Power Bollards provide a safe, secure outdoor power supply for Gravesham Borough Council


Pop Up Power Supplies® were approached by council planners to provide an outdoor power supply for an area outside the local civic centre.

Pop Up Power Supplies® were able to offer their range of power bollards to provide a safe, secure and silent outdoor power supply.  Specified in a Button Top Supply Bollard with hatch closure, the slim bollards are all located around the perimeter area next to walls, and as a result have a limited impact on the outdoor area.

The power bollards are a popular choice of street furniture as they are an elegant design and complement the surround environment well with their sleek aesthetics.  George Parker, Director of Pop Up Power Supplies® commented, “Our range of Power Bollards were ideal for the area right outside the civic centre for Gravesham Borough Council.   The sleek design of the bollards is helped with the brushed stainless steel finish, which complements the surrounding metal railings and street furnishings.

The bollards provide a reliable, secure outdoor power supply, and are totally encased therefore are a safe option for the large footfall the area gets.”

Pop Up Power Supplies® range of stainless steel power bollards provide between 220 and 400 volts and 125A of power.  They are available with standard configurations plus additional equipment is available for a completely bespoke outdoor power solution.



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