that they have for end users has made Flowcrete UK a popular flooring partner for many of London’s high-rise residential developments.

At Flowcrete UK’s stand (B56), visitors to the event will be able to find out about the resin flooring specialist’s latest innovation, Isocrete Alpha Screed. An evolution of traditional anhydrite flowing screeds, the Isocrete Alpha Screed can be supplied to the site either ready mixed or in a mobile mixing unit, depending on the project’s needs.

The screed material is then pumped to the various levels of the development, quickly supplying each floor with a self-levelling screed layer. Flowcrete UK’s London based screed-mixing plant operates seven days a week so that the screed can be supplied to a site in the city at the precise moment that the development needs it.


A faster drying time than traditional screeds and a laitance free finish that doesn’t require sanding drastically cuts down on the installation time – a useful benefit for projects on a tight construction timetable.

One of the other key requirements of modern building projects is sustainability. 95% of the alpha hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate binder used in the Isocrete Alpha Screed is reclaimed from waste created by coal power stations to reduce the amount of industrial by-product sent to landfills. This cement free formulation also avoids the environmentally harmful side affects of producing and using cement.

The Isocrete Alpha Screed can be combined with the Isowarm underfloor heating system, which can deliver efficiency savings of up to 30% compared to traditional heating methods. This space saving alternative to radiators is able to deliver targeted, controllable heat across large floor spaces, enhancing the quality of living for the site’s tenants.

Flowcrete UK’s wide range of floor coatings provides architects with a range of colours, styles and effects to choose from. The durability of resin coatings means that the building’s architects and operators can rest assured that the final finish will retain its appearance and functionality for an extended period of time.

The seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco  can even be installed in bespoke patterns to form unique pieces of art underfoot. Decorative aggregates such as mother of pearl, mirror glass, metal and marble are added into the finish of a Mondéco system to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface.

To find out more about Flowcrete UK’s comprehensive range of flooring solutions, talk to the resin flooring experts at stand B56 of London Build 2015.

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