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Totally verifiable performance standards from Schöck

Ecobuild Stand B133

thermal break technology

Innovative product developments, unrivalled performance certification and an exciting range of software support packages, all combine to strengthen Schöck’s continued position as the number one supplier of verifiable performance thermal break technology.

This year, Schöck pushes the boundaries further with its new  generation of Schöck concrete-to-concrete Isokorb, offering unrivalled thermal performance for both standard and Passivhaus construction.     Also on display is the Isokorb type AXT – offering a more thermally efficient and more durable alternative to wrapped parapets and minimum savings of 10% on construction costs.

The rest of the Isokorb family, for concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel connectivity are on display too – all with the reassurance of the new BBA certification, verifying Schöck to the most up-to-date industry requirements.    Among the latest software packages there is the new Calculation Software for the Isokorb type KS and the Thermal Bridge Calculator.   A brand new customer focussed website is being launched and you can get up-to-date information on the latest BIM developments.

The Schöck team is of course on hand to discuss any of the new developments and to offer ‘live’ consultancy advice on any project specific requirements you may have.

Contact Schöck on 01865 290 890 or visit www.schoeck.co.uk

Find the Flowcrete Floor for You at Ecobuild 2017

South Cheshire College Green Floorzone

On stand C147 of Ecobuild 2017, Flowcrete UK will be showcasing its range of resin finishes and sub floor screeds that have been designed to create superior, environmentally friendly floors as well as introducing new concrete repair products to the UK market!

Flowcrete UK’s green flooring solutions have been utilised by a long list of high profile locations around the country thanks to the ability of these systems to combine sustainability with both functionality and longevity.

The fast drying Isocrete Alpha Screed is particularly popular among developers of large-scale, high-rise and demanding construction projects thanks to the fact that large quantities of it can be quickly and easily installed. It is also one of the greenest screeds on the market, as 95% of the system’s alpha hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate binder is reclaimed from industrial by-products, minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Isocrete Alpha Screed is an evolution of traditional anhydrite flowing screeds, as it has a 20% faster drying time and its laitance free finish means that sanding is not required prior to applying a coating – significantly speeding up the overall installation timescale.

At Ecobuild 2017, attendees will also be able to learn about the Floorzone package, which enables specifiers and architects to source each element of a floor build up from only one place! The Floorzone includes decorative finishes such as the seamless resin terrazzo Mondéco range, green screeds, energy efficient under floor heating and noise reducing acoustic insulation.

As of this year, Flowcrete UK is now also able to supply a range of Euclid Chemical concrete repair mortars. There are many factors that must be considered before selecting a concrete repair solution such as location, climate, in-service conditions, and potential corrosives to name just a few. Having access to Euclid Chemical’s high quality products, which have been the repair mortars of choice in the US for a long time, will ensure that developers can easily access the right option for them.

Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said: “We’re always looking to develop our products to ensure that the construction industry can easily source the systems required to solve what can be very complex and demanding challenges.

“We constantly evaluate our finishes, screeds, subfloor components and repair materials to get the perfect balance of functionality and application practicality while limiting any environmental impact.”

Flowcrete UK has analysed its products and manufacturing processes in order to make its solutions more environmentally friendly. This has led to limiting the use of substances such as Ordinary Portland Cement as well as supplying its products in UN Certified Intermediate Bulk Containers to reduce packaging waste. The durability of Flowcrete UK’s resin systems also provides end users with green benefits, as the longevity of its floors avoids the environmental damage incurred by a flooring refurbishment.

Thanks to the environmentally pro-active credentials of its systems, Flowcrete is able to assist architects and specifiers to qualify for green building credits through initiatives such as BREEAM and LEED®.

To find out more about sustainable flooring and the newly launched Euclid Chemical concrete repair products, talk to Flowcrete UK’s expert team on stand C147 of Ecobuild 2017, which is taking place from 7-9 March at the ExCel London.


Kemper System Showcases Complete Sustainable Roofing Solutions at Ecobuild 2017

EcxobuildKEMPER SYSTEM manufacture KEMPEROL® liquid roofing and waterproofing systems for the long-term protection of roofs buildings and critical structures.  At Ecobuild 2017, our roofing products continue to address the question: What is sustainability?

Our proposition at Ecobuild is all about sustainability with KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR cold applied liquid waterproofing leading the way.

When we talk about roofing systems, their relative merits and sustainability, we need to understand what sustainability means: 

The capacity to endure, with the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources and thereby supporting long term ecological balance. 

So how do we fit the bill?

The Resin

80% of the resins in KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR are derived from the seeds of the tropical castor plant (ricinus communis) a sustainable resource that for every kilogram of castor oil produced in place of a petroleum-based polyol, there is a reduction of nearly 3.5 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. A cradle-to-gate study commissioned by the Department of Energy (DOE) reported that there are essentially zero net greenhouse gas emissions from the production of castor oil.  Added to that the reinforcement fleece we use contains a 25% recycled plastic bottle content.  Kemper System is fully committed to the conservation of natural resources and are part of the chemical industry’s unique global initiative – ‘Responsible Care’.

The Application

Substrate conservation is a key element in sustainability.  When our approved contractors carry out refurbishment work or upgrade the insulation on an existing roof, the KEMPEROL® resin is usually laid directly onto the substrate or utilises the failed membrane as a vapour control layer as part of our Stratex warm roof system build up.  This avoids the costly removal of the failed roof substrate and transport off site to become landfill.  This can also have the added benefit of reducing the duration and cost of your project.

The Performance

None of the above would mean anything without great performance.  KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is not only solvent-free and odourless, it has proven performance in use with a BBA certified performance life in-excess-of 25 years.  It is also inherently root resistant making it ideal for green roof projects.

Responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly in application and long term performance; produced by a company that conforms to recognised environmental standards.  What more could you want from a roofing product?

You can learn more about our waterproofing, warm roof and green roof systems on Stand B141.  We’re the one with the Duck.



Marshalls Natural Stone at Ecobuild 2016

Marshalls Scoutmoor at Trafalgar Square

For the first time, Marshalls Natural Stone division took centre stage at this year’s Ecobuild, held at London’s Excel Centre from the 7-9 March.

This year Marshalls focussed purely on its range of natural stone products and services, demonstrating to visitors its industry-leading approach to best practice manufacture and enviable global supply chain, and how Marshalls adds value to its customers across the entire specification process.

Marshalls is the UK’s leading supplier of hard landscaping materials, focusing on the development products which help architects, local authorities and contractors to create better spaces, whether it’s street furniture, natural stone, concrete block paving, water management or protective street furniture products.

On the impressive stand were a number of natural stone products, many exclusive to Marshalls, including Marshalls’ range of indigenous Yorkstone, Cambrian Sandstones and the innovative Stonespar collection.

Visitors were also be able to pick up a copy of the brand new Marshalls Natural Stone brochure which offers inspiration through colour and texture, real life case studies and demonstrates the full breadth of the Marshalls natural stone range.

Dan Smith, Senior Product Manager for Natural Stone at Marshalls, said: “Ecobuild was a great event for us. Across the three days we spoke to a large number of architects and specifiers about how we are able to find the best products and provide project specific tailor-made solutions for our customers.  It was the also ideal place for us to launch our fantastic new Natural Stone Brochure.

“At Marshalls we have over a Century of experience in the supply of natural stone and we understand this product better than anyone else in the market.  We can add value to our customers across the specification process, from concept and design, bespoke manufacture, to onsite support and engineering expertise.”

To speak to one of Marshalls natural stone experts please call 0870 200 7979, or visit http://www.marshalls.co.uk/commercial/natural-stone


Vastern Timber unveils Brimstone at Ecobuild

Public debut for the first commercially available thermally modified British timber


Vastern Timber will be exhibiting at Ecobuild 2016 and will be unveiling Brimstone, the first commercially available thermally modified British timber. Sourced exclusively from English and Welsh woodlands, the Brimstone range is ideal for cladding, decking, external joinery and furniture, and includes thermally modified ash, sycamore and poplar.

vt2During the thermal modification process the timber is super-heated to temperatures between 160° and 210°. The combination of high heat and steam reconfigures the wood to deliver a material of exceptional stability, durability and aesthetic uniformity that is highly resistant to mould and fungus. The dark brown colouring of Brimstone products and their performance in exterior applications make them ideal replacements for tropical timber products.

Speaking about the launch, Tom Barnes, Managing Director of Vastern Timber said “Imported thermally modified products are already available and growing in popularity as the benefits become more widely recognised. However, what sets Brimstone apart is that it is produced exclusively from trees grown in English and Welsh woodlands, and from species that are currently underused. The development of the range has been born out of a desire to offer a truly sustainable thermally modified product that supports our local domestic woodlands.

“The process involves no chemicals and does not rely on impregnating the timber. The most impressive outcome of the thermal modification process is that products are significantly more stable than non-modified timbers resulting in significantly less expansion and contraction when faced with changes in ambient temperature and humidity, making them a superior solution for a range of exterior uses. Additionally, the process reconfigures wood that would normally rot when used outside, into products that will last 30 years and more without treatment.


“Creating value for our native woodlands and the principal of local sourcing has been a central driver for development of the Brimstone range. Thermal modification is a truly exciting development that could potentially change the fortunes of British mixed woodlands. It represents a real opportunity to improve the management of our mixed woodlands by creating a demand for lesser used white hardwoods.”

To view the new Brimstone thermally modified timber range, visit Vastern Timber on stand E3161


Specification of liquid waterproofing systems

A sustainable approach from Kemper at Ecobuild


Liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, will be showcasing its comprehensive range of BBA-certified Kemperol liquid roofing and waterproofing systems on stand E5090 at this year’s Ecobuild Show (8-10 March 2016), along with its Stratex warm roof system.

The only cost effective, solvent-free and completely odourless cold liquid applied waterproofing system available in the UK, Kemperol 2K-PUR will take centre stage on Kemper System’s stand.

Around 80% of the applied polyols (or resins) in Kemperol 2K-PUR are obtained from the seeds of the tropical castor plant (Ricinus communis) a renewable resource. Perfect for use on sustainable construction projects and ideal for live projects on occupied buildings, such as schools, hospitals, food factories or office buildings, Kemperol 2K-PUR allows work to take place without the need for evacuation or closure, avoiding the disruption associated with the strong odours and fumes from many ‘low-odour’ or solvent-based products.

Stratex from Kemper System will also be on show. An integrated warm roof that offers exceptional performance, Stratex is supplied as a complete system of matched components – vapour barrier, insulation and waterproofing. It is equally suited to concrete, timber and metal decks on new build projects as it is to refurbishing and upgrading existing roofs.  Stratex is also ideal as a complete warm roof solution below an extensive green roof.  It can be supplied as flat board or as a fully specified tapered insulation scheme.

Comments UK marketing manager of Kemper System, Stuart Hicks: “Our product range is designed primarily for use in commercial refurbishment, maintenance and new build projects. Kemper System’s waterproofing and surfacing products have protected billions of square metres of roofs around the world over the past 50 years, including some of the world’s most important landmarks, iconic buildings, public and commercial properties.

“As we continue to prioritise environmental performance in the built environment of the future, Kemper System’s advanced roofing technology can make roofs greener and more sustainable. A visit to our stand will give you the knowledge you need to specify liquid roofing and waterproofing systems with complete confidence.”

For further information contact enquiries@kempersystem.co.uk or visit www.kempersystem.co.uk

Independant tests prove Mori dMEV’s low running costs and carbon savings


The innovative Mori dMEV decentralised mechanical extract ventilation unit took centre stage on stand N5172 at Ecobuild 2015, as Elta Fans’ presented impressive independent test results from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) that highlight the unit’s low running costs, carbon footprint savings and multi application functionality.

One of the striking facts to come out of the testing is that the Mori dMEV has an annual running cost of less than £1 per year in kitchens and just £0.75 in bathroom/utility areas. Power consumption for continually running the Mori dMEV equates to just a third of the energy of an 18W low energy light bulb in use four hours a day. The unit also has exceptionally low noise levels that make it quieter than a ticking watch (typically 13 dB(A) for bathroom/utility.

The product brings, to house builders, housing authorities and social landlords, unprecedented efficiency. Each Mori dMEV also saves 1.96 kg per year of CO2 compared to the next best unit on the market.

Shortlisted for the H&V News ‘Domestic H&V Product of the Year – Sustainability and Safety’ award, the Mori dMEV constant volume unit is designed for System 3 ventilation in new build or refurbishment for social housing, and private housing applications. Elta Fans also contends that its latest Mori dMEV is 62% more efficient than the dMEV which won the H&V Award two years ago.

During two years of intensive and stringent design and product testing, started in February 2012, the Mori dMEV has been meticulously developed by Elta Fans.  For the impeller alone, more than 35 3D models were created, 19 of which became prototypes with the most recent of these becoming the unique ‘BLADELET’ impeller. The result is a product which has the lowest SFP (0.09 W/(L/s)) and provides the lowest running costs of any dMEV to date.

Elta Fans Residential Division, is part of the Elta Group – a family of businesses with operations in seven countries on four continents – the 2015 Ecobuild exhibition is an important opportunity to demonstrate the value of the Mori dMEV for the housing sector and, in particular in social housing.

Elta Group Building Services Head of Sales, Mathew Axford said: “Our company is committed to providing exceptional indoor air quality in the most cost effective way for the health of the nation.

“Our focus is to engage with social landlords and building companies to expand our message of being the ‘Home of Ventilation’ offering market leading, innovative products,” explained Matthew Axford.

Other features of the Mori dMEV include:

Low energy, highly efficient EC motor with onboard electronics, Operates up to 50°C, TMP safety tested of domestic fans to IEC 60335-1 AND 60335-2, Low energy, 2.5W EC motor with inbuilt constant volume control. Compliant with ISO/IEC 17025, 3 year warranty and many more.


New air source heat pump and biomass boilers launched at Ecobuild

  • New Vitocal 300-A three-phase air source heat pump provides higher outputs and quiet operation for commercial properties
  • Compact, manual feed, domestic biomass boiler will tempt mainstream market by fitting into utility rooms
  • Vitoligno 300-H cements Viessmann’s position in the medium power commercial biomass boiler range
  • UK’s first PEM domestic fuel cell system, the Vitovalor 300-P, is also on display.

Viessmann is launching three new renewable heating products at Ecobuild (March 3-5, 2015; ExCel; stand no. 3130) alongside other examples of its current products and future innovations.

The Vitocal 300-A three-phase air source heat pump , in 10.5 or 12 kW outputs (up from 8.6 kW for the single-phase version), is designed for commercial properties requiring a maximum flow temperature of up to 65 °C. The all-in-one package of variable speed fan, modulating compressor and quiet air duct design is a freestanding, external unit that earned a special mention in the German Design Awards 2015 for its statuesque, cylindrical design.


Along with a high Coefficient of Performance of 3.5 (air 2 °C/ water 35 °C) , the Vitocal 300-A has a sound level of just 54 dB (A), even lower at night, making it one of the quietest heat pumps in the market.

A new compact, biomass, pellet boiler joins Viessmann’s Vitoligno range as an option for domestic homeowners who want the performance of a gas boiler and a renewable energy source. As it requires no fuel storage or automated feed device, the manually-fed Vitoligno 300-C is ideal for space-restricted areas inside the home such as utility rooms. The 300-C has an output of between 2.4 kW and 12 kW and a high efficiency of up to 95.3 per cent. The ash box only needs empting once or twice a year. Operation and system monitoring is easy via Viessmann’s Smartphone Vitotrol App.



Bringing new, higher rated outputs of 80, 99 and 101 kW, suitable for district heating networks, the new Vitoligno 300-H commercial biomass boiler cements the Viessmann Group’s coverage of the biomass market, the company manufacturing wood heating systems between 2.4 kW and 1,700 kW.


The 300-H system can be selectively fed pellets or wood chips, from either the left or right of the boiler. It features an efficient automatic ignition with lower power consumption and fully automatic ash removal from the sliding frame and heat exchanger. Its unique design, including an upright heat exchanger enables less ash to settle in it, which makes for long intervals between cleaning. Emptying of the large, lockable ash box is nearly dust-free.

With its weather compensated Ecotronic control and a modulation range of 1:3, the Vitoligno 300-H tailors its performance exactly to suit the heating demand, resulting in low fuel consumption.

“Under the banner ‘Innovations Today for Tomorrow’s Future’, Viessmann is showing it has a heating product for every application at this year’s Ecobuild, from domestic gas condensing boilers through wood, heat pump and solar renewable ranges to commercial CHP and boiler units, and finally to our new fuel cell system.  In addition to our technology messages, we’ll be helping contractors better understand the ErP product and system labelling requirements being introduced in September 2015,” says Darren McMahon, marketing director.

About Viessmann Ltd.

Viessmann Limited is part of the Viessmann Group of Companies which is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family business is overseen by the chairmanship of Managing Partner Dr. Martin Viessmann. The Group has annual turnover of EUR 2.1 billion and employs a staff of approximately 11,400. Viessmann’s comprehensive product range encompasses all fuel types and applications, allowing it to deliver high quality, efficient and fully integrated solutions. With an output range of 1.5 to 120,000 kW, Viessmann offers oil and gas-fired boilers, solar thermal and photovoltaics, combined heat and power modules (CHP), ground, air and water sourced heat pumps and biomass boilers.


Take full control of heating your home with myComfort

Windhager74 MyComfort App highres

Forgot to turn your heating controls on before leaving for work, or want to come home to a warm cosy house after a long vacation or a cold winters day? Introducing myComfort from Windhager, a revolutionary remote heating control mobile app for all of the Windhager biomass range of boilers, which is set to launch at Ecobuild.

myComfort allows every homeowner to quickly and simply control their individual heating systems everyday from any recognised smartphone or tablet. The app can be retro fitted to all Windhager boilers with MES plus controls* and requires a fixed LAN cable to the householders router.

Whether at home or abroad, the heating system is always under control and can be regulated from any location via any recognised smartphone. myComfort provides an intelligent way to have two-way communication with the Windhager boiler. Push messages can to be received from the boiler to a smartphone about its status, such as; fuel levels, emptying the ash pan and service reminders.

myComfort is an innovative and stylish application that has enabled us to answer all our customers needs. The mobile app allows the temperature of our boilers to be set even before you come home or to save energy when you leave your house. It offers bespoke controls to suit any individual need for how they want to heat their home. As industry leaders in biomass boilers it is important for Windhager to stay at the forefront of heating technology and provide our customers with as much flexibility as they require when using our products- myComfort achieves exactly that. commented Oliver Duckworth, Commercial Director.

For quick and simple decisions extra pre-programmed functions, Eco or Comfort mode can be chosen automatically when bespoke heating is not required. With the weekly overview option available within the app, it is easy to set up and organise the heating programme and heating modes can be changed, such as the single domestic hot water refill mode that charges the hot water cylinder outside the usual hot water programs.

The myComfort-heating app will be released at Ecobuild and for full demonstrations and access visit Windhager UK in the South Hall on stand number 2040.

A demo version of the Windhager myComfort heating app is now available on Apple and Android devices which can be downloaded via www.windhager.co.uk

Practical advice on offer as Mitsubishi Electric joins Practical Installer at Ecobuild


Leading heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has announced that it is bringing its renewables experts to Ecobuild 2015 (3-5 March) as part of Plumb Center’s Practical Installer arena.

The company will be working alongside a selection of renewable solution providers to deliver tailored business advice to the seasoned MCS- accredited installer and gas installers keen to break into the green energy market.

“We will be presenting a series of seminars each day and giving installation demonstrations to show how Ecodan air source heat pumps can help installers grow their business”, explains Matthew Gee on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric.

“We want to work alongside Practical Installer in offering the best advice and show the heating industry how to use renewables to take advantage of a rapidly growing market”.

The fifth generation of Ecodan air source heat pumps continues to lead the market and Mitsubishi Electric has recently revamped the entire line-up using a plate heat exchanger to increase efficiency.

This year Practical Installer will be debuting its “Business Clinic”, acting as Ecobuild’s business hub, giving renewable installers, old and new, hints and tips on heat pumps. The clinic will feature one-to-one sessions, promoting opportunities across the renewable sector.

The Mitsubishi Electric seminars cover topics including the use of Apps to make system sizing easier, best practice for air source heat pumps and guidance on installation.

A full timetable of all the Practical Installer events can be found on at www.ecobuild.co.uk where visitors can also register for free tickets.