H+H and SIG Offsite collaboration helps meet housing demand

Celcon Elements

In a unique collaboration, H+H UK Ltd and SIG Offsite have worked together to create the SIG I-House – an innovative housebuilding system incorporating Celcon Elements from H+H. 

The SIG I-House provides all the speed of offsite construction with the familiarity of a traditional build, from foundations to roof in just five days.

The system can encompass the inner leaves of external cavity walls, floors, lintel, cavity closers, insulation and roof trusses. With the inclusion of soffit and fascia, the system delivers the internal skin of a property, fully wrapped and ready for follow-on trades.

Created at a time when there is a demand to increase the volume of house building and when skilled workers are in short supply, the system is a one stop shop for clients – with a single contractor required to deliver the whole house shell.

The system is intended for the construction of domestic houses of up to two storey height, replacing the structure of the inner leaf of external cavity walls, separating walls and internal partitions with storey height Celcon Elements.

Installed by the SIG Offsite team, Celcon Elements are craned into place and fixed using H+H element mortar.  Timber I-Joist cassette floors are used in conjunction with the system to maintain the speed of build and roofs are either standard truss construction or the ‘Roofspace I-Roof’ – panelised roof system.  All components are raised into position by crane.

Celcon Elements are manufactured from the same intrinsic material as aircrete blocks and have the same performance advantages including excellent thermal performance with reduced heat loss at thermal bridges.



2 thoughts on “H+H and SIG Offsite collaboration helps meet housing demand”

  1. Hi Kristy,

    I often read your posts with interest.

    I am Director of a architect and building firm operating in Tasmania, Australia. We are constructing bespoke houses out of large modules in the workshop and putting them together very effeciently onsite. Our SIPs are 2400mm which is twice the size available in Australia to date, can span up to 6m for a floor SIP and 9m for a roof SIP. The inner core is free of polystyrene and is rather a product called Earth Wool, made from recycled bottles. The outer skin is structural ply hardwood milled from sustainably managed forests in Tasmania. We are creating a market for timbers that would once have been used for wood chips to be utilised into a structural system. Hence we call them eSIPS, due to their environmental sustainability credentials.

    I have attached a couple of youtube videos of our work, photos can be seen on our website. You may notice the design freedom we have by flat packing our buildings. More can be seen on the website at http://www.valleyworkshop.com.

    I would love for you do do a post on our innovative building methods we’re doing down here in Tasmania.



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    1. Hello Penny,

      I’m glad that you find the posts informative. I’ve checked out the links, very innovative, sustainable too!

      I follow the ‘warrenfrencharchitect blog’ and will be happy to reblog a post highlighting the building process and benefits. 🙂


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