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Introducing the new Geberit tap system

The new Geberit tap system changes the thinking behind touchless technology in the washroom, with slimline elegant deck and wall-mounted taps that combine aesthetic appeal with optimum hygiene and clever thinking.

Electronic washbasin taps

Electronic washbasin taps are the hygienic, water-saving option for washrooms, and now they are as big on aesthetic values as they are on practical advantages, thanks to the new Geberit tap system. Making installation straightforward and creating a clean, minimal finish, all the fixings are neatly behind the wall with a Geberit Duofix installation frame. This means that all the key components, including the robust mounting plate for the wall-mounted tap, function box, washbasin fastening and the drain, are height-adjustable, with the installation frames easy to adapt to suit virtually any installation.

The Geberit tap system works in perfect conjunction with the Geberit Duofix installation frames. All you see in front of the wall are the essential functional elements – the tap and the IR sensor. All of the controls are completely separate and housed in a clever function box in the installation frame, where they are easy to access yet well protected against moisture and manipulation.

Separating the outlet from the control provides more flexibility to create elegant designs for touchless taps, which now take on a slim, timeless and elegant form. Designed by renowned industrial designer, Christoph Behling, both Piave and Brenta are available as wall-mounted or deck-mounted options and can be combined with practically any washbasin design. The wall-mounted taps are supplied in lengths of 170mm or 220mm and leave the washbasin free for ease of cleaning, while the deck-mounted option has a high outlet, giving the user more space for hand washing.

With three power supply options which can be changed at any time – mains, battery or self-sustaining via a generator unit driven by the presser of the tap water – operation costs are minimised, while all the components for regulating and maintaining the tap, water supply and mains connections are housed in the function box under the washbasin, where they stay safe and dry.

Remedying the general shortcomings of touchless taps in one smart solution, the Geberit tap system results in sophisticated ergonomics for hand washing, optimised hygiene and ease of cleaning and outstanding aesthetics for washroom design.

For more information call Geberit on 01926 516800 or visit www.geberit.co.uk

Inta launches ActivFlo range of water conditioners

ActiveFlo Water Conditioner

British heating and plumbing product manufacturer Inta has introduced its ActivFlo range of domestic and commercial water conditioners to the market.

With 60% of the UK being affected by hard water, there is a significant market forreliable and effective water conditioners. ActivFlo and ActivFlo Pro provide an efficient solution to hard water issues and limescale buildup without requiring the addition of a chemical limescale inhibitor, the removal of any waste product, or regular maintenance.

ActivFlo extends the service life and improves efficiency of heating equipment, as well as preventing costly equipment failure. The addition of an ActivFlo to an existing water system will also reduce existing limescale.

Using a unique alloy that changes the chemical structure of limescale-forming calcium carbonate in water, ActivFlo converts calcite, a form of calcium carbonate that causes hard water, into aragonite. These aragonite crystals do not build up or form deposits and remain suspended in the water, flowing harmlessly through the system and eventually out to the drain.

Created with installers in mind, ActivFlo’s clean ‘in-line’ design allows for quick and easy installation in new build and retrofit applications. Its patented fitting system incorporates a collar at either end of the device, allowing it to be removed from an in-line installation without modification of the existing pipework.

Conforming to Part L building regulations, the WRAS-approved ActivFlo catalytic water conditioner is available with 15mm to 2” connections with a class-leading 15 year warranty. For commercial installations, the ActivFlo Pro is available with connections from 22mm to 10” and boasts a lifetime warranty. ActivFlo Pro also features optional building management system (BMS) connectivity for remote monitoring and integration with smart building solutions.

Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said:

“We’re excited to be bringing the ActivFlo range to the market for the first time. It uses proven technology to remove and prevent the buildup of limescale, and helps prevent blocked pipes and damaged components, while boosting efficiency and reducing environmental impact. In hard water areas, it will also help reduce stubborn deposits on taps and showers.“

With no ongoing maintenance costs, it is a desirable option for installers lookingfor a reliable water conditioner that is a true fit-and-forget product. We’ve designed it be clean and simple, and have matched it with premium packaging and superb aftercare support. Such is our confidence in the range, we’re offering a 15 year warranty with the domestic ActivFlo, and a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee with the commercial ActivFlo Pro.”

For more information, visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.

Intamix Quickfit the industry’s speediest scalding solution

Anti-scald heating and plumbing product manufacturer, Inta, has launched the newest evolution of its multi-million selling Intamix thermostatic mixing valve (TMV).

The newest TMV in Inta’s acclaimed range features a new patent pending quick-fit system that has 40% fewer connections than a conventional mixing valve arrangement. Inta has reduced the number of wet connections to the valve from five to three, drastically reducing the time it takes installers to fit the valve while reducing the chance of leaks. By shrinking the valve’s overall size, it can also be installed in locations where space is at a premium.

The Intamix Quickfit comes with adjustable or fixed temperature options. The adjustable option gives installers flexibility to set the temperature for their specific application, while factory pre-set temperatures prevent the output temperature being modified by accident and the valve becoming a victim of misuse. The TMV also features a safety cut-out which immediately shuts off the outlet in the event of either hot or cold supply failure.

Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said: “The Intamix Quickfit is the result of a decade’s worth of TMV innovation and is a product that will lead the market in the future of TMV design. We are continually innovating and collaborating with installers to identify ways to improve and upgrade our products. With a reduced number of wet connections and a factory-set, non-adjustable temperature, the Intamix Quickfit will quickly become the go-to valve for specifiers and installers, while setting the standard for mixing valves of the future.”


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Let there be light whatever the hour, with Geberit Monolith Plus

Geberit has introduced a new addition to its best-selling Monolith sanitary module, with the Geberit Monolith Plus. Featuring the same sleek, elegant glass frontage as the original model, this latest addition not only conceals all plumbing worn neatly out of sight, but also integrates a wealth of technology to raise the comfort levels in the contemporary bathroom.

Available in a choice of white or black glass, the elegant sanitary module has a discreet and indirect ComfortLight, providing a warm glow behind the module, which is automatically activated as the user approaches. This makes it perfect for when using the bathroom at night, or for creating a calming ambience at bath-time.

2014 Bathroom 6_B2 Monolith Plus (2) - Copy

Geberit Monolith Plus also features an integrated odour extraction unit, filling the space with clean, fresh air even in bathrooms with minimal natural ventilation.

Making light work of converting to the high-end look of wall-hung sanitaryware, the Geberit Monolith Plus can be connected to existing water and drainage connections, without any major structural changes or even retiling being necessary. With all pipework, fixtures and fittings neatly concealed behind the glass a streamlined finish is effortlessly achieved.

For more details call 0800 077 8365 or visit www.geberit.co.uk

Inta goes HIPER for heat interface units

Inta has introduced its ‘HIPER’ high performance heat interface unit (HIU), designed to deliver heating and hot water whilst improving energy efficiency and minimising costs in multi-dwelling developments.


Installed in shared residential buildings, the HIU distributes heating and domestic hot water from a central plant system to individual properties. By removing the need for each area to have a conventional boiler, gas flue and hot water cylinder, the interface units dramatically reduce build costs for developers.

Inta has worked to develop a product that has more features and benefits than any other HIU on the market. HIPER HIU boasts a factory-set, non-electric temperature control valve which prevents risk of scalding in the event of a power supply failure, as well as features the most advanced dual-speed PID control (patent pending) of any unit, intelligently controlling the heat into the plate heat exchangers by electronic modulation of a PICV (pressure independent control valve).




A PICV is three valves in one: a differential pressure control valve, two-port flow regulating valve and a flow regulation valve. One PICV replaces three separate valves that would otherwise be required to maintain the maximum level of system control so the HIU can operate effectively. The HIPER HIU PICV valve can maintain control up to a pressure differential of 4 bar.

PICVs are not familiar to all at this time, so there is bound to be some confusion amongst those who are not so well informed. For instance, modulating valves are not uncommon, but at no time can they be claimed to function as a PICV. These simple modulating valves have differential pressure capabilities of not much more than 1.5 bar, so control capability is limited, and an additional DPCV is required to be added to the installation at extra cost in product, installation and commissioning.

Designed with serviceability in mind, its two heat exchange plates have been built to the front of the HIU, fixed with four allen key bolts. This means that the plates can easily be removed and replaced in seconds should they need maintenance. A large strainer mesh at the primary connections, four times larger than a conventional strainer, will prevent blockage and ensure the HIU continues working efficiently even if the unit has been neglected of cleaning.

With Inta’s HIPER HIU, landlords can integrate renewable energy sources into the system, shrinking the size of a building’s carbon footprint and reducing energy costs for tenants, as well as improving reliability.

Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said: “With the target to make all new builds ‘zero carbon’ by 2016, developers are now having to look beyond insulation and sustainable materials, and are turning to energy efficient ways provide heat and hot water to their buildings as well.

“By allowing landlords to use alternative, lower emission, energy sources without any inconvenience for tenants, our HIPER HIU is a flexible solution for a wide variety of multi-dwelling projects.”

To find out more about Inta’s comprehensive range of plumbing and heating products visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272180.

Inta introduces its best-ever magnetic filter


Leading heating equipment manufacturer Inta has introduced its second-generation intaKlean magnetic filter.

Designed to combat contamination problems caused by rogue particles in fluid-based heating systems, the intaKlean 2 is the first of its kind to feature a double gauze filter, which actively captures and keeps hold of non-ferrous debris, as well as eliminating trapped air.

As fluid circulates around the filter body, non-ferrous foreign matter is caught and retained in the gauze, while the remaining ferrous debris is drawn to the centre of the filter and captured by the powerful neodymium magnet. The intaKlean 2’s full bore butterfly valves allow for convenient in-line installation without restricting water flow, and the magnet can be removed while the system is live for effortless cleaning. Its anti-blockage design guarantees continuous flow even if the filter has not been serviced.

Responding to feedback received from plumbers and installers about the original model, the intaKlean 2 is Inta’s best filter to date and features a host of developments over the first generation including a reduced overall footprint, making it one of the smallest on the market, a 360 degree fully-rotatable filter pot for flexible access, and a low profile drain valve making it easy to fit and service.

Speaking of the manufacturer’s commitment to product development, managing director Stuart Gizzi, said: “We’re proud to introduce the intaKlean 2 to the market. We worked closely with plumbers and installers – the people who actually work with it – to see how we could make our original intaKlean better, and we identified the need for a stronger, more effective filter that is versatile and can be serviced with greater ease, and so we went back to the drawing board and developed the intaKlean 2.”

To find out more about Inta and its range of heating and plumbing products, visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180 for more information.

Ten reasons why you should fit a magnetic filter to all central heating systems

Inta’s technical support team recommends installing a magnetic filter to all new boiler installations, as well as retrofitting them into existing heating systems.

Here are the company’s ten reasons why:

  1. Captures non-ferrous material – The filter’s mesh gauze captures debris that has resulted from the corrosion of copper, zinc or aluminium components, which are not magnetic by nature.

  2. Captures ferrous material – The filter’s powerful magnet captures debris that has resulted from corrosion of iron or steel components.

  3. Prevents costly system damage – Capturing this dirt, debris and sludge prevents blockages of, and potentially costly damage to, heat exchangers, pumps and radiators. Modern boilers’ heat exchangers have narrower tubes for increased efficiency of heat exchange, however these are more prone to blockage from debris.

  4. Maintains system efficiency – The filter keeps your heating system running at maximum efficiency by preventing any unwanted debris from circulating through it. A typical three bedroom household could reduce its heating energy consumption by 6% per year*.

  5. Extends system life – The filter helps to prevent any damage caused by debris, extending the life of heating system components. Retrofitting a magnetic filter to an existing system will also prolong the life of system components by removing debris as it circulates.

  6. Reduces carbon emissions – A typical three bedroom household could reduce its carbon emissions by up to 250 kg per year* with the addition of a magnetic filter.

  7. Simple installation – Magnetic filters are fitted in-line and can be easily added to new boiler and retrofit installations.

  8. Low maintenance – Magnetic filters can be cleaned and serviced in minutes. Filters such as the intaKlean 2 can be serviced without the need to drain the system.

  9. Chemical dosing – Magnetic filters work alongside corrosion inhibitor fluids to prevent corrosion and dirt build up, and many filters can be used as an access point to the system to insert chemicals.

  10. Flexible installation options – Magnetic filters can be installed anywhere in the heating system, however it is recommended that filters are installed on the return leg of the circuit between the last radiator and the boiler.

*Independent research carried out by GASTEC at CRE

Durable no tile solution showerpod is the ideal choice for Student accommodation

ShowerPod Orange

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality accommodation to the student sector, Jon Gauld Student Lets based in Kent, has chosen Coram Showerpods as their preferred supplier for a series of prestigious new developments aimed at students looking for superior accommodation in the area.

Historically John Gauld have installed standard shower units across their developments but found that they were not fit for purpose and so they looked to leading shower manufacturer Coram for a new solution.

Installing a shower tray and tiling a bathroom requires the work of a carpenter, plasterer, tiler and plumber and can take up to three days for the installation to be completed. Coram Shower Pods allow for just one labourer to successfully install a leak-proof pod in only a few hours.

With a Shower Pod, there is no need for tiling, grouting and drying time. The assembly can be completed in one visit, reducing time taken to install, making it an ideal product for large scale developments where installation time is of the essence.

Adam Winton of John Gauld Lets commented “We chose Coram Showerpods because we found we were increasingly replacing the standard shower units we had fitted because the trays were suffering from high levels of wear and tear from our tenants. Coupled with tiling issues, we needed to seek out a much more durable and hard wearing solution for all of our properties and new developments.”

All Coram Shower Pods are designed and built in Britain to suit British building requirements and come with a 25 year guarantee.

To view the full Coram Showerpods range visit www.coramshowerpods.co.uk or for more information call 0115 9400644

Inta turns on the style with new radiator valves

Continuing to grow its largest-ever plumbing and heating collection, British manufacturer Inta has unveiled its new range of chrome thermostatic and decorative radiator valves.


Created to accompany stylish, designer radiators, Inta has introduced a polished chrome version of its best-selling i-therm thermostatic radiator valve, which features a liquid-filled sensor, frost-protection setting and anti-chatter cartridge to eliminate post-installation noise. With its flexible bi-directional design allowing it to be fitted in any orientation and with water flowing in either direction, the i-therm is the installer’s go-to valve for retrofit and tricky installations as well as new ones.


Designed to enhance the look of feature radiators, Inta has also introduced five new decorative valves to its range, replacing the traditional, white valves with an elegant new look. Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said: “Every day, installers are fitting contemporary new radiators in peoples’ homes and we’re proud to have an enviable range of beautiful radiator valves to accessorise them with. These bring a new level of detail and appeal to new and existing radiators, and we think they should be fitted on all installations.”

To find out more about Inta and its range of heating and plumbing products, visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.

Chronos makes a splash in the style stakes

Inta is introducing its slickest showering range to date, with a family of beautiful Italian-crafted, highly polished chrome products that give users the most emotive and desirable bathroom experience yet.

chronos column1

The infinitely stylish Chronos range boasts patented technology that enables users to exercise complete control over the temperature and flow of the products, which includes a thermostatic bath tap, a bidet tap and a host of aesthetically appealing showers.

Alongside game-changing design, quality and control, the Chronos range also has green credentials, with an in-built eco button that can override settings to deliver energy-conscious flow rates and temperatures. This, a measure that can be implemented at the push of a button, means households can save money as and when they feel necessary.

The new products, which Inta is hailing its most desirable bathroom range yet, are designed to meet the style requirements of high-end, boutique-inspired bathrooms. Combating the age-old trade off between style and safety, Chronos retains all of Inta’s famed anti-scald features, with cool-touch bodies being standard across the entire range.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “We believe the Chronos range marks a step change in terms of the quality and visual appeal of showering products in the market. The cutting-edge design and elegant Italian craftsmanship make for a truly beautiful, highly desirable range.


“The ability to easily fine-tune the Chronos family to make the perfect bespoke shower and taps, without compromising on design or durability, is taking bathroom products to dizzy new heights.”

For more information on the Chronos range, or any other Inta product, visit www.intatec.co.uk.

Coram Shower Pods: Combining ease of installation and reliability

The perfect solution for any development

Showerpod 115mm Tray

Coram Shower Pods offer an innovative and stylish showering solution ideal for specifiers in the hospitality and leisure sectors specifically working with hotel, gym and leisure park brands.

Coram Showerpods confidently guarantee a quick and straightforward installation solution which is both easy to clean and maintenance free.

Installing a shower tray and tiling a bathroom requires the work of a carpenter, plasterer, tiler and plumber and can take up to three days for the installation to be completed. Coram Shower Pods allow for just one labourer to successfully install a leak-proof pod.

With a Shower Pod, there is no need for tiling, grouting and drying time. The assembly can be completed in one visit, reducing time taken to install, making it an ideal product for large scale developments where installation time is of the essence.  

Coram Shower Pods have an overlapping construction plus the company’s unique and patented Waterguard, an angled lip around the outer edge of the walls and shower tray which provides extra watertight protection.

Available in a range of sizes and different heights, Coram Shower Pods can accommodate many different bathroom sizes and configurations, including alcove and corner spaces giving the specifier choice and flexibility. There is no need for pre-assembly or extra installation space making them perfect to install in bathrooms with limited space.

Design options include Quadrant, Corner, Bi-fold Alcove and Sliding Alcove. Each pod comes complete with a beautifully finished high quality shower door which opens smoothly and silently.

A bespoke RAL colour matching service allows designers and specifiers to match colour requirements and specifications exactly to the individual design palette of their project. This service complements the full range of RAL colours and textures available as standard across the range, which includes stylish slate and a recently added range of granite effects.

Bespoke shower pods are delivered in two weeks for standard white and up to four weeks of the initial order for the granite effect and bespoke RAL pods.

All Coram Shower Pods are designed and built in Britain to suit British building requirements and come with a 25 year guarantee.

To view the full Coram Showerpods range visit www.coramshowerpods.co.uk  or for more information call 0115 9400644