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Yegin Industries Designs New Floor to Score Sales and Employee Satisfaction

  • Sports court style flooring provides Yegin Industries with the ideal space to showcase products.
  • Flowsport chosen for the project thanks to its durability and design potential.
  • The interior design elements of Yegin Industries’ new facility were a key priority.

Flowcrete has created a floor that will help Yegin Industries bounce, dribble, volley and dunk its way to success!

The sports ball manufacturer Yegin Industries specified a selection of high performance resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete in order to install a creative and unique floor finish throughout its brand new office in the Long Giang Industrial Park, which is situated in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam.

The office was part of a large-scale, multifaceted facility that included an administrative centre, production factory and chemical warehouse as well as utilities areas, a canteen, car park, swimming pool and green spaces.


The plan for the new site was to incorporate the theme of sports into the very fabric of the building itself. The dual purpose of this design scheme was to provide employees with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere while also creating the ideal environment to showcase its products to prospective clients.

This interior design ethos was exemplified in the office’s showroom – which came with a built-in basketball court! Across the building staff areas were also designed to emulate sports courts and gyms to give employees the space and motivation to get active.

The appearance and functionality of the floor in the basketball court style showroom was a priority, as the floor would need to impress clients and provide an engaging space for Yegin Industries to demonstrate its products.


To achieve this appearance as well as ensure that the floor would withstand people running, jumping and playing across the surface, Flowcrete supplied a flooring build-up that was formulated to be robust and able to maintain its visuals for an extended period of time.

1,750 m2 of Isocrete K-Screed was first applied in a 50mm layer so that the substrate would deliver a high-strength platform for the resin coating. Isocrete K-Screed is a semi-dry cementitious screed that incorporates a proprietary additive to produce an early drying, high strength screed.

To showcase the company’s “work hard, play hard” attitude, the designer specified 100 m2 of FlowSport with Deckshield UV Linemarker. This was applied in the showroom and gym room, as it would provide the bright colours and clear patterns necessary to create sports-court style finishes. The resilience of FlowSport’s polyurethane technology was perfect for the gym room, where employees would be exercising during the working hours.

FlowSport is a composite surface that creates a synthetic and flexible sports floor. This system delivers a resilient and uniform surface with a cushioned effect for added spring as well as the easy to clean advantage of a completely seamless surface.

1,650 m2 of the antimicrobial system Flowfresh MF in a light grey colour was also chosen for hygiene critical areas of the building, such as the office, canteen and dormitory areas. This system was specified thanks to its understated aesthetics and superior cleanliness properties. Floors in the Flowfresh range incorporate the Polygiene® antimicrobial additive, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface by up to 99.9%.


Altro resins break new ground on North Herts College new campus

Altro resin flooring is providing the ultimate in colour, flexibility and durability on an award-winning, £10 million refurbished campus at North Hertfordshire College, in Hitchin.altro2

Altro FlexiflowTM and Altro MultiScreedTM EP Naturals have been used within the multi-functional hub space on the new campus, which links three teaching buildings. The award-winning design for the new campus was created by international design practice Scott Brownrigg.

Associate Clark Barton explains how Altro resins played a part in his vision: “The new campus is open plan, bright, colourful, modern yet functional, and it was vital that the flooring should reflect and complement this.  We specified Altro resins for the college hub because these products offer the range of colours and textures to enable us to be innovative and flexible in our design. In addition, it was imperative that the flooring was high performance and practical, and Altro’s credentials offer this.

“The entire project was very much a collaborative effort,” added Clark. “We worked closely with Altro, the main contractor, the college, and also the students, who were instrumental in choosing colours and themes.”

Altro Flexiflow resin flooring was one of the key products in the specification, as Clark explained. “We chose this flooring for the ground floor hub, and leading into each of the other three buildings, because we wanted a seamless, solid, practical surface.

“It was also paramount that the flooring in this area was flexible enough to move with the building without cracking. The hub space is multi-functional, with the furniture and layout changed on a regular basis, so the flooring needs to be able to withstand this, which Altro Flexiflow is designed to do.

Altro was able to create a special bespoke Altro Flexiflow colour for the college. “Choosing the colour for the flooring was a collaborative effort, involving all the key stakeholders, college students and staff,” said Clark. “It was important that the colour complemented the overall scheme of the hub, and after much discussion, it was decided that purple would be ideal. Altro were shown the shade the college wanted, and they were able to match it exactly. There are some great colours in the existing Altro Flexiflow palette, but from a design point of view being able to choose a bespoke colour is very appealing to clients.”


Altro Flexiflow is tough enough to handle high impact areas, yet be flexible enough to move with a building. It gives a uniform and seamless finish with uninterrupted lines, and is self-levelling, which makes installation easy. With 28 colour options it’s flexible enough to fit into any design vision.

On the upper floor of the college hub, Clark and his team chose another resin flooring — Altro MultiScreed EP Naturals, in White Yorkstone. “This flooring works very well in contrast with the smooth texture of the Altro Flexiflow. It’s also a tough, practical flooring that’s easy to clean.”

Altro Multiscreed EP Naturals is a tough surface that can handle the hardest bumps and knocks. A solvent-free epoxy resin system, it has a natural appearance with nine colours evoking tones of concrete and stone. The product has improved performance and produces a high strength floor with exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. With a nominal thickness of 4mm, it can be coved and laid to falls.

The Altro Flexiflow and Altro Multiscreed EP Naturals resin floors were installed by Resincraft, who have worked with Altro products for 30 years. The company is run by directors Mark Brewer and Richard Mitchell.

Mark said: “As far as we’re concerned, Altro resins are the best on the market. The company is also very professional, they deliver on time, give us great back-up, and resolve any problems quickly.

“Laying the Altro resins at the college went very smoothly. Altro Flexiflow is an excellent product and easy to work with. First we prepared the new floor in the hub by diamond grinding to create a smooth surface. We then put down a layer of AltroProof SoloTM, which is a waterproof layer, so effectively a dpm.

“Then we trowel laid the resin flooring — the product is very free flowing, so it quickly finds its own level. Finally, two coats of top coat were applied. The whole process took about five days to lay 200m2. 

“Laying 150m2 of Altro Multiscreed resin on the upper floor of the hub began with the same process of diamond grinding the screed,” continued Mark. “After this we applied a coat of AltroPrimeTM epoxy primer, then mixed the resin flooring and laid it with a sledge, a metal box that’s dragged along the floor to keep application even. It was then trowelled smooth, and two coats of sealant applied to finish off the process.”

Brian Sapsed, Head of Estates & Facilities for the college, commented: “This was a design-led project, and the Altro flooring has certainly made all the difference in helping us to achieve a modern and visually-appealing new campus.

“Everyone entering the building notices the Altro Flexiflow flooring. It makes a strong first impression because it’s so striking. We are so pleased that Altro was able to exactly match the colour the students wanted. But it isn’t just good to look at, it’s also very practical and hard wearing.

“The upper floor of the hub, where the Altro MultiScreed flooring is fitted, probably sees the most traffic, as that’s where students congregate. But two years after it was fitted it looks just like new, so it really is a tough product.

“Everyone — from students and staff to visitors — has been very impressed with the new campus and we have achieved exactly the look we wanted. Altro products have played a vital part in this.”


Why choose resin bound surfacing for residential developments?

Photograph courtesy of Clearstone

Resin bound surfacing has transformed housing developments in recent years throughout the UK.

Gone are the days of using block paving or concrete to create functional driveways, paths and garden areas; now homeowners want to create an outside space which looks beautiful, is easy to maintain and stands the test of time.

What is resin bound surfacing?

Resin bound surfacing is where natural stone and resin are mixed together and then laid onto a prepared surface. The material is then trowelled down to a smooth finish and once complete, the depth of a resin bound paving surface should be anywhere between 12 and 24mm, depending on the application and the size and type of stone used in the process.

Resin bound surfacing is often mistaken with resin bonded surfacing, and it is easy to see why with very similar sounding names.

Resin bonded surfacing however is where natural stone is laid onto a pre-spread resin base, and once this process is complete a film of resin is then applied to the surface.

Resin bonded surfacing has more of a textured look and often has the appearance of loose gravel. A typical depth of a Resin bonded surface is around 6 to 8mm.

Photograph courtesy of The Yorkshire Resin Company Ltd

Why use resin bound surfacing compared to other surface materials?

More and more homeowners and clients appreciate the benefits they get with resin bound surfacing. It is not only visually attractive and gives their property ‘kerb appeal’, but is also very practical. It requires very little maintenance and there are no loose stones that can cause an unsightly mess.

The physical properties of the resin bound surfacing with the natural aggregate and resin form to create an extremely durable surface, which will give years of outstanding performance to homeowners.

Compared to other surfacing materials/types, resin bound surfacing has clear benefits. Block paving, although can look clean and pleasing to the eye when first laid, is prone to degredation over time.

The colour fades even after a year or two, and as the blocks are fixed onto a simple substrate with no movement considered, they are prone to cracks and displacement.

Another headache for homeowners with block paving is weed growth within the surface joints, or in between the paving slabs. As resin bound surfacing is constructed of many particles of stone mixed with resin, it is virtually impossible for cracks or displacement.

The durability of the surface means it can withstand heavy loadings e.g. cars, plus the aesthetics is guaranteed for many years from UV degredation and colour discolouration.

Another advantage of resin bound surfacing compared with block paving is the time saving benefit during installation. This particular factor refers to refurbishment projects, where it is possible to lay the resin bound material directly over existing concrete driveways (after the concrete has been cleaned and primed). This saves time and ultimately labour costs, as the original concrete substrate needs little work to prepare.

A good quality concrete surface is generally considered to be robust and hard-wearing, and should give homeowners many years of functional paving. However, they generally are quite impervious and can only soak in a limited amount of water. Once the concrete has taken in all the water that is possible, this decreases the permeability of the structure which then results in surface overflow. This water runoff then contributes to potential flooding.

Resin bound surfaces are fully permeable and as a result water is able to drain through the surface effectively, preventing any surface water build up.

A good quality resin bound surface will be fully compliant with the requirements of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), which was introduced in 2011 to better manage water run off in urban areas.

It is also possible to install a resin bound surface in a wide range of colours and textures to create a really unique look. It is now best practice in the design and installation of resin bound surfacing to use edge profiling, to contain, shape and complement the resin surfacing.

Edge profiles for resin bound surfacing

To really create an eye-catching resin bound floor, whether it be for driveways, paths or garden areas, it is highly recommended that distinctive edges are used to contain the resin material.

Installers and designers commonly design the resin bound surfacing right up to brickwork, timber, paving, or other existing features of a property. However home owners and designers now favour a more clinical finish to their installations, and prefer the use of stainless steel edge profiles to provide edging to their beautiful resin flooring.

Dural UK supply a range of edge profiles, including Durosol Straight Edging Profiles, Durosol Flexible Profiles and Movement Joint Profiles. All three ranges provide high quality edge protection to resin bound surfaces, and are available in a variety of sizes, depths and materials to suit all kinds of installations and requirements.

The flooring experts at Dural are able to assist in selecting the right edge profiling to match any resin bound surfacing installation.


Flowcrete Presents its Educational Flooring Formula at Education Estates 2015

On stand A6 at 2015’s Education Estates exhibition, Flowcrete UK will be demonstrating to designers, builders and operators of educational facilities how its comprehensive range of resin solutions can be used to create fully optimised, fit-for-purpose floors for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Within an educational facility the floor needs to meet a multitude of different demands to ensure that it provides a long lasting, fit for purpose surface. For example it needs to maintain a visually engaging appearance that is conducive to learning despite the constant movement of thousands of students, food spillages and frequent cleaning.

Flowcrete UK has developed a pioneering flooring package, the Floorzone solution, to provide every element of the floor area required to create attractive, robust and easy to clean finishes. This single-source, single-warranty, floor build-up programme is the most sustainable and complete flooring solution available to the education sector.

The Floorzone features a number of environmentally friendly options including resin floor finishes and self-levelling screeds made using recycled materials, as well as an energy saving underfloor heating system and noise reducing acoustic layer.


The range of resin options available means that a tailored solution to suit numerous education applications can be delivered, including durable and attractive products for classrooms and corridors, hygienic Flowfresh flooring for kitchens, heavy-duty epoxy systems for maintenance areas and colourful sports hall surfaces.

The flexibility of resin systems allows for the creation of bespoke finishes. This design potential was embraced by Westminster University when it undertook a large-scale upgrade of its Marylebone campus. A highly decorative, joint free surface was required for the reception and main concourse areas, including a one-of-a-kind ramp with a combined stair detail. To create this floor area the project’s designers utilised Flowcrete UK’s seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Crystal Ice.


Flowcrete’s resin finishes can be supported by the high performance, sustainably manufactured Isocrete Floor Screeds range, which features screeds free from environmentally damaging Ordinary Portland Cement and manufactured using a high percentage of recycled materials.

Recently the RIBA award winning Joan Roan school in Greenwich utilised the Isocrete K-Screed system to install a robust screed layer in both a new building and during the refurbishment of an existing facility. Isocrete K-Screed contains an additive that enhances the material’s performance by speeding up installation times and creating a very hardwearing, low shrinkage screed.

The Isowarm underfloor heating system can be included to provide energy efficient savings of up to 30% compared to conventional heating methods. The space-saving design of this system also means that there are no potentially dangerous hot surfaces.

To build further advantages into the floor, a layer of Isocrete Acoustic K-Foam can be added to reduce sound transfer between floors. This is especially beneficial for multi-level schools where noise can travel between classrooms and corridors.


Managing Director of Flowcrete UK, Kevin Potter, said: “Our Floorzone solution has been designed to fit in with the move towards standardised, ‘off the shelf’ school design and the drive towards greener construction materials in educational facilities.

“The comprehensive nature of this solution facilitates a quick and effective specification process and it allows architects, designers and specifiers to meet stringent green construction ratings such as BREEAM.”

To find out more about how the Floorzone solution can enhance an educational facility’s floor area, talk to one of Flowcrete UK’s resin flooring experts at Education Estates 2015, stand A6.


Altro flooring & wall cladding on cutting edge of excellence at new university science centre


Altro flooring and wall cladding are providing a total, high-level solution of hygiene, safety and contemporary style at a new state-of-the-art science and engineering centre at the University of Wolverhampton.

Designed and equipped to offer cutting-edge teaching and research facilities to future scientists, the new £25m Rosalind Franklin Building has been fitted with Altro WhiterockTM hygienic wall cladding, AltroScreed QuartzTM resin flooring, and Altro Designer TM 25 safety flooring.

The bronze-clad building was designed by architect Berman Guedes Stretton. Their vision was to create a contemporary structure that would support modern learning and revitalise the surrounding area. The architects’ Principal Director, Gary Collins, explains how they realised this vision. “Science and technology is a huge growth area at the university, both in terms of student demand for courses, and also because local industry in that field is on the up. This meant the university wanted to invest in a teaching and research facility that could meet this increasing need and provide the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art experience, both in terms of structure and the resources and equipment inside.


“The products we used needed to meet a number of criteria. Wall cladding for the labs had to be hygienic, easy to maintain and have real impact to complement our design for a modern contemporary space. Altro Whiterock is the industry standard for this type of requirement, and we and the scientific community know and trust it. We specify it all the time, so this was our number one choice.”

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding is a cost-effective, durable, grout-free, water-tight smooth hygienic wall cladding system designed for building environments that are required to meet strict hygiene standards. The panels provide a stain resistant, wipe-clean surface with no gaps or cracks for bacteria to hide in. It is extremely impact resistant and ideal for tough areas. It meets current EU Directives on health and hygiene.

Gary Collins adds: “We specifically wanted resin flooring for the ground floor and reception area. It needed to be durable, ideal for heavy traffic areas, robust and resistant to chemicals, yet also attractive, decorative and contemporary in its look.


“We went to Coventry Transport Museum with Altro and the main contractor Kier to take a look at the AltroScreed Quartz resin flooring fitted in reception, to see for ourselves how it could work in practice.

“We were very impressed that it was both tough and attractive, and easy to clean. We spoke to their maintenance staff and they assured us that even after sump oil spillages and heavy vehicles driving over it, the flooring came up like new. On this basis we decided it would be the perfect flooring for the Rosalind Franklin Building too.

“As part of that same visit we also asked Altro to give some guidance about safety flooring for the labs and upper floors of the Rosalind Franklin Building. The brief was to find a product that was hard-wearing, hygienic, one that could resist chemical spillages and be very safe underfoot, but with a contemporary design that would fit in with our vision.

“They showed us Altro Designer 25 and it ticked all the boxes. We were particularly impressed that it can be hot welded to produce flooring that is impervious to dirt. Plus, at 2.5mm thick, it can stand the test of time against heavy footfall, and resist chemicals in the lab.”

AltroScreed Quartz is a solvent-free system in which blended decorative quartz is bound with clear epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. The product provides a high-strength, chemically resistant decorative floor surface that can be coved and laid to drainage falls. It is available in nominal thicknesses of 4mm to 6mm. It has low slip resistance and is ideally suited to medium-duty production areas, entrance lobbies, offices, shops, circulation areas and laboratories.  It has a closed surface texture that reduces dirt retention, making it easy to clean and maintain.  The floor was sealed with Altro Screed Seal Rapicure Plus, providing additional slip resistance.

Altro Designer 25 is a 2.5mm thick hard-wearing safety flooring that includes coloured quartz crystals in striking base colour to enhance any interior scheme. Easy to lay, it can be hot welded to produce an unobtrusive and impervious floor, minimising the ingress of dirt and helping to maintain hygiene standards. It also boasts long-term durability and excellent slip resistance, which make it ideal for medium to heavy-duty environments.

Kier appointed Polydeck Resins to install the AltroScreed Quartz system. Director of Polydeck Resins, Gavin Tidball, says: “Laying of the decorative resin system requires experienced fully trained operatives working through the various stages of the installation having an eye for detail to ensure the high standard of finishes can be delivered to our client.

“As this was a new build scheme part of which was on top of an existing ground floor base, we needed to prepare the floor first, and an area of 400m2,of polymer screed was installed to create a flat surface betweeen the new and old slabs. Once this had cured sufficiently, we applied the AltroProof DPM primer, then the AltroScreed Quartz base and finally the clear seals to finish.

“Given the project was fast track we used the Rapicure version of the Altro resin, which meant we could complete the work in good time and free-up the area for other contractors.

“We also created coved skirting to the perimeter walls, so there was a smooth finish throughout, laying the base screed in one application to avoid any joints or seams to the  cove and floor interfaces. The project took about two weeks to complete and we worked closely with Kier and Altro, who gave us great support throughout.”

Kier also appointed specialist floors and walls contractor, Pinnacle, to install the Altro Whiterock, and Altro Designer 25 in the new build. Pinnacle’s longstanding relationship with both Altro and Kier was instrumental in the final choice of products.

Pinnacle MD, Scott Myers, says: “The architect specified Altro from the outset, but this was such a high-profile project that there was, naturally, a great deal of interest from other flooring and walling manufacturers as well.

“We have worked closely with Altro for many years, and in our experience their products are second to none in terms of quality and reliability — but they also offer colours, textures and overall solutions that can deliver visual appeal in the most innovative and challenging design projects. There is a great deal of confidence in the industry for Altro and their reputation is well deserved

“Kier is also a longstanding partner for us, and we were able to demonstrate to them that, for a project of this size and significance, Altro had the product range that could meet all the client’s practical needs, and also deliver the design impact they wanted to achieve.

“Budget was also a key factor in the decision-making process, and Altro proved to be a very cost-effective solution overall.”

Scott Myers continues: “The installation programming was quite complex in terms of scheduling and sequencing. This was due to the number of mechanical and electrical services that had to be installed on site before we could gain access. It was all about co-operation, but everyone worked very well together.

“Altro flooring and walling products are simple and straightforward to install, which is one of the reasons we like using the products. Firstly we prepared the floors prior to fitting, and this was a fairly standard process of scarifying the floor to create a clean, smooth surface, laying an epoxy dpm, then finally a Latex smoothing compound.

“There was a large quantity of product to install; 3,600m² of Altro Designer 25, and 1,400m² of Altro Whiterock.”

The University’s Maintenance Manager, Neil Howells, comments: “We are very happy with the completed job. The Altro products reflect the cutting edge design of the building, providing vision and opportunity for our students. We are sure that the choices made by the architects will prove as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing — early indications appear to support this viewpoint.

“Phase One of the build has been in use since September 2014, and the products have been performing well in that time. Feedback from our cleaning and maintenance team has also been very positive, with no problems, and the flooring and walling still looks as good as they did nine months ago.

“I would recommend the use of Altro as quality products that give competitive whole life value for money, and the professional helpful technical support that is readily provided. In short; a valued supplier.”


Altro Flexiflow works for dramatic Brighton office space


Innovative Altro FlexiflowTM resin flooring is providing a practical yet visually appealing solution to a challenging space in one of Brighton’s most unusual and striking office buildings.

Built in the 1980s, Sovereign House has recently undergone extensive refurbishment, and has been transformed into a dramatic, modern space with a spectacular glazed atrium at the heart of building.

Ben Adams Architects was tasked with creating the new look. Architect Julia Hamson explains: “Our brief was to re-design the front facade and reception of the building to create a more welcoming and dramatic entrance, and to provide a new office infill within the existing oversized and underused atrium.

“The infill features full-height glazing and a top-floor mezzanine office space, complete with balconies to look down on the atria below. The installation adds a new ambience to the communal spaces, maximising light into the reception and accentuating the new finishes and clean detailing.


Julia Hamson continues: “Specifying flooring for the reception and ground floor atrium was a challenge, because the entrance comes in on a diagonal. This unusual space meant that floor tiles wouldn’t have worked.

“We needed a solid, high quality, visually appealing surface that was flexible enough to go down on the existing substrate, without cracking or bending with any structural subfloor movement.

“In addition, we wanted flooring that could stand the test of time. Sovereign House is a busy office building, with 800 people walking in and out every day. So we needed something that could tolerate heavy use, and stay looking fresh, long term.

Altro Flexiflow was the ideal solution for this project. It’s tough, flexible, and can withstand the kind of movement that other resin floors cannot. It’s designed to recover from scuffs and knocks, so it’s perfect for the day-to-day wear and tear of high traffic areas.

“In addition it’s visually appealing – in keeping with a striking, modern building – with a smooth, matt finish, and a great choice of colours. We selected a light grey, called Doe, to complement the surroundings.”

Altro Flexiflow is an elastomeric polyurethane self-smoothing, flow-applied flooring, which offers high structural resilience, flexibility, toughness and durability. The product boasts good indentation recovery and high impact resistance, which is ideal for protecting a wide range of environments.

Altro Flexiflow is available in three options – Standard (which was used at Sovereign House), Comfort, for increased comfort underfoot, and Acoustic, which satisfies the requirement E4 of Building Regulations and BB93 acoustic design of schools.

The product is available in 28 standard pastel, solid and bright colours, with the option of bespoke shades, giving complete design freedom. There is minimal requirement for joints, and because the product is self-levelling, the result is a seamless and uniform finish with uninterrupted lines.

In addition, its matt surface is mark resistant, so it will stay looking good for longer. Altro Flexiflow features a PUR top coat for UV colour stability, durability and ease of cleaning.

Installer Resincraft was appointed to lay the flooring at Sovereign House. Director Mark Brewer, says: “We have been laying Altro resin flooring for 30 years and we consider it to be the best, so the majority of the product we use is Altro.

Altro Flexiflow is a very easy product to use but like all resin flooring, preparation is key. It’s essential to keep the working area clean and free of contaminants and dust, so it needs to be isolated from other contractors.”

Resincraft Director Richard Mitchell says: “On day one we prepared the floor by grinding down the existing quartz resin flooring, an area of 150m2, to create a key. Then we applied one coat of primer, which was AltroProof SoloTM.

“On day two we trowelled on one layer of the main Altro Flexiflow product, then on days three and four we put down two layers of Altro Flexiflow top coat. It took five of us four days to complete the work at Sovereign House during last year’s Christmas shut-down, which is very fast for a resin flooring. Both the main contractor, Wates, and the client, were very co-operative and gave us the time and space we needed to do the job properly.”

Martin Arnold, Customer Services Manager at main contractor Wates , Smartspace comments: “The entire installation process of the Altro Flexiflow flooring was excellent. Resincraft was one of four installers we looked at, and we chose them because they were very positive and proactive and planned the work thoroughly from start to finish.

“Their preparation was spot on – they understood the challenges and client needs – and they were completely professional. The floor looks lovely, and is proving an ideal solution for Sovereign House.”

Karim Grant-Riach at Sovereign House, says. “We were delighted with how well the flooring installation went; very professional and the end result is a fantastic finish. It’s been down a few months now and it still looks like new and it standing up well to busy daily foot traffic.

“Having a contemporary-style flooring is very important for Sovereign House, because it’s a very modern building, and the Altro flooring really complements the environment.

“It’s also very easy to clean,” adds Karim. “We use a buffing machine in the evenings, and spot-clean it if necessary during the day. It comes up beautifully and any marks or dirt come off very quickly. I’d say it’s the ideal floor for a location that needs something practical, long-lasting, yet stylish.”


Gold Medal: Dural UK Ltd at RHS Tatton Flower Show


Dural UK ltd were specified to supply the edging profiles for a Resin flooring installation within a garden design that won Gold at RHS Tatton Flower Show.

The garden was designed by Elks Smith Landscapes and featured in the International Year of Light themed category.

Sureset Ltd the Resin bound permeable paving specialists provided the wave form within the path and selected Dural UK ltd as the “go to” supplier for edging profiles.dural

Yvonne Philp, Senior Marketing Co-ordinator at Sureset said, “We recommended Dural to Elks Smith Landscapes for the edging profiles because Dural’s products are quality and we have a good and established working relationship with them. Dural are easy to work with and they help us to specify the right product for the job and they deliver on time.”dural

For this job Dural supplied 50mm straight edged profiles, they were cut to size and shaped to match the curves of the path.

For more information on Dural’s Profiles for Resin flooring please visit www.resinprofiles.co.uk

Find the Complete Floor Package at London Build

At London Build, the UK’s construction industry will be able to see how Flowcrete UK can supply every element that is required for a high performance, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting floor finish.


From June 18th – 19th, the resin flooring specialists will be demonstrating to architects and developers how a combination of  sustainably manufactured screeds underfloor heating  and  resin floor coatings  can be applied within large-scale commercial and industrial constructions.

The rapid installation speeds of these systems and the benefits that they have for end users has made Flowcrete UK a popular flooring partner for many of London’s high-rise residential developments.

At Flowcrete UK’s stand (B56), visitors to the event will be able to find out about the resin flooring specialist’s latest innovation, Isocrete Alpha Screed. An evolution of traditional anhydrite flowing screeds, the Isocrete Alpha Screed can be supplied to the site either ready mixed or in a mobile mixing unit, depending on the project’s needs.

The screed material is then pumped to the various levels of the development, quickly supplying each floor with a self-levelling screed layer. Flowcrete UK’s London based screed-mixing plant operates seven days a week so that the screed can be supplied to a site in the city at the precise moment that the development needs it.


A faster drying time than traditional screeds and a laitance free finish that doesn’t require sanding drastically cuts down on the installation time – a useful benefit for projects on a tight construction timetable.

One of the other key requirements of modern building projects is sustainability. 95% of the alpha hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate binder used in the Isocrete Alpha Screed is reclaimed from waste created by coal power stations to reduce the amount of industrial by-product sent to landfills. This cement free formulation also avoids the environmentally harmful side affects of producing and using cement.

The Isocrete Alpha Screed can be combined with the Isowarm underfloor heating system, which can deliver efficiency savings of up to 30% compared to traditional heating methods. This space saving alternative to radiators is able to deliver targeted, controllable heat across large floor spaces, enhancing the quality of living for the site’s tenants.

Flowcrete UK’s wide range of floor coatings provides architects with a range of colours, styles and effects to choose from. The durability of resin coatings means that the building’s architects and operators can rest assured that the final finish will retain its appearance and functionality for an extended period of time.

The seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco  can even be installed in bespoke patterns to form unique pieces of art underfoot. Decorative aggregates such as mother of pearl, mirror glass, metal and marble are added into the finish of a Mondéco system to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface.

To find out more about Flowcrete UK’s comprehensive range of flooring solutions, talk to the resin flooring experts at stand B56 of London Build 2015.

For further information please visit www.flowcrete.co.uk

Altro brings Malvern Fire Station up to speed

Altro and Malvern 3

A wide range of Altro flooring and wall cladding has been used in the newly re-constructed Malvern Fire Station, helping to create a facility that can withstand the demands of modern fire-fighting, and an aesthetically-pleasing working environment.

The fire station needed to be upgraded on all counts, as Alan Jones, Capital Projects Manager at Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, explained. “The building failed to meet operational needs, necessitating redesign and investment. It had also reached the end of its economic life with many failing elements; these included wall and floor finishes throughout.

“We had no hesitation in selecting Altro for the flooring and walling for the project. I have specified Altro before on a number of similar construction projects and they have proven ideal in terms of quality, service and product appearance.

“We wanted a resin floor for the appliance bay, so we worked closely with Altro and the resin flooring contractor, Flo-Dek, to help select the right product for this important scheme.

“We chose AltroCrete PU Fast-TrackTM resin flooring. The appliance bay is a busy testing area that gets a great deal of wear and tear, so the floor needed to be tough, safe underfoot in both wet and dry conditions and very durable. We have used AltroCrete PU before in other fire stations and it has proven very successful for this environment. It has the added benefit of providing a floor which is aesthetically pleasing.”

AltroCrete PU Fast-Track is a 5-9mm textured floor made for heavy duty areas of potential spillage and increased temperature range. It has excellent resistance to impact and abrasion and to a wide range of chemicals.  With a high level of slip resistance, it is ideal for food and drink production areas and heavy industrial applications. The ‘Fast Track’ option has the added benefit of a rapid overnight cure.

For the new station’s kitchen, showers and locker rooms, Alan Jones and his team selected Altro Whiterock WhiteTM wall cladding. “This is a superb product because it’s practical and very low maintenance,” said Alan.

Altro and Malvern 1

Altro Whiterock White is impact resistant, grout-free and easy to clean. It is made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C, and meets all current EU Directives on health and hygiene.

Alan Jones continued: “For the floors in the showers, we chose Altro AquariusTM safety flooring because we wanted a surface that was hard-wearing, safe underfoot in all conditions, comfortable, attractive and easy to clean. It’s a very modern-looking product with some great colours.”

Altro Aquarius was developed for lasting performance in wet and dry, with shoes or barefoot. Like all Altro safety flooring, it offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product, keeping your risk of a slip to just 1 in a million. It’s a 2mm safety floor that has been extensively tested on a variety of shoe types to ensure top performance in a host of environments – bathrooms, changing areas, shower areas, spas and more. It’s also easy to clean, with Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR technology.

For the new fire station’s communal areas, stairs and corridors, Alan Jones specified Altro WalkwayTM 20. “This is a great safety flooring — tough, long-lasting and with a good colour range to choose from,” he said. “We selected ‘Midnight’ to complement the colour scheme of the new station.”

Altro Walkway 20 is a hugely popular hard-wearing, 2mm safety flooring, providing lifelong slip and abrasion resistance. Additional benefits include chemical and indentation resistance, which adds to its excellent durability and PUR cleanability.

Dave Cope, Director of Flo-Dek (UK) Ltd, oversaw the installation of the AltroCrete PU resin flooring in the stations’ new appliance bay. “To minimise downtime, the Fire and Rescue Service wanted the resin floor to be installed over the existing quarry tiles,” he said. “But we did some tests on site and decided they needed to be removed and offered guidance on falls and drainage systems.

“Once the existing tiled floor and subscreed had been removed, we planed the floor to create a suitable surface profile and provide a mechanical key. We then installed a stainless steel slot drainage channel.

“The next stage was to install AltroPol, a polymer underlayment screed, laid to falls, at 80mm thick in the 300m2 area. We needed to ensure that the falls on the AltroPol prevented water from migrating into other adjacent areas.

After the AltroPol had cured we laid a 9mm layer of AltroCrete resin. We subsequently used AltroCove PU to form coving around all the walls and columns in the appliance bay.

The installation went very well,” added Dave. “Using AltroCrete PU Fast-Track means a much-reduced installation time, without any compromise on quality.”

The safety flooring at the new station was installed by Alto Flooring. Director Russell Simon said: “We have 20 years experience of laying Altro flooring. It’s a very popular brand, and with good reason.

“The installation of the Altro flooring was a phased project over the course of three months, with two or three fitters on site. We had to work closely with other installers and of course the main contractor, Spectus, and everyone co-operated very well.  Altro flooring is very easy to work with and the end result looks impressive.”

MG Duff installed the Altro Whiterock at Malvern Fire Station. “As an Altro Whiterock Premier Installer we are committed to Altro Whiterock and specialise in putting it into a wide range of applications, such as schools and kitchens,” said Estimator Barry Stevens.

“Altro Whiterock is undoubtedly the best of its kind. The combination of reliability and guaranteed quality and support makes it unique and highly cost effective.

“Our relationship with both Spectus and Altro is excellent. We worked closely together on this project and it was very straightforward. We were on site for four days overall between March and September, with one operative installing a total of 100m2 of Altro Whiterock.”

Managing Director of Spectus Construction, Andy Griffiths, commented: “Alan Jones and Altro specified this project very well – selecting products that would be practical and hardwearing, as well as those that would complement the design and colour scheme of the new building.

“The installation of flooring and wall cladding was carried out very professionally by companies we know and trust to deliver a superb finish. The appliance bay in striking red resin looks especially impressive. Overall it’s a great-looking job.

Andy Griffiths continued: “We are delighted that Spectus Construction won the ‘large renovation project’ and ‘commercial project’ in the Midlands categories at the Master Builder of the Year Awards for its work on the fire station. We have gone through to the national finals.”

Alan Jones added: “We are very happy with our new station. I would have no hesitation in recommending AltroCrete PU for similar applications and we are already specifying it on three more projects.”


Achieving an Enduring All-White Aesthetic

A new range of hard wearing white floors has been launched by Flowcrete UK to help the designers of commercial spaces create crisp and gleaming white surfaces that evoke an elegant, luxurious ambiance.

Miele  043

The Mondèco Arctic systems are the latest floors in Flowcrete UK’s seamless epoxy resin terrazzo range. The minimalist chic of these deluxe floors is the sumptuous epitome of elegance, luxury and style, as it produces a bright, light filled space that entices visitors inside and bathes them in an indulgently welcoming glow.

Featuring three new colours, Alaska, Glacier and Polar, and providing superior UV light resistance, these floors help large-scale commercial locations to retain a seamless, visually appealing finish for an extended period of time.

The three Mondèco Arctic systems combine a white binder with a blend of light coloured aggregates, mirror glass and metallic particles in differing quantities, creating stylised white surfaces with subtly differing aggregate patterns.

Mondèco floors provide large-scale commercial environments with a wealth of creative possibilities. An innovative application technique allows for bespoke and intricate designs to be installed across wide swathes of flooring and even the precise colour, shimmer and lustre of a Mondèco floor can be adapted to suit the style and image of each site.

Miele  199

Flowcrete UK’s Marketing Manager, Ian Jones, said: “Many commercial environments desire an all-white aesthetic to enhance brand identity, attract customers and create a pleasant visitor experience.

“The Mondèco Arctic range means that architects can specify an attractive hard-floor covering, with all the design possibilities of the Mondèco range, that has been specifically tailored to provide this modern, upmarket image.

“These three new systems have been designed to combine the high-end looks, design potential and durability of Flowcrete’s premier decorative flooring range with an enhanced level of UV light resistance. This is an advantage that will pay the venue back over its lifetime thanks to the reduced need to repair or refurbish the floor in the years to come.”Miele  192

The seamless and impermeable nature of Flowcrete UK’s resin floors also helps commercial sites to maintain a clean and hygienic interior by facilitating the quick and easy removal of dirt, spillages, bacteria and contaminants from the area.

Architects eager to find out more about the aesthetic and functional properties of Flowcrete UK’s new Mondèco Arctic range can sign onto the resin flooring specialists’ new CPD seminar ‘Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo’.