New living wall launched could lead to 20% carbon reduction

Keep the pace of sustainability

Construction scaffoldings can be unpleasant at sight and very noisy, besides the fact that they can last many years depending on construction schedules and type of works.

What if we could reduce noise pollution from the site, diminish carbon emissions  and make the site on construction look more attractive while work is on going? Arup studio in collaboration with Green Fortune, a Swedish Living Wall manufacturer company, has developed an interesting idea to turn this into a reality.

The first building, that is currently be tested, is located in the very heart of London, Mayfair district. St Mark’s building, an historical church I Grade listed, is owned by Grosvenor, a long lasting property group, which operates in cities around the world. The aim of the project is to transform the existing building into new retail and community space by 2017.

st-marks-building St Mark’s Church, Mayfair District , London

While the renovation works are being carried out…

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