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External wood solution for all needs

OrganoWood® is the latest name in sustainable wood protection and is building a reputation amongst architects, professionals and end users as the external wood treatment of choice for a number of different applications.

Offering three leading products – OrganoWood® 01 Protection, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent and OrganoWood® 03 Cleaner – OrganoWood has developed a product for all exterior wood requirement. Providing a high quality alternative the chemical pressure treatments, OrganoWood is favoured by those who are discouraged by using chemicals for either sustainable or applications reasons, such as environments where there the wood has a close contact to children, animals or vegetation.

eco friendly wood protection

“We are thrilled that OrganoWood is being used by so many different users, for so many different applications,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director at OrganoWood UK. “It’s widespread application and ability to protect exterior wood in all environments is without doubt one of its best features. We hope that users continue to find new uses for the solution.”

The external protection and aesthetic qualities delivered through the OrganoWood range makes it an ideal solution for wooden cladding. OrganoWood® Protection 01 provides an unrivalled natural protection against fire and rot decay with OrgnanoWood® 02 repelling water and rot from taking hold in the material – essential to ensure long lasting building integrity.

OrganoWood is often specified to meet the high performance requirements for wooden decking, promenades and jetties. As well as providing water and rot resistance, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent hardens the wooden surface, making it less likely to split or crack. Through its proprietary technology, which mimics the natural fossilisation process, OrganoWood smoothens the surface, ensuring the decking the safe to walk on barefoot.


Providing high quality protection without the use of toxic chemicals or heavy metals, OrganoWood is the ideal solution to use on external wood in environments with close contact to children and animals. Requiring little or no maintenance for up to five years, OrganoWood is favoured by those who work on schools, leisure facilities, agricultural buildings, playgrounds, and in public spaces.

wood protection

wood protection

Finally, as well as providing unrivalled eco-friendly protection, OrganoWood allows the timber to age gracefully – gradually enhancing the aesthetics to a silvery-grey hue over time. In particular, this makes it a popular choice for external garden fences and furniture, such as benches, tables and wooden planters.

Manufactured in Sweden, OrganoWood has employed some of nature’s own tricks to develop lasting, effective and unique wood protection that is entirely non-toxic – without the use of harmful heavy metals, biocides and solvents. OrganoWood products are classed as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and are verified by FSC® (FSC-C120532) and PEFC™ (05-35-168), achieving the highest ecological standards.

For stockists and more information on OrganoWood®, please call 01296 323770 or visit www.organowood.co.uk  

New plywood guaranteed to be popular for James Latham

As the UK’s biggest independent distributor of panel products and timber, James Latham has announced the latest addition to its portfolio, a new range of Poplar Plywood.

James Latham

Responsibly sourced and ethically verified, this new range of plywood, which is both PEFC and FSC certified, is being supplied by Spanish processing giant Garnica and for distribution will be exclusively available through James Latham in the UK.

Offering exceptional quality and outstanding performance properties, Poplar Plywood is very lightweight, it has a superior surface quality, is strong, exceptionally stable, easy to machine and is also easy to transport.  It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is particularly well suited for the manufacturing of furniture, caravans, partitions, speakers, boat building or exhibition stands, in fact, anywhere that weight may be an issue.

James Latham

Andrew Wright, Director of Lathams Limited, explained, “It’s great news that we now have a European manufacturer of high quality plywood with the reputation, substance and credibility of an organisation like Garnica.  Right from the start, we have been really impressed, not only with the products, but also the set up and the people, and I can already see lots of opportunities within markets and applications where Plywood may have been previously discounted or not even considered because of concerns over either the quality of the product, the price or the provenance.

James Latham

Garnica has invested more than 30 million Euros in recent years, developing their product offering to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of global plywood manufacturing and as the exclusive distributor, we are very excited to be able to offer some of these innovative products, which much of the UK market won’t have even seen yet.”

James Latham

“Poplar offers tremendous flexibility and numerous features and benefits and once these have been introduced and marketed in the UK, I am confident that it will soon become a cornerstone of the plywood purchased in this country.”

With seven different product families, the range is extensive and initially, James Latham will focus on offering four of these; Efficiency Poplar, in which the core and faces are made of poplar from controlled and sustainable European plantations. Duraply® where the panel offers exceptional durable properties due to an innovative ply-to-ply treatment making it fungi and insect resistant even under the most adverse weather conditions. Fireshield offering a panel which has been modified through an innovative ply-to-ply process that gives it exceptional flame retardant properties, and through which, unlike other treatments, its properties remain intact when working or sanding the panel. And finally, Elegance Birch, a Poplar panel with a birch veneer to the face and back.  All products in the Elegance range are particularly noted for the beauty of their faces.


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MEDITE SMARTPLY highly commended in Energy Awards 2016


MEDITE SMARTPLY has been highly commended at the Sustainable Energy Awards 2016 in the large energy category.

The event, which took place on the 3rd November 2016, brings together leading innovators and companies that demonstrate a proven track record of going beyond best practice in integrated energy management.

This award, in part, is a result of the MEDITE SMARTPLY Operation Excellence programme that began in 2014.

The programme initiatives consisted of product and process flow optimisation, variable speed drive monitoring, controls, lighting, ISO 50001 certification, electric transport, and a steam turbine generating onsite electricity driven by their own biomass steam boiler.

The company has also undertaken employee awareness initiatives including displaying energy targets in real time at operator stations, children’s Energy Calendar competition and an Energy Fun Day.

The company has systematically and effectively focused resources on opportunities for energy reduction saving the company in excess of €250,000/per annum in energy costs.

“This award is an independent external acknowledgement of the hard work and efforts that all of our teams across Europe have put in from day one. From our new technologies, such as our Mat Preheater, compressed air energy reduction and process pumps upgrades, to our engineering works on LED lighting and airflow optimisation, everyone has had a part to play,” comments Pat Beardmore, Operations Director.

“The innovation and passion shown by all members of MEDITE SMARTPLY reflects what a truly energetic place it is to work and grow. We will continue our work and chase the top award next year.”

The company has set its sights on achieving an energy reduction in excess of 10% in the coming years. With five projects already in planning in order to achieve these ambitious goals MEDITE SMARTPLY will continue to lead the way in energy management in its sector.


Performance door blanks with 90 minute fire rating and FSC certification


The UK’s biggest independent distributor of high-performance door blanks, James Latham is now offering Moralt FireSound 59mm (dB43/44) with FD90 certification (BS476 Pt. 22)

And thanks to Lathams, specifying a high-end, specialist door blank – which is still competitively priced – doesn’t mean having to compromise on environmental guidelines as three of the Moralt FireSound range and two of the FireSmoke range, now carry FSC certification.

Exclusively available nationwide and directly from stock through all nine of James Latham’s panel depots in sizes up to 3050mm x 1220mm, the Moralt FireSound 59mm door blanks are supplied with a short lead-time and a minimum order quantity of just one blank.

Moralt FireSound 59mm FD90 carries a long list of technical features and benefits including certification up to 2650mm height and/or 1049mm width (SASD). They are also certified as single/ double leaf doors, with/without glazing and offer intumescent seal specification for stiles/jambs, head perimeter: 2 no. 15mm x 4mm spaced 10mm apart.

In addition, they are also certified with concealed closers and hinges and can be easily trimmed, lipped and glazed.

Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham commented, “As the exclusive UK distributor of Moralt door blanks, we are delighted to be able to offer the Moralt FireSound 59mm with FD90 certification as well as FSC accreditation. The technical features and benefits of this high-performance door blank, coupled with its environmental credentials make it a really attractive option and it is generating plenty of interest in the market.”

For more information on Latham’s full range of doorblanks and accessories please phone 0116 257 3415, email marketing@lathams.co.uk or visit www.lathamtimber.co.uk



Locking Up Carbon & Unlocking the Full Potential of Timber

Regal Homes
Regal Homes

We may commonly hear the term ‘carbon sequestration’ but what does it actually mean? The dictionary definition of sequestration is ‘isolated and hidden away’. To put it simply, it is the process of capture and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Within the built environment there are often discussions focused on operational carbon emissions in relation to the environmental impact of building but not necessarily sequestered carbon. Greg Cooper, Pre-Construction Manager of the X-LAM Alliance, speaks about the positive impact of cross laminated timber (CLT) on carbon sequestration within the built environment:

“According to the research conducted by Wood for Good, there are two ways to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere – either by reducing emissions, or by removing CO2 and storing it. Wood has the unique ability to do both.

Carbon sequestration describes long-term storage of carbon dioxide or other forms of carbon to either mitigate or defer global warming and avoid dangerous climate change. This is an extremely complex process that has taken mankind centuries to mimic. The latest technological advances have made it possible to take carbon dioxide out of the air via mechanical processes and store it deep underground, but this is only a recent innovation.

Something as simple as planting a tree can sequester carbon. Trees use photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide out of the air and transform it into sugars which it uses to sustain and grow. Sequestration of carbon dioxide by trees from the atmosphere equates to approximately 900kg of CO2 per cubic meter of wood, which it holds captive during its entire lifetime, even when it is reprocessed in the form of a building. The amount of carbon sequestered in a forest can be increased via forest management and reforestation, which involves replanting trees to replace those cut down for timber to increase the carbon density of a pre-existing forest. Commercially managed woodland locks down one third more CO2 than wild forest woodland. Globally, forests could provide abatement to about 25% of current emissions by 2030 through reduced deforestation, forest management and afforestation.

There is an ongoing requirement and government responsibility to decarbonise the national grid by 2050. This involves reducing the operational energy required for the heating and lighting of a building. When considering the whole life carbon of buildings, the embodied energy forms a significant part. Reducing the levels of embodied carbon is critical and can be achieved through the application of structural timber technology.

Solid wood products such as cross laminated timber (CLT) are natural, renewable and are far less energy-intensive to produce and apply than alternative materials. When compared to other building materials such as concrete or steel, the environmental credentials of CLT are far superior. Not only is it a renewable material, it involves very little waste during production and is extremely carbon efficient to transport. When we consider the whole manufacturing processes for the production of each m3 of CLT, -676kg of CO2 will still be stored after the production process.

B & K Structures
B & K Structures

Due to the woods sequestration of CO2, the overall carbon footprint for a CLT building is lowered by up to 75%. To put into context the extent of the benefits of CLT – a typical timber house has the ability to lock up 19 tonnes of CO2, meaning that if the government were to hit their target of building 200,000 homes per year – but only using timber frame methods – this would mean an extra -3.81million tonnes of CO2 sequestered and stored every year. It is believed that a single five-storey, cross laminated timber building is able to cut emissions by levels equivalent to removing as many as 600 cars from the road for a year.

The recent development of advanced CLT products, has allowed developers to build in excess of 10 storey buildings from timber. This is of extreme benefit in urban areas that are constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The carbon stored in the panels of these buildings help to offset the greenhouse gases that are released during the production of other building materials and in the construction of the build.

With timber supply being one of very few truly global industries, it is important to constantly enable the expansion of the sector in order to meet demand through sustainable and ecological practices. Potential benefits of lower carbon construction, job creation and reforestation through the consideration of sequestered carbon are crucial. The X-LAM Alliance use only PEFC and FSC® certified timber – demonstrating commitment to the promotion of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. This ensures that timber products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

UK partner of the X-LAM Alliance, B & K Structures, have taken carbon sequestration to the next level through the creation of the carbon calculator. This advanced tool has offset carbon used to cultivate and manufacture the engineered timber against publically available specification, to create a robust and genuine guide to give our clients an informed choice on the carbon values of the materials available.

One of the X-LAM Alliances latest projects, Dalston Lane, is set to be the world’s tallest residential timber structure. The project is a new 10 storey cross laminated timber scheme consisting of a basement/first floor in concrete frame with the remaining storeys in 4489m³ of laminated timber. The cross laminated timber in this project alone will create a carbon sink 3034 tonnes of CO₂e even after energy used during manufacture has been taken into account.

It is clear that the timber industry plays a huge part in our environmental and building heritage. If we want to tackle the issue of global warming, we must embrace the benefits of this age old building material and recognise it is a vital part of our low-carbon future.”

Norbord Cabershield: A new generation of weatherproof flooring

36302 resized

Norbord’s Cabershield is a moisture-resistant P5 tongue-and-groove board with a permanent protective non-slip coating which is ideal for all sorts of construction projects.

Complementing Norbord’s Caberdek – the UK’s leading peel-clean board – Cabershield is made from the same 22mm P5 board and features a tough polyurethane coating permanently bonded to the top surface.

As well as making the floor safe and waterproof, the PU coating on Cabershield is really tough. Like Caberdek, a newly-laid Cabershield floor can be left exposed to the elements for up to 42 days without risk of deterioration. Tests show that Cabershield is three times more durable than the nearest competing product.

“There is now a demand for tough flooring panels with protective surfaces; both Cabershield and Caberdek answer this demand” explains Norbord’s Brand Manager, David Connacher.

He continues, “In the majority of cases, a peel-clean surface is ideal and when the building is finished, you can simply peel of the protective film to reveal a clean, undamaged floor. However, some users prefer the coating, especially if their floors are going to be subject to an abnormal amount of wear and abrasion.”

Cabershield is very quick to install using Norbord’s Caberfix’s new Joint & Joist adhesive. This adhesive is 100% waterproof which means that, when used with Cabershield boards, there is no need to tape the joints after installation.

For further information on Norbord, please call 01786 812 921 or visit www.norbord.co.uk.

Take the hi-line with internal doors

Vicaima-Environment CDV Oak SL

Specifiers looking for real veneered doors that embody the natural beauty of wood, while at the same time providing a truly consistent grain and colour, should look to the new Hi-Line range from Vicaima.

The Hi-Line range offers plenty of scope for design with fully finished doors manufactured in a choice of Crown Line, with its pronounced grain pattern in Oak and Walnut FSC certified veneers, through to Straight Line (SL), where as the name suggests a more regular grain configuration is presented. SL can be supplied in a full spectrum of veneer options, from the dark and luxurious ebony to the bright hues of Ash.

For the more adventurous in taste, Hi-line offers even more flexibility to make your chosen design stand out from the crowd. Both vertical and horizontal grain patterns are available throughout the range, and with Cross Directional Veneer (CDV) SL you can either choose a single veneer colour, or mix and match. If that were not enough, Vicaima can also further enhance the design with contemporary grooving or contrasting inlays for the finishing touch.

As with all Vicaima doors a full range of performance and glazing specifications can be accommodated, including FD30 and FD60 fire rated, Secured by Design (SBD) and acoustic options. Products are available in doors only or door and frame assemblies for rapid and complete installation options.

The Vicaima Hi-line range presents a modern solution for apartments, commercial premises and leisure projects. For further details on this or other products from the Vicaima interior door collections, visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com   Alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.