Nullifire launches SC801 intumescent coating for the 120-minute fire protection market


Nullifire has launched a new intumescent coating for the 120-minute fire protection market in the UK and abroad. The innovative SC801 is suitable for use on buildings which require the highest level of fire protection such as large, multi-storey office buildings, hotels, and certain public buildings such as schools, hospitals, municipal offices and leisure centres.

The new coating represents a substantial improvement over the company’s previous products for this market sector giving better loadings across all steel section types, and with wider ranges. SC801 was developed at the company’s own “Centre of excellence” laboratories in Coventry which specialise in intumescent coatings and fire protection optimising modern advancements in passive fire protection technology. It is fully tested to the British Standard BS476 Part 2: 1987.

Steve Plater, UK Sales Manager for Nullifire, comments, “SC801 consolidates Nullifire’s leadership in the 90-120 minute marketplace. We now have the solution for every situation a contractor is likely to face; a modern, highly efficient, water-based coating such as SC801, or our fast track and highly weather- resistant SC902 product. Together these two products form an irresistible combination in finding the most cost-effective way to protect structural steel from fire, and prove that, as the only specialist intumescent producer, Nullifire remains at the forefront of product innovation.”

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