Here you will find the latest news from the built environment including images, video presentations and press releases from some of the top building product manufacturers.

If you have any product or project stories, I would love to hear from you – 020 8241 1766 –


12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Kristy,
    Great to get connected! By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog (personal one).
    I would definitely keep your blog in mind for future projects.
    If you happen to be in Toronto, please let me know.

    Onah Jung


  2. A different take on buildings from my ‘bricks’ post but just as interesting, I have to admit being out of the trade for a while I am behind with up to date developments with building materials in general as I know construction practices have changed tremendously since I was laying bricks. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kirsty I hope to follow up my post with other stories about bricks, earth shattering I know lol.


  3. You have some excellent blogs here, will some time to browse through though look forward to doing so. Perhaps we can learn a few tricks as we are a new company looking at ways to reach out to others in the construction, heating and plumbing industries so as to let them know about our premade/soldered copper pipe and fittings that you read about in our blog – and that save time, thus money, and are safer to work with.

    Thanks Kirsty Keep up the good work!


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