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‘Eastern promise’ with Gerflor

The council-run Eastern Leisure Centre in Cardiff had more than 250,000 users last year, but was in urgent need of modernisation. New features have been an open reception area, improved changing rooms, gym and soft play facilities; a new dance studio and spin room.


Councillor Peter Bradbury, cabinet member for community development, Co-operatives and social enterprise, said at the time, “The modernisation of Eastern Leisure Centre has enjoyed strong support from both the community and elected councillors so this multimillion-pound investment will be welcome news.”

The project would be a perfect ‘fit’ for international flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor. They would provide their high-end Taralay Impression Control safety flooring in ‘Infinity Greige’ and ‘Esterel Chocolate’ colours, together with their uber-performing Taraflex® sports flooring in ‘Maple’ and ‘Lagoon’ to the appointed installers Cardiff-based Puma Floors Ltd.

Puma Floors Ltd was founded in November 2001, expanding over the years they now have their own premises together with a fleet of branded vehicles. With a hard-working, talented team of floor-layers, Puma Floors confidently deliver their ability as a company to meet the demands and expectations of their expanding client base, providing specialist flooring work across Wales and the rest of the UK.

Matthew Graves, Commercial Director, Puma Floors Ltd, commented, “We originally provided a quotation at the tender stage when the main contractor was appointed and progressed our sales activity to secure the work by providing a new quotation, which subsequently meant we were appointed”.

With Taralay Impression Control and Taraflex® Sport M Performance from Gerflor being included in the original tender document the project was clearly aiming for high quality products throughout the 1600m2 element of the re-fit.

Gerflor won the 2016 CFJ/CFA product of the year category with their Taralay Impression Control range.

This safety flooring collection is perfect for both refurbishments and new builds. A multi-purpose floorcovering available in 2m sheet format with a Group T wear rating, it’s ideal for a host of heavy traffic environments where slip resistance is a must.

Available as a dual collection: – ‘Safety in Wood’ and ‘Safety in Design’, the range includes realistic woods in contemporary colours and modern all over designs. Taralay Impression Control also has a Pendulum Test value +36, meets HSE guidelines (BS 7976-2) and R11 ramp test value (DIN 51130), together with providing 24 design-led colourways and is suitable for healthcare, education, retail, public spaces, offices and other commercial interiors.

Taralay Impression Control also offers a hygienic solution thanks to a revolutionary UV cured PUR surface treatment for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the Protecsol® Control surface treatment it’s easy to clean, is 100% recyclable offers a state-of-the-art flooring solution for a myriad of applications.

The Eastern Leisure Centre would need a top-performing sports floor to meet the rigours demands of this hugely popular facility which has high levels of sports and leisure traffic.

Taraflex® vinyl sports flooring from Gerflor has been used in many international and local sporting events and is available in 17 colours and three wood-effect designs.

It is available in various solutions meeting different levels of the EN 14904 Standard delivering the full scope of indoor sports surfaces from P1 to P3 solutions. Taraflex® is recognised for providing durability, safety and comfort without impairing performance.

A unique value proposition, the Comfort range offers greater than 45% force reduction, making it unrivalled in the marketplace in terms of offering comfort for users. Taraflex® meets the EN Standard of 22196 for anti- bacterial activity (E. coli – S. aureus – MRSA) (3) returning >99% levels of growth inhibition.

The product is also treated with Protecsol®, which renders polish redundant and is triple action meaning no polish is ever required, it contributes to easy maintenance and is anti-friction burn and slide/grip. Taraflex® has a double density foam backing and with another bonus, it’s environmentally friendly.

Gerflor offers several installation solutions for Taraflex® including the Eco-Fit System which is a fast, free floating installation and it’s versatile enough to be used in various multi-specialist applications.

Matthew Graves finally concluded by saying, “we would definitely specify Gerflor products again. The Eastern Leisure Centre has been a good contract to be involved in, hopefully the refurbished building will be used and enjoyed by the local community for years to come”.

Learn more about Gerflor solutions: ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing, or visiting for the latest innovations.

Rievaulx Abbey sings the praises of its new Morley-IAS life safety system


Rievaulx Abbey was built by a group of 12 Cistercian monks in 1131 near the River Rye in a remote valley, deep in what is now the picturesque North York Moors National Park. At its height Rievaulx Abbey was one of the wealthiest monasteries in Great Britain and supported around 140 monks and 500 lay brothers and servants. Such great wealth, and the monastic obedience to Rome, led Henry VIII to dissolve the monasteries and the building was suppressed in 1538 and left to decay. Over the years Rievaulx Abbey’s ruins have been an inspiration for poets, painters, and scholars, and was one of the first major ruins to be conserved by the Office of Works in 1917.

As one of the most complete and atmospheric of England’s abbey ruins, there has been a year-on-year increase in the number of people taking time to walk around and explore the Rievaulx Abbey site. In order to build on its popularity English Heritage has constructed a dedicated visitor centre that includes a museum displaying previously unseen artefacts including elaborate medieval stone carvings, chess pieces and gold coins. The facility also has a shop and a tearoom, and visitors can pick up an audio tour to learn more or hunt for clues of medieval life on the family trail.



Protecting the nation’s historical buildings and monuments, and those visiting them, requires a meticulous approach to life safety. Therefore, when it came to this aspect of the development, English Heritage called upon the services of Shipley based Rosse Systems to specify, install and commission a suitable solution. Dave Thewlis, the company’s Sales Director, says, ‘As well as having over 34 years of experience and knowledge in the fire detection industry, we have worked closely with English Heritage for a number of years. Likewise, as a longstanding Morley-IAS partner, we know that its innovative technology is reliable, robust and has the ability to minimise unwanted alarms.’

Rosse Systems designed a BS 5389 compliant category L1 solution, which is designed for the protection of life and deploys automatic detectors throughout all areas of the three buildings – including roof spaces and voids – with the aim of providing the earliest possible warning. This was based around three networked Morley-IAS DX Connexion (DXc) panels from Honeywell.

The single loop DXc1 variant was used and Hugh McQuaid, Business Manager, Honeywell Security and Fire, explains, ‘This panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized buildings like those at Rievaulx Abbey. Completely open protocol, it has been developed to be the most time efficient panel on the market to install, and possesses the traditional Morley-IAS qualities of reliability, flexibility and value, with advanced features and intuitive functionality.’

Although beam detection was briefly considered for the installation, it was ultimately decided that single point smoke detection would be the most suitable option. So, complementing the Morley-IAS DXc1 panels System Sensor S200 Advanced optical smoke sensors were selected.  The S200A range has a completely unique detection chamber design, which is the result of many years of research and design by System Sensor, and delivers improved responsiveness and reduced sensitivity to changes in environmental conditions.

The devices are managed by embedded software running complex algorithms that further improve resilience to unwanted alarms and improve detection speed. With two integral tri-colour LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status, the S200A is programmable with static or blinking red, amber and green status indications available. Furthermore, all Series 200 Advanced detectors are environmentally friendly and meet the Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requirements, therefore helping English Heritage meet its corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Thanks to the ease of use of the Morley-IAS and System Sensor devices, the installation went smoothly. However, Rosse Systems had to maintain the integrity of the buildings and meet the strict requirements of the architect. Dave Thewlis comments, ‘This aspect of the project meant that we had to try and keep the system discreetly sited to maintain the character of the interiors. At times this was much easier said than done, but thanks to our vast experience of carrying out work in all types of buildings, it was a challenge we relished.’

Rievaulx Abbey has just enjoyed a highly successful summer season and the new facilities have been unanimously well received. Christine Keld, English Heritage Area Manager for Yorkshire and the South Lakes, concludes, ‘Rievaulx Abbey has always been a place of incredible inspiration and interest to people from all walks of life. Our investment in these new facilities means that more people than ever can have an informative, educational and enjoyable day out here.’

Kemper System provides solution for Chester Zoo’s Monsoon Forest


Waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has provided the roofing solution for a hot and humid environment in the heart of leafy Cheshire at Chester Zoo’s £40m ‘Islands’ development.

The company’s solvent-free Kemperol 2K-PUR cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane has been used for the roof of the ‘Tree House’, which will form a covered walkway for visitors under a giant polymer dome – called Monsoon Forest. 

Designed by Dan Pearlman, the exhibit forms part of the largest zoo development in UK history,Islands, comprising six South East Asian island environments which visitors can explore on foot or by boat to discover native plants and wildlife from the region.

Within Islands is Monsoon Forest which will be home to numerous species including Sulawesi macaques and orangutans, and the tree house – which mimics a field research centre – will enable visitors to walk through the enclosure along a raised walkway.

Roofing contractor, K. Pendlebury Roofing, met with the client at the zoo to discuss specification for the job, which had to take into account the habitat’s changing climate, the water mist that is used to create humidity and, the behaviour of the animals.

Explains Neilan Symondson from K. Pendlebury Roofing: “There is adjacent netting along the side of the tree house roof and the orangutans can move freely within their enclosure, which means that they could throw things onto the roof, pick at the surface with their fingers or even urinate on it.

Kemperol 2K-PUR provided a robust, flexible solution that will not crack or soften at high temperatures and will provide excellent resistance to humidity, puncturing and uric acid; and roughly 80% of the resins in the Kemperol 2K-PUR are obtained from the seeds of the tropical castor plant which is a renewable resource.”

The walkway with its shaped surfaces and the high temperatures proved challenging whilst working on the project. K. Pendlebury Roofing taped the seams of the 200m2 plywood surface to prevent any resin from seeping through the joints during the application process.

Following application of a primer mixed with quartz sand to provide a key, the cold-liquid Kemperol 2K-PUR resin was then applied directly onto the roof. The installation team then laid Kemper System’s 165gsm flexible reinforcement fleece, which is cut to size and shape on site, directly into the wet resin, using rollers to remove any creases or air bubbles before immediately applying more resin to fully saturate the fleece. The system was applied in a single wet-on-wet process and allowed to cure, providing a seamless, monolithic membrane that bonds directly to the substrate, which is permanently elastic and cannot delaminate.

“Kemperol 2K-PUR is an environmentally responsible waterproofing solution that helps us deliver that remit while ensuring a safe and durable environment for both visitors and the orangutans.” 

P C Henderson is specified for the water park gates at Shanghai Disneyland

One of the most spectacular and innovative Disney theme parks in history, Shanghai Disneyland, has specified P C Henderson’s Straight Sliding 307 hardware for the installation of two large gates in its water park. 

The 963-acre Shanghai Disney Resort features a lofty 196-foot-tall castle, rides and hotels. The resort cost $5.5 billion to build and opened to the public on 16th June 2016.

P C Henderson’s Straight Sliding 307 hardware comprising tracks and hangers was specified for its unique product capacity of 2000kg. The architectural hardware consultant working on the Shanghai Disneyland project required sliding gear that was capable of moving 2 large gates with a weight of around 3500kg.

PC Henderson

Mark Wilson, Export Director at P C Henderson, comments:

“We worked closely with the fabricator to come up with a solution to meet the weight capacity of the large gates. We were able to find a solution by merging 4 hangers into 1 to carry the gates effortlessly.

“Due to their large size, the fabricator installed the 307 sliding hardware together with the gates on-site, utilising 11 tracks, 18 hangers, 60 brackets and 10 stops. The system is versatile and designed to cover any width of opening, with any number of gates or doors used on single or multiple lines of track.”

PC Henderson

Straight Sliding 307 is suitable for timber or metal doors and gates and offers a large range of benefits and options. Each system is individually specified from the large selection of components in the product range such as hangers, brackets, guides and channels o ensure that the most suitable hardware is selected for each individual project.

The system has also been designed to accommodate a wicket door within the large gates or doors to allow for ease of access for personnel on a daily basis. In addition, the doors or gates are able to slide to one or both sides to accommodate different building designs.

P C Henderson is a member of the Door & Hardware Federation which represents all the key manufacturers and installers of industrial, commercial, pedestrian and garage doors and powered gates, as well as manufacturers of locks, building hardware and architectural ironmongery.

For more information please visit or to generate a quote use our online EXPERT software available on our website.

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Itec has visitors jumping for joy

Described as the ‘biggest’ and ‘best’ indoor play and party venue in the land, Doncaster’s Astrabound centre has expanded with an exciting new Go Bounce trampoline park, treating kids and adults to new decorative and acoustic vinyl flooring in the process.

The recent renovation meant over 600 square metres of flooring were required, the project costing over £500,000 and creating in excess of 200 jobs for the local community. This has resulted in fun and exercise being brought to groups of all ages, visitors experiencing Itec Silento Salzburg 691 and Concept Woods Tavel 631 designs along the way. The former champions stone’s intricate nuances in icy grey colourway, while the latter introduces the look of golden oak with all its knots, grains and swirl marks.

Salzburg, found within Itec’s Silento stable, was selected for communal areas thanks to its 18dB of sound reduction, helping to limit the noise experienced in what is a busy environment. Upstairs in the canteen, Tavel and its Hyperguard+ PUR protective layer ensure a stunning aesthetic is achieved without the maintenance hassle of true wood, chosen from the decorative Concept Woods range. Both Silento and Concept Woods are available in two and four-metre widths, another string to Itec’s bow allowing for fewer joins, a better aesthetic and less potential failure hotspots.

Trevor Wharton, of Trevor Wharton Carpets, Scarborough, explains his choices:

“We have worked with Itec on a number of projects and to this point they haven’t let us down. We had no hesitation in selecting from the Silento and Concept Woods collections, these floors ticking all the relevant boxes for the Go Bounce expansion: easy to care for, sound-reducing and set to stand the test of time.”

Playing as much on their practicalities as their striking aesthetic, Go Bounce’s new floors are just one in a series of Itec installations being carried out across the county. The selection of both Silento and Concept Woods demonstrates the versatility found in the brand’s portfolio; whether acoustic, decorative or safety flooring is selected, these heavy commercial-rated options are set to impress over a sustained period.

For further information, Itec Contract Floors, 0800 032 3970,

About IVC Group  

IVC Group, founded in 1997, is the fastest-growing producer of vinyl floors and is amongst the top 3 worldwide. With 1,500 employees in 6 production units in Belgium, Luxembourg and the United States, IVC Group each year develops and produces over 100 million m2 of vinyl floors.

The product portfolio consists of 4 brands: Leoline (residential vinyl floors in rolls), Flexitec (residential vinyl floors in rolls in North America), Itec (project vinyl floors in rolls) and Moduleo (high-quality modular vinyl floors for project and residential use). 

Since 2015 IVC Group forms part of the American listed Mohawk Industries Inc., the world´s market leader in flooring.

Putting fans firmly at the top of Accrington Stanley FC’s fixture list with Canopies UK

As part of its on-going extensive redevelopment programme, Accrington Stanley Football Club enlisted the support of leading canopy manufacturer, Canopies UK, for the creation of a brand new European-style fan zone.

The club has recently unveiled a raft of measures aimed at transforming almost every element of its grounds, which includes the creation of a new 1,500 capacity all-seater stand. The work will also see a new pitch being laid and new fencing and walls being installed to create space for additional perimeter advertising boards.


Providing fans with a pre and post-match base

As a community club, Accrington Stanley wanted to develop space behind the home supporters’ stand to create a dedicated outdoor zone specifically for its fans.

“They wanted to provide their supporters with an outdoor area where they can gather and socialise with each other, as well as enjoy something to eat and drink before and after matches,” explains, Ryan Powell, Commercial Area Sales Manager at Canopies UK.

“The club felt that canopies would be the ideal solution, as they would not only provide all-year-round shelter, but create an eye-catching focal point that would really add character and flair to the overall look and feel of the fan zone.”

Canopies UK specified two of its ground-mounted Connekt umbrella-style canopies for several reasons including the fact they would be large enough to cover the standing area within the fan zone. Each spanning five meters, the canopies were of the right dimensions to shelter 25m2 floor space.

Delivering the project with no extra time

With the start of football season looming, Canopies UK had to ensure the canopies were designed, manufactured and installed in record time.

There were just four weeks between initial contact and the new season getting underway, which involved Canopies UK pulling out all of the stops to deliver the project within the tight timescale.

“We effectively had to deliver a project that would typically take around eight weeks, in half the time and still maintain the highest possible standards,” added Ryan.

“However, due to the fact that we were local and are always keen to help the local community whenever we can, we relished the challenge and managed to install the canopies with a week to spare.”

Proactivity, organisation and flexibility were pivotal to Canopies UK being able to turn the installation around in record time.

The club was provided with an official quote on the same day as Canopies UK first visiting the site, and an official order just two days later. As a result of being given prior warning, Canopies UK’s operations manager was able to conduct the site survey one day after the official order had been submitted.

The project was then planned into Canopies UK’s production schedule by reallocating other jobs, while the umbrellas were manufactured in two and-a-half weeks and installed in a day.

Canopies that are engineered for purpose

Canopies UK engineers each of its canopies in accordance with site-specific calculations. Conducted by Canopies UK’s technical surveyor, the calculations encompassed a number of technical on-site measurements, including wind speed, obstructions such as drainage systems, nearby trees and roots, as well as the terrain in which the foundations would sit.

In addition to ensuring the canopies delivered from a practical perspective, it was essential they also delivered on an aesthetic level too.

Using its bespoke colour matching service, Canopies UK customised the Connekt canopies with the club’s colours. Alternating colours of red and white were used on the roof support beams to create a unique and tailored canopy installation in keeping with the club’s traditional strip.

David Burgess, Chief Executive at Accrington Stanley Football Club, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the canopies, they’ve really brought the fan zone to life from both a practical and aesthetic perspective.

“Not only will they provide our fans with the shelter and shade they need from the elements before, and during games, they’re in our club colours, which gives the overall area a real sense of identity. They’re the perfect finishing touch for our fan zone and have been produced to the highest standard.”

For more information, contact Karen Hornby on 01254 777 002 (extension 221) or email Alternatively, further details can be found at

Expectations redefined for Knauf AQUAPANEL® Interior

Freshly redesigned, Knauf’s improved AQUAPANEL® Interior Cement Boards are significantly lighter, making them both quicker and simpler to install.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Interior Cement Boards have always had excellent performance. Manufactured from inorganic materials, the boards still demonstrate the same resistance to water, mould and mildew meaning they perform well for a wide range of wet area applications.

Extensive research and development has reduced the weight of the boards by a third to just 11kg/m2. This reduced weight makes the boards easier and faster to install than ever before.

Installation is another area of improvement that Knauf has focussed on. The improved score-and-snap technique and board bending radius (1m at full board size) makes installation easier, even in the most challenging areas.Because the AQUAPANEL® Interior Cement Boards come ready keyed from the factory, only one layer is required for a tiled finish, saving more time and money on a project.

For the first time, the boards will also be available in a larger 900x2400mm size. This ensures that the Knauf boards can be used on a wider variety and scale of projects.

From swimming pools and steam saunas, to communal showers and kitchen areas, AQUAPANEL®Interior Cement Boards will fulfil the needs of installers and contractors across the UK, whilst providing the clients with the quality finish that is demanded of Knauf products.

VinylPlus: championing PVC in European sports stadiums

Host of several football games in the recent UEFA Euro 2016 Championships, the impressive Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, France features on the front cover of a new brochure from VinylPlus celebrating the prominent role played by PVC in the construction of modern sports venues.

Published by VinylPlus, the European PVC sustainability programme, ‘Vinyl in European Stadiums’ charts the path to sustainable development for PVC and how the use of vinyl combines environmental responsibility and architectural greatness in present-day sports complexes.VinylPlus

The brochure covers advances in building materials and techniques, spanning the centuries from

Marble used in classic amphitheatres of Ancient Greece to the comprehensive contribution made by PVC in today’s sports arenas.

The Nice stadium, seating 35,000 people and completed in 2013, is among several case studies highlighting PVC’s advantages as a modern, versatile and sustainable materialfor such large public venues. A transparent PVC tensile fabric membrane for façade allows daylight through, making the building appear open and inviting, while a PVC roof was chosen for its acoustic qualities.

According to the stadium’s architect Marco Punzi from Wilmotte & Associés, extensive use of PVC enabled ‘state-of-the-art design with environmental stewardship’. He comments: “For us, PVC was a natural choice. It allowed us to design a fifth-generation that functions well and is aesthetically-pleasing. PVC was used throughout the building, since it is long-lasting and can be recycled.”

One of the most versatile materials available, vinyl is used for everything from roofing and façade membranes over piping for freshwater to irrigation systems, profiles, cables, flooring and seating in modern stadiums development across Europe.

PVC products supplied for the London 2012 Olympic Games met strict sustainability requirements specified by the Olympic Delivery Authority, including recycling or reuse after the event. For example, the Shooting Venue’s PVC membrane was reused in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and vinyl flooring trod by athletes has been installed at a Kent school.

Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus General Manager commented: “This brochure showcases how PVC’s versatility can combine demanding architectural and technical design requirements with sustainable objectives. The preference for PVC in London, the ‘Greenest Olympics in history’, affirms the successful path to sustainable development the industry has taken over the past two decades.

“Through the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment, we continue to make progress in each of the five key sustainability challenges identified for PVC and are demonstrating how the European PVC industry is contributing to the circular economy.”

VinylPlus is the renewed ten-year Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry by tackling a number of critical challenges in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland. 

More information on the Vinyl in Stadiums brochure can be found at

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is thrilled with Kemper System solution

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Two of the popular rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have been upgraded to ensure they continue to thrill families of visitors for another generation thanks to Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 liquid waterproofing membrane.

Opened in 2000 at a cost of £15 million, indoor log flume ‘Valhalla’ is one of the 120-year-old Pleasure Beach’s most popular rides, offering visitors a thrilling Viking-themed journey.  The external façade features a ‘waterfall’ that dispenses 12,000 gallons of water per minute, splashing the covered waiting area below. It was this area of the ride that was upgraded with an overlay of Kemperol V210, a cold liquid applied waterproofing system that bonds directly to the substrate and forms a reinforced monolithic membrane that cannot delaminate and offers a BBA-accredited service life of 25 years.


Comments Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Construction Manager, Tim Currey: “The volume of water constantly pouring on the queue shelter roof for Valhalla is far in excess of what any roof would normally have to deal with, so it needed a robust waterproofing membrane with no vulnerable seams and no risk of water penetration.”

The Kemperol V210 cold liquid resin system was applied by roofing contractor, Castle Roofing, in a single wet-on-wet process, applying resin immediately followed by a flexible reinforcement fleece and then more resin to ensure complete saturation of the fleece before the membrane was allowed to cure.

The same system was used to overlay the roof of the theme park’s Alice in Wonderland family ride, which was originally constructed in the 1950s and was suffering water ingress in some areas. Here, Castle Roofing cut out sections of the existing felt roof where it had split, filling these areas will a repair mortar made of Kemper System’s D Primer and quartz sand, before installing the Kemperol V210 system as an overlay.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Alice in Wonderland family ride

Tim adds: “The Kemperol V210 enabled the contractor to work on small sections of roof at a time and manage the programme around the operational demands of the business, while providing a robust, durable and flexible waterproofing solution.” 

Brett Revives Courtyard At National Centre For Circus Arts


Brett Landscaping recently supplied over 700m2 of paving to installers Marshall K Paving Contractors Ltd for installation at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London.

The centre, which is based within a former Victorian power station in Hoxton Square, is of one Europe’s leading circus skill educators and was the training ground for performers involved in the 2012 Paralympic and Olympic opening ceremonies.  In addition, the impressive building is a sought after venue and offers a unique selection of city spaces for event hire.

Director of the Centre, Jon Dix explains:

‘One area of the building, the Courtyard, was earmarked for renovation, but due to a seven-day-a-week timetable and the area being in continual use, this had to be done within a very tight timeframe.’

The Operations Team at the National Centre, headed by Jon, investigated potential solutions at the 2015 London Home Building & Developer Show held at ExCeL in September, and discovered that Brett Landscaping, with its strong focus on customer relationships, could offer more than just the essential materials.

Brett was subsequently considered, alongside other suppliers and contractors, as part of a tendering process to select the right partner for the paving scheme.  He explains:

“After comparing a number of different paving products, all of which had their merits, the range of options we had from Brett faired strongly and provided us with an excellent starting point for the project. In addition, the service we experienced from the team was very thorough, which made our experience more than about simply ‘picking the best brick’, or ‘nicest material’, not just with Brett, but with the subcontractor too.”

“Aesthetics were a key consideration. There aren’t many Victorian power stations in the heart of London that are still standing, let alone operating with a new purpose, so we felt it imperative to re-lay and improve the Courtyard area of the circus centre as sympathetically as possible so as to do justice to the building’s impressive looks.

Jon goes on to explain how 700 m2 of Brett Aura block paving in Silver Fleck was selected to create an extremely effective Courtyard visual; however the building’s central Hoxton Square location meant more than just the right materials were needed for the job.

The area prohibits the use of articulated lorries in fulfilling deliveries, a complication which meant both supplier and installer needed the logistical capabilities to work with restricted motorised equipment, as well as the aptitude to turn the project around within two weeks, in time for a scheduled acrobatic symposium.

Jon Mathias, the Brett Approved Installer Area Manager for the South East, explains that because Brett successfully operates its own ‘Brett Approved Installer Scheme (BAI)’, it can recommend installation specialists with the right match of skills and infrastructure to accomplish every project.

“We recommended three of our BAIs to Jon Dix and his team, enabling them to receive quotes and completed work examples from each, alongside quotes from other independent contractors.”

Based on Brett Landscaping’s recommendation, installer, Marshall K Paving of Cricklewood, was selected as the most appropriate choice, and since appointment, has worked within impressive time constraints to complete what the company’s Director, Kevin Canning, has described as a ‘fantastic project in a challenging location’.  He explains:

“Owing to the vehicular constraints in the Hoxton Square area, Brett arranged special delivery of materials to the Deben Buildbase in New Southgate, from which 18 tonne flatbed deliveries to the circus centre site were made, with appropriate crane off-load at the Hoxton Square end.  This logistical process proved successful, and avoided the expensive option of closing roads around the Shoreditch area.

“Our installation team then worked to complete the Courtyard in five days, over the course of a two week time period, despite adverse weather conditions and complex parking restrictions.

“The finished result looks extremely effective and we’re delighted to have completed the project in advance of the acrobatic symposium event.”

“Being part of the BAI scheme improves standards across the board. Brett only selects hard landscaping contractors who are able to install materials to the approved British Standard, and because Brett regularly assesses our work, the benchmark remains high.

Brett supports its approved installers too, not only in helping to procure business, but to purchase equipment and publicise their services.”

Now completed, the Courtyard at the National Centre for Circus Arts is being put to use, and has a busy itinerary of event bookings to look forward to.
Jon Dix concludes: “We’re delighted with the finished Courtyard. Our objective was to revive the area with re-laid setts that were sympathetic and appropriate to the aesthetic of the building.  By working with Brett Landscaping, and Marshall K Paving, we have achieved exactly that.”