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Find Everything Aluminium in AluFoldDirect’s New Brochure

‘Everything Aluminium’ is the brilliant new brochure from AluFoldDirect, helping installers show their customers what can be achieved in aluminium doors and windows.

“We’ve listened to what installers want and created an incredible coffee-table brochure with stunning installation photos, so people can see the possibilities in aluminium windows and doors,” says Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect.

The ‘Everything Aluminium’ brochure features the full AluFoldDirect aluminium range including bi-folding doors, sliding doors, slimline windows, roof lanterns, RD1 Entrance Doors and commercial windows and doors.

Craig continues: “It’s important that the brochure reflects the quality of the aluminium products we make, to help our customers win business. From the choice of paper to the selection of project images, everything about the brochure makes readers feel inspired to choose aluminium.”

“We know that many of our customers work on commercial as well as residential projects, so we’ve added a section showing our range of Secured by Design commercial glazing.”

The 28-page brochure includes details about the hardware available for each product, carefully selected by AluFoldDirect to enhance performance and aesthetics. There is also information on the colour options available, with advice on the most on-trend colours, held in stock by AluFoldDirect for faster lead times.

The brochure is an effective sales and marketing tool to show customers what can be achieved with aluminium in their home or business. It is available in print or electronic format – to request or download the Everything Aluminium brochure, visit http://www.alufolddirect.co.uk/

The VEKA UK Group secures Secured by Design for three more years

Mark Barsby

Industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group, has been awarded membership once again of the national crime prevention initiative, Secured by Design (SBD), for both its VEKA and Halo brands.

The VEKA UK Group partnered with Secured by Design several years ago and has maintained its strong relationship with the team, thanks to a shared ethos of designing out crime at the product development stage.

Secured by Design was established in 1989 and works to reduce crime by bringing Police Forces, developers and planners together at the design stage to include security into the built environment, such as natural surveillance and landscaping, and by encouraging manufacturers of products, such as doors and windows, to attain SBD’s coveted ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

Mark Barsby, Accreditation Manager of The VEKA UK Group, explains: “’Designing out crime’ means that security features are incorporated within products during the design and development stage, rather than being an ‘add on’ to the finished product.

“VEKA and Halo have always taken this approach, with security, style and energy efficiency being primary concerns at the concept stage of a new product development. Our SBD ‘licence’ and display of the SBD logo helps us to illustrate to customers and specifiers our commitment to this initiative.

“Since Part Q of the Building Regulations came into effect in England in October 2015, we are seeing increasing relevance for enhanced security standards, particularly PAS 24. SBD plays a significant part in marking out those companies, like The VEKA UK Group, that go above and beyond when it comes to security.”

The SBD initiative cites some impressive results:

– SBD developments (those using products and materials that meet SBD Standards) are up to 75% less likely to be burgled and show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage compared to non-SBD sites.

– The additional cost of using SBD standards in the average home is only around £170.

– The Association of British Insurers has estimated that the introduction of SBD standards across the UK would bring more than £3.2 billion worth of savings to the economy over 20 years.

Mark added: “With Government White Papers on the housing market coming to the fore, and potential incentives emerging for the new build sector, we are very likely to see new housing developments in the near future – which will likely list an SBD requirement as part of the specification process.

“Security is a concern in any part of the country, but is perhaps at the forefront of more people’s minds in built-up and inner city areas. With government proposals encouraging ‘brownfield’ development sites, companies that carry the SBD licence are well placed to tender for such work. Here at The VEKA UK Group, we’re proud to demonstrate our continuing commitment to raising quality and improving security across the building, development and home improvement industries.”

SBD Development Officer Alfie Hosker was pleased to provide The VEKA UK Group with its renewed SBD licence: “They are a nationally recognised systems company and play a significant role in encouraging and working with fabricators to manufacture doors and windows to meet Police Preferred Specification standards in order to reduce crime and keep residents safe. I am delighted that they are continuing to work with us.”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611

Commercial Doors Made Easy, in Jack Aluminium’s New Brochure

Jack Aluminium

If you need an aluminium commercial door, just ask Jack.  Fabricators can find everything they need to create high-quality, secure and thermally efficient commercial doors, in the new TD68 Jack Door brochure from systems specialist Jack Aluminium – available to download at www.jackaluminium.co.uk.

“As part of our marketing support for fabricators, we’ve launched the brochure so they can give their customers a simple, at-a-glance reference to the benefits of the Jack Door system,” says Ash Pearson, Sales Manager at Jack Aluminium.

 “The Jack Door gives fabricators an easy route towards meeting PAS 24 and Secured by Design.  It’s the ideal choice for schools and colleges, hospitals, local authorities and other commercial buildings where security is essential.”

The brochure covers the most comprehensive range of PAS24 commercial doors available, including controlled access, emergency exit and remote access, and a wide variety of hardware and colour options.

All door profiles have in-built strength, security and thermal efficiency, backed by extensive independent testing.  “The Jack Door helps fabricators to meet robust specification guidelines.  The TD68 system has passed PAS 24 and is fully Q marked, so it is ready for fabricators to attain Secured by Design status.

“The Jack Door also gives fabricators real design flexibility.  It has been tested up to 1300 mm wide by 2480 mm high to comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) clear opening directives and we’re constantly testing new sizes. We have also tested sidelights & fanlights to PAS 24, allowing customers to build SBD compliant screens.

“When it comes to thermal efficiency, we have achieved a U-value of 1.7 W/m2k on a 1230 mm wide door.”

Jack Aluminium maintains extensive aluminium stock holding for fast delivery, and offers expert service & support to fabricators and their customers.


Four steps to specifying the right commercial door

Four steps to specifying the right commercial door

Commercial aluminium systems specialist Jack Aluminium has made it easy for architects and specifiers by creating four steps towards specifying the right commercial door for every project.

“There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a commercial door, but by looking at a few fundamentals you can balance legislative requirements, style, functionality and cost to achieve a great-looking, high-performance door that is built too last,” says Jeff Pearson, Sales Director at Jack Aluminium.

1) Achieve security and efficiency in performance.  “There are increasingly stringent demands for thermal efficiency and security – not only from the law but also from building owners and users who want the very best from their premises.

“A well-engineered aluminium profile needs to be thermally broken while remaining strong enough to withstand the attentions of burglars.  The only way to be sure is through independent test data, so only work with systems suppliers who have invested in rigorous testing.”

2) Versatility in design.  “Commercial projects cover a number of sectors – shops, offices, schools and hospitals – and range from new builds to retro-fits.  Finding a aluminium system that will work across all of these types can save valuable time and resource when specifying.  Rather than starting from scratch on a project-by-project basis, it means that specifiers can develop long-term relationships in the confidence that the system will do what it needs to, every time.”

3) Convenience in manufacture and installation.  “Having the right system on paper is one thing.  It must also be easy for the fabricator to make and for the installer to fit, otherwise there’s a risk of adding time and cost to a project to iron out issues in the factory or on-site.

“When in doubt, ask to see examples of existing projects and speak to the people who had first-hand experience of using the system.”

4) Harmony with the environment.  This last step underpins all of the other elements, and extends from sustainable manufacturing to the long-term durability of the door itself.  “The most sustainable commercial door is one that is built too last.  By making the best use of materials upfront, a good system will reduce long-term wastage by minimising the chance of repair or replacement.

These four steps should be at the heart of all commercial door specification. Jack Aluminium is happy to discuss everything from design and testing, through to fabrication, installation and long-term aftercare, to help architects and specifiers make the right choice.


Everglade offers the Ultion lock as standard on composite doors

Everglade Windows

London-based fabricator Everglade is offering customers the Ultion 3-star cylinder lock as standard on its full range of Palladio and Solidor composite doors.

“There was a big buzz about Ultion at this year’s FIT Show,” says Everglade Sales Director Jay Patel, “and we thought it was the perfect product for adding extra value for our customers.

“As a business with a retail history, we understand how important it is to give our customers a competitive edge, which is why our full range of Kömmerling PVCu windows and doors is Secured by Design accredited.

“Security is always high on the agenda for homeowners, and since Ultion’s research found that 43 percent of home intrusions are made by forcing the lock, it makes sense to invest in offering even better security on cylinders.”

Everglade added the Ultion lock to its composite doors after showing the Ultion security video to their installer customers at the Everglade Customer Conference in May.

“They were really impressed with the cylinder’s lock-down mode and the Sold Secure Diamond testing,” continues Jay.

“Adding Ultion as standard to our composite door range means installers can offer their customers an ultra-secure lock for their homes which is backed by an impressive £1,000 guarantee from Ultion and extra convenience with its clever ‘keyring’ technology.

“Everglade is committed to offering a total value-added package for customers to help them grow their businesses. We combine a great product range made from the best components in the industry with great service and expert manufacturing for a full package that their customers want. That’s why this brilliant piece of hardware is such a welcome addition to our range.”

The Ultion lock is fitted across Everglade’s complete range of Palladio and Solidor composite doors. For more information, call 020 8998 8775.


Jack Aluminium Pushes The Boundaries Of SBD

Jack Aluminium

Systems company Jack Aluminium now offers the most complete range of Q Marked PAS24 compliant aluminium doorset systems for the commercial building sector. It has invested significantly in testing to ensure that its products are Secured by Design ready, supporting fabricators and installers to meet the demand for highly secure and reliable commercial doors.

Jack Aluminium realized early on that its customers would need a suite of high usage door options to meet both Document Q and Secured by Design requirements.  Achieving SBD with a thermally approved door also ensures that fabricators can give architects and clients the higher energy efficiency demanding on new and refurbishment projects.

At the heart of the Jack Aluminium range is its successful TD68 thermal door system, the Jack Door, which offers the design options and durability needed for high traffic usage. It recently launched its largest SBD-ready thermal door, which features 1200 x 2400mm leaf, enabling one-metre clearance for wheelchair access, particularly beneficial for schools and hospitals.

The TD68 is also the basis for the TD68 Pivot Anti-Panic door and Mag Lock door, reflecting Jack Aluminium’s ability to deliver solutions for specific customer requirements.

The Anti-Panic door is designed to prevent the vulnerability which many panic and emergency doors face. With potential forced entry attempts in mind, the door includes; a striker plate which supports the lock when under attack, internal and external locking capabilities to secure the door from both sides and a lock strike plate to prevent tampering of the panic device.

The Mag Lock door is tailored to solve the problem of tampering with doors which are required to be secure at all times. It uses an automatic locking mechanism to lock as soon as it is closed, with a security pin to prevent tampering.

“We know that SBD doors are increasingly become specified as standard,” explains Jeff Pearson, Sales Director at Jack Aluminum. “This demand covers a number of commercial spaces, so it’s important that we provide a range of solutions to suit the varying needs of customers.”

Hospitals, schools, shops and places of work, all require doors which offer security and reliability. The SBD initiative aims to reduce the risk and fear of crime by providing practical defense against common crime trends. The group works with the glazing industry to ensure products can demonstrate effectiveness in preventing crime. PAS24 is the minimum door standard required for SBD compliance.

“Customers need to feel safe in the knowledge that our solutions offer security and durability. This is why we believe in the importance of testing all parts of our designs to make sure our range is PAS24 approved and ready for SBD,” added Pearson.

Jack Aluminum has been committed to testing its door systems over a number of years to achieve PAS24 approval, as well as its sister standard BS:EN 6375 that measures a door’s durability.

T: 024 7646 7449

E: sales@jackaluminium.co.uk

W: www.jackaluminium.co.uk

VEKA fabricator Darwen Windows gets Secured By Design

Secured by Design

Darwen Windows, a Lancashire-based fabricator of industry-leading PVC-U window and door systems from The VEKA UK Group has announced its recent attainment of the revered Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation and British Standard PAS24 certification.

The Secured By Design initiative, established by the UK Police in 1989, aims to ‘design out crime’ by recognising companies that incorporate fail-safe security features into their windows, doors, locks and other licensed products.

Dave Connell, Works Manager at Darwen Windows explains: “To gain an SBD accreditation, a company’s products must withstand a series of rigorous physical tests – carried out by a Police-approved independent testing centre – simulating the forces that may be exerted by a potential intruder.


“We attended ERC Testing in Leigh – a brand new UK testing house, affiliated with the Glass and Glazing Federation and, therefore, well placed to assess products in our industry. Two of our windows were tested to British Standard PAS24 for security, as well as a series of weather tests to comply with BS6375. We are delighted to announce that the windows surpassed all of the test criteria.

“We have used VEKA systems since Darwen Windows was established, a little over two years ago, and our MD, Bill Ainsworth has more than three decades’ history with the Group from his former company – our predecessor – S&A Developments.

“VEKA systems have been highly instrumental in securing this attainment as, from the outset, they are designed with safety and security as priorities. We’re excited to now be able to offer PAS 24 / Secured By Design-accredited products to both our trade and consumer customers. It’s said that, to use SBD products in the average home costs only an additional £170 – a small price to pay for such peace of mind, and certain to be viewed favourably by insurance providers.”

Dave Jones, Managing Director of The VEKA UK Group commented: “Darwen Windows is a company that is proactively using VEKA systems to their fullest and optimising their offering to homeowners and installers. We congratulate them on this significant achievement and the many opportunities that will arise as a result – well done to all involved!”

VEKA plc, 01282 716611

AluFoldDirect Opens Its Doors to Commercial Installers with SBD Solution


Aluminium door specialist AluFoldDirect has launched its first range of Secured by Design (SBD), thermally efficient commercial doors, in order to meet the growing demand amongst specifiers for high-quality SBD-accredited solutions.

The company has seen rapid growth in aluminium bi-fold doors and is now putting its expertise in aluminium towards the commercial sector. The new AluFoldDirect commercial door offers a durable, thermally efficient and secure solution that can be tailored to suit regular usage, emergency and anti-panic requirements, or a mag lock variant for maximum protection.

All AluFoldDirect thermal commercial doors are Secured by Design accredited, Q Mark accredited and Document Q-compliant, having passed PAS23, PAS24 and BS EN1627 standards. They offer real thermal efficiency and can incorporate a range of performance insulated glass unit options.

The robust construction and variety of security options with the AluFoldDirect commercial door make it ideal for high-traffic buildings in the public sector – such as schools or hospitals – or private businesses, such as hotels or larger corporate organisations.

The range is being launched following research by AluFoldDirect, which suggests that – following the legal requirement to use Secured by Design in certain new builds and refurbishments – specifiers across the country are increasingly being asked to adopt SBD as a matter of course.

Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect, explains that: “Many architects and specifiers are turning to the obvious benefits of SBD-approved products as they make the process more transparent and easy, right the way through to the client.

“As Building Regulations head more in the direction of fully accredited and certified products for high-value installations (such as schools, installers must be able to prove they have installed to the standard specified.

“SBD is a sure-fire way of getting products installed that have withstood the rigours of extensive testing, under the gaze of a respected authority,” Craig adds.

To secure SBD status, the commercial doors tested include widths on single doors of up to 1250mm wide and 2350mm high and double doors to 2400 wide. Tested designs also incorporate emergency escape devices and controlled lock entrance devices.

AluFoldDirect will work with architects, specifiers and developers to select the right door for each access point. In some occasions this will have been legislated for. “We’ll look at your plans on a door by door basis. The duty of care rests with the manufacturer to ensure a solution is fit for purpose, so you might say the responsibility literally ends at my door,” confirms Craig Miller.

“We’re extremely confident in the design and manufacture of our range of commercial doors to offer safe passage where desired and real protection when needed. Frankly, you’d need a tank to bring down our max-protection door.”

Craig anticipates that the momentum towards SBD-accredited solutions will not be reversed.

“Secured by Design is fast becoming the go-to standard for the industry and will become common practice. We’re providing a commercial door that ticks all the boxes: it is easy to specify, easy to install and will provide long-lasting results, so you don’t have to worry.

“Our new commercial doors are only the start of our commitment to SBD. AluFoldDirect is now also finalising the arrangements to launch our fully accredited SBD window range also, having successfully undergone the product testing phase.”

To find out more, visit www.alufolddirect.co.uk.

Tradesmith delivers the first PAS 24 low-threshold French door using Halo profile


Tradesmith, a leading South East window, door and conservatory manufacturer and Halo Approved Fabricator has become one of the industry’s first companies to achieve the coveted PAS 24 security standard on a low-threshold French door.

PAS 24 – a UK standard for door and window security performance – is only achievable by submitting products for certification with a UKAS-accredited testing house, and represents a significant and sustained effort from the manufacturer to reach the required levels of protection.

Tradesmith Managing Director, Mark Hutchinson explained: “We’re thrilled that Tradesmith has become the first fabricator to achieve PAS 24 on a low-threshold French door using The VEKA UK Group‘s Halo profile.

“The Government’s Document Q guidance – one of a number of documents pertaining to achievement of the 2010 Building Regulations – came into effect at the start of October, and recommends that all buildings be fitted with doorsets and windows designed to meet PAS 24 or similar.

“We presented the completed door for independent assessment ‘off our own bat’, without needing to piggyback on the test results of components that make up the design, and it’s great to be able to display the PAS 24 logo alongside our Secured by Design accreditation – the official Police initiative, aimed at ‘designing out crime’ in physical security measures.”

Besides working closely with Halo – part of The VEKA UK Group – Tradesmith also collaborated with other highly respected suppliers, including Paddock / Yale and Winlock to ensure the door reached the necessary standard.

“What Tradesmith has achieved is no mean feat”, commented Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group. “To achieve PAS 24 certification is a challenge in itself, let alone with a low-threshold French Door that must be able to offer unhindered mobility access as well as the required security credentials.

“It’s great to see Halo profile play such an integral part in this worthy project and I’d like to congratulate Tradesmith on behalf of The VEKA UK Group for this accomplishment.”

Mark added: “This product is a great addition to our TS Collection and will be available to all our trade customers. Anybody interested in finding out more should visit our website: www.tradesmith.co.uk

VEKA plc, 01282 716611


Sixth school term for Jack Door


School projects increasingly demand quality Secured by Design doors that can also deliver energy efficiency, safety features and they have to be hard wearing against the daily knocks of school life. That’s why Architectural Windows and Glazing Ltd chose Jack Aluminum Systems’ PAS24 thermal TD68 Jack Door for six schools.

Derby based Architectural Windows and Glazing has manufactured and installed 16 single and 23 double leaf Secured by Design approved Jack Doors in schools across Manchester after impressing the contractor and local authority with the quality of the product and the quick turnaround times.

“We discovered Jack Aluminum Systems two years ago,” explains David Leeming, Director at Architectural Windows and Glazing. “Expectations for school projects are high and build schedules are tight. To be competitive in this market we needed a door that solved the challenges commonly associated with school buildings that we could manufacture on short lead times

“Because Jack Aluminium tests its door suite to PAS 23 and 24 standards, we’re able to manufacture the TD68 as a Secured by Design approved product using Jack Aluminium’s technical information.

“The specialist school construction company we worked with on these projects also liked the curved finger guard design feature to prevent fingers trapping in the door and the thermally broken threshold which can achieve a 1.7 U-value. I don’t know of any other double door on the market that can do all of this,” adds David.

Jack Aluminum is an easy company to deal with, helpful and straightforward to get hold of when you need something quickly. We’ve continued to use the TD68 Jack Door ever since we first found it. We have a project in progress in Worcester for 11 more Jack Doors, and have just been awarded 2 more Manchester schools as well.”

Jack Aluminium Ltd – 024 7646 7449  

Email: sales@jackaluminium.co.uk 

Web: www.jackaluminium.co.uk