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Introducing the new Geberit Bathroom Collection

The market-leading sanitary brand which brought you Geberit AquaClean, Geberit Duofix and Geberit Mapress is proud to announce the launch of the Geberit Bathroom Collection. With 150 years of behind and in front of the wall experience, Geberit expands its know-how into an exciting collection of ceramics, furniture and mirrors; ideal for residential projects and hotels.

Geberit Bathroom Collection

Swiss innovation combines with the vision of Europe’s leading product designers to deliver a five-series collection, where elegant design meets outstanding function – placing comfort, usability and new cleanliness technologies at the heart of the modern bathroom as never before.

The Geberit Bathroom Collection offers exciting design solutions for any space, with a wide range of standard and short projection washbasins and toilets, bidets, mirrored cabinets and cleverly designed furniture with generous storage. Function pervades throughout with innovations including Geberit Rimfree® toilets, Geberit AquaClean shower toilets, the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit and advanced KeraTect® ceramic glazes.

Geberit Bathroom Collection

Design meets function is the ethos behind the whole Geberit Bathroom Collection which includes the sophisticated Geberit Acanto series where the development of bathroom ergonomics is taken to an all new level. The result is the development of furniture and cabinets at the perfect reach height for various family members and compartments of the right size and shape to store daily used products within an optimum reach zone.

Furniture in the Acanto series can be combined in any number of ways to create a truly individual solution and is offered in a trend-setting mixture of materials and surfaces including glass, metal, painted and wood finishes.  The range also comprises a wide range of washbasins,  Rimfree® toilets and bathtubs.

Further ranges include Citterio which offers timeless elegance with geometric lines and gentle organic curves; Xeno2 – a pure and minimalistic design concept with distinctive products; iCon – a timeless, clear design offering graphical clarity and extraordinary options; and Smyle an attractive combination of harmonious design and functionality.  A complementary offering of illuminated mirrors and mirrored cabinets is also available with Geberit Option.

“With the launching of the Geberit Bathroom Collection it is now possible to offer architects, designers and specifiers a comprehensive range of products both in front of and behind the wall that meet the brand‘s exacting quality standards,” comments Geberit UK Managing Director, Mark Larden. “All the sanitary solutions for creating a dream bathroom can now be obtained from a single, inspirational source.“

For more information call Geberit on 01926 516800 or visit

External wood solution for all needs

OrganoWood® is the latest name in sustainable wood protection and is building a reputation amongst architects, professionals and end users as the external wood treatment of choice for a number of different applications.

Offering three leading products – OrganoWood® 01 Protection, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent and OrganoWood® 03 Cleaner – OrganoWood has developed a product for all exterior wood requirement. Providing a high quality alternative the chemical pressure treatments, OrganoWood is favoured by those who are discouraged by using chemicals for either sustainable or applications reasons, such as environments where there the wood has a close contact to children, animals or vegetation.

eco friendly wood protection

“We are thrilled that OrganoWood is being used by so many different users, for so many different applications,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director at OrganoWood UK. “It’s widespread application and ability to protect exterior wood in all environments is without doubt one of its best features. We hope that users continue to find new uses for the solution.”

The external protection and aesthetic qualities delivered through the OrganoWood range makes it an ideal solution for wooden cladding. OrganoWood® Protection 01 provides an unrivalled natural protection against fire and rot decay with OrgnanoWood® 02 repelling water and rot from taking hold in the material – essential to ensure long lasting building integrity.

OrganoWood is often specified to meet the high performance requirements for wooden decking, promenades and jetties. As well as providing water and rot resistance, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent hardens the wooden surface, making it less likely to split or crack. Through its proprietary technology, which mimics the natural fossilisation process, OrganoWood smoothens the surface, ensuring the decking the safe to walk on barefoot.


Providing high quality protection without the use of toxic chemicals or heavy metals, OrganoWood is the ideal solution to use on external wood in environments with close contact to children and animals. Requiring little or no maintenance for up to five years, OrganoWood is favoured by those who work on schools, leisure facilities, agricultural buildings, playgrounds, and in public spaces.

wood protection

wood protection

Finally, as well as providing unrivalled eco-friendly protection, OrganoWood allows the timber to age gracefully – gradually enhancing the aesthetics to a silvery-grey hue over time. In particular, this makes it a popular choice for external garden fences and furniture, such as benches, tables and wooden planters.

Manufactured in Sweden, OrganoWood has employed some of nature’s own tricks to develop lasting, effective and unique wood protection that is entirely non-toxic – without the use of harmful heavy metals, biocides and solvents. OrganoWood products are classed as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and are verified by FSC® (FSC-C120532) and PEFC™ (05-35-168), achieving the highest ecological standards.

For stockists and more information on OrganoWood®, please call 01296 323770 or visit  

Osmo moves in with the Royals

Osmo wood treatmentOsmo is proud to announce that its wood finish products have been used by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers on a gift for Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The English charity for the furniture industry created a children‘s table and four chairs and coated the gift with Osmo Wood Wax Finish to ensure the woods surface is both safe and colourful.

wood treament

Good children‘s furniture should be of high quality in terms of craftmanship, building materials and surface treatments. The product should be robust and completely free of harmful substances. When selecting the wood finishes for Princess Charlotte’s furniture, the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers chose Osmo exactly for these reasons.

Osmo wood treatment

“We are delighted that the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers chose Osmo to finish Princess Charlotte’s gift,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK. “Osmo prides itself in offerning environmentally and child safe wood finishes that include no toxic chemicals and is water, dirt, saliva and stain resistant. These qualities make it ideal to use on children’s toys and furniture. We hope Princess Charlotte enjoys her table and chairs.”

Osmo wood treatment

Designer Steuart Padwick wanted to specify bright colours to help inspire Princess Charlotte’s creativity to draw, paint and play at her table. Especially for this project, Osmo was able to provide custom colour tones to match the designer‘s colourful specification.

All Osmo wood finishes are based on natural oils and waxes. These raw plant materials are purified and refined in complex processes and are harmless in a dry state. The natural colour pigments found in the finishes are also approved for the food industry and free of hazardous heavy metals and contaminants.

Osmo Wood Wax Finish provides a water and dirt-repellent surface, is resistant to saliva and stains. In order to appeal to the Royal Children, Osmo Wood Wax Finish was applied in custom colour tones that were created according to the designer’s specifications.

For more information on Osmo’s child friendly wood finishes, please call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit

Wall to wall inspiration with MATCH panels


Rarely can we say that a new product, changes the face of interior design for professionals in the commercial world. However with MATCH, that statement is entirely true.  This new designer panel range from Vicaima removes the limitations experienced with more commonly used decorative finishes and allows limitless design possibilities with multiple applications ranging from wall panels to furniture. 

Vicaima MATCH

Window Displays_16300025072016

MATCH is a revolutionary decorative panel that uses innovative H2P technology and advanced production processes to create tailor-made graphic or pictorial solutions directly onto veneered and other base layers. In this way a collection of décor elements can be brought together to create synergy to a theme or chosen style, such as wall panels, integrated door systems, displays and furniture, untethering creative flair and removing the boundaries to realising unique concepts.

Depending upon the desired application, Vicaima MATCH is available in a selection of panel types with differing physical and mechanical properties, appropriate to their desired performance and covered by EN standards. These include plywood , MDF with improved resistance to fire or moisture , among others. The combination between the composition of the product and the advanced manufacturing technology used with the surface materials, allows Vicaima to achieve unparalleled results. This is perhaps particularly illustrated in the use of surfaces utilizing natural veneers, where the product is able to reproduce colors and original and unique designs to spectacular effect.

These new MATCH panels have been designed to provide a flexible answer to a broad scope of commercial project requirements with an offering that includes: choice of base materials including MDF, Superpan and Plywood; selection of surface layers and coatings, all in a choice of industry applicable dimensions. With outstanding performance, product flexibility and the ability to create a truly unique space, MATCH introduces a new level for commercial interior design. It’s the ideal inspiration for hotel and leisure applications, corporate environments, schools and public places, industry display and exhibitions together with so much more.

Vicaima MATCH
MATCH Acqua Triangles from the Geometric collection.

For specifiers needing a little steer to spark their imagination and who may not wish to create a totally bespoke design, MATCH also provides a wealth of stimulus with some truly creative collections. Containing 36 individual patterns within 6 contemporary and inventive themes, these include the opulence of Black Marble, the optically challenging Origami through to the traditional and authentic Portuguese Tile. 

MATCH bespoke design as used in furniture applications

For further details about how Vicaima MATCH can inspire you, technical specifications or to download a catalogue visit the Vicaima Match website today

Keramag Design’s Citterio Collection inspires with timeless, Italian design

Keramag Design

Keramag Design’s Citterio Collection, designed by the world famous Italian architect Antonio Citterio, harmonises crisp geometric contours and organic shapes in one.

Citterio offers a sleek, timeless elegance which will appeal to a broad church of customers from high-end private properties to commercial projects.

The luxurious modular furniture, pictured in oak grey brown woodgrain with black glass fronts, complements the gentle curves of the inner washbasins and features compartmentalised storage and smooth-running soft-close drawers. The furniture is also available with the body in oak natural beige and the glass front in taupe.

The frames of the stylish illuminated mirrors match the vanity units to emphasise the crisp geometry of the furniture. Tall cabinets are available with glass fronts or open shelving, in addition to wall-hung toilets and bidets, to complete the sense of luxury.

For further information on Keramag Design visit

James Latham supports community project with Accoya®



James Latham has supplied a community project with Accoya – the high performance, modified and long life wood – that has transformed an abandoned, overgrown area in Bristol into a thriving pocket park designed for storytelling.

The Accoya was used to create an eye-catching piece of sculpture in the form of a snaking bench which was designed by architecture students from UWE (University of the West of England) and was made by contemporary furniture makers Ooma Design of Corsham (


Through consultation with local residents, it was decided that sharing stories is a group activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and provide a platform for communication.

Dr Rachel Sara, Associate Professor in Architecture at UWE commented, “The team wanted to create a piece of sculpture, that when placed on site, transformed the area into a space tailored for storytelling.  The sculpture is expressed as a continuous curved bench containing and sheltering a focused story circle and the seating can accommodate small groups and individuals.


“We are extremely grateful to James Latham’s depot at Yate for having supplied Accoya wood.  Accoya is an extensively proven and high performance wood and because of the modification technique that is used, it is ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.  I know both the students and the team at Ooma Design have been really impressed with it.”

Andy Duffin, Operations Director of Lathams Limited said, “By creating this park, the team has inspired the community to engage with and maintain a unique area of green space within the urban street scape of Bedminster which otherwise would have remained an overgrown, disused space to store building waste.  We were delighted to help and to see how Accoya had been used in such and imaginative and original application.”


Vastern Timber unveils Brimstone at Ecobuild

Public debut for the first commercially available thermally modified British timber


Vastern Timber will be exhibiting at Ecobuild 2016 and will be unveiling Brimstone, the first commercially available thermally modified British timber. Sourced exclusively from English and Welsh woodlands, the Brimstone range is ideal for cladding, decking, external joinery and furniture, and includes thermally modified ash, sycamore and poplar.

vt2During the thermal modification process the timber is super-heated to temperatures between 160° and 210°. The combination of high heat and steam reconfigures the wood to deliver a material of exceptional stability, durability and aesthetic uniformity that is highly resistant to mould and fungus. The dark brown colouring of Brimstone products and their performance in exterior applications make them ideal replacements for tropical timber products.

Speaking about the launch, Tom Barnes, Managing Director of Vastern Timber said “Imported thermally modified products are already available and growing in popularity as the benefits become more widely recognised. However, what sets Brimstone apart is that it is produced exclusively from trees grown in English and Welsh woodlands, and from species that are currently underused. The development of the range has been born out of a desire to offer a truly sustainable thermally modified product that supports our local domestic woodlands.

“The process involves no chemicals and does not rely on impregnating the timber. The most impressive outcome of the thermal modification process is that products are significantly more stable than non-modified timbers resulting in significantly less expansion and contraction when faced with changes in ambient temperature and humidity, making them a superior solution for a range of exterior uses. Additionally, the process reconfigures wood that would normally rot when used outside, into products that will last 30 years and more without treatment.


“Creating value for our native woodlands and the principal of local sourcing has been a central driver for development of the Brimstone range. Thermal modification is a truly exciting development that could potentially change the fortunes of British mixed woodlands. It represents a real opportunity to improve the management of our mixed woodlands by creating a demand for lesser used white hardwoods.”

To view the new Brimstone thermally modified timber range, visit Vastern Timber on stand E3161

A bespoke rocking chair gets the Osmo treatment

The demand for handmade furnishings continues to remain high across the country. With each product created by dedicated and skilled craftspeople, the hours of hard work that goes into each product results in a unique and lasting product that many wholesalers cannot compete with.

Steve Slack, the owner of Wood Charm started woodworking as a hobby but has now honed and fine-tuned his skill to make it his profession, creating beautiful bespoke products. One of his more recent projects was a handcrafted rocking chair and due to the importance of prolonging its fine detail and look, finished the product with Osmo’s Wood Protector Oil and Polyx®-Oil Rapid.


“I have been using Osmo wood finishes for the last few years,” explains Steve. “The products allow the wood to breathe and don’t alter the colour of the timber – two important features in my eyes.    Another reason why I enjoy working with Osmo finishes is they are very quick and easy to apply. For this project, I wiped the finish on with a cloth, waited 5 minutes, and then wiped off the excess.”

When finishing the chair, Steve applied two coats of Osmo Wood Protector, a unique preservative wood primer, and then applied Polyx®-Oil Rapid.  Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil Rapid is a premium wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. As the name suggests, this product offers rapid drying times. Ideal as a durable finish for furniture, it is a high quality, water-repellent wood finish, based on natural ingredients.  Available in a matt, clear and satin-matt finishes, the Polyx®-Oil Rapid range offers the highest coverage of any oil on the market – a 2.5 litre can cover approximately 30m² with two coats.

As well as being suitable for furniture, Polyx®-Oil Rapid is also suitable for use on all wooden floors and can be used on cork floors and for terracotta and other unglazed tiles.  It is also well suited for the treatment of internal joinery.  Polyx®-Oil Rapid has a clear, quick drying, durable finish, is water repellent and extremely tough and hard-wearing.osmo

Polyx®-Oil Rapid is available from Osmo UK direct or from its nationwide network of stockists. For more information contact Osmo UK on 01296 481220, email, or alternatively visit  

New labs are a scientific breakthrough for Penwortham


Penwortham Priory Academy is a school with innovation at its heart. It’s here that 13 year old Jamie Edwards became the youngest person in the world to create nuclear fusion in 2014.

To enable all students to make their own personal scientific breakthroughs, the school wanted to turn their existing labs into cutting edge learning spaces as part of a £750,000 investment project.

Briefed with creating an open plan learning environment to facilitate collaborative teaching styles and fire students’ enthusiasm for STEM subjects, education interior specialists Innova Design Solutions have designed, manufactured and installed a space that truly inspires.

Labs dating from the 1950s have been replaced by an ultra modern environment including wet and dry labs, preparation areas and a research space.

The facilities centre on a vibrant, space age style collaboration and research area with flexible tables to encourage group and independent study. Colourful armchairs and coffee tables provide a space for ‘breakout’ sessions, whilst bright storage walls and futuristic orb display units provides the facility to display students’ work.

Mobile glass screens which double as writing boards allow staff and students to reconfigure the space to meet their needs, whilst an ICT area with spacious sawtooth desking provides space for online research.


Wet and dry labs for practical and theory studies border the research area. Designed using Innova’s unique Hot Corners concept, the wet lab provides a working classroom and practical laboratory within the same space. With services located on the front face of the units, the layout maximises desk space, allowing sufficient room for both practical and theory lessons and reducing student distraction.

In the dry lab movable pod units allow the desks to be reconfigured to suit a range of different teaching and learning styles, providing maximum flexibility.

Tough, durable Trespa Toplab work surfaces, resistant to damage from chemical spills have been installed throughout the labs, guaranteeing them a lifespan that will endure the experimentation and innovation of generations of students.


A large open plan prep room offers a spacious environment for lesson preparation and storage. A central preparation desk gives technicians a clutter-free space to set up practical sessions, whilst perimeter units offer a safe, secure storage solution for chemicals and equipment.

To support biology studies and encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility for animals a pet zone was created, housing insects, hamsters and fish. Perforated perspex cabinets were fitted into a wall of stylish black storage units to house the animals cages, giving the Penwortham pets a new home perfectly in keeping with their cutting edge surroundings.

Matt Eastham, headteacher at Penwortham Priory said ‘Working with Innova on our new state of the art science block was painless from beginning to end. Right from design through to install, Innova made us feel part of the entire process, allowing us to work closely with the team so that the end result is a facility that is great for Priory, great for our pupils and great for the way we want our pupils to learn. We now have a learning environment in Science that is exciting, innovative and engaging, a facility we are very proud of, thanks in no small part to the team at Innova.’

For more information please visit or call 0161 477 5300.

Steelcase Solutions supports new college

Commitment to innovative education

By Nick Lyons, Business Development Director, Scotland, Steelcase Solutions.

Media House 2

Steelcase Solutions, the UK’s leading office interiors company, has underlined its commitment to innovative education by supporting a new college which offers alternative education programmes for teenagers.


Newlands Junior College in Glasgow has been established to deliver new form of education involving alternative educational programmes aimed at young people aged 14 to 16 years old who have potential but may find their current secondary school education does not suit their learning styles or goals.

The college, which was created by entrepreneur Jim McColl,  is recruiting 30 pupils from local schools and put them through an alternative approach to their education in years S3 and S4 which, in addition to academic subjects, will combine vocational training and motivational training with sports, nutrition and outdoor activities.

Steelcase Solutions has been working with the college, based on the south side of Glasgow, since its inception and has provided advice on creating inspiring learning environments as well as products which support active learning.

Nick Lyons, Business Development Director for Steelcase Solutions in Scotland, said: “We are pleased and privileged to be part of this extremely worthwhile project.

Media House 3

“One of the biggest frustrations for teachers and educators today is the unsuitability of the learning environment. We see new schools emerging but time and again the actual learning spaces are still adhering to designs that belong to previous centuries.

“Despite revolutionary technology, the information explosion, and an interconnected planet, not to mention improved teaching and learning methods, the typical college classroom is often fixed in time like a museum.

“Of course,  there’s often a computer in the corner that can pull up a YouTube video, maybe even an electronic whiteboard. But the scene rarely changes: rows of hard chairs with little tablet arms, a writing board attached to the wall, an instructor’s lectern – in short, everything geared to the lecture format developed back when the only iPad was a chalk slate. Can 19th century classroom design be the best way to prepare students for the 21st century knowledge economy? I doubt it.IMG_0025

“Students today are far more connected but schools generally haven’t accommodated what students can do, or adjusted what educators  try to do with them. You see students using laptops or other devices, but the instruction often isn’t designed to take up on the fact that they’re coming to class with those tools.

“The ethos of Newlands Junior College is to stimulate and engage teenagers, who may not find mainstream education suits their needs, and to help them realise their potential. This involved creating active learning environments which make a significant difference in the engagement of students.


“This new approach is taking root in schools and colleges across the country and  Newlands is pioneering in its approach. We are pleased to play a part in realising its own ambitions.

Studies shows that classrooms designed for active learning—i.e., where physical space supports a focus on engaging experiences for students and faculty— have a significant effect on student engagement.

Media House 4

“A Steelcase Education research programme was undertaken to build upon and contribute to this growing body of evidence that the learning environment impacts students’ success and engagement is a key predicting factor.

“A robust survey instrument, titled the Active Learning Post Occupancy Evaluation (AL-POE) tool, was developed specifically for measuring the impact of classroom design on student engagement. Engagement is widely recognised as a highly probable predictor of student success.

“The majority of students and faculty reported that the new classrooms contributed to higher engagement, the expectation of better grades, more motivation and more creativity

“Decision makers at educational institutions, architects and designers can be assured that investments in solutions intentionally designed to support active learning can create more effective classrooms and higher student engagement. Furthermore, there’s now evidence that these classrooms encourage and enable educators to practice active learning methods.

Media House 1

Iain White, Principal of Newlands Junior College said: “It has been fantastic to be in partnership with Steelcase Solutions.  Their furniture meets our needs in terms of quality and flexibility and ease of use.  Being involved with a company that understands our requirements and is passionate about providing an optimum learning environment is a joy.”