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Aztec’s got FlushSash pegged

Leading Halo fabricator and installer Aztec Windows has introduced a bespoke decorative peg stay option for the Halo FlushSash system.


The Coventry-based company was the first to adopt the mechanically jointed FlushSash PVC-U system and found that it quickly became popular with a variety of customers, for use in both heritage homes and in more contemporary settings in a range of colours.

Director Michael Hagan explains: “With its clean lines and flush style, we’ve found the FlushSash to be a very versatile system. We have branded it as the Prestige Collection® and it’s been specified in some quite modern settings, but we’ve found that it is particularly suited to historic homes and heritage projects. For this reason, we decided to expand upon its Georgian features with a traditional-style working peg stay. We designed and commissioned bespoke pin fixings that make this peg stay work perfectly with the Halo system.

“This new feature is exclusively available on the FlushSash by request. It started off as a matter of aesthetics, making the window look even more authentically traditional, but after consultation with our customer base it became apparent they wanted a working peg stay, not just decorative.

“Customers love our fully mechanically jointed system. It means you can even glaze the window on site as it doesn’t require glass bonding.”

Dawn Stockell, Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group commented: “Aztec was the first Halo customer to take the mechanically jointed FlushSash and the team have done a fantastic job of promoting its many benefits, even expanding on its style features to meet the desires of their customer base with the new peg stay. Aztec has been fabricating Halo systems for more than ten years, and has a fantastic reputation for quality, so I’m sure the new addition to the system will be very well received.”


Commercial Doors Made Easy, in Jack Aluminium’s New Brochure

Jack Aluminium

If you need an aluminium commercial door, just ask Jack.  Fabricators can find everything they need to create high-quality, secure and thermally efficient commercial doors, in the new TD68 Jack Door brochure from systems specialist Jack Aluminium – available to download at www.jackaluminium.co.uk.

“As part of our marketing support for fabricators, we’ve launched the brochure so they can give their customers a simple, at-a-glance reference to the benefits of the Jack Door system,” says Ash Pearson, Sales Manager at Jack Aluminium.

 “The Jack Door gives fabricators an easy route towards meeting PAS 24 and Secured by Design.  It’s the ideal choice for schools and colleges, hospitals, local authorities and other commercial buildings where security is essential.”

The brochure covers the most comprehensive range of PAS24 commercial doors available, including controlled access, emergency exit and remote access, and a wide variety of hardware and colour options.

All door profiles have in-built strength, security and thermal efficiency, backed by extensive independent testing.  “The Jack Door helps fabricators to meet robust specification guidelines.  The TD68 system has passed PAS 24 and is fully Q marked, so it is ready for fabricators to attain Secured by Design status.

“The Jack Door also gives fabricators real design flexibility.  It has been tested up to 1300 mm wide by 2480 mm high to comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) clear opening directives and we’re constantly testing new sizes. We have also tested sidelights & fanlights to PAS 24, allowing customers to build SBD compliant screens.

“When it comes to thermal efficiency, we have achieved a U-value of 1.7 W/m2k on a 1230 mm wide door.”

Jack Aluminium maintains extensive aluminium stock holding for fast delivery, and offers expert service & support to fabricators and their customers.


AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre is a ‘Lancashire Hot Spot’ for Architects

aluminium windows and doors

Architects can discover the full design potential of aluminium at the new AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre – a Lancashire ‘Hot Spot’ for aluminium windows and doors.

The specially designed centre is part of the leading aluminium fabricator’s new factory premises based in Blackburn and customers are invited to call in to see, touch and feel the full range of modern aluminium glazing products available for their project.

“The new centre has been designed to help our customers choose the best products to develop their projects,” explains Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect. “We have installed full-size, working displays of our range so they can see just how many options they have.

“The AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre aims to be a useful resource where the whole supply chain, from specification to end user, can get the best advice on how to choose aluminium glazing, backed by top customer support.

“The centre has been split into two separate zones, domestic and commercial and each area has been designed to reflect the look of a typical installation. The domestic zone has a homely feel and the commercial area is a coffee bar, providing a perfect place for customer consultations over a brew.

“It’s the ideal place to ask our on-site aluminium experts to help specify their project and get it right first time. We’ll listen to what our customers need and help them to realise their designs through our precise manufacturing, fast lead times and delivery direct to site.”

For domestic glazing, the AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre includes the new Technic-AL RD1 residential door as well as AluFoldDirect’s best-selling range of aluminium bi-folding doors and slimline windows.

Commercial customers can see aluminium entrance doors and curtain walling using the highly-respected Jack Aluminium system.  The door is equipped with the ISEO Multiblindo lock, the latest advance in versatile commercial security.

Craig adds: “The AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre is open 8:30am – 5:30pm, Mon to Fri, so feel free to drop by to discuss your project with us or visit http://www.alufolddirect.co.uk/aluminium-showroom.html to find out more.”

Four steps to specifying the right commercial door

Four steps to specifying the right commercial door

Commercial aluminium systems specialist Jack Aluminium has made it easy for architects and specifiers by creating four steps towards specifying the right commercial door for every project.

“There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a commercial door, but by looking at a few fundamentals you can balance legislative requirements, style, functionality and cost to achieve a great-looking, high-performance door that is built too last,” says Jeff Pearson, Sales Director at Jack Aluminium.

1) Achieve security and efficiency in performance.  “There are increasingly stringent demands for thermal efficiency and security – not only from the law but also from building owners and users who want the very best from their premises.

“A well-engineered aluminium profile needs to be thermally broken while remaining strong enough to withstand the attentions of burglars.  The only way to be sure is through independent test data, so only work with systems suppliers who have invested in rigorous testing.”

2) Versatility in design.  “Commercial projects cover a number of sectors – shops, offices, schools and hospitals – and range from new builds to retro-fits.  Finding a aluminium system that will work across all of these types can save valuable time and resource when specifying.  Rather than starting from scratch on a project-by-project basis, it means that specifiers can develop long-term relationships in the confidence that the system will do what it needs to, every time.”

3) Convenience in manufacture and installation.  “Having the right system on paper is one thing.  It must also be easy for the fabricator to make and for the installer to fit, otherwise there’s a risk of adding time and cost to a project to iron out issues in the factory or on-site.

“When in doubt, ask to see examples of existing projects and speak to the people who had first-hand experience of using the system.”

4) Harmony with the environment.  This last step underpins all of the other elements, and extends from sustainable manufacturing to the long-term durability of the door itself.  “The most sustainable commercial door is one that is built too last.  By making the best use of materials upfront, a good system will reduce long-term wastage by minimising the chance of repair or replacement.

These four steps should be at the heart of all commercial door specification. Jack Aluminium is happy to discuss everything from design and testing, through to fabrication, installation and long-term aftercare, to help architects and specifiers make the right choice.


The VEKA UK Group jumps the Q with ever-evolving systems

The UK’s industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group, has achieved further professional acclaim for the newly unveiled M70 system.

The VEKA UK Group has completed a major update of its BSI Kitemark accreditation with the inclusion of the new M70 and the system is already helping ensure that fabricators are Document Q-ready.

The Matrix 70 Window System from VEKA led the industry for decades, with its classic good looks and impressive technical performance. Thanks to ongoing investment, the new, even more energy-efficient M70 system has been launched.

The system was among the numerous high quality VEKA products showcased at this year’s FIT Show and BSI’s Lorraine Balch was on hand to present the Kitemark certificate to Dave Jones, MD of The VEKA UK Group.

M70 is just one of a number of systems from The VEKA UK Group that will help customers prepare for implementing Document Q. Dave Jones explains: “Security via Document Q is the most recent legislative challenge that the industry has faced, with many customers approaching us for advice on the various routes to compliance.

“Here at The VEKA UK Group, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to legislation. Our goal is to provide all the ‘tools’ and information our customers need to meet any new requirements in a simple and straightforward manner.

“With the new M70 we wanted to give fabricators flexibility and, to this end, we carried out testing to PAS 24 with a number of suppliers, after researching the most widely used hardware brands. This enables fabricators of the new M70 to follow our pre-tested specification and easily meet the requirements of Document Q.

“Our commitment to supporting customers with Document Q doesn’t stop with M70. Not only have we expanded our approved hardware range to incorporate all of our popular 70mm systems such as VEKA’s Matrix FS and Infinity, as well as Halo’s System 10 and Rustique, but we are already embarking on further partnerships with hardware companies to continually improve our offering, giving our customers the widest possible choice of components while still meeting Government Regulation.”

For more information on how The VEKA UK Group supports customers with technical and compliance issues, contact Mark Barsby for #JustTheFACTS. Email: mbarsby@veka.com


VEKA fabricator Darwen Windows gets Secured By Design

Secured by Design

Darwen Windows, a Lancashire-based fabricator of industry-leading PVC-U window and door systems from The VEKA UK Group has announced its recent attainment of the revered Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation and British Standard PAS24 certification.

The Secured By Design initiative, established by the UK Police in 1989, aims to ‘design out crime’ by recognising companies that incorporate fail-safe security features into their windows, doors, locks and other licensed products.

Dave Connell, Works Manager at Darwen Windows explains: “To gain an SBD accreditation, a company’s products must withstand a series of rigorous physical tests – carried out by a Police-approved independent testing centre – simulating the forces that may be exerted by a potential intruder.


“We attended ERC Testing in Leigh – a brand new UK testing house, affiliated with the Glass and Glazing Federation and, therefore, well placed to assess products in our industry. Two of our windows were tested to British Standard PAS24 for security, as well as a series of weather tests to comply with BS6375. We are delighted to announce that the windows surpassed all of the test criteria.

“We have used VEKA systems since Darwen Windows was established, a little over two years ago, and our MD, Bill Ainsworth has more than three decades’ history with the Group from his former company – our predecessor – S&A Developments.

“VEKA systems have been highly instrumental in securing this attainment as, from the outset, they are designed with safety and security as priorities. We’re excited to now be able to offer PAS 24 / Secured By Design-accredited products to both our trade and consumer customers. It’s said that, to use SBD products in the average home costs only an additional £170 – a small price to pay for such peace of mind, and certain to be viewed favourably by insurance providers.”

Dave Jones, Managing Director of The VEKA UK Group commented: “Darwen Windows is a company that is proactively using VEKA systems to their fullest and optimising their offering to homeowners and installers. We congratulate them on this significant achievement and the many opportunities that will arise as a result – well done to all involved!”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611

Tradesmith delivers the first PAS 24 low-threshold French door using Halo profile


Tradesmith, a leading South East window, door and conservatory manufacturer and Halo Approved Fabricator has become one of the industry’s first companies to achieve the coveted PAS 24 security standard on a low-threshold French door.

PAS 24 – a UK standard for door and window security performance – is only achievable by submitting products for certification with a UKAS-accredited testing house, and represents a significant and sustained effort from the manufacturer to reach the required levels of protection.

Tradesmith Managing Director, Mark Hutchinson explained: “We’re thrilled that Tradesmith has become the first fabricator to achieve PAS 24 on a low-threshold French door using The VEKA UK Group‘s Halo profile.

“The Government’s Document Q guidance – one of a number of documents pertaining to achievement of the 2010 Building Regulations – came into effect at the start of October, and recommends that all buildings be fitted with doorsets and windows designed to meet PAS 24 or similar.

“We presented the completed door for independent assessment ‘off our own bat’, without needing to piggyback on the test results of components that make up the design, and it’s great to be able to display the PAS 24 logo alongside our Secured by Design accreditation – the official Police initiative, aimed at ‘designing out crime’ in physical security measures.”

Besides working closely with Halo – part of The VEKA UK Group – Tradesmith also collaborated with other highly respected suppliers, including Paddock / Yale and Winlock to ensure the door reached the necessary standard.

“What Tradesmith has achieved is no mean feat”, commented Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group. “To achieve PAS 24 certification is a challenge in itself, let alone with a low-threshold French Door that must be able to offer unhindered mobility access as well as the required security credentials.

“It’s great to see Halo profile play such an integral part in this worthy project and I’d like to congratulate Tradesmith on behalf of The VEKA UK Group for this accomplishment.”

Mark added: “This product is a great addition to our TS Collection and will be available to all our trade customers. Anybody interested in finding out more should visit our website: www.tradesmith.co.uk

VEKA plc, 01282 716611


Reynaers has invested in a new high-class training facility for both staff and fabricators


This summer has seen the opening of the new training centre in Halesowen, which is home to a roomy classroom and a large workshop with punch tools, saws and an assembly table. It allows Reynaers to offer both practical and theoretical training, ensuring that its quality products are installed to a high standard. Not only will the training centre enable people in the trade to learn more about the vast range of aluminium systems available, it will also help them to develop their skills.

Training courses comprising six modules are available to both current customers and those who are new to Reynaers. These include product awareness and familiarisation, ReynaPro software training, fabrication training as well as site and installation training. Content can also be tailored to the individual’s specific requirements on request.

Reynaers has seen growing demand for training courses due to the introduction of several new products, including the ultra-slim frame sliding door Hi-Finity – with industry-leading maximum sizes and automated options. Other products covered include curtain walling,aluminium windows as well as bi-fold doors.

John McCombJohn McComb, Reynaers’ Technical Director, said: “We’re celebrating 50 successful years this October and we believe this latest investment is a fitting way to thank our loyal customers for their support. We have enjoyed steady growth for many years and much of this success is due to the strong partnerships we’ve developed with fabricators and installers. This is just one of the ways in which we’re investing in these partnerships and paving the way for continued future growth.

“We are committed to ensuring and maintaining quality and will have set product courses available on key products – as well as being able to tailor training to our customers’ needs.”

You can have a look at Reynaers’ premium architectural aluminium systems on http://www.reynaers.co.uk.

If you are interested in using the facilities or finding out more about the training courses available to fabricators, installers and contractors, please contact +44 (0) 121 421 1999 or email: reynaersltd@reynaers.com.

Qualplas manufactures VEKA door and window order for challenging West African beachfront development


St Helens-based VEKA fabricator, Qualplas has recently fulfilled one of the more unusual contracts of its 25-year history by manufacturing windows, doors and French doors for a residential project, under construction in Ghana!

The contract was referred to Qualplas via The VEKA UK Group website following initial contact from contractor Barry Alger, who is coordinating the project from his beachfront property nearby.

Andrew Smith, Qualplas‘ Managing Director explains: “Barry was sold on using VEKA systems having been so impressed with the durability of the units installed on his own property, which neighbours the new development.

The VEKA UK Group referred the project to us as Barry had specified that he wanted to use a reputable fabricator with a long-standing relationship with VEKA. His other main criterion was our closeness to the Liverpool Docks, purely for the comparative ease of shipping the finished units to West Africa.”

The new development is situated on Victoria Beach near Takoradi, Ghana, and will consist of 24 serviced apartments, office facilities, a bar and restaurant area overlooking the seafront and a bathing area / swimming pool. Oil has recently been discovered in the region and it is envisaged that a company involved in that industry will lease the entire purpose-built development for the use of its workers.

The significant size of the project meant Qualplas received an order comprising around 40 Matrix 70 windows, 19 sets of French doors and additional residential doors. VEKA door and window systems are therefore used exclusively throughout the development, paying testament to Barry’s confidence in their weather resistance and technical performance.

Andrew continues: “The photos Barry has sent us of the construction site demonstrate just how exposed the new development is to the elements. Not only will the window and door installations have to withstand savage sea winds, rain and salt water erosion but, with the changing seasons, there will be huge variations in temperature from extreme heat to bitter chill.”

Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director for The VEKA UK Group added: “Qualplas‘ commitment to fabricating VEKA systems not only secured the company this fascinating contract but reassured the customer that the products he chose have been thoroughly tested to withstand the world’s most unforgiving climates.

“VEKA subjects its systems to prolonged testing in extremes of heat and cold as part of its development and ongoing quality control process, ensuring that the challenges presented by developments like Barry’s are comprehensively catered for. We can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project and are proud that systems from The VEKA UK Group, fabricated by Qualplas – a long-standing, UK-based VEKA fabricator are being championed on a world stage.”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611


The VEKA UK Group makes room for windows, bi-fold doors and more

VEKA Showroom - 013

Industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group, has created a new showroom more than three times the size of the previous display space.

The new showroom sits alongside the new customer meeting room and the two brand new spaces are linked by the new Imagine Bi-Fold and Imagine French Door Systems.

Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director at The VEKA UK Group, explains: “The new showroom is a great asset for us. Our Sales Team can really demonstrate the products to their full extent so that customers, old and new, can get to grips with the full range.

“The showroom has been designed to offer a light-filled modern space that fits with our branding. Windows have been installed with a ‘floating’ effect and there are corner samples on display to see the various details of different systems. There are 14 complete Halo and VEKA windows, along with five doors on display. The Bowater Doors area includes two new doors from the contemporary collection.

VEKA Showroom - 031

“As well as showing off our products, the showroom has also allowed us to tell more of our ‘story’ with graphics that detail The VEKA UK Group and VEKA Worldwide, Network VEKA, VEKA Recycling and the NEW Approved Installer Scheme.

“We’re very pleased with the finished space and we’ll be happy to welcome any fabricators, installers or specifiers to come and take a closer look at the products that have made us an industry leader.”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611