The Alternative Solution for Battling the Housing Crisis

Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis MP at Ecplore Offsite

With the housing crisis hitting the headlines on a daily basis and skills shortages becoming a dominant industry issue, Explore Offsite speakers Simon Tanner and Tom Ground share their views on why this emerging industry could provide the solution.

Explore Offsite in the Housing Sector will present innovations and technologies from industry experts that will reveal how to build better homes at a rapid rate. Taking place 23 & 24 March 2016, at the NEC, Birmingham, the event will be a platform for social and private sector housing professionals, architects, engineers and contractors to come together to pave a new way forward for the industry.

Visitors to the event will hear first-hand from Simon Tanner and Tom Ground, who both feel so passionately about offsite c construction; they felt compelled to share their in-depth insight at the Explore Offsite conference.

Here are just a few reasons why they think it is the essential event for all those involved in both the housing sector.

Simon Tanner, Y: Cube Development Consultant – YMCA :SimonTanner

“It is important that everyone loses the preconceived notion that offsite construction is in some way inferior to other methods of construction. By attending Explore Offsite, visitors will hear first-hand how these buildings are already helping to alleviate the housing situation in many areas and be able to explore how that might be expanded further.”

Tom Ground, CEO of Legal and General:


“I am very much looking forward to speaking at Explore Offsite in Birmingham. My fellow speakers, delegates and exhibitors will represent those at the forefront of the offsite industry in the UK and the event will be an excellent chance to source business opportunities, network and discuss trends in our industry. I expect to see increasingly rapid advances in offsite construction technology becoming utilised in production methods, enhancing the competitive advantage that offsite has over traditional construction methods.”

The full interviews are available to view on the Explore Offsite Group page on LinkedIn.

To book your ticket visit


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