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Why choose resin bound surfacing for residential developments?

Photograph courtesy of Clearstone

Resin bound surfacing has transformed housing developments in recent years throughout the UK.

Gone are the days of using block paving or concrete to create functional driveways, paths and garden areas; now homeowners want to create an outside space which looks beautiful, is easy to maintain and stands the test of time.

What is resin bound surfacing?

Resin bound surfacing is where natural stone and resin are mixed together and then laid onto a prepared surface. The material is then trowelled down to a smooth finish and once complete, the depth of a resin bound paving surface should be anywhere between 12 and 24mm, depending on the application and the size and type of stone used in the process.

Resin bound surfacing is often mistaken with resin bonded surfacing, and it is easy to see why with very similar sounding names.

Resin bonded surfacing however is where natural stone is laid onto a pre-spread resin base, and once this process is complete a film of resin is then applied to the surface.

Resin bonded surfacing has more of a textured look and often has the appearance of loose gravel. A typical depth of a Resin bonded surface is around 6 to 8mm.

Photograph courtesy of The Yorkshire Resin Company Ltd

Why use resin bound surfacing compared to other surface materials?

More and more homeowners and clients appreciate the benefits they get with resin bound surfacing. It is not only visually attractive and gives their property ‘kerb appeal’, but is also very practical. It requires very little maintenance and there are no loose stones that can cause an unsightly mess.

The physical properties of the resin bound surfacing with the natural aggregate and resin form to create an extremely durable surface, which will give years of outstanding performance to homeowners.

Compared to other surfacing materials/types, resin bound surfacing has clear benefits. Block paving, although can look clean and pleasing to the eye when first laid, is prone to degredation over time.

The colour fades even after a year or two, and as the blocks are fixed onto a simple substrate with no movement considered, they are prone to cracks and displacement.

Another headache for homeowners with block paving is weed growth within the surface joints, or in between the paving slabs. As resin bound surfacing is constructed of many particles of stone mixed with resin, it is virtually impossible for cracks or displacement.

The durability of the surface means it can withstand heavy loadings e.g. cars, plus the aesthetics is guaranteed for many years from UV degredation and colour discolouration.

Another advantage of resin bound surfacing compared with block paving is the time saving benefit during installation. This particular factor refers to refurbishment projects, where it is possible to lay the resin bound material directly over existing concrete driveways (after the concrete has been cleaned and primed). This saves time and ultimately labour costs, as the original concrete substrate needs little work to prepare.

A good quality concrete surface is generally considered to be robust and hard-wearing, and should give homeowners many years of functional paving. However, they generally are quite impervious and can only soak in a limited amount of water. Once the concrete has taken in all the water that is possible, this decreases the permeability of the structure which then results in surface overflow. This water runoff then contributes to potential flooding.

Resin bound surfaces are fully permeable and as a result water is able to drain through the surface effectively, preventing any surface water build up.

A good quality resin bound surface will be fully compliant with the requirements of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), which was introduced in 2011 to better manage water run off in urban areas.

It is also possible to install a resin bound surface in a wide range of colours and textures to create a really unique look. It is now best practice in the design and installation of resin bound surfacing to use edge profiling, to contain, shape and complement the resin surfacing.

Edge profiles for resin bound surfacing

To really create an eye-catching resin bound floor, whether it be for driveways, paths or garden areas, it is highly recommended that distinctive edges are used to contain the resin material.

Installers and designers commonly design the resin bound surfacing right up to brickwork, timber, paving, or other existing features of a property. However home owners and designers now favour a more clinical finish to their installations, and prefer the use of stainless steel edge profiles to provide edging to their beautiful resin flooring.

Dural UK supply a range of edge profiles, including Durosol Straight Edging Profiles, Durosol Flexible Profiles and Movement Joint Profiles. All three ranges provide high quality edge protection to resin bound surfaces, and are available in a variety of sizes, depths and materials to suit all kinds of installations and requirements.

The flooring experts at Dural are able to assist in selecting the right edge profiling to match any resin bound surfacing installation.


Paving the way for a luxury car manufacturer with a luxurious eye for detail


Nestled deep within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of eastern France lies Automation Vénissieux – a huge outlet containing many world leading automotive brands and their showrooms.

In May 2016, Jaguar Land Rover opened the doors to their new showroom.  However, by March local suppliers were unable to fulfil their requirements for their resin bound paving.  In turn, they contacted SureSet and Dural.  Within weeks, both companies were able to work together to create a stunning resin bound paving complete with bespoke premium movement joints.

A luxury car manufacturer with a luxurious eye for detail

With the opening date looming for Jaguar Land Rover’s new showroom, the Architect and Developer were unable to find a suitable local resin supplier.  They had to look further afield, and in doing so turned to SureSet and Dural.

Dural quickly set to work to create the premium movement joints required for the installation.  The speckled infill had to match the SureSet natural aggregate resin bound paving – Norwegian Pearl.  Dural are able to colour match their range of expansion joints to any colour in the RAL range, and with the added speckled effect the joints would blend seamlessly with the resin bound flooring.


SureSet quickly arranged the delivery, complete with their own installation team, and completed the installation over two days at the beginning of April.  A total area of 407m2 of 6mm Norwegian Pearl had been laid over the grounds of the prestigious showroom.

The movement joints were laid at the end of the gate tracks, directly above the subfloor joints, where they provide effective stress relief and movement protection.  Here, the robust 15mm aluminium based profiles are designed to cope with heavy stresses and then distribute them evenly between the subfloor and resin bound floor covering.  The movement joints exceed BS5385 therefore Architects and Specifiers are given confidence that they are fit for purpose and will protect the integrity and aesthetics of the seamless resin bound paving.

Resin bound paving – the advantages

Resin bound paving is becoming more and more popular, covering many sectors including residential, commercial, industrial and others.  It is clear to see why.  The physical properties of the natural aggregate and resin combine to form an extremely durable surface which will give years of outstanding performance.  It is also virtually impossible for cracks or displacement, especially when used in conjunction with expansion joints.  The durability of the surface means it can withstand heavy loadings, for example cars.


In addition to the practical benefits of resin bound surfacing, the aesthetics are guaranteed for many years from UV degredation and colour discolouration.  So it will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Another advantage for resin bound surfaces is that they are fully permeable and as a result water is able to drain through the surface effectively, preventing any surface water build up.  A good quality resin bound surface will be fully compliant with the requirements of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), which was introduced in 2011 to better manage water run off in urban areas.

SureSet are specialists in permeable resin bound paving and have been supplying high quality resin surfacing for nearly 20 years.

For further information on Dural’s movement joints or range of flooring accessories, contact their flooring experts and they will be happy to provide further information.  High quality products are backed up by excellent, competent advice and design solutions.

Contact them today by telephone on 01924 360 110, email info@dural.co.uk or refer to their website www.colouredmovementjoints.co.uk

Bound at the Bush

What is believed to be the largest single resin bound surfacing project in the UK has been completed using Ronacrete’s RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing System where more than 7,500m2 has been laid.

You don’t have to live in London to have heard of Shepherd’s Bush! Home to the BBC, Queen’s Park Rangers, the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and (fictitiously) Steptoe and Son! It is thought that Shepherd’s Bush may be so called because shepherds would rest on the green in the centre on their way to Smithfield market. Shepherd’s Bush Green is a triangular area of open grass surrounded by trees and covers approximately eight acres, various paths for cyclists and pedestrians run across it. There are pavements on all three sides of the perimeter, edging on to three busy shopping streets.

Visitors to the area today won’t see any sheep or shepherds roaming the green, but if they look down and around they will be able to see RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing!


The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham appointed specialist contractor FM Conway to lay 7700 square metres of resin bound surfacing to the paths and to paved areas within the park. This was part of a refurbishment project which included improving the routes across and around the Green as well as the planting of further trees and the creation of two children’s play areas.

The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing system was supplied as a two-component UV stable polyurethane resin, this was to be mixed with the Maple Harvest aggregate which the Borough had selected.  The resin components were mixed with a slow speed drill and paddle before being added to a large forced action mixer containing the aggregate.  Once the aggregate was fully coated with resin FM Conway operatives spread RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing to level and smoothed the surface with a steel float.  The finished surface was ready for foot traffic in four hours.

Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing satisfies SuDS requirements, allowing rainwater to quickly and easily drain through the porous surface.  All blends have been tested for slip resistance in wet and dry conditions; test results show the risk of slip to be low.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a UV stable resin bound aggregate surfacing; its functional properties and decorative appearance make it an attractive choice for a wide range of paving applications.

  • 15 year guarantee available
  • Range of natural aggregate blends offers a choice of colours and shades
  • Highly porous allowing free drainage of rainwater (SuDS compliant)
  • UV stable resin prevents yellowing, maintaining the appearance of the surfacing
  • Recycled aggregates available
  • Complies with the DIN 51130 slip resistance test (suitable for swimming pool surrounds)
  • Suitable for public spaces, footpaths, car parks, driveways, pool surrounds, podium decks, water features and many more applications
  • Installed by approved contractors
  • Good slip resistance



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ITV news item demonstrates the porosity of resin bound surfacing

Following the recent floods throughout Britain, Lawrence McGinty the Science and Medical Editor for ITV news visited the BRE Innovation Park to report on “things that can be done now” to prevent flooding.

He demonstrated the porosity of the SuDS compliant resin bound surfacing (RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing) by pouring a bucket of water onto the surface, where it immediately soaked through the system into the earth.


This is what he had to say.

“… it is amazing stuff, when you pour water on it, as I did, it just, as if by magic… it just soaks through straight away into the ground underneath, not into the drains, not into the rivers and not falling, adding to the flood waters.”

Lawrence McGinty, Science and Medical Editor, ITV News


RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was installed at the BRE Innovation Park in September 2013. It is a SuDS compliant resin and aggregate mix, 38% of materials used in the resin are from renewable sources. The permeable paving system was installed over the top of EcoGrid; a 100% recycled plastic grid system, which is filled with loose aggregate ensuring the whole system remains permeable. Installation was carried out by Ronacrete Approved Contractor, PJJ Contractors Ltd.




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Kemper System helps Huddersfield Uni build on bio-diversity

Liquid roofing and waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has helped enhance both bio-diversity and energy efficiency at Huddersfield University by working collaboratively with the roofing contractor and green roof specialist on a series of new build green and warm roofs.


Huddersfield University has invested in the construction of four new buildings designed by architects, Watson Batty, including a new sports hall, Dean’s office and corporate suite. Constructed with a single steel frame, all the buildings adjoin each other but rise to different heights. Green roofs were specified for three areas, including the new sports hall, and a warm roof was selected for the corporate suite.

Kemper System worked closely with the architects, the roofing contractor, Cawston Roofing, and green roof supplier, ABG, to develop a series of warm roof and green roof systems that would take account of different roof levels, aspect and bio-diversity of the planting required to meet the University’s objectives.  The green roof solution was to use Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane and an innovative ‘blue roof’ drainage system, designed by ABG. The blue roof puts a high density polyethylene (HDP) reservoir under the growing medium to replace the more conventional SUDS system and avoid costly and time-consuming excavation of separate drainage tanks. The roof build up was inverted by applying the FLL certified root-resistant Kemperol V210 waterproofing membrane first, followed by the insulation, the blue roof drainage reservoir and then the growing medium.

Explains Nick O’Mara from Cawston Roofing: “This project demonstrates how important it is to consider specification decisions in a holistic sense rather than thinking about material costs in isolation. For the green roof system, avoiding the need for a SUDS system saved time, money and costs on site. For the waterproofing membrane, using Kemperol V210 meant that we could be more flexible with the programme and more creative with the roof build up as well as providing an FLL certified root-resistant and robust waterproofing membrane with a BBA certified service life in excess of 25 years.”


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Addagrip soaks up the atmosphere at Ecobuild 2014

Addagrip, the leading resin bound and bonded surfacing manufacturer, will once again be exhibiting at Ecobuild – the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment.

Ecobuild is taking place at ExCeL in London from Tuesday 4 March to Thursday 6 March, and Addagrip will be exhibiting on stand S1729.

Hengistbury Head (installed by Addagrip’s approved contractor, Total Protection (GB) Ltd)
Aware of the extremely wet weather we’ve experienced over the past few months, the Addagrip stand will be highlighting the porous properties of its resin bound systems – including Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing, Addabound Resin Bound Surfacing and Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing.

“Visitors to our stand at Ecobuild will be able to experience first-hand the porosity of our surfacings with some live demonstrations,” says Roger Critchley, Managing Director of Addagrip.

Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound are all SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant, where a suitable base build-up configured for SuDS has been installed (to make sure that the rain water can drain through the product, through the asphalt and the sub-base and away into the soil).

SuDS mimic natural drainage processes to reduce the effect on the quality and quantity of run-off from developments and provide amenity and biodiversity benefits. Installing SuDS can also reduce flood risk.

Abbotsford House (installed by Addagrip’s approved contractor, The Fraser Bruce Group)

“From speaking to existing clients and potential customers recently, drainage seems to be top of their agenda,” says Roger. “Everyone seems to want a solution and our SuDS compliant products can help provide that.”

One of Addagrip’s approved contractors, Total Protection (GB) Ltd, recently installed Terrabound at the new visitor centre at Hengistbury Head – the stunning nature reserve near Bournemouth.

Terrabound was chosen for its porosity and, even with the heavy rain experienced recently in the UK, Jacqui van Bommel, Landscape Officer at Bournemouth Borough Council, says that the surfacing is performing well.

“The Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre has been open for a number of weeks. We’ve been very busy and the Terrabound looks as good as the day it was laid,” says Jacqui. “The main courtyard previously used to flood regularly and, with our drainage interventions and the porosity of the Terrabound, I am very pleased with how the surface has performed so far, even with an extremely high water table.”

Addagrip worked closely with Bournemouth Borough Council over the choice of gravel incorporated in the Terrabound. Some local stone was specified and Addagrip provided testing to check its suitability.

Terrabound is a commercial grade resin bound surfacing system, introduced to provide a more cost effective solution for large and small projects. It is available in a select range of natural aggregates and provides a seamless, porous, hard wearing, low maintenance and decorative surface.

Last year, Terrabound was incorporated into a project at Abbotsford House, near Melrose in the Scottish borders, the former home of the novelist, playwright and poet Sir Walter Scott. As part of the lottery-funded restoration works, Addagrip approved contractor, The Fraser Bruce Group, carried out the installation of 6mm Rhine Gold Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing at a depth of 18mm to the courtyard and garden pathways totalling 850m2.

The Addagrip stand at Ecobuild will also feature Addabound Resin Bound Surfacing – which includes a minimum of 25% recycled content of aggregate and filler – Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing, Addacolor Resin Bound Surfacing, Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing and the Addastone Tree Pit System.

“We are delighted to be exhibiting at Ecobuild once again and are looking forward to sharing our latest products with our visitors,” says Roger Critchley. “The past year has seen us battling some very inclement weather conditions, as well as working on some high-profile projects where water was less of an issue – namely, Penguins Rock at Edinburgh Zoo and the Lee Valley White Water Centre.”


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Engineering depth gives Brett Landscaping the edge in Hull housing project

Leading paving supplier Brett Landscaping has been selected to provide permeable paving for driveways and carriageways across a significant and much anticipated social housing project in Kingston-Upon-Hull – an area where the use of building materials that support flood prevention is critical.

The new development at Riverside, North Bransholme comprises 43 properties on reclaimed land for social rent.  Commissioned by Riverside Housing Association, the complex project united the Homes and Communities Agency with Hull City Council, primary contractor Mansell Construction and engineers Curtins Consulting Ltd.


Given the high risk of flooding, the development required an appropriate solution that would fulfil the drainage needs of the area and meet with the approval of project engineers, Curtins Leeds, as well as the development control division of Hull Council.

Mansell Construction spoke to two paving suppliers and was given two very different options.  Where one company proposed an immediate solution, Brett Landscaping advised that compliance with Interpave and British Standard regulations necessitated a full engineering assessment. This was conducted utilising the company’s PermCalc permeable pavement design tool to provide the optimum design based upon detailed data on the composition of the ground.

Having worked with Brett on a number of projects in the past, Rick Shepherd, Project Manager at Mansell, supported the latter view and specified Brett Landscaping.

“Selecting a sustainable urban drainage system was essential to the project because of Hull’s location in a high-risk flooding area. Brett’s comprehension of what was involved in the task was evident from the beginning, in favouring detailed engineering research and guidance over a ‘quick fix’ approach.”

Jamie Gledhill, Senior Sales Manager at Brett confirmed the importance of accuracy in specifying the appropriate materials: “We are staunch believers in following the regulations for design on sub-base construction, and we felt that the Riverside housing project needed to be carefully and thoroughly researched before deciding on the best approach.”

PermCalc is Brett Landscaping’s integrated design and costing software for permeable paving, which analyses the proposed site based on structural and hydraulic data including average rainfall, the type of vehicle load the paving must withstand and any known pollutants that will impact upon water quality.

As a result, Brett was able to provide Mansell with a detailed breakdown of the project’s paving requirements, as well as costed recommendations.  “Brett Landscaping based its solution on the long-term durability of the site, the aesthetics of the housing development and the available budget, to deliver permeable paving that not only met but exceeded the brief,” confirms Rick Shepherd.

Brett has supplied permeable Omega Flow paving in two variants.  The central paving areas have been supplied in 80mm Brindle blocks, while borders are specified in 60mm Charcoal.  This design ensures that surface water run-off is directed towards the paving that offers greater permeability, as well as providing visual contrast to enhance the overall aesthetics of the development.

“Brett performed on pricing, product quality, reliable supply and technical advice to deliver a brilliant result. In addition, the Highways Inspector has been very pleased with the product’s technical suitability, and its overall aesthetic appeal,” concludes Rick Shepherd.

“We can honestly say we’ve had nothing but superb service from Brett throughout the project and the finished hard landscaping looks absolutely terrific.”


RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing chosen for unique property

The property owner employed BPR Architects to design Downley House as his family home.  Downley House was built on the site of old farm buildings set within the newly formed South Downs National Park. Part of the original house has been retained as a folly adjacent to the main house. The building incorporates a family wing and a guest wing linked by a barrel vaulted dining hall over the entrance to the original property, the barrel vaulted roof is just one of a number of barrel themes to be seen in the design, partly a reference to the owner’s history in the wine business. Other interesting features are a copper roof and glass surround spiral staircase leading to a roof terrace. Work began on the development in the summer of 2010 and the project finally reached completion in spring 2012.

Ronacrete Downey House (15)

Ronacrete Approved Contractor PRC Landscapes was employed to carry out  groundworks and landscaping on the 3 acre site, including application of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing.

The SuDS compliant two-part aggregate system was applied to 650 square metres of a suitable macadam substrate including patios, the driveway and turning circle.  The aggregate selected was Harvest Crunch, a blend of naturally coloured aggregates in keeping with the house surroundings. The aggregate colour will not change over time because the elastic polyurethane resin does not degrade when exposed to Ultra Violet light.

The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing System was supplied in two components which were mixed together with a drill and paddle before being added to the aggregate blend. The aggregate and resin were then mixed in a high capacity forced action mixer. The mixed material was poured onto the substrate, spread to level and trowel finished at a thickness of 15mm.   After completion the paving was ready for foot traffic within four hours and ready for vehicles after 1-2 days.




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Sudscape Hits The Heights For Trowbridge Town Council

The re-development of the Civic Hall in Trowbridge Park for Trowbridge Town Council by Beard Construction has involved the installation of an innovative hard landscaping system that offers unique eco-friendly qualities.


Sudscape is a SUDS compliant porous paving system which has been used to surface the first-floor balcony of the new building from where the Lord Mayor can address the public. Sudscape is largely comprised of recycled car tyres which form a sub layer, coupled with a top layer of resin bound aggregate.

It was considered ideal for use on the balcony by the specifier, Construction Services Group Hydrock, because it is light weight, does not require special machinery or heavy plant for the installation process, and boasts excellent drainage properties, with the rubber sub base holding rainwater from where it can naturally and effectively drain into the rainwater sewers.

The fact that Sudscape is available in a range of colour finishes means that it complements the interior scheme of the new building, effectively harmonising the exterior with the interior. In addition Sudscape requires very little on-going maintenance, with no need for pressure washing or any specific cleaning regime.

Mark Buckley of Beard Construction comments: “With environmental considerations now a key part of building criteria we were very keen to use a product which has substantial eco credentials. The fact that the Sudscape product boasts a range of other benefits, including easy maintenance making it ideal for installation on a balcony made it the natural choice.”




Unique and Sustainable Paving System for WS Atkins

Global design and engineering consultants, WS Atkins are benefitting from a sustainable SUDS-compliant porous paving system as part of a refurbishment of their headquarters in Epsom, Surrey. SUDSCAPE is a revolutionary hard landscaping system that is comprised of a base layer of recycled car tyres, and a top layer of UV stable resin mixed with a stone finish. It has been installed on over 600 sq. metres of ground within a court yard that links an original building with a new building that will be used to house administration facilities.

A key consideration for the project was the ability of the SUDSCAPE system to provide a specific surface colour that would effortlessly harmonise the new building with those already in existence. The system’s low maintenance guarantee was also considered important. SUDSCAPE does not require any special cleaning technique, and because rainwater is effectively held within the base layer of recycled car tyres until it is naturally absorbed back into the water table, it eliminates the risk of puddle formation.

The installation process was also speedy, taking just 12 days from start to finish, including colour matching the surface to perfectly complement its surroundings.

Peter Andrews of WS Atkins comments: “We were very pleased with the efficiency of the installation process, and the overall aesthetics of the system. It has definitely enabled our new building project to blend in seamlessly with other buildings and that was our main aim. The fact that SUDSCAPE is also SUDS compliant and totally sustainable, being made from recycled car tyres, means that we have also minimised our carbon footprint and that’s an added bonus.”