RIBA approved CPD

Designing quiet bathrooms – new RIBA approved CPD from Geberit

Bathroom noises, caused by sanitaryware and behind-the-scenes pipework, can be an issue in multiple floored buildings, such as hotels, offices and apartments, disturbing guests and occupants trying to sleep or work in these environments. To help architects, specifiers and M&E contractors understand and combat this problem, Geberit has launched new RIBA approved CPD, Embedding Acoustics into Design.

Providing a technical insight and definition of ‘noise’ and its causes, the CPD covers current British Standards relating to limiting bathroom sound, plus Geberit’s thorough approach to noise reduction; which starts with good design and ends with appropriate product choices and correct installation techniques. Backed-up by Geberit’s own UK installation techniques and research, which takes place in its dedicated sound laboratory, Embedding Acoustics into Design, provides a detailed guide to creating quiet British bathrooms.

Embedding Acoustics in Design – what’s included:

  • Identification of the cause of ‘noise’ (cisterns, water in the soil stack etc.)
  • Importance of considering acoustics at the design stage
  • How to design a ‘quiet’ bathroom, looking at pipe layout, piping and sanitaryware types
  • Overview of current legislation
  • Geberit’s own laboratory data detailing the decibels (dBs) of bathroom sounds and the effect design, product choices and installation techniques have on reducing dBs.

Victoria Willis, Head of Piping and Product Management for Geberit commented. “According to Geberit’s own research, 90% of people* have been disturbed by waste water noise, with 55% of tenants stating they’d pay a little more rent if bathroom noises were reduced. This shows the importance of sound reduction; particularly in high end hotels and apartments. In our opinion, it is not always dealt with properly or even considered at any length at the design and planning stage, when in reality it’s incredibly important – getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for most people.”

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