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Sika Sarnafil branches out with unique garden room project

In possibly the only building of its kind in the UK, Sika Sarnafil single ply membrane has been used to waterproof a garden room with a live tree growing through it.

Hackney-based architect, Andrew Leckenby, specialises in working with private clients to improve their homes. But when it came to extending his family home, Andrew became his own client. Living in an urban area meant imagination was required to increase his living area.


Deciding to make the most of his home’s outdoor space, Andrew settled on a garden room. However, the rear of the garden contained a beautiful false acacia tree, which he did not want to remove. Thinking outside the box, Andrew drew up plans for a room that would incorporate the tree, making it the focal point of the space.

Andrew explained: “There are countless examples of trees being integrated with architecture – but these are generally found in countries where it doesn’t rain quite as much! To be able to achieve the same effect in the UK, we needed a roofing membrane that was flexible enough to allow the tree to sway and grow, as well as being durable enough to keep the building watertight.”

Andrew had specified Sika Sarnafil on many extensive commercial projects during his career working with larger architectural practices, so knew that the product would meet his requirements.


“Faced with a challenging roof design, I instantly thought of Sika Sarnafil. As the industry leading single ply membrane, after decades of specifying it for corporate clients, I was confident that I could trust its quality and durability. In addition, Sarnafil’s Registered Contractor scheme allowed me to identify an installer that had the training and experience to do the job – essential for detailing of this nature.”

The finished article is a striking, yet homely multi-functional space, used as a garden room that extends the summer season, a home office – and not to mention a unique sleepover location for Andrew’s son.


A member of the Sika Sarnafil technical team inspected the project once complete and awarded a 15 year guarantee on the roof. The low maintenance membrane means Andrew only has to check the waterproofing once a year to ensure the detailing around the tree is still sound. A small price to pay, says Andrew, for such a fantastic family space.

For more information on Sika Sarnafil’s products and services, call 01707 394444, email or visit

Visit the Leckenby Architecture website for more details on Andrew Leckenby’s architectural design and consultancy services.

Big Foot Systems Answers DIY SOS from Great Ormond Street Hospital Project

Bigfoot Systems
Nick Knowles of DIY SOS with Rachel Levy from Big Foot Systems in the rooftop garden at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Big Foot Systems is thrilled to have helped Nick Knowles & the BBC DIY SOS team on a rooftop garden project at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children in London. The company supplied its very popular H Frame supports as part of the project which involved the creation of a rooftop garden area – a space which will provide a much needed sanctuary for children, carers and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The garden, designed by Chris Beardshaw, had its public debut at RHS Chelsea Flower Show on 23 May 2016 where it received a gold medal. The award winning garden was then moved and adapted by the BBC DIY SOS team so it could be permanently sited at the hospital. The ambitious project features over 30 mature trees, around 1,000 plants, over 30 tonnes of soil, and took over 70 crane lifts to reach its destination in the centre of the hospital on the roof of the old boiler house.

Bigfoot Systems
A view at the rooftop garden at Great Ormond Street Hospital

The transformational space is now a charming garden featuring symbolic references to the relationships between children, parents and clinicians, something which designer Chris Beardshaw was keen to highlight in the design. At Great Ormond Street hospital there was a real need for somewhere close to the wards which could offer a calm and reflective space for those who need it, even if it is just for a few moments, the new rooftop garden provides this calm peaceful space.            

Speaking of the company’s involvement in the project, Big Foot Systems Product Manager, Sam Birch said “When we were contacted and asked to provide some products for the DIY SOS Great Ormond Street Hospital project, we jumped at the chance to be involved. This is such a worthy cause and one which, as a company we were more than happy to be involved in. We were also honoured to be invited to the official unveiling of the finished garden which had gone into it was very impressive”.

The DIY SOS programme, which airs on BBC One on Thursday 10 November at 20:00, shows the huge efforts which went into the design and build of the garden space both on and off screen – a massive success for all involved.

At the Great Ormond Street roof garden Big Foot’s H Frames were used to support and distribute the load of a wall in the roof garden. Quick, versatile and economical, Big Foot’s H Frames are traditionally designed to support pipework, duct, cable ladders/trays or any combination of these in construction projects, helping to ensure a safe and secure flat roof. Offering a versatile application, installers provide their own strut keeping the duct and pipe installations low-cost by fabricating the strut frameworks on site. Featuring an innovative design, the H Frame Set 305mm is interchangeable with three strut sizes with one foot fitting all. The support is also compatible with industry standard componentry also adding to application flexibility.

For further information on all products and services offered by Big Foot Systems email: or telephone 01323 844355.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing – not just decorative

Resin Bound Surfacing

There are a variety of resin bound surfacing systems appearing on the market, all claiming to do the same job – provide a decorative, functional permeable paving system. All seem “much of a muchness” apart from price.

However, resin bound surfacing systems can differ not only in quality and longevity but in other factors such as slip resistance, sustainability, health and safety and cost per square metre. So what features should be considered?


Currently there are no set standards in resin bound surfacing; it is therefore worth looking at the following credentials which are indicative of a reliable manufacturer.

ISO 9001 certificate – the accreditation for a company’s quality management systems.

ISO 14001 certificate – the accreditation for a company’s environmental management systems.

OH SAS 18001 certificate – this accreditation is the British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

FERFA membership – FERFA is the leading authority for 40 years on resin flooring systems. FERFA members subscribe to FeRFA Codes of Practice requiring high standards of operation, management, technical service, health & safety and business integrity.

Types of resin

The best resin bound surfacing systems use aliphatic resins rather than aromatic resins. An aliphatic resin is preferable to an aromatic resin because it will not yellow or darken in sunlight or become brittle when exposed to UV light.

Ratio of resin to aggregate

This should be minimum 7% to ensure consistent strength and performance of the system. Any less can drastically reduce the performance of the system.

Application thickness and the cost to the environment

This can vary, but a good quality system should be laid from 15mm for pedestrian traffic and 18mm for vehicular traffic. Cheaper resin systems need to be laid thicker meaning project costs go up whilst more materials transported to site make the system less environmentally friendly.

Slip resistance

A good system should conform to BS 8204-6:2008+A1:2010 Appendix B. Aggregate blends can vary in their slip resistance but all should achieve ’low potential for slip’ in both wet and dry conditions. Using Pendulum Test Values (PTV) the risk of slip categories are graded as follows:

0 – 24 = High Slip Potential

25 – 35 = Moderate Slip Potential

36+ = Low Slip Potential.

Quality control

A two part system where the catalyst is built into the manufacturing process should only be sourced. Systems that require a catalyst to be added by an operative on site rather than a chemist increase the risk of poor performance through guesswork.

Permeability – SuDS compliant system

A resin bound surfacing system should be permeable, but permeability rates can vary depending on the aggregate size.

So to sum up resin bound surfacing systems can vary greatly in terms of consistency and performance. Check the manufacturer’s data sheet carefully and remember if a feature isn’t listed, it is probably because the product does not have that feature!

If you are still unsure then ask for technical help, the Ronacrete Technical Department will be happy to assist.

Chelsea Flower Show – Brewin Dolphin Garden

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was laid to a floating pathway running through an award winning garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2016. The aggregate selection included crushed glass blends of green, blue and purple.

The Project
“Forever Freefolk” the silver medal winning garden at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show was designed by Rosy Hardy and sponsored by Brewin Dolphin, the main contractor was Bowles Wyer. The garden is based on Freefolk, Hampshire and the high security paper-making industry supported by the River Test located near the designer’s nursery.
Ronacrete Approved Contractor, Graveltech were selected as installers of the RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing on the raised pathway that wound itself through the garden.
“I wanted a path that sparkled picking up the colours of my planting. The glass resin paving fitted the bill completely, looking great in bright sunlight and duller conditions.” Rosy Hardy, Garden Designer

Rosy Hardy’s nursery is situated on chalk downland close to the River Test which is a typical example of a chalk stream. The chalk provides an excellent filter for the water so that it is extremely pure. For this reason the water in the River Test was used by the Huguenots, when they moved to the area in the 1730s, to watermark banknotes. The Huguenots also realised the importance of preventing forgery and so ran a silver thread through the bank note, this is reflected in the garden by the stream running through it and by the resin bound pathway that follows the stream.

Visitors are led along the path through a dry chalk stream bed towards its source. The route takes them through shady, dry chalk, grassland and damp areas with appropriate plants for each landscape.

Another idea came from a picture of a fishing hut floating above the River Test, this resulted in the creation of the floating pathway running through the garden. A spherical aluminium sculpture provides the focal point of the garden and hovers above the resin bound pathway. This was inspired by how the chalk beds were formed. Coccospheres are the calcium carbonate skeletons of plankton that washed up on the seabed and form the main constituent of chalk. So a coccosphere was sculpted from aluminium and placed in the garden.

Product and Application
The RonaDeck Resin Bound surfacing was laid to the floating pathway by Hertfordshire based, RonaDeck Resin Bound Approved Contractor Graveltech. A selection of specialist aggregate blends were included that included crushed glass in green, blue and purple.



Of the 160.000 visitors attending this great British summer event, a great percentage will have visited this award winning garden and stood on the resin bound pathway to admire not only the surrounding colours but those beneath their feet.

01279 638700

Brett Revives Courtyard At National Centre For Circus Arts


Brett Landscaping recently supplied over 700m2 of paving to installers Marshall K Paving Contractors Ltd for installation at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London.

The centre, which is based within a former Victorian power station in Hoxton Square, is of one Europe’s leading circus skill educators and was the training ground for performers involved in the 2012 Paralympic and Olympic opening ceremonies.  In addition, the impressive building is a sought after venue and offers a unique selection of city spaces for event hire.

Director of the Centre, Jon Dix explains:

‘One area of the building, the Courtyard, was earmarked for renovation, but due to a seven-day-a-week timetable and the area being in continual use, this had to be done within a very tight timeframe.’

The Operations Team at the National Centre, headed by Jon, investigated potential solutions at the 2015 London Home Building & Developer Show held at ExCeL in September, and discovered that Brett Landscaping, with its strong focus on customer relationships, could offer more than just the essential materials.

Brett was subsequently considered, alongside other suppliers and contractors, as part of a tendering process to select the right partner for the paving scheme.  He explains:

“After comparing a number of different paving products, all of which had their merits, the range of options we had from Brett faired strongly and provided us with an excellent starting point for the project. In addition, the service we experienced from the team was very thorough, which made our experience more than about simply ‘picking the best brick’, or ‘nicest material’, not just with Brett, but with the subcontractor too.”

“Aesthetics were a key consideration. There aren’t many Victorian power stations in the heart of London that are still standing, let alone operating with a new purpose, so we felt it imperative to re-lay and improve the Courtyard area of the circus centre as sympathetically as possible so as to do justice to the building’s impressive looks.

Jon goes on to explain how 700 m2 of Brett Aura block paving in Silver Fleck was selected to create an extremely effective Courtyard visual; however the building’s central Hoxton Square location meant more than just the right materials were needed for the job.

The area prohibits the use of articulated lorries in fulfilling deliveries, a complication which meant both supplier and installer needed the logistical capabilities to work with restricted motorised equipment, as well as the aptitude to turn the project around within two weeks, in time for a scheduled acrobatic symposium.

Jon Mathias, the Brett Approved Installer Area Manager for the South East, explains that because Brett successfully operates its own ‘Brett Approved Installer Scheme (BAI)’, it can recommend installation specialists with the right match of skills and infrastructure to accomplish every project.

“We recommended three of our BAIs to Jon Dix and his team, enabling them to receive quotes and completed work examples from each, alongside quotes from other independent contractors.”

Based on Brett Landscaping’s recommendation, installer, Marshall K Paving of Cricklewood, was selected as the most appropriate choice, and since appointment, has worked within impressive time constraints to complete what the company’s Director, Kevin Canning, has described as a ‘fantastic project in a challenging location’.  He explains:

“Owing to the vehicular constraints in the Hoxton Square area, Brett arranged special delivery of materials to the Deben Buildbase in New Southgate, from which 18 tonne flatbed deliveries to the circus centre site were made, with appropriate crane off-load at the Hoxton Square end.  This logistical process proved successful, and avoided the expensive option of closing roads around the Shoreditch area.

“Our installation team then worked to complete the Courtyard in five days, over the course of a two week time period, despite adverse weather conditions and complex parking restrictions.

“The finished result looks extremely effective and we’re delighted to have completed the project in advance of the acrobatic symposium event.”

“Being part of the BAI scheme improves standards across the board. Brett only selects hard landscaping contractors who are able to install materials to the approved British Standard, and because Brett regularly assesses our work, the benchmark remains high.

Brett supports its approved installers too, not only in helping to procure business, but to purchase equipment and publicise their services.”

Now completed, the Courtyard at the National Centre for Circus Arts is being put to use, and has a busy itinerary of event bookings to look forward to.
Jon Dix concludes: “We’re delighted with the finished Courtyard. Our objective was to revive the area with re-laid setts that were sympathetic and appropriate to the aesthetic of the building.  By working with Brett Landscaping, and Marshall K Paving, we have achieved exactly that.”

Charity’s rejuvenation project uses striking Brett Landscaping solution to draw footfall to Hull “Old Town” Centre

brettHull Trinity House, a charitable organisation which has served seafarers and their families in the area for over 600 years, has successfully regenerated part of Hull’s Old Town, using hard-landscaping materials supplied by Brett Landscaping.

With an inspiring colour spectrum and capacity for creativity, products from the Alpha Antique block paving range were considered the perfect choice for the charity to create a striking new and much needed car parking area, which doubles as an outdoor entertainment space.

900m² of Alpha Antique in Brindle was installed with its distressed aged look blending beautifully into any surrounding, whilst its subtle tones evoke a warm ambience making them ideal for period settings such as Hull Old Town.  Alongside the Alpha Antique, white marker blocks were also used to denote parking spaces, all of which was installed by the main contractor, C R Reynolds.

The privately funded redevelopment has transformed the former site of the Trinity House School, whose premises were deemed unfit for purpose in 2013.  The school consequently relocated to a more appropriate site, leaving the charity consigned with a redundant building.  As the former school structures were considered ‘detrimental to the Conservation Area’ by the Local Authority Planning Department, plans to rejuvenate the land were discussed, as Mr Outram, Estates Manager, explains:

“With Hull town centre experiencing a decrease in footfall, we wanted to convert the school’s land into an area where the local community would want to visit and spend time.  Our solution was to devise a scheme that would generate vital car parking space for shoppers and, more importantly, create an area where outdoor events could take place, adding a new dimension to Hull’s city centre.

“To successfully achieve this, exceptional quality paving was required to both harmonise with the conservation area, and meet with guidelines specified by the local planning department.”

Mr Plaxton, Assistant Estates Manager, a co-designer and project manager for the scheme, also became an integral part to the building materials decision process.  He required a superior product which was not only resilient but also visually stunning.  With helpful recommendations from his local merchant, he found the perfect product through Brett.

“Brett Landscaping was able to offer an extremely attractive, yet robust, solution using materials from the Alpha Antique block range.  These beautiful blocks created the perfect look, and their installation went extremely smoothly.”

Here Mr Plaxton refers to the performance of contractors, C R Reynolds, whom, in order to keep the project on track, needed to take delivery of the Alpha Antique paving blocks within a pedestrianised area which meant that there were delivery time restrictions.  He continues:

“The site is situated within the old town centre and is surrounded by narrow cobbled streets which have restrictive access issues.  C R Reynolds performed superbly on the project, meeting timescales and producing a standard of finish that met with our high expectations.”

With the installation now complete, the newly developed site is ready to help attract more visitors to the town centre.  Live events are scheduled to begin in summer 2016 and any profits made from the car park and event space will be assigned to benefit educational purposes.

Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager of Brett Landscaping, is delighted to hear about the charity’s positive experience and agrees that the finished result looks outstanding:

“The Alpha Antique blocks look terrific in situ and have been installed to the highest standard.  The finished effect is truly striking, complimenting the surrounding area and making this new community area very inviting.  The quality of the product really does shine through.  It’s a job, extremely well done.

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Marshalls Natural Stone at Ecobuild 2016

Marshalls Scoutmoor at Trafalgar Square

For the first time, Marshalls Natural Stone division took centre stage at this year’s Ecobuild, held at London’s Excel Centre from the 7-9 March.

This year Marshalls focussed purely on its range of natural stone products and services, demonstrating to visitors its industry-leading approach to best practice manufacture and enviable global supply chain, and how Marshalls adds value to its customers across the entire specification process.

Marshalls is the UK’s leading supplier of hard landscaping materials, focusing on the development products which help architects, local authorities and contractors to create better spaces, whether it’s street furniture, natural stone, concrete block paving, water management or protective street furniture products.

On the impressive stand were a number of natural stone products, many exclusive to Marshalls, including Marshalls’ range of indigenous Yorkstone, Cambrian Sandstones and the innovative Stonespar collection.

Visitors were also be able to pick up a copy of the brand new Marshalls Natural Stone brochure which offers inspiration through colour and texture, real life case studies and demonstrates the full breadth of the Marshalls natural stone range.

Dan Smith, Senior Product Manager for Natural Stone at Marshalls, said: “Ecobuild was a great event for us. Across the three days we spoke to a large number of architects and specifiers about how we are able to find the best products and provide project specific tailor-made solutions for our customers.  It was the also ideal place for us to launch our fantastic new Natural Stone Brochure.

“At Marshalls we have over a Century of experience in the supply of natural stone and we understand this product better than anyone else in the market.  We can add value to our customers across the specification process, from concept and design, bespoke manufacture, to onsite support and engineering expertise.”

To speak to one of Marshalls natural stone experts please call 0870 200 7979, or visit

York student accommodation – RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing

Route One Highways installed approximately 2000 square metres of Harvest Crunch to new student accommodation at Student Castle, Walmgate, York.


Ronacrete Approved Contractor Route One Highways have installed approximately 2000 square metres of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing in a Harvest Crunch aggregate blend to new student accommodation at Student Castle, Walmgate, York. The SuDS compliant permeable paving was laid to pedestrian and car parking areas.


The project involved the regeneration of an under used two acre brownfield site, providing new office accommodation in the city centre for York newspaper The Press and city centre accommodation for students, freeing up family homes in the city for use by York families, in line with the council’s policy.

The development creates 58 purpose-built student flats and 303 studio apartments owned and operated by Student Castle, one of the UK’s most respected student accommodation providers. The project also includes the redevelopment of the Wards warehouse, creates a new frontage on Walmgate with new 6500 square feet offices for The Press fronting onto Walmgate and Hurst’s Yard.


The work was carried out for S Harrison Developments and Vinci was the main contractor for the project, design work was carried out by CSP Architects.

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Route One Highways mixed the two resin components with a slow speed drill and paddle before adding the resin to a large forced action mixer containing the aggregate blend. After ensuring that the aggregate was fully coated with resin, Route One Highways spread RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing to level at a depth of 15mm and smoothed the surface with a steel float. The finished surface was ready for foot traffic within four hours.

A newly regenerated brownfield site within York city centre provides accommodation for students and office space for The Press; it is enhanced by pathways and car parking areas surfaced with RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing.

Lugano paving from Brett Landscaping completes clubhouse at prestigious Royal Southern Yacht Club


The cool, contemporary lines of the Lugano flag paving from Brett Landscaping have helped to create an impressive yet welcoming exterior to the prestigious Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble, Southampton.

Established in 1837 and with a long line of royal patrons, the yacht club moved to the Hamble in 1934 and has since created a contemporary, yet sympathetically designed club house.  The large area surrounding the club is multifunctional, being used as an entrance to the club house itself, an outdoor seating area, and a walk way to the pontoons – and being the first feature visitors see on arrival at the yacht club it was imperative that it mirrored the high quality of the rest of the development.

Alan Feltham, General Manager/Club Secretary at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, explains, “Our aim was to create a clean, comfortable area in which our members and visitors could relax, whilst still maintaining an impressive club house entrance and a practical pathway to the pontoons.”

It was these factors which led chartered landscape architects, Influence Environment Ltd, based in Fareham, Hampshire, to Brett Landscaping after extensive research.  Landscape architect, Suzie Leiber, explains, “Our brief was to improve the external space for the Clubhouse with creating an elegant terrace area which would be suitable for future events at the yacht club.  After consultations with yacht club members on the different design options from fluid to more formal, it was decided to go with the final scheme resulting the simple, contemporary terrace which addresses the relationships with the Hamble Conservation Area.


“After researching various suppliers, we decided to work with Brett.  They have been extremely east to work with and their product knowledge is second to none.  The location required sustainable materials, robust enough for the coastal environment whilst providing aesthetic value.  Brett also provided us with product samples, allowing us to see how the different style of paving would work in situ.  We decided to use the newly launched Lugano due to its simple elegance, naturalistic feel, and choice of colours, which allowed us to distinguish between the terrace and the walkways.”

The Lugano flag paving range helped to create the required modern, elegant, and clean space around the yacht club.  With a high level of slip resistance, helping to keep visitors safe, as well as exceptional durability, Lugano also met the functional requirements in an area with a high level of pedestrian traffic.

Over the 600m² area a combination of both Silver Grey and Graphite Grey Lugano paving has been used.  The light Silver Grey is the predominant colour covering the majority of the area producing a light and spacious feel, whilst the darker Graphite Grey has been used to denote walkways as well as creating a striking contrast to the rest of the terrace.

The installation was completed by Hampshire-based Raymond Brown Construction, who confirmed: “The paving solution provided by Brett Landscaping was the best choice for this project, both for its appealing aesthetics but also for its robustness and anti-slip properties which are both imperative in an environment such as this.”

The cool, contemporary lines of the Lugano flag paving from Brett Landscaping have helped to create an impressive yet welcoming exterior to the prestigious Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble, Southampton. 

Brett Landscaping is part of the Brett Group, one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of construction and landscaping materials.  The company specialises in the manufacture and supply of high quality hard landscaping products for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

All Brett Landscaping products are supported by a comprehensive customer service package, designed to suit requirements as diverse as builders merchants to architects, local authorities to contractors and engineers through to homeowners.

Ongoing investment from Brett Landscaping enables it to remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of ensuring that its products and operations minimise their impact on the environment and are sustainable.

For more information, visit 

Brett Landscaping assistance helps to challenge perception of space at Hayes development


A recently constructed retail development in Hayes, West London has had its striking public access area and car park design fulfilled using a combination of high quality paving products, manufactured and supplied by Brett Landscaping.

The new development’s pathways, access and parking areas have been created using original designs by leading landscape architects the terra firma consultancy, and installed under the direction of BAM Construction Ltd, in a project designed to change conceptions of what a car park and public access area can typically be.

To fulfil the hard landscaping design, a combination of paving materials from Brett Landscaping, including Piatto in Dark Granite, Silver Granite and Yellow Granite, have been successfully installed.  The result achieves the aesthetic that terra firma was looking for, while keeping to a tight budget and not compromising on quality.

“With the vast space they often occupy, car parks can be perceived as inhospitable places, so at Hayes, we wanted to create a different feel; incorporating planting and visual interest into the design and reducing the interpretation of a big car park to a more ‘human scale,’” explains Alison Galbraith, terra firma’s Associate Director.

“To accomplish this, we designed a landscape whereby the main tarmacadam was ‘broken up’ using 300m² of Brett Piatto Yellow Granite around the parking bays, together with tree planting to help challenge the perception of the space. And we’re pleased to say, the concept put into practice, has been highly effective.”

Alison goes on to describe how the curved side of the retail building, combined with its generous pavement width presented more scope for her and the team to add to their design.  Alison says she wanted to use the wide, paved area to bring attention to the building and feature planting. She continues:

“As we’ve designed the development’s streetscape and store frontage to include tree planting, working with a palette of Brett’s grey tones in different unit sizes – namely Piatto Dark Granite and Piatto Silver Granite – has enabled us to make the most of the space, picking up the different lines that run alongside the curve of the building, and drawing the eye to the overall aesthetic.”

The design incorporated technical elements, such as the integration of surface drainage and slot drains all with a minimal requirement for stone cutting.

Working with Brett Landscaping has been a positive first for Alison and the terra firma team, and she describes the experience as one she will be keen to repeat in the future.

Helping form her confident opinion, has been the relationship developed with the company’s Commercial Specification Manager for the London Area, Ajay Vohra.

“Ajay has done a great job of showing us the materials within the Brett range and ensuring we were happy with the colour combinations under selection. We were able to review the options and paving quality for ourselves and make choices accordingly,” Alison explains.

Adding to Alison’s comments, Ajay says: “Carefully constructed hard-landscaping designs should never be compromised, simply because the materials chosen to fulfil the job weren’t up to the task.

“The premium products selected by Alison are in my opinion, the best that’s out there in terms of quality.”

The hard landscaping of the development has been achieved using Brett Piatto Dark Granite (500m²) and Piatto Silver Granite (1100m²) across the public realm together with Piatto Yellow Granite (300m²), materials which have been distributed through regional merchant, EH Smith.

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