Celebrate the best in precision building design and delivery at the Offsite Awards

The Reward for Well Done Work is the Opportunity To Do More!
Celebrate the best in precision building design and delivery at the Offsite Awards
There are so many ‘glittering’ reasons for entering awards but having a good night out is not top of the list when it comes to business imperatives! With the deadline looming for the Offsite Awards on the 31 July 2016 – here are just five reasons why entering these awards is a sound business decision:
  • Taking centre stage at such a high profile event showcases your outstanding projects, innovative products or dynamic people at a national level – maximising industry exposure and creating new business opportunities.
  • Winning awards is great PR – it is the highest form of endorsement from an independent, knowledgeable and well respected peer group. Ultimately awards help shape perceptions and publically position your business as an industry innovator.
  • Reaching the finals increases credibility and through strategic selection of categories, awards can draw attention to areas of the business in which you excel.

  • Awards can open the doors to new clients, finding new supply chains and entering new markets. They are an ideal networking opportunity and by being involved, can act as a springboard to forming new business relationships.
  • Winning such an award can have a hugely positive impact on staff morale and productivity – award success is testament to good work and innovation. A big ‘pat on the back’ for all those involved and the potential to attract new talent to your business!
The Offsite Awards are now considered one of the highlights of the offsite construction calendar, where national business leaders and distinguished figures from the construction sector assemble to honour the industry’s finest.
If you have an outstanding project, innovative product and/ or dynamic people promoting excellence in offsite construction across the UK, then enter the Offsite Awards by 31 July 2016 to receive the recognition you deserve!
Or if you are interested in sponsoring this prestigious event please contact Julie Richards on: 01743 290001 or julie.richards@radar-communications.co.uk

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